Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

SHUTUP.ZIP 1995-02-03 00:00 1.4KAlternate OS/2 Shutdown
PPPFAKE.ZIP 1995-02-03 00:00 5.0KFake slip.exe/ppp.exe for parameter snooping
LTCLOCKD.ZIP 1995-01-29 00:00 8.7KLittle Titilebar clock for OS/2
CDAUDIO.ZIP 1993-10-24 00:00 13KA Compact Disc Audio Player Application
LOADDSKF.EXE 1992-05-27 01:22 13KIBM loaddskf.exe
CHOMP.ZIP 1990-06-17 00:00 19KPacman for OS/2 1.x I didn't get it work under OS/2 2.1GA, but if anyone has idea to do it, I would be glad...
XIT10.ZIP 1995-02-06 00:00 20KXit provides a one button click to close any PM window on the OS2 desktop.
SENDRECV.ZIP 1992-07-25 00:00 21KAbstract for send/recv programs
POKER110.ZIP 1989-10-20 00:00 31KSolitaire poker for OS/2
FWKTL100.ZIP 1996-03-18 00:00 38KEnjoy tight, .COM_like code in protected mode in OS/2 flat, 32_bit code, able to address megabytes of memory with ease, use OS/2 apis, and call dynamic link libraries (.dlls). Let your programs modify themselves and their program files. Program Hello, world! in under 70 bytes! Shareware. Must be registered for commercial, school, or government use. Assemblers A386 and ALP are recommended. FWKTL(TM) Text_program Launcher, Ver. 1.00.
APLOG100.ZIP 1993-08-16 00:00 39Kreplacement for IBM's login
MYPUL033.ZIP 1995-04-20 00:00 43KMyPulse V0.33: MyPulse is a CPU monitor much like Pulse which is shipping with OS/2.
MAPLAYOS.ZIP 1996-07-03 00:00 46KMPEG Audio Player maplay 1.2, version 0.9beta of maplay for OS/2.
PMUUE120.ZIP 1995-01-25 00:00 51KUUencode/decode for OS/2 PM
DFB16B.ZIP 1994-12-21 00:00 59KData Flow Benchmark v1.6b for OS/2 2+
OS2WIN95.ZIP 1996-03-02 00:00 60KSimulates the Windows95 environment in OS/2 by giving the user the same experience
OS2CC106.ZIP 1995-03-10 00:00 64KControlled Copy 1.06 for OS/2
PMUND140.ZIP 1995-04-11 00:00 82KPM UNDELETE for OS/2 Version 1.40 1 May 95 PM
HIP2_145.ZIP 1995-07-02 00:00 85KHipHop/2 1.45 - Offline reader for Hippo v2 -format under OS/2!
GRAV031A.ZIP 1994-12-23 00:00 86KAdvanced Gravis Audio Engine for OS/2 v0.031a Now supports simultaneusly MIDI &WAV-playback from native OS/2 :)).
YAOS100.ZIP 1996-01-15 00:00 87KYet Another Shell for OS/2 v.1.0
LINKR3.ZIP 1993-08-16 00:00 104KLinkRight for OS/2.
CHKSTO.ZIP 1993-12-29 00:00 126KCHKSTORE package V2.03
LXOPT100.ZIP 1995-02-01 00:00 132KLXOPT demonstator v 1.0
BUMMER11.ZIP 1995-01-30 00:00 151KBummer for OS/2
ULP2_224.ZIP 1996-10-05 00:00 184Kuploadprocessor/2 for OS/2 v2.24. Now the premier upload processing system is available in a multi-threaded 32-bit native OS/2 version! NOTE: This archive is not a complete package; it contains the OS/2 files only. The general release archive ULP_224.ZIP must also be downloaded for the complete package!!! To install, simply copy these files to your DOS ULP 2.x subdirectory.
KSH513RT.ZIP 1994-12-22 00:00 196KKSH alike shell for OS/2
TSKBAR25.ZIP 1995-04-03 00:00 228KTaskbar for OS/2 v2.50
ULTRA110.ZIP 1996-01-17 00:00 - version 1.10 of The Manley GUS Drivers Robert J. Manley's Gravis *OS2*
ULP_224.ZIP 1996-10-05 00:00 331Kuploadprocessor v2.24 Overall Winner of the 1995 pcboard Favorite Add-on Contest! Detects, processes and converts archives, nested archives and imbedded pathed archives. Also processes selected uncompressed files. Three online modes and three event modes of operation available. Integrated duplication system, ZDCS supported as well. Extremely configurable using a menu-driven system manager. Now adds full results messaging!
NATRIAL.ZIP 1995-05-10 00:00 342KNumerical Assistant PRO TRIAL COPY NA is a scientific and financial calculator created for OS/2 PM.
BLANK53B.ZIP 1995-06-28 00:00 479KScreen Blanker 5.3 - multimedia screen saver for OS/2 with five functions 1) screen saving: external modules, DPMS, password, hot corners, full screen blanking 2) screen capturing, saving and printing 3) information window: displays time, date, free memory, disk space, swap size 4) launch keys: open WPS objects with a key 5) alarms: message and task scheduling shareware (US$ 28 - all form of payments)
HTMLWIZ.ZIP 1995-01-20 00:00 484KHTML Wizard for OS/2
DN2-35A.ZIP 1995-02-08 00:00 565KDOS Navigator II v1.35 Shareware Released high performance DOS shell. Lots of features
MERLIN17.ZIP 1996-06-16 00:00 792KMerlin beta pictures (Next version of OS/2)
WARPDEMO.ZIP 1994-10-11 00:00 1.3MIBM Warp 3.0 DEMO