Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

ACDC125.ZIP 1995-05-30 00:00 216KAcdsee v1.25 for Windows High-performance image viewer Supports: BMP, GIF, JPEG, Photo-CD, PCX, ping, TGA, TIFF Rapid, etc.
AVIVIE42.ZIP 1995-01-24 00:00 447KAVI View v4.2 for Windows
BCDPLS.ZIP 1995-08-28 00:00 355KBusiness Card Designer Plus V3.71 Create stunning business cards easily on your printer. Use rotated text, boxes, circles, lines and clip art. Any Font, Size, Style and Color. Extremely easy to use. WYSIWYG formating. Card Expert for quick card creation. Full color support. Click and drag sizing and moving.
CHAOSV2.ZIP 1993-05-09 00:00 349Kfractal generator for win
CPIC.EXE 1997-05-24 00:00 696KCompuPic 16-Bit Version Information: 697K v1.60 Build 192, 04/27/97.
DAUB15.ZIP 1995-02-06 00:00 343KDAUB 1.5 - Calligraphy in Windows. Scaling and rotation supported. Truetype etc.
FNDRGB10.ZIP 1995-06-24 00:00 313KFindRGB. Match colors and find the RGB colors MUST HAVE tool for anyone who designs and writes user interfaces and deals with graphic elements. Intuitive & powerful user interface
GIFCON16.ZIP 1997-10-29 00:00 1.3MGIF Construction Set version number 1.0Q. Revision Date: September 6, 1997 License: Shareware Description: An easy to use application for creating transparent GIF files, multiple image GIF files and animated images.
GWSWN11N.ZIP 1994-09-04 00:00 1.0MGraphic Workshop for Windows 1.1n. Converts, prints, views, dithers, transforms, flips, rotates, scales, crops, colour adjusts, catalogs, quantizes an wreaks special effects
ICEICON.EXE 1996-10-16 00:00 85Kice icon editor for windows 3.??
ICEPIC.EXE 1996-10-16 00:00 6.3Kice bmp yms. reder for windows 3.??
ICONDRAW.ZIP 1991-04-24 00:00 42KIkonin piirto ohjelma Win 3meen
ICOSIMP3.ZIP 1994-07-08 00:00 120KSimpsons iconeja Windowssiin
IMGLIB20.ZIP 1996-09-10 00:00 338KImage Librarian maintains libraries of high quality image/picture thumbnails. All thumbnails are stored in one file, with good colour computation. Please read IMAGELIB.WRI for register information and for help. Image Librarian runs under Windows 3.1 and above. Suggested directory for placement: windows/graphics or windows/utils
LATHE15.ZIP 1992-05-10 00:00 75KRaytracing-program for windows
LVIEW20.ZIP 1993-08-03 00:00 156KLview 2.0, JPEG viewer for windows
MMWSLT10.ZIP 1993-10-31 00:00 141KMultimedia Workshop for Windows -- Light By Alchemy Mindworks
MOD102B.ZIP 1994-11-02 00:00 511KModelStudio 1.02! You can save as PRJ, and export shapes as 3-D format as DXF(tm) or POV when you unlock, to exchange the generated 3-D polygon data into other 3-D modeling or rendering applications. The PRJ(original) is the compatible file format for RenderStudio.
PDSWIN20.ZIP 1995-06-02 00:00 148KWindows access to more than 100,000 NASA images on CD-ROM. Displays images from Voyager, Viking, Magellan, Galileo, etc.
PICAVU11.ZIP 1995-06-28 00:00 143KPicaView v1.1 Image viewer add-on for File Manager Supports: BMP, GIF, JPEG, Photo-CD, PCX, ping, Targa, TIFF Rapid decompression View the image as it is decompressed Quick & easy image panning Quick image thumbnail preview Print images to most printers
PIXF20.ZIP 1995-01-01 00:00 727KPixFolio Image Catalog System Ver 2.0 Win 3.1 graph util. Prints, resizes, mirrors, flips, dithers etc.
POVWIN3.EXE 1997-11-23 00:00 3.6MPovRay v3.02 for Win3.x
PSP311.ZIP 1995-08-14 00:00 1.8MPaint Shop Pro v3.11 The complete windows graphics program for image creation, viewing, and manipulation. Features include painting with 8 brushes, photo retouching, image enhancement and editing, color enhancement, image browser, batch conversion, and scanner support. Included are 20 standard filters and 12 deformations. Supports plug-in filters. Over 34 file formats supported. Winner SIA & ZiffNet awards. From JASC, Inc.
PVP10.ZIP 1995-05-01 00:00 942KPhotoVision 1.0 for Windows. Advanced image manipulation, conversion, draw, slideshow,
QTW111-1.ZIP 1994-01-11 00:00 1.1MQuickTime for windows 1/2
QTW111-2.ZIP 1994-01-11 00:00 470KQuickTime for windows 2/2
SEMSIV.ZIP 1995-05-22 00:00 96KSEMS electronics IconView for Windows 3.x - for easy and fast icon viewing - shows all icons in a directory
SMRTDRAW.ZIP 1995-01-10 00:00 492KSMARTDRAW 1.05 - Draw & Flowchart for Win31
VMPEG16.ZIP 1995-03-20 00:00 455KVMPEG V1.6 Lite Windows 3.1 MPEG player by Stefan Eckart
WGERBTO6.ZIP 1997-09-29 00:00 2.3MGerbtool v6.0 16bit. Use Gerbtool to confirm Gerber photoplotter outputs before commiting the design to expensive film. Has many great features, including the ability to view multiple layers simultaneously!