Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

BWM30_16.ZIP 1996-09-08 00:00 1.1Mbwmerge 3.0 merges Blue Wave mail packets. Windows 3.XX (16bit) version. Release 3.0 has a professional installing procedure and let the user select the areas to merge. This is a significative version, with a lot of innovations. Raised shareware limits. Requires VB40016.DLL and ole2. Check it out!
CMP142R1.ZIP 1995-03-30 00:00 1.4MCMPQwk 1.42-R1 - powerful QWK reader for Win
CMP142R2.ZIP 1995-04-07 00:00 1.3Mcmpqwk 1.42-R2 - powerful QWK reader for Windows - main program and help files.
LASAT.ZIP 1996-10-02 00:00 877KWIN 95 drivers for Lasat modems.
ORADB2.ZIP 1994-05-30 00:00 464KORATOR Ver 2.00. The two for the price of one QWK reader for Windows from EVAWARE. This is the Database version of Orator. Requires VBRUN300.DLL Now Features special Internet address handling, Fido Addressing, Built in address book, tagline theft, Online Folders for archiving, Carbon Copy, Forward commands, built in Spell Checker (USA & English) plus loads more! YOU MUST DLOAD THE DICTIONARY SEPARATELY ORADIC1.ZIP for UK, ORADIC2.ZIP for USA
ORADIC1.ZIP 1994-06-20 00:00 173KThis is the UK Spelling dictionary for Orator Ver 2.00. To install copy the file MAINUK.DIC to your Orator program directory.
ORADIC2.ZIP 1994-06-20 00:00 176KThis is the US Spelling dictionary for Orator Ver 2.00. To install copy the file MAINUS.DIC to your Orator program directory.
PB117.ZIP 1994-05-26 00:00 272KPacketBoy v1.17 - New awsome QWK reader!
POW110.ZIP 1994-06-04 00:00 249KPOW v1.10 Windows QWK reader. VBRUN300 reqd. POW is a One QWK at a time OLR with the ability to save messages to Folders database. Replies created with POW are automatically saved into a special folder for this purpose. View Bulletins News NewFiles etc. inc ANSI. Add, Drop, Reset of maildoor confs supported. Context sensitive on-line help. Registration UK £20+VAT US$35
QRDR111N.ZIP 1995-06-11 00:00 77KQReader 1.11: QWK offline message reader for Windows features a simple to use interface
QT1005A.ZIP 1995-03-31 00:00 1.2MThis is a public ALPHA of a NEW databasing QWK reader with TONS of features. Unlike ANY other reader Supports long addresses and subjects.
QWKRE15C.ZIP 1995-01-19 00:00 205KQwk-Rep 1.5c : Off Line Reader for Windows
SPEED200.ZIP 1995-06-23 00:00 288KSPEED READ 2.00 QWK reader/message database.
TRP110.ZIP 1995-03-10 00:00 603KTetrix 1.10, off-line news/mail reader
UNIQWK3A.ZIP 1994-06-07 00:00 501KUNIQWK3A.ZIP v3.3a UniKEY(c) 1992,94 Offline mail reader for Windows 3.1, with support for accented characters, folders, internal zip/unzip, spell check, file attachment, XX/UUencoded messages, and much more. QWK format. Works under WIN/OS2 and Windows NT. - Shareware, US$30.00.
UNIQWK42.ZIP 1995-04-16 00:00 611KUNIQWK42.ZIP v4.2 UniKEY(c) 1992,95 Offline Mail Reader for Windows 3.
WRID101A.ZIP 1993-11-21 00:00 381KWave Rider 1.01 BlueWave/QWK offline reader for WIN 3.1. 1/2
WRID101B.ZIP 1993-11-20 00:00 258KWave Rider 1.01 BlueWave/qwk offline reader for WIN 3.1. 2/2