Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

ZOO21-32.ZIP 1992-09-20 00:00 284KZOO Archiver version 2.1 for OS/2 (sources included)
UNARJ241.ZIP 1993-06-24 00:00 23KUnarj 2.41 compiled for OS/2 2.x (w/ EMX 0.8f by Markus Stenberg), 32-bit.
GZ124-32.ZIP 1993-08-10 00:00 75KGNU Zip for OS/2, version 1.24
UU_CODES.ZIP 1993-08-30 00:00 25KUUENCODE/UUDECODE for OS/2
ZIP201C2.ZIP 1993-09-18 00:00 145KInfo-ZIP 2.0.1 with encryption. Fixes the EA bug in 2.0.
LH2_222.EXE 1993-10-21 00:00 134KLH/2 version 2.22. An LHA (LHARC) compatible OS/2 archiving/unarchiving utility.
WUZ10B.ZIP 1993-12-08 00:00 12KWPS UnZIP - a WPS archive handler for OS/2 Just double-click on a ZIP, ZOO, etc. file and WUZ will create a temporary directory, unzip the program and create both an OS/2 Window and an open folder of the archive on your desktop.
UNZ511.EXE 1994-08-02 00:00 185KInfo-ZIP's UnZip 5.11: OS/2 exes & docs
HA0999B.ZIP 1995-01-28 00:00 103KHA for OS/2 0.990b
ZIPME12.ZIP 1995-02-01 00:00 115KZip Shell for OS/2.
ARJZ015.ZIP 1995-04-07 00:00 261KARJ-klooni mm. OS/2 ja NT:lle
RAR155P.EXE 1995-08-25 00:00 183KRAR Archiver 1.55P for OS/2
IRCDOR11.ZIP 1996-02-14 00:00 62KIRCDOOR/2 v1.0 - 32-bit IRC BBS door for OS/2. Provides Internet Relay Chat access from your BBS. Featuring: ANSI and multi-node support, fast and small 32-bit code, flexible configuration, specific commands, online help, can be used as a normal IRC client in local mode, extensive support for Maximus, more... Requires IBM TCP/IP and OS/2.
ZIPCT243.ZIP 1996-10-19 00:00 715KRPF ZIP CONTROL(TM) v2.4.3 -Easy OS/2 PM point and click interface to UNZIP.EXE and ZIP.EXE. Many features. Zip Control is an easy to use OS/2 PM program which shields you from the command line when using the freeware ZIP.EXE & UNZIP.EXE.
RAR204P.EXE 1998-09-25 00:00 264KRAR Archiver 2.04P for OS/2 (english)
RAR204PD.EXE 1998-09-25 00:00 278KRAR Archiver 2.04PD for OS/2 (deutch)