Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

CASLNR39.ZIP 1993-07-15 00:00 58KEd Adasiewicz's CaseLinr Version 3.9 - Win3.1 prints case liners (a.k.a. JCards) for audio cassettes, even DAT.
GS261WIN.ZIP 1993-05-29 00:00 288KGhostscript v2.6.1, Windows EXE
GSVIEW10.ZIP 1993-08-05 00:00 171KGhostview 1.0 for Windows, needs Ghostscript v2.6.1
PRINT10.ZIP 1994-11-06 00:00 13KEnhanced Print Dialog for WinWord
PRNAPP65.ZIP 1997-04-05 00:00 1.5MPrinter's Apprentice v6.5 - Award winning, professionl 32 bit font manager for Windows 95. Prints great looking catalogs, sample sheets, ANSI charts and keyboard layouts for installed and uninstalled TrueType fonts. Also has superb font install and uninstall features. Has full preview before install features. Shareware from Lose Your Mind Development.
PRNINFO.ZIP 1994-04-22 00:00 29KPrinterInfo 0.5. Windows Printer Investigator
PSW.ZIP 1994-05-29 00:00 232KPrintSwitch 3.0c - Simple utility that makes changing your default Windows printer easy.
SMTDOC.ZIP 1995-03-30 00:00 48KSmartDoc V1.5 Windows HELP Printer.
SPLT230W.ZIP 1995-05-02 00:00 327KSPLOT V2.30 for Windows, the HP-GL/2, HP-GL (or DXY-GL) pen plotter simulator.