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NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

2M20SRC.ZIP 1994-04-30 00:00 155K2M v2.0 Source code
3D.ARJ 1993-01-19 00:00 56K3d-example of vectors in C
AMISL091.ZIP 1992-10-16 00:00 64KC Lib to make highloading removable TSRs
APDMX11.ZIP 1995-03-07 00:00 137KAPDMX Microkernel 1.01 - 32bit pmode, Borland/Watcom (C)
ASPICODE.ZIP 1994-04-13 00:00 153KASPI Programming docs + C samples
ASYAM.ZIP 1993-06-24 00:00 13KAsynch Routines: This library is currently designed to work with Borland C++ v3.1, and hasn't been tested with any other C compiler. This is an ANSI C library. Well, not totally ANSI. It uses some non-standard routines specific to MSDOS.
BC4DOS32.ZIP 1994-05-09 00:00 37K??
BC30BUG.ZIP 1992-04-28 00:00 8.5Kbc 3.0 bugs
BC30P1.ZIP 1992-01-20 00:00 6.2KPatch to Borland C++ 3.0, 1
BC30P2.ZIP 1992-02-05 00:00 9.1KPatch to Borland C++ 3.0, 2
BC30P3.ZIP 1992-01-29 00:00 11KPatch to Borland C++ 3.0, 3
BC31P1.ZIP 1992-07-21 00:00 21KBC 3.11 Patch 1
BC31P2.ZIP 1992-06-26 00:00 55KBC 3.11 Patch 2
BC31P3.ZIP 1992-08-19 00:00 15KBC 3.11 Patch 3
BCERRMSG.ZIP 1996-04-03 00:00 238KBorland C++ 5.0 Error messages
BGI28FNT.ZIP 1995-06-03 00:00 169K.CHR fontteja borlandin C++ k„„nt„j„lle
BLDHDR.ZIP 1991-07-07 00:00 7.4KUtility to build TCXL help header files with
C--O189.ZIP 1993-11-30 00:00 397Ka C-Compiler made by some demo coders
C-MOUSE.ZIP 1987-10-15 00:00 14KMouse handler routines for C
C7PATB.ZIP 1992-08-05 00:00 45KThis patch modifies the CL.EXE & MS32KRNL.DLL
C7PATCH.ZIP 1992-07-21 00:00 334KPatch for Microsoft C/C 7.0 - 7.0a
CASYNC.ZIP 1992-09-13 00:00 24KInterrupt driven terminal program on C-lang.
CBX3DPRG.ZIP 1993-11-20 00:00 951KProgramming in 3D: Raytracing & Animation.
CDISK.ZIP 1993-04-23 00:00 248KCompanion disk for Writing OS/2 Device Drivers in C
CIREL.ZIP 1995-05-11 00:00 26K°°±±²²ÛÛ CirEllHyp ÛÛ²²±±°° ÉÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ» º- Couple good simple routines º º- Circle, Ellipse, Hyperbol º º- Very good if you want to make º º clear code º ÌÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ͹ º Src: C++ 3.1 and little asm º ÈÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍͼ
CLASSLIB.DOC 1993-01-14 00:00 256KUndocumented borland Turbo C++ 3.0+ commands.
CPORT2.ZIP 1993-04-09 00:00 92KCport version 2.0 - Serial Communications Lib
CPP9305.ZIP 1993-07-03 00:00 2.6KMFC2 source patch for MSVC1.
CPPWIND.ZIP 1992-09-13 00:00 18KC++, example of how to use windows in progs.
CROBOTS.ZIP 1987-06-10 00:00 50KNice game for C programmers
CSAP423.ZIP 1995-07-21 00:00 35KC-sort and pack ver 4.2.3 - directory sorter and packer with options & sources. Freeware
CSHELL4.LZH 1989-11-11 00:00 45KDOS Shell programmed in C
CSHELL16.ZIP 1992-09-13 00:00 72Kshell routines for C..
CSOURCES.ZIP 1986-08-11 00:00 107KC sources
CSYS14.ZIP 1994-08-31 00:00 47KCompSys 1.4, the LiveSystems ObjectOrientated toolbox for using compressed files. Full source, easy to extend. Already used in a number of released programs! Now includes RAR archiver support.
