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4OS2300.ZIP 1997-07-30 00:00 626K4os2 3.00 - New! (July 1997) release of JP Software's award-winning CMD.EXE replacement for OS/2 Warp. Offers command enhancements, over 50 new commands, dozens of powerful batch file features, and many other unique command line tools. Shareware, $69.95 full registration. 07-30-97 release B (109).
EMXRT.ZIP 1997-07-19 00:00 525KEMX runtime for OS/2. Most OS/2 softwares ported from UNIX need this.
WSUCK991.ZIP 1997-03-02 00:00 64KWebSucker 0.99.1 WWW mirroring tool; retrieves Web pages from a HTTP (WWW) server; can be configured to follow all hyperlinks leading to other pages on the same server; images can be retrieved as well; retrieved data is stored on disk for later viewing; needs HPFS; Proxy support; automated (command line) mode; PM application;
HPP100A.ZIP 1997-01-19 00:00 3.2MHomePage Publisher Version 1.0 for OS/2 a WYSIWYG Web Page Design tool for OS/2
NSOS2202.EXE 1996-12-16 00:00 4.3MNetscape 2.02 for OS/2 Warp
WCRON147.ZIP 1996-12-09 00:00 21KWarpCron 1.47 - small tiny scheduler for OS/2 textmode. Runs OS/2 window, fullscreen, PM and DOS applications on a specific time, specific day, every X minutes/days/months and/or on specific weekdays and/or on a semaphore. Writes logfile. Needs nearly no CPU-Time. Can reread its config during runtime.
4DIZ094.ZIP 1996-10-27 00:00 54K4dizzy 0.94 4dizzy is the widely-acclaimed archive processor for both OS/2 and DOS. It's used to import file_id.diz information into 4dos/4os2 descriptions. 4dizzy should be enough for anyone! -Bill Gates
SIO160.ZIP 1996-10-26 00:00 204KRay Gwinn's comm drivers for OS/2, V1.60. SIO.SYS and VSIO.SYS are replacements of the OS2 communications drivers COM.SYS and VCOM.SYS which come with OS/2. VX00.SYS provides FOSSIL and virtual 16550 support for DOS programs SIO can be ordered to supporting any number of ports. Vmodem now has both inbound and outbound Telnet.
POPPL110.ZIP 1996-10-25 00:00 622KPOP-Play v1.1: MOD, STM, S3M, XM, MTM and ULT module player for OS/2. Requires MMPM/2 or DART.
VP11DEMO.ZIP 1996-10-08 00:00 1.7MVirtual Pascal 1.1 for OS/2
OS2RD3B1.EXE 1996-09-26 00:00 2.6MAdobe Acrobat Reader for OS/2
ULP2_221.ZIP 1996-06-22 00:00 181Kuploadprocessor/2 for OS/2 v2.21. Now the premier upload processing system is available in a multi-threaded 32-bit native OS/2 version! NOTE: This archive is not a complete package; it contains the OS/2 files only. The general release archive ULP_221.ZIP must also be downloaded for the complete package!!! To install, simply copy these files to your DOS ULP 2.x subdirectory.
20ARIEEL.ZIP 1996-06-13 00:00 608KArieel version C 2.0 - 32-bit PM Personal Information Tool (Calendar Clock Alarm Worldtime) for OS/2 Warp+
OS2VID.ZIP 1996-04-30 00:00 58KProgramms the PPro mtrrs for frame buffer and VGA memory area to 'write combined' and enables write buffers of the Orion chipset. OS/2 version.
PGP263I2.ZIP 1996-04-24 00:00 332Kpgp2.62i-os2
OS2C_110.ZIP 1996-04-05 00:00 395KOS/2-Commander v1.10 - The Wizzard of OS/2! OS/2-Commander is the final Norton Commander clone for OS/2. It offers an integrated archive handling, HPFS-support, a user-definable menu, a Tree-function, the most powerful FIND-function you've ever seen, a DBF viewer, browser and editor! Full 4dos/4os2 support, enhanced sysop features, full network compatibility, disk-image function, 132-column mode and much more! Try it! os2c_110.EXE is a self-extracting RAR archive.
