Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

HEDIT12.ZIP 1994-01-09 00:00 67KHEdit v1.2. Hex editor for binary files. Unlimited file size, drag-and-drop, etc.
HELPMAT2.ZIP 1995-01-09 00:00 632KHelpmatic, aid for creating windows helps
HLPED20.ZIP 1995-08-29 00:00 859KHelp Editor 2.0 Create great hypertext Help files for Windows 3.1 Help system.
HLPPCP10.ZIP 1993-08-22 00:00 138KHelp Pre-Compiler v1.0 [FREEWARE] The program you need to create Windows Help files. It's Windows hosted and very easy to use. Powerful. By Antonio Cordero.
HLPRWIN.ZIP 1993-08-10 00:00 114KWinWord templates that simplifies making Windows Help files.
INICON26.ZIP 1994-01-04 00:00 26KINI File Manager Custom Control (VBX) Visual Basic custom control that makes INI file access simple. No Windows API calls required.
INIOL31B.ZIP 1995-01-27 00:00 222KWindows INI editor.
LETTER26.ZIP 1994-11-08 00:00 44KLetter template for Word for Windowws.
MAINTINI.ZIP 1994-03-23 00:00 8.6KThis is a small DOS based prg. which lets you modify any kind of INI-Files from the DOS commandline. V1.04.
MEDIT208.ZIP 1993-09-23 00:00 132KMega Edit v2.08: MS-Windows ASCII/binary text editor w/unlimited file sizes, split screen editing of one or multiple files, variable/ sizeable fonts, formated display of binary files, import/export of UNIX, Macintosh & DOS text formats, adjustable word-wrap, help, etc
PARSN125.ZIP 1995-07-01 00:00 670KParsNegar 1.25 Simply put ParsNegar is a Windows editor that supports right to left scripts. While it can be used like a simple
PFE0701.ZIP 1997-03-25 00:00 This is the 16-Bit Edition of Programmer's File Editor, a large capacity editor for programming and geberal use. PFE is FreeWare. This Edition is for use under Windows 3.1x; Windows 95 and Windows NT versions are available
Q_SKAND.ZIP 1995-07-18 00:00 1.7KSkandimuunnos- ja muutamia muita makroja Qedit v. 3.0:aan
SETINI16.ZIP 1995-07-08 00:00 8.0KSetIni 1.6 automated .INI file configurer.
SHED.ZIP 1993-04-28 00:00 100KYou can use SHED-hotspot editor to create and edit hypergraphics helpfiles
SMARTQUT.ZIP 1994-10-04 00:00 6.0KInternational Smart Quotes for WinWord 6
SPAD11.ZIP 1995-04-06 00:00 80KSuperPad v1.1. Notepad replacement.
SPELL240.ZIP 1995-05-01 00:00 90KSpell checker for edit boxes. REQ UKENG.ZIP
TE280OS2.ZIP 1994-08-15 00:00 74KTECH-EDIT Programmers/Text Editor v2.8 Full-featured, fast and powerful programmers editor. Edits files larger than available RAM under DOS. 32 bit versions for OS/2 and win.
THEDIT21.ZIP 1995-03-04 00:00 792Kthedit-Windows 3.x Xedit/Kedit style editor.
WC273R16.ZIP 1996-10-31 00:00 1.0MWincode v2.7.3c: Multi-Purpose Encoder/Decoder for Windows. Supports UU,XX,USR,base64(MIME), BINHEX,BTOA(4&5) & BOO encode/decode. Includes support for external ZIP/UNZIP and Virus Scan programs. Winsock compatible module will automatically E-Mail and/or Post encoded documents. Smart Decoder; Drag & Drop; Fully Configurable. FREEWARE. 16-bit Win 3.1x Version Works great under Win95/NT also... Latest release
WHAT6.EXE 1994-03-10 00:00 932KWindows Help Authoring Tool for Microsoft Word 6.0. Includes Word 6.0 template (.DOT) for making help files. From
WINCHG21.ZIP 1995-04-27 00:00 132KWinChanger 2.1 - Customize system-menus
WINDIZ12.ZIP 1994-08-14 00:00 431KWinDiz for Windows v1.2 - is a small, easy to use, yet powerful text editor for the creation and editing of FILE_ID.DIZ files.
WXPRS.ZIP 1994-11-09 00:00 1.1MWordExpress - Feature rich Word Processor for Windows. The most complete budget sensitive word processor available.
XNOT17.ZIP 1995-01-24 00:00 453KNotGNU Emacs for windows
ZEUSV100.ZIP 1995-01-21 00:00 320KZeus for Windows Editor Version 1.00