CTERM1.ZIP 1989-04-20 00:00 48KTerminal programmed in C
CUBE216C.LZH 1989-08-06 00:00 34K3D vector gfx routines for c
CWINDOWS.ZIP 1986-05-31 00:00 33KWindowing routines for C
CXL51.LZH 1992-05-12 00:00 325KExtended Library for Turbo C/Zortech C/MSC
CXT212.ZIP 1993-07-03 00:00 278KCXT exploration tools v2.12 - CFT (C Function Tree Generator) and CST (C Structure Tree Generator) and their 32bit protected mode versions CFT386 and CST386 are powerful program development, maintenance and documentation tools. From Germany.
C_ALL.ZIP 1994-07-17 00:00 915KBorlandin technical info.. Borlandin ftp:stä
C_COM_1.ARJ 1993-10-24 00:00 361KC Communications Toolkit Disk 1 of 2
C_PLASMA.ZIP 1994-01-20 00:00 54KPlasma C sources
C_RESIDE.ZIP 1986-03-05 00:00 5.5K??
D14TXT.ARJ 1992-10-01 00:00 26K2 of 2 D-FLAT LIB Documentation
DBASE.C 1991-04-26 00:00 6.7KDBase III routines for c
DFLT14.ARJ 1992-10-01 00:00 110K1 of 2 D-FLAT LIB for C. Full source
DMA_ACK.ZIP 1992-09-13 00:00 12KDMA-disk subroutines for C
DOS386C1.ZIP 1992-01-22 00:00 348KC-Compiler 1/6
DOS386C2.ZIP 1992-02-08 00:00 360KC-Compiler 2/6
DOS386C3.ZIP 1992-02-08 00:00 351KC-Compiler 3/6
DOS386C4.ZIP 1992-02-08 00:00 339KC-Compiler 4/6
DOS386C5.ZIP 1992-02-08 00:00 333KC-Compiler 5/6
DOS386C6.ZIP 1992-02-08 00:00 224KC-Compiler 6/6
DOSC090A.ZIP 1995-09-01 00:00 375KDOS-C version 0.90a! This diskette contains a functional DOS clone written in C! A standalone operating system kernel for PC, part of the Free-DOS project. * SOURCES INCLUDED *
DPMIGCC5.ZIP 1994-12-12 00:00 456KDPMI support for GCC
DSIK_C.ZIP 1994-09-09 00:00 82KÉÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ» ºßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßߺ ºDigital Sound Interface Kitº º SHAREWARE C VERSION º ºProgrammer's LIBs support º º4 channel sound for major º ºsoundcards such as SB/GUS º ºand PAS. Plays MOD/STM/S3M/º ºMTM/669/DSM formats. º ºMix sound effects on unusedº
DSIK_PAS.ZIP 1994-09-09 00:00 85KÉÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ» ºßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßߺ ºDigital Sound Interface Kitº º SHAREWARE PASCAL VERSION º ºProgrammer's TPUs support º º4 channel sound for major º ºsoundcards such as SB/GUS º ºand PAS. Plays MOD/STM/S3M/º ºMTM/669/DSM formats. º ºMix sound effects on unusedº
EDIT1.ZIP 1992-09-13 00:00 12KC source of a full-screen editor.
EXEC33B.ZIP 1993-11-29 00:00 94KExec swap routines for TC, TC++, BC++, TP.
FADECODE.ZIP 1994-08-19 00:00 32KÖÄÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÄ· º FADECODE º º ASM and C source codes for º º fade out, fade in, palette morphing º º palette rotation, etc. º ÓÄÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍĽ
FGL303A.ZIP 1995-01-01 00:00 317KFastgraph/Light graphics library V3.03 High-performance graphics toolkit for BC++, TC, TC++, MSC, QuickC, Power C, ZC++, QB, BASIC PDS, VBDOS, Turbo Pascal, and MS FTN. Over 175 routines, from pixel display to animation tools. 28 video modes supporting CGA through 1024x768x256 SVGA.
FIDOSORS.ZIP 1993-09-09 00:00 54KSources, mostly from Fido.
FIRE!.ZIP 1994-11-16 00:00 12KMAC of PROPHECY Propably the best FIRE effect so far
FIRE_WIN.ZIP 1994-12-23 00:00 11KFire routine for Windows by Jare of Iguana. Requires the WinG library.