OH2B30D.ZIP 1996-04-04 00:00 78KConvert Orpheus 1.nn projects to Orpheus 2. Converter is interactive and safe, does not delete your original, even lets you pause to free up disk space. All-text projects are translated 100_, scripts may require editing afterwards. Full documentation: Orpheus 2 makes it easy! File 4/4.
OH2B30C.ZIP 1996-04-04 00:00 217KOrpheus Reader for Orpheus 2: slick runtime for electronic books/mags/manuals created in Orpheus, looks and functions the way YOU (as an author) want it to. Includes the Simulator for testing works in progress. File 3/4.
OH2B30B.ZIP 1996-04-04 00:00 354KOnline help for Orpheus 2, built in Orpheus. Help interface is not hard-coded in the prg, illustrates the power Orpheus gives you as an author: design your own Reader interface so it looks custom-programmed. File 2/4.
TCOS2100.ZIP 1996-03-05 00:00 533KTake Command for OS/2 1.0 - JP Software's new graphical command processor for OS/2. A true OS/2 Presentation Manager app, not character-mode. Command enhancements, over 50 new commands, 4dos- and 4os2-compatible, dozens of new PM features. Shareware, $69 full registration. 3-5-96 rel. A (61).
RXU19.ZIP 1996-02-18 00:00 192KRXU v1.9 -Rich set of Rexx functions which expose most of the OS/2 API set to Rexx programs
WINKEY10.ZIP 1996-02-01 00:00 17KWinKey 1.00 for OS/2 Warp base device driver that remaps the infamous three additional Win95 keys found on many new keyboards.
PMPRP200.ZIP 1995-12-06 00:00 704Kpmprep 2.00 - OS/2 PM uuencoder/uudecoder
TSPEC028.ZIP 1995-11-30 00:00 814KTrueSpectra Light Beta Release 28 is a true object-based image processing and page layout program for OS/2.
HOTKEYS.ZIP 1995-11-25 00:00 64KCTRL-ALT-DEL key pressing preventer for Warp
INFPM132.ZIP 1995-11-02 00:00 420KUtils
CC107OS2.ZIP 1995-11-01 00:00 91KControlled Copy v.1.07 for OS/2 The best file copier/mover in the market
EQED095.ZIP 1995-09-10 00:00 124KAn WYSIWYG equation editor for OS/2 PM.. Try it out
EXT2_04B.ZIP 1995-09-09 00:00 486KLinux ext2fs file system driver (IFS) for OS/2. Version 0.4 beta. Allows OS/2 to access Linux native partitions (ext2fs partitions)
TASKR402.ZIP 1995-09-05 00:00 295K(v4.02) Tasker 4.0 /OS2 Task Scheduler Tasker 4.02 is a OS/2 Work place shell scheduler
CFGINFO4.ZIP 1995-06-04 00:00 182KDated May 27, 1995 Posted by CNFGINFO.EXE, an outstanding utility for learning about and optimizing OS/2s config.sys file.
PMPGP.ZIP 1995-05-30 00:00 393Kpmpgp 1.3 is a powerful and easy to use OS/2 PM shell for PGP. pmpgp supports encryption, decryption and digital signatures. Shows key signatures in a tree view. Communicates with every application or the Workplace via Dra&Drop of files and clipboard. Maintains a history of processing. You will need an OS/2 port of PGP to be able to use pmpgp. Shareware $35.
OS2_11WR.ZIP 1995-04-29 00:00 345KOnScreen/2, shareware fileviewer, v2.11. DOS, OS2, Win95/NT supported.
