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SENTRY57.ZIP 1997-02-10 00:00 154K(V5.7) Sentry - DOS/Win/95 Security Program Extremely flexible security program allows complete customization to fit your needs. Protect system, O/S, and/or individual files and support up to 100 users with normal and SuperUser access. Detailed log files, a message system, auditing, expiry dates, and non-recoverable deletion help with security and system administration. Network/desqview compatible.
QCOPY11.ZIP 1996-12-06 00:00 50K(v1.1) - QuickCopy v1.1 The function of this 32 bit, Windows 95 program is to create a taskbar tray icon from which you can copy text files very quickly to the clipboard. VB40032.DLL required. Shareware $12.00 U.S. CT Software:
GETMBR.ZIP 1994-08-22 00:00 6.6K----- Get MBR ----- Saves your harddisk's Master Boot Record to a file for analysis
KKC092.ZIP 1997-12-31 00:00 389K- Ketchup Killers Commander V0.92 - K E T C H U P K I L L E R S A freeware NC(c) Clone with many other functionalities - Use protected mode (pmode/w) - Support RAR, ZIP, ARJ, LHA. - Support more than 180 formats - An I.A.R. very useful (see hlp) - Quick Dir and fast trash. - Setup and other utilities - A HTML viewer - and more See USE.QWK for a quick use of KKC v0.92 The New Year 1998 Release by RedBug / Ketchup Killers
MRBTR14.ZIP 1996-07-06 00:00 26K- MasterBooter v1.4 - The ultimate operation system booter. Registered version can boot DOS, OS/2, Win95, Linux and unknown OS from any disk and any primary partition! GET IT AND REGISTER NOW! Now with EFDISK, the enhanced partitioning program! (C) NagyD 07-06-96 Internet:
2MF.ZIP 1995-03-06 00:00 251K2m 3.0 (C) 1993-1995 Ciriaco Garcia de Celis 100_ safely and 100_ reliable formats to: 3.5 DD (720k): 984k / 1066k / 1176k 3.5 HD (1.44m): 1804k / 1886k / 1972k 3.5 ED (2.88m): 3608k / 3772k / 3944k 5.25 DD (360k): 820k / 902k / 976k 5.25 HD (1.2m): 1476k / 1558k / 1639k in 100_ drives of 100_ compatible systems.
2MGUI19.ZIP 1996-11-27 00:00 24K2m Guinness v1.9 - Direct disk drive access bypassing controller. New, improved version of 2mgui shipped with 2m v3.0.
22DSK144.ZIP 1996-11-01 00:00 227K22disk Version 1.44, October, 1996 From Sydex, Inc. 22disk is a DOS utility that allows one to read, write and format over 400 different CP/M diskette formats. It includes a definitions file which also allows you to roll your own format specifications for systems not included in the list. For a list of supported formats, see the file named CPM-TYPES.LST. Registration for 22disk is $25 +s/h for a personal-use license. There is
SHAID210.ZIP 1997-02-10 00:00 23K< SH Archive Identifier v2.10 (10 Feb 1997) > Most extensive archive identifier available: recognizes 43 archive and 17 SFX files. Small and fast. Returns archive type and errorlevel to DOS. Can be used traditionally and like TestFile. Tested quality software. Documents both in English and Finnish. This is freeware unlike competing software. Archives: ACB,AIN,AMGC,ARC,ARJ,ARX,BSA,CHARC, CODEC,CPAC,DWC,DPA,ESP,FOXSQZ,GNUZIP,HA,hap3,
RZSPLT22.ZIP 1995-03-30 00:00 29K= RZSPLIT v2.2 = Finally a utility to split ANY type of file to make them fit on a floppy
ACTEST20.ZIP 1996-09-08 00:00 21KA.C.T. - September 1996 Archive Comparison Test A.C.T. is a monthly report comparing 67 different compression programs (archivers) for speed and ability to compress files. The archivers are tested on TXT, EXE, 669, BMP and multiple files. It also includes a checklist of special features some archivers can perform and the e-mail addresses of the authors. Author : JEFF GILCHRIST Internet:
APDEMO21.ZIP 1995-10-24 00:00 569KANSI Publisher v2.1 - Color word processor creates huge, ANSI documents, as well as Bbs files composed of embedded color codes. True WYSIWYG, fully functional.