FLAG.LZH 1995-02-21 00:00 111KSourcecode to do a flag waving in a wind
FLILIB.ZIP 1990-02-20 00:00 89KFli library
FMANGC.ZIP 1987-03-02 00:00 143KFile Manager C sources
FONTDEMO.ZIP 1990-04-27 00:00 9.1KHow to use 43/50 line displays w/ VGA/EGA
FRMI!150.EXE 1995-05-14 00:00 38KÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ³°±²Û Flat Real Mode Interface Û²±°³Û ³ V1.5 94-11-28 ³Û ³ Coding by ~ Juanito ~ ³Û ³ 100_ assembly language ! ³Û ³ ³Û ³ Desc.: Break the 64KB limit of ³Û ³ real mode addressing ! ³Û ³ ³Û ³ New : BC++ support, less bugs, ³Û ³ and small improvments... ³Û ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙÛ ßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßß
FRTOOLS.LZH 1993-02-01 00:00 335KFractal tool kit for TC/BC
GFXIO15.ZIP 1996-06-02 00:00 108KGraphics I/O Library v1.5 Turbo C++ 3.0 LARGE model Library to handle graphics compression. Includes convertor to powerful GDZ format. Knows: PCX, RAW, GDT and GDZ files. Freeware, use in your prods as you wish! By Flamewarder/Hypothermia
GIF-CSRC.ZIP 1990-10-05 00:00 5.0KC sources for gif depacking
GIFLIB12.ZIP 1992-09-13 00:00 229KGif routine library for C
GIFPROGS.ZIP 1988-03-21 00:00 76KC sources for GIF
GIF_LIB.ZIP 1989-08-01 00:00 152KVery good GIF sources
GLBENV11.ZIP 1995-04-09 00:00 21KGlobal Environment Variable List/Set/Clear v1.1 Ever want to do these things from your program? Now you can! Full C/ASM source
GSAR107.ZIP 1994-02-27 00:00 46KGeneral Search And Replace utility (GSAR) Full C++ source code included. DOS executable
GVECTORS.ZIP 1997-02-28 00:00 146Kpresents Gouraud Vectors complete with source code by Tumblin
HANOI16.ZIP 1992-09-13 00:00 39KSources of 'Towers of Hanoi' (C)
HIGHPEGC.ZIP 1988-09-30 00:00 55KHow to make High Performance Graphics in C
HSRC_100.ZIP 1993-01-11 00:00 76K??
HSTAR_C.ZIP 1994-04-04 00:00 18KC - Horizontal Stars by Darion Complete source code, in C, of a horizontal star field.
ILL-TELN.ZIP 1994-06-06 00:00 57KSource Code For Telnet
INCPRO2.ZIP 1995-11-26 00:00 6.7KINC-Pro has returned in 100_ ASM! The only binary to code converter that supports ASM, C, C++, GEMA and QuickBasic with optional bit- wise encryption! - - By kelewan '95
IRITSM3S.ZIP 1992-03-01 00:00 617K??
JAC.ZIP 1992-05-08 00:00 11KPrimitive C-example how to make data compres.
JPEG3S.LZH 1992-10-01 00:00 324KJpeg source code
JPEGSR6A.ZIP 1996-02-07 00:00 657KThe Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software C source code for UNIX, DOS (Microsoft, Borland, DJGPP and Watcom), Amiga and Digital VMS.
JPEGV3.ZIP 1992-03-21 00:00 92KJpeg source code
JPSRC2.ZIP 1991-12-13 00:00 268KJPG-encode/decode C-sources
LAAMA130.ZIP 1997-08-06 00:00 149KLaaman tie DJGPP-peliohjelmointiin
LESS_SRC.ZIP 1994-09-08 00:00 28KC / C++
LL_COMM1.ZIP 1994-08-27 00:00 56KCOM port handling for Watcom
LL_FRAC.ZIP 1993-05-06 00:00 33KC-source code to generate a Fractal Land- Scape (outputs a 3DS *.ASC file). Includes a compiled EXE.
LL_KBD.ZIP 1994-08-27 00:00 52KKeyboard handling for Watcom C/C++
LZW4C11.ZIP 1992-11-08 00:00 35KLZW pack sources C/ASM
M&TDEMOS.ZIP 1989-04-26 00:00 18KInformation on graphics programming
M&TVGA.ZIP 1989-04-26 00:00 34KC sources for EGA/VGA programming
MAGICAL1.ZIP 1995-08-05 00:00 49KMagiCal is calendar in ddl for programmers
MARSKIT.ZIP 1994-03-20 00:00 28KMARS + ASM sourced code + explanations
MHANDLER.ZIP 1988-08-05 00:00 9.3KMouse Handler routines
MODCODE.ZIP 1992-04-12 00:00 35KPascal and C Mod routines..