FILEB204.ZIP 1995-04-23 00:00 223KFileBar 2.04 - Application launchbar & shell replacement for OS/2
QMOS206.ZIP 1995-04-17 00:00 32KQuote Manager Clone For OS/2 Version 0.6 Beta
WORDIA_F.EXE 1995-04-13 00:00 1.1MMicrosoft WinWord Internet HTML editor patch. Final Version
WWED017B.ZIP 1995-03-30 00:00 123Kww is an OS/2 text mode editor with on-the-fly color syntax highlighting for C/C++/REXX/HTML/IPF
SPHYDIR.ZIP 1995-03-19 00:00 257KOS/2 HTML editor
SPHYDOC.ZIP 1995-02-20 00:00 294KHTML manuals for sphyx OS/2 html editor
CFGBETA2.ZIP 1995-01-19 00:00 602KOS/2 Config.Sys optimizer
FM2_222A.ZIP 1995-01-15 00:00 940KFM/2 v2.22. OS/2 file/dir/archive maintenance
OSTSR12.ZIP 1995-01-11 00:00 13KOSTSR 1.2 - Time Slice Releaser For OS/2
OS2GAMES.ZIP 1994-12-21 00:00 374KOS/2 Warp Version 3.00 Chess and Klondike Upd
DBP027.ZIP 1994-12-16 00:00 72KBootmanager replacement. Replaces OS/2 bootmanger. Can Handle many OS'ses incl. OS/2, DOS, NT, *NIX, XENIX etc. Shareware.
FC2_121.ZIP 1994-11-28 00:00 161KFile Commander/2 v1.21, Norton Commander(TM) (DOS) clone for OS/2
DELTREE.ZIP 1994-11-27 00:00 29KDeltree command for OS/2
BOOT2X.ZIP 1994-11-11 00:00 89KOS/2 utility to create OS/2 boot diskettes.
ME2_099B.ZIP 1994-10-02 00:00 381KME/2 - A PM-based editor for OS/2.
SVD110.ZIP 1994-08-28 00:00 110KSuper Virtual Disk driver V1.10 for OS/2 2.1. SVDisk provides a swappable/lockable/removabl virtual disk or virtual floppy for OS/2
POVPAN10.ZIP 1994-07-20 00:00 125KPOV-Ray graphical front-end for OS/2.
VROBJ202.ZIP 1994-06-20 00:00 397Kvrobj 2.0b for OS/2 (REXX)
MSWINOS2.ZIP 1994-05-17 00:00 17KRun WinOS2 under DOS
OSTSR11.ZIP 1994-05-11 00:00 9.8K* OSTSR 1.1 * Time Slice Releaser For OS/2 DESQview aware programs are now OS/2 aware..
INIMT30L.ZIP 1994-04-23 00:00 628KIniMT v3.0l - Manages .INI files.
BLANKR22.ZIP 1994-04-02 00:00 47KScreen Blanker 2.2 for OS/2
PLUMA101.ZIP 1994-03-15 00:00 159KWYSIWYG Text-editor for OS/2
MB211.ZIP 1994-03-13 00:00 16KMake Boot diskette for OS/2 2.11 This is a small utility to create a boot diskette for OS/2 2.11 Its written in REXX. Creates 3.5: HD diskettes only. Won't work for PS/2 systems. Must have OS/2 2.11 in- stalled on the system for it to work. Requ. the service pack diskettes to be available.
