Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

APMSVC1.ZIP 1994-12-12 00:00 25KAnPoMSVC 1.0; is a CODEC to play Windows AVIs under OS/2 warp 3 with MMPM/2.
ATM2OS.ZIP 1993-08-13 00:00 18Kmore FONTs for os/2. converts atm-ansi-fonts (windows) to atm-ascii-format (os/2). tested with the corel-draw 3.0 (for windows) fonts from cd-rom.
BACKGND2.ZIP 1995-01-22 00:00 7.9KOS/2 background bitmap loader
BLANKER3.ZIP 1994-06-24 00:00 109KScreen Blanker for the OS/2 2.x PM
BLANKR33.ZIP 1994-07-09 00:00 114KScreen Blanker for the OS/2 2.x Presentation Manager
CHMAP.ZIP 1993-11-25 00:00 22KCHARACTER MAPPER FOR OS/2 2.X. Character Set is a font mapping application written for OS/2 Presentation Manager. Use it to find graphic characters in a font that are not normally accessable through regular keystrokes.
COLORWOR.ZIP 1996-01-15 00:00 7.8MCOLORWORKKS V2 for OS/2
DMP102.ZIP 1995-12-11 00:00 113K(v1.02) Dual Module Player by Julien Pierre. Dual Module Player is a simple and fast module player for OS/2.
EXDESK.ZIP 1993-06-24 00:00 42KExtendDesktop - Replace arrange option with grid
GIF3210A.ZIP 1993-04-04 00:00 68KGIF32 v1.00a, a 32-bit GIF/BMP viewer for OS/ 2 2.1, supports also Cirrus Logic video-cards
GS401OS2.ZIP 1996-07-27 00:00 563KAladdin GhostScript 4.01 OS/2 32bit EXE
GSVW163B.ZIP 1996-08-06 00:00 918KGSview 1.63 beta - PostScript previewer Needs Ghostscript 4.01. GSview is a graphical interface for Ghostscript under OS/2 and MS-Windows Win32.
MEGADS.ZIP 1993-05-25 00:00 58KMegaDesktop for OS2 - Virtual Desktop
MUSE2V11.ZIP 1995-11-26 00:00 211KGraphics
PMJPG174.ZIP 1995-10-22 00:00 207KPMJPEG 1.74 PMJPEG is an easy to use shareware image viewer with quick JPEG preview, image processing, conversion, and slideshow capabilities for OS/2 2.x and Warp.
PMMPEG.ZIP 1994-04-11 00:00 187KMPEG viewer for OS/2
PMMPEG30.ZIP 1995-04-13 00:00 123KPMMPEG.EXE Release 3.0 - OS/2 Presentation Manager MPEG player
PMVIEW.ZIP 1993-02-09 00:00 42KPMVIEW v0.97, 32-bit GIF/BMP viewer for OS/2 2.x
PMVIEW86.ZIP 1993-10-31 00:00 193KYou watch pictures under OS/2 with this
PMVIEW90.ZIP 1995-02-13 00:00 509KOS/2 picture viewer new version. MUST HAVE!
PMVIEW92.ZIP 1995-09-17 00:00 580K(v0.92) pmview This is a very fast bitmap viewer for files in JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, Photo CD and 11 other formats.
POINTERS.ZIP 1993-08-12 00:00 7.6KErilaisia hiiren kursoreita OS/2:lle. Paketissa on HPFS tiedostonimet.
SCI.ZIP 1994-12-11 00:00 174KSmash the control images by PRSC
SSAVER14.ZIP 1994-07-17 00:00 422KScreenSaver for OS/2
SSAVER20.ZIP 1995-02-27 00:00 401KOS/2 Screen Saver 2.0
STSHOW17.ZIP 1994-02-14 00:00 152KOS/2 :seen kuvan näyttö ja konvertointisofta. SW. Ihan käyttökelpoinen.
WO131U.ZIP 1995-01-03 00:00 225KBocaSoft WipeOut Version 1.31. BocaSoft WipeOut is a 32 bit screen saver for OS/2