MODEX.ZIP 1992-01-10 00:00 18KAll Sources for MODE X
MPU401C.ZIP 1986-11-02 00:00 18KSources for using Roland MPU-401 in C
MPVGA10.ZIP 1995-12-03 00:00 81K================================= MultiPage VGA (MPVGA) Library ================================= 32-bits graphic library that allows you to have a multipage mode 13h, full access to your VRAM, and hardware scrolling. Support: Ahead, ALG, ARK, ATI, Chips&Tech,Cirrus,Compaq,Matrox, Oak,S3,Trident,Tseng,Video7, Western Digital, and many more. Full source code included. ================================
NHMM3SRC.ZIP 1992-10-08 00:00 1.0MNetHack 3.0 source code in C.
NPS_ASEM.ARJ 1993-05-10 00:00 17Kohjelmoi nappis C sorsat
OBJ2ASM.ZIP 1993-04-20 00:00 75KTC source for intelligent .OBJ disassembler.
OPTC41.ZIP 1995-02-04 00:00 25KHints for efficient programming in C Contains info about CodeRunneR, library for C programmers for creating highly efficient and reliable TSRs.
OTMVOXEL.ZIP 1994-11-08 00:00 184KVoxel landscape explanation and demo with C++ source
P2C4OS2.ZIP 1993-08-26 00:00 665Kp2c version 1.20, a Pascal to C translator.
P2C12GNU.ZIP 1993-08-15 00:00 389KGNU p2c pascal to C translator.
PCL4C41.ZIP 1994-05-10 00:00 78KPersonal Communications Library for C v4.1 Supporting COM1-COM16, DTE 115200.
PCX-IN-C.ZIP 1989-07-24 00:00 28KPCX reader sources
PCX.ZIP 1988-04-17 00:00 22KPCX reader sources
PCXCSORC.ZIP 1988-04-17 00:00 42KPCX reader sources
PCXUSE.ZIP 1997-01-17 00:00 113KProgrammers mode 13h toolkit
PCX_C.ZIP 1992-09-13 00:00 31KC source for PCX handling
PI1.LZH 1991-07-11 00:00 217 How to count PI
PI2.LZH 1991-07-11 00:00 712 More on counting PI
PI3.LZH 1991-07-11 00:00 726 Yet more on counting PI
PLASMAJG.ZIP 1995-01-22 00:00 14KÉÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ» º PLASMA V1.1 by Johannes G”tz º ÌÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ͹ º Create your own plasmas with º º wonderful color-cycling and º º learn how to code your own º º plasma-routines with the helpº º of the fully included source-º º code (C/ASM)! º º Additionally you will get a º º X-Mode-Library completed º º written in ASM! º ÈÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍͼ
PMC101.ZIP 1994-07-22 00:00 169KPMC 1.01 by Tran - free 32bit dos extender Includes: PMC v1.01 32bit extender package for Borland C++ 4.0. PMODE v3.03 extender. Examples and all source code.
PMW116.ZIP 1995-02-16 00:00 72KÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ͸ ³±±±± PMODE/W v1.16 DOS Extender ±±±±³ ³±±±± For Use With Watcom C/C++ ±±±±³ ³ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄij ³ Features: ³ ³ ú Extender size is less than 9k ³ ³ ú Extender is internal to the EXE ³ ³ ú Replaces DOS4GW.EXE ³ ³ ú Fully compatible with Watcom C ³ ³ ú Fast execution ³ ³ ú Free for non-commercial use ³ ³ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄij ³ Changes In Version 1.16: ³ ³ ú Custom bind utility ³ ³ ú Updated licensing policies ³
PMW133.ZIP 1997-01-01 00:00 140KPMODE/W v1.33 DOS Extender For use with WATCOM C/C++ Features: Extender size is less than 12k Extender is internal to the EXE Replaces dos4gw.EXE Fully compatible with WATCOM C Fast execution Free for non-commercial use Protected mode EXE compression Changes in Version 1.33: See UPDATES.DOC for changes
POVMSD_S.ZIP 1997-05-20 00:00 1.2MPovRay v3.02 sources for MSDOS
POVSRC.ZIP 1994-01-05 00:00 415KPersistance of Vision Ray Tracer POV-Ray SRCs
PROGCALC.ZIP 1994-03-22 00:00 38KPopCALC - Programmers Calculator, v1.00 PopCALC is a TSR integer calculator using C operator/expression syntax.
