Metropoli BBS files -


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AUTOWN19.ZIP 1995-12-12 00:00 1.0MAutomated Internet for Windows 1.9 Gets NEW FILES from Internet sites, download them, Post Usenet messages, send E-Mail, and obtain WWW pages fully automated! Adds to your current Internet Software, allowing you more free time to do the things you really want. Highly rated in Compuserve magazine, Boardwatch, in several books, and resides on many Internet CD-roms. * A must download *
FSP4WIN.ZIP 1995-03-13 00:00 202KFSP4WIN - The Winsock based FSP client
ICC35.ZIP 1997-04-28 00:00 538KInternet Control Center 3.5, 5/24/97 Internet task and desktop manager. Automates connect/disconnect, opens and closes clients automatically. Advanced window management and task switching. User-configurable interface, modem status monitoring, more. Works with any winsock, DUN, SLIP, PPP, LAN or ISDN. Control 12 client programs and multiple instances. Best front-end on the planet. (c) 1995-97 UsefulWare Inc.
INETLITE.EXE 1995-07-31 00:00 668KInternetables 1.0 gives you a set of tools to use while your traveling hrough on-line e-mail, web browsing, news reading, and chat rooms.t offers a Web Page Manager that is compatible with most Windowseb Browsers, an e-mail address book, a spell checker for e-mail andews clients, a list of signature files, and several other features.
IP3V100.ZIP 1996-10-31 00:00 206KIP3 is a host lookup utility that resolves the local host address, host name and reports Winsock status with functions for blocking and non-blocking modes. Freeware. Use it as you wish. Winsock must be active before you run this program.
MERC131.ZIP 1997-03-06 00:00 565KPegasus Mail and Mercury in NDS Mode under NetWare 4.1 for Windows
NDIS3PKT.ZIP 1994-09-05 00:00 11KVirtual NDIS3PKT driver v1.0. Windows VxD which provides a packet driver interface on top of NDIS version 3.
NTMAIL06.ZIP 1995-03-23 00:00 151KMail Deamons for NT v2.06 Contains SMTP/POP3 compliant mail server daemons for Windows NT
PKTSPY10.ZIP 1996-12-01 00:00 88K(v1.0) wpktspy a 802.3 traffic analyser. wpktspy is an ethernet traffic analyser (let's see who and what is working), using a packet driver. It's a 16 bit program running under windows version 3.1 or latter. Freeware fully functionnal. P.Urien
PW1631.EXE 1997-03-31 00:00 2.4MPowWow Version 3.1 - The Internet Personal Communicator and Conferencer. Up to 9 people can chat by keyboard, voice, up to 75 people in Conferences. New in this release: Fixes to answering machine, QuikSound, improved WinSock compatibility REQ:Win3.1+,TCP/IP Internet connection, WWW browser, and SVGA. Sound card optional.
RCPRSH16.ZIP 1996-03-09 00:00 159KWinsock RCP/RSH includes Windows Sockets versions of the RCP, RSH, and REXEC commands found on Unix systems. RCP copies files between the PC and a remote host (i.e. Unix) or between two remote hosts. It can do recursive copies and text file conversions on the fly. RSH allows you to execute commands on a remote host and view or capture the output to a file. REXEC is similar to RSH, but requires a password.
SSMTP106.ZIP 1995-03-22 00:00 286KWinSMTP
SURFR200.ZIP 1997-03-28 00:00 1.3MSurfer Central v2.00 - Internet Address Manager Surfer Central v2.00 The cyber-versal Internet Address Manager for Windows Surfer Central (v2.00) is a useful tool for Windows 3.1/95/NT that allows you to manage and organize all of your Internet addresses according to address type and category, Each address contains customizable fields that are unique to its address type. Almost everything in the program is customizable! Web addresses
TCP32B.EXE 1995-05-26 00:00 659KMicrosoft TCP/IP-32 for Win 3.11
TCPIP32B.ZIP 1997-08-16 00:00 672Ktcp/ip -protokolla Windows 3.11:sta
TCPIPDOC.EXE 1994-09-20 00:00 1.5MDocuments for MS TCP/IP-32 in MS Word format.
TRTCP11B.ZIP 1994-11-29 00:00 648KTropic TCP/IP v1.1b. TCP/IP stack for windows
TWSK30C.EXE 1996-10-16 00:00 558KTrumpet Winsock v3.0c for Win 3.x and Win 95
WDUAINST.EXE 1995-01-09 00:00 869KWindows Directory User Agent (WDUA32) Release 2.1B Win 3.1+ win32s/win95
WFNGR10.ZIP 1997-02-05 00:00 368KWFinger v1.0a
WFWDLC.ZIP 1994-02-23 00:00 142KDLC Protocol for Windows for Workgroups 3.11. Install protocol by adding it in the wfwg 3.11 network installation program.
WHOIS201.ZIP 1996-11-08 00:00 38KWhoIs version 2.01 for Win3.11/Win95
WINAP21F.ZIP 1995-07-24 00:00 166KTrumpet Winsock Version 2.1 Rev F, Additional Applications
WINFSP12.ZIP 1993-07-28 00:00 57KWinFsp v.1.2
WINUP9.ZIP 1993-12-27 00:00 629KNetWare driver set nr 9 for Windows 3.x. Includes drvr set v2.02 using NETX shell, and drvr set v3.02 using VLM shell.
WP30-16E.EXE 1997-05-24 00:00 1.0MWebPhone™ Version 3.0 16-Bit
WSARCH11.ZIP 1996-06-01 00:00 160KThis is version 1.1 of my 16 bit windows based archie client.
WSG-12.EXE 1994-12-13 00:00 360KWSGopher, 1.2.
WSHOST11.ZIP 1994-09-19 00:00 5.4KWINDOWS SOCKETS HOST V1.10
WSNTP110.ZIP 1997-01-01 00:00 173KWinSntp v.1.10
WSWAP16.ZIP 1996-08-24 00:00 34K(v1.6) - Winsock Swapper V1.6 The purpose of this program is to automate the process of swapping various WINSOCK.DLL files for those of you who use more than one Internet service provider with your default Web Browser. With one quick double-click, you can swap up to three DLL s, and optionally launch your browser. Shareware $10.00 U.S. VB40032.DLL required. Ron Parker (CT Software)
WS_PING.ZIP 1994-10-20 00:00 59KWindows Sockets PING Client Application Release 1 Version 94.10.20
WTALK127.ZIP 1997-04-27 00:00 338KWINTALK VERSION 1.27
WTAR15U.ZIP 1995-11-28 00:00 149KWinTAR - TAR (Tape ARchive) for Windows Version 1.5
WWAIS24.EXE 1994-03-15 00:00 578KWAIS for Windows (WinWAIS) Version 2.4
XBETA342.EXE 1997-04-16 00:00 373KStarNet Micro X-Win32 The following is an upgrade to an installed X-Win32 demo
XDEMO32.ZIP 1997-04-23 00:00 2.1MThis is the current version of X-Win32.This version is 3.4.1.X-Win32 is a pc X server product.
XFS32120.ZIP 1994-12-11 00:00 104KNFS client for WfW and MS-TCP/IP-32