Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

IDENT.ZIP 1996-07-26 00:00 7.9KIdentD for Windows
SERVU22.ZIP 1997-03-02 00:00 687KServ-U - FTP server for MS-Windows Powerful, yet easy to set up FTP server for Win3.1, Win95 & NT. With lots of security, UL/DL ratios, disk quota limitations, UNIX style links, multi-homed IP and lots more...
TD110R16.ZIP 1996-08-01 00:00 275KServers
TRNFS15.ZIP 1995-09-13 00:00 284K(v1.5) trnfs15.ZIP - Tropic NFS Server program. Runs on Windows 3.1 environment and exports the local PC filesystem allowing NFS clients running in other machines to have access to the local PC filesystem. Uses Winsock 1.1 API; Selective file export; Selective client. Shareware (See ORDER.FRM). 1993-94-95 Tropic Software. Contacts: or
VSOCKS09.ZIP 1997-11-16 00:00 221KVSOCKS Light is a simple, basic SOCKS firewall proxy server.
W4SERV21.ZIP 1995-07-23 00:00 215KW4-Server 2.1 is HTTPD server for windows 3.x and Win'95.
WFTPD234.ZIP 1997-03-17 00:00 259K(v2.34) WFTPD - Winsock FTP Server. Allows you to administer an FTP site from your own Windows machine. Easy to use and configure, and notoriously stable. Costs only $20 to register either the 16-bit or the 32-bit version ($5 extra for disk shipment as opposed to ftp/email delivery - also, $5 per copy to pay by credit card or company PO) Author: Alun Jones, Texas Imperial Software
WHTTPD14.ZIP 1995-01-06 00:00 651KThis is Windows httpd V1.4c
WRSHD16.ZIP 1996-03-09 00:00 190KWinsock RSHD is a Windows Sockets version of the Unix Remote Shell Deamon. It accepts requests for commands from the rsh command, either from Unix or other PC's, and runs them on the PC. It also allows file copies to and from the PC via rcp. Security can also be enforced. A special SendKeys extension allows some remote control of the Windows commands executed via rsh.
WSPLUG34.ZIP 1997-01-06 00:00 353K(v3.4) WSplug - A Winsocket Client Server WSplug is a general purpose Client/Server program. Usefull functions are included like http (web)server (with a CGI function, and a mailbox facility), http client able to get a set of logically linked pages (page fetcher) ,ping function, communication from pc to pc thru internet, protocol tracing, Shareware (10$), fully functionnal. P.Urien
X16IDENT.ZIP 1997-02-02 00:00 59KX-Identd v1.0 16Bit