PROPCVS.ZIP 1995-01-17 00:00 765KProgrammer's guide to PC video systems Included : LIBS/SOURCE for Microsoft C/C++ v7.0 and MASM v6.0 LIBS/SOURCE for Borland
PULLC20.ZIP 1989-04-15 00:00 147KPullDown menus in C
QLIB205.ZIP 1997-07-13 00:00 407KQ LIB (Quick libraries) v2.05 QLIB is an almost complete C LIB replacement for any libs you may have. QLIB is 32bit ASM coded for use with DOS extenders. QLIB contains most C functions for file IO, memory alloc and much more. Plus more for video, kbd, etc. QLIB supports Borland C++, Watcom C++, MS Vis C++, MASM , TASM , WASM and NASM. All you need is PMODE/W v1.31+ or DOS/4gw or WDOSX DOS extenders.
QLIB206.ZIP 1997-08-07 00:00 429KQ LIB (Quick libraries) v2.06 QLIB is an almost complete C LIB replacement for any libs you may have. QLIB is 32bit ASM coded for use with DOS extenders. QLIB contains most C functions for file IO, memory alloc and much more. Plus more for video, kbd, etc. QLIB supports Borland C++, Watcom C++, MS Vis C++, MASM , TASM , WASM and NASM. All you need is PMODE/W v1.31+ or DOS/4gw or WDOSX DOS extenders.
R250.ZIP 1992-10-05 00:00 10KGenerate random numbers in C - FAST
REGEX011.TAZ 1992-09-25 00:00 408KGnu regular expression library (.tar.Z)
REGKEY21.ZIP 1992-08-10 00:00 37KC code to add the registration key system.
SBSAMPLE.ZIP 1992-09-13 00:00 32KSB Sample routines on C
SCUMCODE.ZIP 1994-02-13 00:00 13KModem DOOM Source Code! Turbo-C Code.
SEFX1.ZIP 1993-04-09 00:00 38KSefx version 1.0 - PC Speaker Sound Effects
SEXIST.ZIP 1990-05-11 00:00 14KA program that tells dirty jokes (C source)
SLANG102.TGZ 1998-03-07 00:00 413Ks-lang c-library versio 1.0.2 toimii os/2, msdossissa ja unixissa
SLANGDOC.TGZ 1998-03-07 00:00 721Ks-langiin c-library documentaatioo menessa eri muodossa
SNIP9404.ZIP 1994-04-03 00:00 417KThe SNIPPETS collection is an archive of over 300 separate files, over 30,000 lines of mostly C/C++ source code - all public domain and freeware - which contains the best answers to How do I... questions.
SOUNDC.ZIP 1990-03-23 00:00 6.8KHow make sounds in c
SPRITED!.ZIP 1995-05-21 00:00 32KSPRITED-sprite editori C-ohjelmoijille. Toimii EGA:n 640x350-tilassa. Vaatii toimiakseen hiiren. Mukana lähdekoodi. freewarea.
SPWNO413.ZIP 1992-12-12 00:00 101KSPAWNO v4.13 - disk/EMS/XMS/INT15 swapping replacement for spawn() by Ralf Brown.
SVGA.ZIP 1989-01-08 00:00 6.2KSmall Model C VGA sources
SVGABOB.ZIP 1996-12-06 00:00 20KNäin ohjelmoit SVGA-tilaa 640x480 C sourcet tilan ohjelmoi- miseen (c) divine logic 1996
SVGACC21.ZIP 1994-05-09 00:00 213KSVGACC.LIB-ver 2.1-is a high-res, 256-color graphics library for MS & Borland C/C++
SVGAKT31.ZIP 1993-03-07 00:00 294KSVGA-routines in C and ASM (also true-color!)
SVGAKT62.ZIP 1996-07-21 00:00 114KZEN TIMER v2.2: The Zen Timer is a high precision (microsecond accuracy) timing library for 16 bit real mode, 16 bit protected mode and 32 bit protected mode programs. Supports Borland C++, Watcom C++, Visual C++, Symantec C++, Metaware C++ and DJGPP.
SWAP300.ZIP 1990-10-04 00:00 83KSWAP v3.00 - EMS/XMS swap routines for C.
TCVECTOR.ZIP 1991-05-04 00:00 61KVector routines for TC
TCXL551.ZIP 1990-10-01 00:00 515KTHE BEST LIBRARY for Turbo C
TEACH-C.ZIP 1992-09-13 00:00 88KGood ANSI tutor of C programming!
TURBOC.ZIP 1988-01-19 00:00 50KMore sources for TC
TXTFLI2.ZIP 1998-01-20 00:00 36Ktxtfli2 textmode resource package. C source for re-entrant output device independent FLI/FLC player with textmode and mcga examples included. Also includes textfx2, an improved textmode graphics interface and optimal textmode target palette files. By Jari Komppa aka Sol/Trauma. fli/flc player is PD. textfx2 is freeware.