ANSV30.ZIP 1994-02-06 00:00 56KANSI View 3.0 - ANSI Viewer Full featured command line driven ANSI graphics viewer supporting ANSI animation. Throw away DOS's slow and cranky ANSI.SYS forever! Faster than ANSI.SYS but non-memory-resident. Includes features that simplify menu generation. Great buy at only $20! Dramatic speed increases also! February 4, 1994
IDESLP11.ZIP 1993-08-16 00:00 4.2KATID kovalevyn nukutin
AMANAG13.ZIP 1997-08-28 00:00 358KAdrenal Manager v1.3 Graphical filemanager for DOS and Win95
DDP112.ZIP 1993-07-19 00:00 117KA formatting and diskette duplicating program
H.ZIP 1994-03-20 00:00 3.4KAito alkuperäinen HotDir v2.0. Ehdoton!
ACP_112.ZIP 1996-12-16 00:00 25KAnother CD Player Version 1.12 12/16/96 Xmas Edition Freeware CD player from Hungary Requires 286, CD drive, MSCDEX Optional VGA, mouse Both interactive and command line mode Easy handling!
NTFSDOS.ZIP 1996-06-04 00:00 32KA program that makes possible reading NTFS -drives under DOS. Read-only, though, but write will be possibly implented in the future.
ACAT138.ZIP 1992-03-08 00:00 153KAutocatalog organize your disks.
BATKIT57.ZIP 1996-05-08 00:00 87KBATKIT v5.7 - Batch file utilities. GETKEY displays a message (plain or fancy), gets a response (255 char max) from user & stores it in an env. variable or ERRORLEVEL. Many options-response verify & logging, response time-out, display formatting & branching, more. SAVEDIR stores current directory in the env. & can change drives & directories. WAIT pauses a batch file. GETSCRN captures text screens. Shareware $15 (CIS:SWREG #1312).
GODIR10.ZIP 1996-09-12 00:00 6.2KBFDS: GODIR - Version 1.0 PowerPlex - 12/09/96 -
BFIND701.ZIP 1997-01-30 00:00 76KBFIND.EXE (7.01): Allows Boolean-type FIND requests. For example, find any line with one string AND another one, or any line with one string OR another. Also allows wildcarded input file names. Freeware. Bruce Guthrie / Wayne Software
BT108.ZIP 1994-01-25 00:00 6.1KBT108.ZIP Boot thru the floppy disk. Modifys the boot sector of a floppy disk so that it will boot from drive C if your computer resets while the floppy disk is in drive A.
BM10B021.ZIP 1997-03-06 00:00 82KBYTE MANAGER v1.0 -021 Birthday Edition from Peter Tamas Toth 06-29-97 BM, a powerful DOS-Shell and more! Low disk space required, excellent performance, rational features. WIN'95 compatible, beta version.
BASE64.ZIP 1996-04-26 00:00 14KBase-64 encoder/decoder. Tällä ohjelmalla voit käsitellä MIME-Quotedunreadable tiedostoja dossissa!
BASE64_6.ZIP 1997-01-10 00:00 52KBase64/Mime encoder/decoder for DOS. Works on many different formats, and can split files for encoding and decoding. Now includes Windows interface program!
BAV121.ZIP 1995-08-10 00:00 162KBinAry AnSi Viewer v1.21 Bugfix Release - Improved file selector - more file handling checks - speeded up about 10_
C4FISH15.ZIP 1996-12-15 00:00 93KCATFISH 1.5 - Free fast disk catalog browser. Save tiny snapshots of the dir/file structure of huge disks and CD-roms, to search through them at any time. Shows total subdir sizes, lists dates of the newest file in each dir. CatFish can also be used as app/doc launcher. Based on the MetaKit C++ persistence library. Source code is freely available, see MetaKit. New in 1.5: exports, any size dir, quick upd.
CDQCK120.ZIP 1995-06-12 00:00 168KCD-QUICK Cache v1.20 PC Mag 1995 Best Shareware of the Year Award winner! CD-Quick will improve the performance of any CD-ROM.
CDNAV40E.ZIP 1998-01-06 00:00 116KCD NAVIGATOR v4.0 - Audio and data disk catalogue program for DOS, with Norton Commander face. Freeware. Scan directory structure with various level; maximum 65000 dir items and notes on a disk; handle tracks and files in the same way; add notes and predefined keywords to files; load DESCRIPT.ION type files to fill notes; load text file to make virtual disk image; build own group structure to store images in
CHANG702.ZIP 1997-02-22 00:00 94KCHANGE.EXE (7.02): Processes change commands in files. Files can be of any size and type (binary or text) and are processed quickly. Up to thirty change commands can be processed in a single pass. Also provides ability to remove trailing spaces from text files. Freeware. Bruce Guthrie / U.S. Dept of Commerce
CF604.ZIP 1996-11-11 00:00 261KCMFiler File Manager v6.04 - Now supporting Win95 long filenames! Selected for SoftKey's Titanium Seal 1_ Best Utilities CD- ROM! Acclaimed by PC Mag! