Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

PK250W16.EXE 1996-09-15 00:00 576KPKZIP v2.50 for Windows 3.x from PKWare Inc.
SLKZIP12.ZIP 1994-07-21 00:00 142KPKZip shell for Windows.
WEXPAND.ZIP 1996-08-27 00:00 19KBill Reid's WExpand 1.0 for Windows 95. This program lets you unpack those files compressed by Visual Basic (and other) setup programs. You know, the ones that have the last letter replaced by an underline character - like programx.ex_. On some occasions , this lets you skip the hassle of using an install program. Requires the VB 4.0 16 bit runtime
WINLITE1.LZH 1994-01-05 00:00 225KRosenthal WinLITE Pakkaa Windows:n EXEt kuten PKLite DOSsissa.
WINZIP31.EXE 1997-09-07 00:00 614KWinZip 6.3 for Windows 3.1 & Workgroups Features built-in ZIP & UNZIP w/disk spanning and MIME, UUencode, BinHex, TAR, gzip support Includes tight integration w/the Windows 95 shell: drag and drop TO or FROM the Explorer or ZIP and UNZIP without leaving the Explorer 1997*People's Choice Award, SIC 1997*Editor's Pick Award Home OfficeComputing 1996*Best Utility PC Magazine Shareware Award 1996*Best of the Internet Award, PC Computing
WIZ16-40.ZIP 1997-11-10 00:00 330KINFO-ZIP'S FREE Wiz for win 3.1 Supports Zip compression/uncompression.
WIZ31X.EXE 1996-09-11 00:00 192KWizUnZip Version 3.1 for Windows 3.x : This is a free unzipper, compatible with PKZip. Only handles UNzipping, you have to get their command line ZIP software from their homepage to create zip files.
WNCOD22.ZIP 1994-01-03 00:00 201KWinCode 2.2 - UUENCODE/UUDECODE for Windows
WNCODE26.ZIP 1994-10-31 00:00 260Kuudecoder for windows v. 2.6
WSPLIT13.ZIP 1996-12-01 00:00 63KWinSplit 1.3 split large files to many small or even EXE-files, so you can transfer them with disks. It can of course join them back again. Requires Windows 3.1.
WZVIEW01.ZIP 1996-08-22 00:00 510KWinZip Viewer for Windows 3.1 beta 1
ZIPSRV14.ZIP 1995-07-06 00:00 907KZipServer for Windows(tm) v1.4 - ZipServer just added two new functions to the Visual Basic language: Zip and Unzip. Now, ZipServer comes with ZIPSERV.DLL.
ZSAPI25A.ZIP 1995-01-29 00:00 534KZip Studio 2.53. Windows ZIP/UNZIP API 1/2
ZSAPI25B.ZIP 1995-01-29 00:00 557KZip Studio 2.53. 2/2