Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

ARCHIE.ZIP 1994-04-17 00:00 57KArchie for OS/2
BFTP1WB.ZIP 1994-06-05 00:00 394KBlackRose FTP Client v10.wb: multithreaded viewer, multiple files selction, settings boo for site managment
CELLOOS2.ZIP 1994-02-17 00:00 288KCello WWW Browser for OS2
CHANGI09.ZIP 1995-06-15 00:00 383KChangi v0.9 - NNTP server for OS/2. Offers you to read/write USENET news offline using with favourite NNTP newsreader.
CKO5A190.ZIP 1994-08-24 00:00 707KC-Kermit 5a190 for OS/2
CRON214.ZIP 1994-04-28 00:00 98KCRON/2 v1.4 UNIX-like scheduling utility. Client/server extensions via TCP/IP
FINGERD2.ZIP 1994-05-30 00:00 50KFingerd for OS/2
FREETCP.ZIP 1995-08-08 00:00 133KUse Warp's Internet Access Kit (Red/Blue box) on LAN
FTPBR171.ZIP 1997-07-23 00:00 465KFTP Browser is a powerful and intuitive FTP solution for OS/2 Warp that features drag and drop, server to server and directory tree transfers accross a variety of hosts. It Requires OS/2's Presentation Manager and TCP/IP.
GOPHER.ZIP 1994-02-11 00:00 123KGopher client for OS/2
GOSERV.ZIP 1994-01-15 00:00 58KGopher server for OS/2
INJOY1_1.ZIP 1997-06-04 00:00 599KInJoy Release 1.1 for OS/2 InJoy is an UNBELIEVABLY feature rich, fast and *easy* to use SLIP/PPP shareware dialer. New in v1.1: RAS support (MS-CHAP), two way Demand Dial, IPTRACE support, bug-fixes Rock-solid and nominated as one of the best Internet utilities (cross platform). 5 cows from TUCOWS and 12 months in the top 5 of most sold OS/2 shareware proves its worth. Use it alone or share a dial up connection with
IRCINST.ZIP 1995-01-28 00:00 23KFree IRC Client for OS/2. Installation docs.
KALIOS2.ZIP 1996-03-19 00:00 83KKali for OS/2 Kali is a network driver which allows virtually any application software designed for use with the IPX protocol to be used over a TCP/IP network. Designed primarily for use with network games, Kali has been successfully tested with Descent, Command & Conquer, DOOM, DOOM II, Heretic, Rise of the Triad, VR Pool, Terminal Velocity and SuperKarts. Other software should also work as long as it uses IPX. Download Kali and start putting your Internet connection to good use!
LIBFILES.ZIP 1995-01-03 00:00 114KFree IRC Client for OS/2. Base files
LWPFTP10.ZIP 1995-04-21 00:00 222KWPS integrated FTP-client for OS/2.
MR2I129.ZIP 1997-06-11 00:00 953KMR/2 ICE v1.29 Internet Email Client An OS/2 PM reader for internet email. pop3 and SMTP support, 32 bit multi- threaded, toolbars, multiwindow, thesaurus, speller. Many more features with more planned.
NISTIME.ZIP 1993-05-24 00:00 35KNIST server for OS/2 via tcp/ip
NR2V109.ZIP 1995-01-05 00:00 730KNewsReader/2 v1.09 for OS/2 + TCPIP
NTP.ZIP 1993-04-13 00:00 1.5KREXX Network Time Porotocol client
OS2FSP21.ZIP 1994-02-13 00:00 555KFSP/2 version 1.0. FSP Client for OS/2
OS2NS202.EXE 1997-04-10 00:00 1.3MNetscape Navigator v2.02 w/plugins for OS2 #1
OS2NS202.R00 1997-04-10 00:00 1.3MNetscape Navigator v2.02 w/plugins for OS2 #2
OS2NS202.R01 1997-04-10 00:00 1.3MNetscape Navigator v2.02 w/plugins for OS2 #3
OS2NS202.R02 1997-04-10 00:00 1.3MNetscape Navigator v2.02 w/plugins for OS2 #4
OS2NS202.R03 1997-04-10 00:00 1.3MNetscape Navigator v2.02 w/plugins for OS2 #5
OS2NS202.R04 1997-04-10 00:00 1.2MNetscape Navigator v2.02 w/plugins for OS2 #6
OS23-1.EXE 1993-06-28 00:00 669KLanmanager client for OS/2. Disk 1
OS23-2.EXE 1993-06-28 00:00 652KLanmanager client for OS/2. Disk 2
OS23-3.EXE 1993-06-28 00:00 681KLanmanager client for OS/2. Disk 3
OS23-4.EXE 1993-06-28 00:00 890KLanmanager client for OS/2. Disk 4
PCNFSD2.ZIP 1994-03-16 00:00 67KPCNFSD to OS/2
PENFTPD1.ZIP 1995-02-25 00:00 109KPenguin FTP Daemon v1.0 - ftpd for OS/2.
PFTPD106.ZIP 1995-07-23 00:00 110KPFTPD 1.06 for OS/2. Shareware
PLUGPACK.EXE 1996-12-16 00:00 3.0MPlugins for Netscape/2
PMML105.ZIP 1995-04-01 00:00 152KPMMail 1.05
POPBIF11.ZIP 1995-04-24 00:00 149KPOPBiff v1.1 - Simple Unix-like Biff program for POP3 TCP/IP protocol for OS2
PPP.ZIP 1995-03-22 00:00 530KPPP for OS/2 Warp 3 IAK
RXFTP.ZIP 1996-02-18 00:00 89KRexx function package for the TCP/IP 1.2.1 API
SETCLOCK.ZIP 1994-04-10 00:00 16KSet clock with network time protocol for OS/2
SLRN0882.ZIP 1996-03-27 00:00 177Kslrn for OS/2 - NNTP based news reader
SOCKSOS2.ZIP 1995-04-25 00:00 352KRFTP and RTELNET clients for OS/2. Socks support included.
SOUPER12.ZIP 1995-01-01 00:00 106KSOUP/POP client for IBM TCP/IP (OS/2).
TDB005G.ZIP 1995-02-05 00:00 46KTelnet Door for OS2 and DOS/OS2 BBS's v0.05
TIN122.ZIP 1993-10-02 00:00 173KOS/2 port of tin
UMAIL1.ZIP 1995-01-31 00:00 81KPOP-sendmail for OS/2
VERS305.ZIP 1995-01-27 00:00 165KFree IRC Client for OS/2. Program files v3.05
WEB0814.ZIP 1995-08-14 00:00 826KIBM OS/2 WebExp 14.08.95
WEBXORG.ZIP 1996-06-03 00:00 100KWebExplorer Organizer Version 01.01.01 June 3, 1996 - gives you an easy to use interface to quickly organize your collection of WebExplorer Quicklist entries.
WEBXV11D.ZIP 1996-03-16 00:00 1.4MWebExplorer V1.1d World Wide Web browser for OS/2 Warp, OS/2 Warp Connect, or OS/2 Warp-J