Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

A16-10.EXE 1997-05-24 00:00 1.9Mforte agent 1.0.
AUTOPS16.ZIP 1997-02-21 00:00 361KAutoPost - Automatic News Posting v1.01
FA16-111.EXE 1997-11-26 00:00 1.1MForté Free Agent 1.11 news & mail reader 16-bit, freeware
SBNEWS43.ZIP 1997-04-19 00:00 488Ksbnews: automated news robot. (16-bit version) Automatically downloads and UUdecodes from binary newsgroups.
WV16I999.ZIP 1997-03-14 00:00 312Kwinvn is a Windows and NT-based, fully RFC 1036 compliant on-line news reader that can be used to select, view, and write Usenet News articles and send mail via SMTP or MAPI. Built in MIME and UU encoding and decoding. winvn uses less memory and screen space ideal for both small and large machines. Handles multiple users and newsfeeds on one PC. Japanese version follows closely. Public Domain (sources freely available).