Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

IBM386FS.ZIP 1994-01-02 00:00 317KArchive to install the HPFS386 file system. For OS/2 hackers only!
GENDAC_S.ZIP 1994-12-11 00:00 85KFIX for OS/2 crashes with display cards with GENDAC dacs
TAME21.ZIP 1993-07-24 00:00 1.3KFixes a bug in 2.1GA that prevents the give up timeslice -function from working. Good with OS2SPEED or DOS programs that give up timeslice.
P2P_FT.ZIP 1994-01-12 00:00 184KIBM OS/2 Warp Point-to-Point update.
21APR2.ZIP 1993-09-28 00:00 102KIBM Product Apar List in Inf Format. List of Problem Reports - OS/2 2.1
21APR1.ZIP 1993-09-28 00:00 947KIBM Product Apar List in Inf Format. List of Problem Reports - OS/2 2.1 Part 1 Note: Use PkZIP 2.04g or The Gnu Public Domain Unzip.
21WPSF.ZIP 1993-06-18 00:00 149KOS/2 2.1GA fix for the shadow duplicating problem & shutdown message problem.
21KBI1.ZIP 1993-07-21 00:00 38KOS/2 2.1 fix for PJ08679 - can not install OS/2 on Nec ultralight Versa laptop machine.
21GT16.ZIP 1993-07-28 00:00 450KOS/2 2.1 fix for PJ08805 - can not install OS/2 2.1 on machines with >16MB ram.
IBMKBD.ZIP 1994-09-01 00:00 3.8KReplacement IBMKBD.Sle for Warp Beta II. Fixes hang on install and 'missing special keys' bugs.
SMALLFIX.ZIP 1994-12-10 00:00 30KSmall fonts fix in 1024*768 Warp mode
WARP230.ZIP 1994-12-10 00:00 10KWARP v2.30 - A fast ANSI.SYS replacement.
SNDWORKS.ZIP 1995-01-24 00:00 12KWin-OS/2 Sound drop bugfix