FM2_135.ZIP 1994-02-15 00:00 319KFileManager for OS/2, version 1.35
DXP232.ZIP 1994-02-08 00:00 235KDisk eXPress - DXP Version 2.32 02/08/94 The SuperCharged Diskette Imaging software for OS/2 and DOS DXP Version 2.32 02/08/94
AMOS120.ZIP 1994-02-05 00:00 87KÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄú AúMúOúS v1.20 úÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ³ AMOS is a DOS-program for OS/2 users! ³ ³ Use you normal commands: COPY, DIR, MD, ³ ³ RD, in a familiar environment. Full EA ³ ³ support and Dirty flag support. Editor ³ ³ included for easy access to CONFIG.SYS, ³ ³ and what more do you need? Get this! ³ ÀÄÄÄú Release date: 5th February 1994 úÄÄÄÄÙ
JCOS_2B.ZIP 1994-01-28 00:00 58KÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ³ JC for OS/2 & DOS ³ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ ³ Jari Commander ³ ³ NC like OS/2 version, about:) ³ ³ Coded 1994 ³ ³ by ³ ³ Jari Kaija ³ ³ Last editing date. 28.01.1994 ³ ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ
JCDOS214.ZIP 1994-01-25 00:00 32KÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ³ JCD for OS/2 & DOS v.1.40 ³ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ ³ All features included! ³ ³ NCD like directory changer ³ ³ Coded 1994 ³ ³ by ³ ³ Jari Kaija ³ ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ
BOXOS2_6.ZIP 1994-01-05 00:00 394KBOXER/OS2 v6 Powerful, top-rated text editor! Already a favorite of DOS users, BOXER is now available for OS/2! BOXER is a full-featured editor with a smooth, courteous interface. Color Syntax Highlighting, multi-level Undo and Redo, full mouse support, macros, column marking, WP, keyboard reconfig, & much more! This 32-bit character mode program uses OS/2 virtual memory to edit large files, and has support for HPFS filenames. From David Hamel.
GNUMAKE.ZIP 1994-01-03 00:00 516KGNU Make v3.70 for OS/2
WPSBK203.ZIP 1993-12-30 00:00 48KWorkplace Shell Backup 2.03 for OS/2 PM Utility backs up WPS and .INI files for instant restores. -A must-have utility for OS/2 Users.
PMP203.ZIP 1993-12-21 00:00 92KPM Patrol 2.03. A nice system status display.
NOLIST2A.ZIP 1993-11-15 00:00 27KA utility that allows you to exclude windows from Alt-Esc switching or remove them from the Window List. Works from the command line.
WCAT10.ZIP 1993-11-01 00:00 45KWatchCat 1.0. Lets you regain control of the system in certain situations. Requires a hardware switch in an IO port, such as LPT2 or the joystick port. You can use a joystick as the switch, too.
JMODE100.ZIP 1993-10-28 00:00 6.8K80x30 textmode for OS2 sessions
L2.EXE 1993-10-25 00:00 22KTo Unpack PMWP.RAM
HSTART02.ZIP 1993-10-25 00:00 51KA alternative START command, can be used also from DOS boxes. Version 0.9
PEG001.ZIP 1993-10-23 00:00 242KPegasus Resource Monitor 1.0 - Shows CPU,IO and applications
NEAD.LZH 1993-10-13 00:00 55KThe New EA Editor (a utility to edit extended attributes) (PM)
KED206B.ZIP 1993-10-13 00:00 77KKEd is a character mode text editor for OS/2 v 2.x. It is a full 32-bit application, and features support for HPFS, macros, unlimited number of files, huge file sizes, cut and paste, and shelling to a command processor. You'll also find extensive on-line hypertext help for ease of use. New version 2.06 with greater speed, Numlock settings, and HPFS name fixes. Shareware registration $20.
WILLUTIL.ZIP 1993-10-04 00:00 20KControl Numlock
CSED11.ZIP 1993-10-03 00:00 73KSystem Config Editor version 1.1; Notebook of settings for the OS/2 startup files. Simplifies the editing of CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT.
HPFSREAD.ZIP 1993-09-29 00:00 20KA utility that lets you read HPFS hard disks from the real DOS (with Dual Boot or Boot Manager). This version is in German... :(
SEAMWIN2.ZIP 1993-09-23 00:00 7.0KFaster WINOS2 startup, final version
RXUSMP.ZIP 1993-09-22 00:00 4.8KSamples for RXU.ZIP. Some sample programs which use selected functions of the RXU Rexx function package.
