Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

4ACLN202.ZIP 1995-07-11 00:00 1.0MEnterprise Wide Foray PPP Client is for Windows for Workgroups and Windows 3.1 users who need remote access to company resources. This software product is a multiprotocol PPP driver that allows remote access to the resources of the LAN using IP and IPX in a single connection. Users can remotely connect to the same multiprotocol PPP communication servers as Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.5. new product release
ALLOV10A.ZIP 1994-04-09 00:00 902KALLOALLO! V1.0a Communication Software for Windows. ALLOALLO! is a full communication package for Windows 3.1+ working environment. It supports serial communication to external and internal modems and Fax/Modem boards.
HOOKED1.ZIP 1994-04-26 00:00 1.3MHOOKeD ver.1 rel 3.8 Windows GUI communication program for Internet.
LIL102S.ZIP 1996-02-29 00:00 334K(v1.01) Log In Log - Win File/Dir/ZIP An application to log and cost Internet connexions via Trumpet Winsock. This is a facility that will enable the user to keep track of all logins and how much they cost.
NT16423.ZIP 1997-11-10 00:00 653KNetTerm version number 4.2.3 Revision Date: November 9, 1997 License: Shareware Description: One of the best telnet clients available on the net.
PCB51A.EXE 1994-05-11 00:00 19KAutomatic PCBoard login scripts for Procomm Plus for Windows. From Datastorm.
SIIRTO.ZIP 1995-05-03 00:00 64KPUHELINSIIRROT-WIN: Puhelinsiirtojen ajastin
TAPI10.ZIP 1993-11-18 00:00 3.2MWindows Telephony 1.0 SDK
WINMED10.ZIP 1994-12-25 00:00 1.0MWinMedia v1.0 - Telen graafinen tieto- liikenneohjelma Telesampo-käyttöön. Win 3.1
WSTMR311.ZIP 1995-05-01 00:00 0 WS-TIMER 3.10 is designed to help an Internet user to keep track of his/hers time online.