UNACEPUB.ZIP 1997-10-19 00:00 17KUNACE v1.0a extraction utility Freeware, Created by Marcel Lemke EMAIL: Files: unace.c, uac_sys.c, uac_dcpr.c, uac_crc.c,uac_crt.c, uac_comm.c, os.h, portable.h, variabls.h, acestruc.h, declare.h, unace.h,, file_id.diz
UNARJ241.EXE 1993-11-26 00:00 54KUnArj v2.41... Includes C suorces...
UNZIP.ZIP 1992-06-10 00:00 50KCode in C and Pascal to decompress .ZIPs.
UUCICOS.ZIP 1993-12-15 00:00 118KUUCICO sources.
UUCLN_SR.ZIP 1995-10-26 00:00 1.3Ksince I may have messed up some of your uuencoded stuff, i have realased the source to version 1.7...
VAT041.ZIP 1995-03-19 00:00 200KVarmint's Audio Tools (VAT) is a small Sound Blaster programming Kit. Features an DSP interrupt/DMA driven core that handles real-time mixing and playing of digital sounds and background MIDI music. It also supports many FM chip routines, input functions for WAVE samples and MIDI music files, and auto recognition and setup of Sound Blaster compatable cards. 4.5 millisecond clock and microsecond accuracy timers. VAT is Freeware and comes with source and example code (Turbo C). VAT is intended for all programmers who want to easily incorperate sound effects and music into their DOS programs.
VECT.ZIP 1992-09-20 00:00 146Kvector routines for c
WCLIB.ZIP 1993-05-03 00:00 19KWCLIB is a DLL for the WINCMD utility which adds new functions.
WGT5.ZIP 1995-06-02 00:00 2.9MWordUp Graphics Toolkit V5.0 Shareware Release for Watcom C/C++ 10 The ultimate 32 bit protected mode games and graphics library available for Watcom C. Includes: Sprite Editor, Map Maker, Realtime 3d rendering, joystick, 8 way scrolling, sprites, SVGA, FLI/FLC, serial/modem and many more routines. Download this and discover the world of professional graphics programming!
WINDOWTC.LZH 1990-07-14 00:00 76KWindowing routines for TC
WNDWC20.ZIP 1989-03-06 00:00 103KWindowing library for C, fast!
WRTDEMO.ZIP 1995-05-10 00:00 294KQuinn-Curtis demo of Real-Time Graphics Tools for Windows. For Borland C++, Visual C++, Borland Delphi and Visual Basic Compilers; 16-bit and 32-bit dlls for Windows 3.1, Win32s, Windows NT and Windows 95
WUSTUB02.ZIP 1997-01-29 00:00 30KDOS-extender for Borland Delphi 2 WUSTUB 0.2 - A 32 BIT DOS- EXTENDER STUB FOR BORLAND DELPHI 2. FREEWARE
XSHARP.ZIP 1992-01-06 00:00 40KDDJ's source code for Vectors. C code only!
XV_PC17.ZIP 1994-04-20 00:00 163KXView-PC: Graphical User Interface for Pascal/C/C++ The XView-PC graphical user interface attempts to be similar to the XView toolkit used in Sun workstations, in a simplified form.
YM_SMP.ZIP 1994-04-16 00:00 61KYzi's and Marq's PD-routines for sounds.
ZCRYP25C.ZIP 1994-09-06 00:00 19KInfo-ZIP's ZCrypt 2.4: generic C sources. C source code add-on to provide PKWARE- compatible encryption and decryption sup- port for Info-ZIP's Zip 2.0.1 and UnZip 5.12 (and later). This software has been placed in the public domain (i.e., completely unrestricted.) It may be imported into the US
ZIP20J.ZIP 1994-09-16 00:00 263KInfo-ZIP's Zip 2.1: generic C sources Complete C source code for Info-ZIP's PKZIP-compatible archiver, for all supported compilers and platforms (Unix, OS/2, MS-DOS, NT, VMS, Amiga, Atari, etc.), plus lots of cool documentation. This is FREE (but copyrighted) software. See README for details on distribution and reuse.
ZMSOURCE.ZIP 1992-09-13 00:00 39KZModem. (C-sources).
ZYXELFSD.ZIP 1993-04-21 00:00 530KThe source code who are interesting to write fax&voice applications for ZyXEL fax-modems.