Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

16V95B3A.EXE 1995-02-13 00:00 534K WYSIWYG HTML Publisher and Editor for MS-Windows 3.xx
DIDA172.ZIP 1996-10-16 00:00 325KDiDa v1.72. Compact & Powerful HTML Editor. Runs and loads as smooth/fast as NotePad, even on a 286 Laptop. Portable enough to carry on a floppy. 2 In 1. A powerful HTML editor + A HTML Viewer. Include user tags support, spreadsheet style table editor, instant WYSIWYG preview, file history, printing, body editor, right mouse button support, auto tag removal, and more!
EZY280.ZIP 1995-04-26 00:00 407KEasyHelp/Web V2.80c - Hypertext authoring Very easy to use hypertext (help/web) authoring tool for use with Word 6.
FIXHTM20.ZIP 1998-06-05 00:00 286KFixsoft HTML-EDITORI 2.0 FIN Tällä ohjelmalla teet todella helposti kotisivusi internetiin. Ohjelma on täysin suomenkielinen ja sisältää kaikki tarvittavat toiminnot oman kotisivun rakentamiseen helposti ja nopeasti. Editorissa paljon korjattuja vikoja ja uusia ominaisuuksia! Vaatii Windowsin versio 3.1 tai uudemman. Copyright (C) 1998, Jari Jokinen
HDK110A.ZIP 1994-01-08 00:00 288KHLPDK V11.0 - Hypertext Help Development Kit - Sound & Vision Edition. Part 1 of 2. A hyper-text help database development kit that includes 2 royalty free help engines, and a help compiler with a built in cross reference tool, supports creation of DOS help databases, popular source files, Windows (winHelp & Multimedia Viewer), OS/2 (IPF), WWW and DESQview/X help source files!. Multimedia support! Write once, help many!
HDK110B.ZIP 1994-01-08 00:00 245KHLPDK V11.0 - Hypertext Help Development Kit - Sound & Vision Edition. Part 2 of 2.
HOTMETAL.ZIP 1994-06-03 00:00 1.3MSoftQuad HoTMetaL, a freely distributed professional SGML editor especially for HTML files. For windows.
HTMHLPD1.ZIP 1995-08-16 00:00 1.2MHTMheLp is a HTML -> WinHelp conversion util
HTMLCLRP.ZIP 1995-07-26 00:00 42KHTML Color viewer. You can se the color using slide controls. And then you see HTML code for it.
HTMLCOL.ZIP 1995-08-26 00:00 1.8KMake your WWW pages more colorful with these codes.
HTTPTL10.ZIP 1996-03-18 00:00 393K* HTTPtool for Windows V 1.0
MAPDST.EXE 1997-05-24 00:00 205KMapedit is a WYSIWYG imagemap editor r use with World Wide Web pages. Mapedit can create both client-side imagemaps for newer browsers and server-side imagemaps for compatibility with all browsers.
MAPEDIT.ZIP 1994-08-04 00:00 76KGIF-hotspot www-editor for windows
TCHTML.EXE 1996-04-03 00:00 866KTCdirector for Windows 3.x 2.1 Build 23 Full featured html editor, supports all known html 2.0/3.0 tags and the MSN Internet Explorer & Netscape 2.0 tags. Has thumbnail wizard, index page wizard, mailform wizard & guestbook page wizard.
WBFRM11A.ZIP 1995-07-23 00:00 1.0MWebForms v1.1 is a World Wide Web forms generator which automatically creates HTML forms and reads their responses! Windows.
WEBED14C.ZIP 1996-03-07 00:00 1.5MHTML Editori Win 3.11
WEBPI.ARJ 1995-07-27 00:00 126KHtml-page editor, supports scandinavian chars ... Shareware, for Windows, try it out you
WEBWIZ.ZIP 1995-04-23 00:00 190KWWW page creator. No HTML knowledge needed
WORDIA.EXE 1995-02-15 00:00 1.1MMicrosoft Internet Assistant. WYSIWYG HTML editor for Word 6.0a/b
WW10D_32.ZIP 1995-05-11 00:00 130KWebWatch 1.0. Internet (Web) utility. Check urls for update since given date.