Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

BENCHES.ZIP 1992-12-20 00:00 154KBenchmark tests for OS/2 (Linpack, Whetstone and Dhrystone tests)
CNFGSORT.ZIP 1993-11-29 00:00 2.9KInformative document describing how to considerably decrease OS/2's boot-up time. A must-have for any serious OS/2 user.
FAQ21D.ZIP 1993-06-27 00:00 225KOS/2 2.1 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) rev. D by Tim Sipples
HOBBES.ZIP 1994-03-01 00:00 70KHobbes CD-ROM:in filelista (OS/2)
MM1193.ZIP 1993-11-08 00:00 83KMid Missouri OS/2 User's Group Newsletter (.INF format)
MMAPARS1.ZIP 1993-11-09 00:00 26KMMPM/2 Apar List in Inf Format
OS2CFG9.ZIP 1995-01-07 00:00 40KConfig.Sys tips for OS/2 9th version.
OS2CNFG6.ZIP 1993-08-05 00:00 25KOS/2 2.x CONFIG.SYS FILE DESCRIPTION v6.0
OS2LDUAL.ZIP 1994-03-03 00:00 62KDual Boot for OS/2 Lite FOR ALL OS/2 LITE VERSION Enables you to boot either DOS or OS/2 Lite from the same Hard Drive. You MUST read the README included.
OS2PERF.ZIP 1993-07-14 00:00 79KOS/2 2.1 Performance Tuning for End Users from IBM
OS2TNT18.ZIP 1992-05-22 00:00 25KOS/2 Tips and Techniques, 18/5/92 version.
PCI-IDE.ZIP 1996-08-02 00:00 4.3KAbout PCI IDE controllers and OS/2
PCI-SCSI.ZIP 1996-08-02 00:00 7.9KAbout PCI SCSI controllers and OS/2
TEAM1093.ZIP 1993-10-13 00:00 39KTeam OS/2 Newsletter 10/93 (INF format)
TNEW03.ZIP 1993-12-22 00:00 259KTeam OS/2 Newsletter December 1993
TRICKS1.ZIP 1993-11-16 00:00 84KAn .INF format text file about handy & stupid OS/2 tricks.
WARPINST.ZIP 1995-01-24 00:00 115KIf you've had a few problems installing OS/2 WARP, this file may help.
WARPTIPS.ZIP 1995-01-24 00:00 19KIBM OS/2 Warp 3 Tips