RXU12.ZIP 1993-09-22 00:00 125KRexx Utilities Package (v1.2). Includes UPM, OS/2 2.0 Memory mgt, OS/2 2.0 semaphores, Rexx programming functions, Task/Thread management, multithreaded Rexx programming, DLL handling, etc. INF file is included.
CPUDRIV2.ZIP 1993-09-18 00:00 43KA utility PM utility that shows the CPU and disk utilization graphically in a small window. Lots of nice features.
WPTOOL10.ZIP 1993-09-16 00:00 180KWPS and INI tools
OSCPY251.ZIP 1993-08-23 00:00 50KSCOPY - Copy and archive (disks) utility
PMSWTCH2.ZIP 1993-08-22 00:00 13KNew version of PMSwitch. Allows you to pre-select programs to be excluded from Alt-Esc switching. Even better than the previous version.
BKVIEW32.ZIP 1993-07-28 00:00 12KA small PM utility to display all 'book' files (.INF) in a specified directory.
SUBST101.ZIP 1993-07-06 00:00 25KSUBST 1.01. A utility that allows you to map directories to drive letters under OS/2 like the SUBST command in DOS.
ROW2R01.ZIP 1993-06-23 00:00 13KROW 2.x: SET DOS SCREEN & OS/2 SESSION ROWS. Prevent those weary eyes! Stop Config.Sys messages from scrolling off of the screen! Confuse nosey network snoopers and viewers! Row.Exe is loadable by DOS & OS/2 in Config or from a OS prompt to set DOS to display from 12..50 rows and OS/2 from 1..255 rows. Release 01: Row/D 2.10; Row/2 2.01. 80x86, DOS 2+, OS/2 1.2+, OS/2 2+ DOS Box, ISA/EISA, EGA+ adapter required for DOS.
MEMSZ211.ZIP 1993-06-10 00:00 133KSystem Resources 2.11a. Displays the system's free memory and disk space, and monitors the swapping file's size. Also monitors CPU loading and total disk space used for spool-files. Source incl. Adds the day-of-week to the date. For OS/2
20MEMU.ZIP 1993-06-04 00:00 88KOS/2 v.2.x Memory Usage Display. Tämän enempää informaatiota muistin käytöstä ei anna mikään
MRFILE45.ZIP 1993-06-02 00:00 166KMrFile - Simple PM Filemanager
PC2160.ZIP 1993-05-30 00:00 225KProgram Commander /2 1.60. Works in co-operation with WPS or replaces it.
MEGADS.ZIP 1993-05-25 00:00 58KMega desktop for OS/2
PMD20E.ZIP 1993-03-27 00:00 128KPM Diskcopy v2.0e for OS/2
MAKEDSKF.ZIP 1993-02-23 00:00 19KDisk image maker for OS/2
HSWITCH.ZIP 1993-01-19 00:00 51KSwitch from OS/2 text sessions to dos-full screen session. OS/2 2.x only.
BLACKHOL.ZIP 1993-01-18 00:00 33KTuhoaa myös sen, mihin OS/2 Shredder ei pysty
TIMUP121.ZIP 1993-01-02 00:00 56KTIMEUP 1.21. Shows time OS/2 has been up in a small window (titlebar).
SI.ZIP 1992-08-28 00:00 12KBasic System Information for OS/2. Shows time that OS/2 has been running and many memory sizes.
OS2SPEED.ZIP 1992-08-04 00:00 2.7KOS/2 SPEED v1.00b: For DOS programs that are not OS/2-aware, but are DESQview-aware. OS2SPEED tells programs that they are running under DESQview - and when they use the DESQview function to give away time, it intercepts this and calls the equivelant OS/2 function. The net result is that all DESQview aware programs become OS/2 aware!
VCD10.ZIP 1992-07-01 00:00 30KDirectory Changer for OS/2.
PSPM2.ZIP 1992-06-03 00:00 68KA good PM utility that displays the running processes and allows you to kill them
QEDIT155.ZIP 1992-05-19 00:00 60KQedit for OS/2 version 1.55