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AB11.ZIP 1994-12-11 00:00 60KANSI/ASCII/BINARY viewer
ANSI13L.ZIP 1993-11-17 00:00 42KANSI.COM V1.3l - PC Magazine's ANSI driver.
APLUS404.ZIP 1995-11-21 00:00 385KANSIPLUS 4.04: Great console driver for SVGA/VGA/EGA under MS-DOS, Windows 95, Windows 3.x, OS/2 or desqview.
ASCII322.ZIP 1996-03-11 00:00 28Kasciitable Resident Viewier Release 3.22 FREEWARE PRODUCT All text modes,only 3360 bytes in memory, full mouse support,up to 15 symbols at one call, undo feature.Full English documentation in ReadMe.EXE. Also included: FontGrab.COM(v2.0beta)-font dumper utility Int9.EXE-advanced program for scancode reception ReadMe.EXE- the documentation executable (Type ReadMe - for English documentation, ReadMe - to know about other options.)
BTYPE20.ZIP 1995-12-26 00:00 34KBtype 2.0 - View ANSI files without ANSI.SYS loaded. Also plays ANSI music. From the makers of BananaCom. Feeware! Feel free to rename BTYPE.EXE to whatever is most convenient to you. (e.g. T.EXE)
CHKANS10.ZIP 1994-04-30 00:00 51KCHKANSI detects presence of ANSI.SYS.
CONDOR50.ZIP 1994-05-24 00:00 278KCONDOR v5.0 (C5) is a ANSI.SYS replacement.
CPAST220.ZIP 1996-01-05 00:00 24KCut & Paste is a text mode mouse based program that allows you to select a part of the screen using only the mouse, and to paste it to the keyboard buffer, or to a file, or to a printer. Allows selection of many parameters. Works in a Windows DOS box.
CURSOR.ZIP 1995-09-08 00:00 7.4KPiilottaa cursorin ja palauttaa sen jälleen.
DIMMER.ZIP 1990-11-03 00:00 2.6KRuudun kirkkauden säätö näppäimistöltä
DOSVR10B.ZIP 1995-02-23 00:00 112KScreensaver for dos
GI115.ZIP 1995-06-02 00:00 35KGraphic Info v1.15. Recognises 38 different graphic formats. Command line switches, can run from batch files.
GRABB396.ZIP 1993-02-13 00:00 183KThe Screen Capture Program for MS-DOS and IBM PC Compatibles
GRAFX430.ZIP 1995-05-07 00:00 45KGRAFFIX 4.3 includes screen-capture programs for both Windows and DOS. Press PrtSc to capture the screen in Windows, and GRAFFIX will pop up and display the capture. Save entire screen or any rectangular portion to a BMP, GIF, or PCX file. The DOS program is a hot-key activated TSR that captures graphics to GIF or PCX, or text to ASCII or ATF, preserving text colors. Andromeda Software FAX 908-689-0047
HIVIDEO.ZIP 1993-07-10 00:00 15KHiVIDEO v2.03 - DOS Memory Expander for VGA/EGA systems.
JCSCRO42.ZIP 1993-10-15 00:00 8.5KDos TSR screen scroll back.
MODE3.ZIP 1994-11-06 00:00 3.6KMODE 3 80x25, 80x43 and 80x50 toggler
MU-ELLA5.ZIP 1995-07-26 00:00 65KMFONTS Menu/cmd line screen font setter.
MU10.ZIP 1992-09-24 00:00 56KMorton's Utilities, resident version Lots of video, print, disk functions
NNANS593.ZIP 1993-05-07 00:00 67KNNAnsi Driver
PHANTOM.ZIP 1994-12-04 00:00 360KPhantomScreen is a DOS-based screen saver utility. Protects computer from unauthorized access while you are away, displays time etc.
PIXV23.ZIP 1998-01-24 00:00 141KPIXVIEW 2.3 FREEWARE VERSION bmp/gif/jpeg image viewer A smart, fast, bmp/gif/jpeg viewer for DOS. Allows slide show, image panning & zooming, file operations (copy, move, delete), many options. Homepage at: (C) Copyright 1993-98, All Rights Reserved by Davide Rossi Via Pennacchi 11 31100 Treviso, Italy E-mail:
SCR11.ZIP 1980-02-11 00:00 2.4KSCR v1.1 - The smallest ever textmode utility: 193 bytes! Can set your PC to the following modes: 80x12, 80x14, 80x21, 80x25, 80x27, 80x43 and 80x50.
SCRLIT18.ZIP 1993-10-19 00:00 41KSCROLLit v1.8 Screen Scrollback utility
SCRSIZE2.ZIP 1994-12-29 00:00 11KScreen size v2.0. With this program you can toggle between 43/50 lines, 25 lines/80 columns and 25 lines/40 col
SDD53-D.ZIP 1996-08-16 00:00 561KSciTech Display Doctor v5.3: SciTech Display Doctor provides high performance VBE 2.0 device support for playing the latest games. This is a special DOS only version for customers without a copy of Windows (ie: DOS and OS/2 users). If you have a copy of Windows, please download the full Windows installation version.
TSHOT40.ZIP 1995-02-03 00:00 29KTEXTSHOT v4.0 - Saves images from any character-mode screen of 80 columns or greater to color or B/W PCX graphics files as well as to standard ASCII text files. When running on a VGA Textshot accurately captures user-loaded fonts. Features: image clipping, selectable fonts, image inversion and color patterns. McAdams Associates.
TSRCOLOR.ZIP 1995-04-26 00:00 38KA utility to set VGA colors. v1.0 -You can change colors and assign up to 262,144 colors to 16 colors under DOS text mode of VGA. Both TSR and non-TSR programs are included.
U-FONT14.ZIP 1997-02-10 00:00 131KUNDERWEAR Screen Font Changer v1.4 2 interactive programs with 22 basic and 17 special fonts, can be loaded to memory. 70 color palettes, 21 rows mode for special effects. Menu and cmdline driven, Online Help, CharMap Freeware For Font Freaks and FlickerFree Freeloaders
U-MODE10.ZIP 1995-01-21 00:00 69KUnderwear screen modes for VGAÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ
U-WIDE10.ZIP 1994-08-30 00:00 71KUnderwear WIDE 132x25 mode utilities
VGABLK41.ZIP 1994-01-28 00:00 2.6KNäytön pimennysohjelma VGAlle DOSsiin. Pimentää kuvan ScrollLock-näppäimellä, ei koskaan itsestään. Ei maksa mitään.
VGAFED30.ZIP 1994-03-28 00:00 131KFONT EDITOR is a dos utility to allow VGA text fonts to be created.
VIDMODE.ZIP 1995-01-14 00:00 786 Vidmode - changes DOS video mode.
VIEW130.ZIP 1997-03-26 00:00 95KVIEW 13.0 - the file viewer for DOS. Read, convert and print Wordperfect, Word, Word for Windows, Ami Pro, Wordstar, Write, Notepad, HTML, XYWRITE, MS Publisher, UNIX, RTF, ASCII and ANSI files. Full text search. Several print functions. Use in DOS or e-mail shell.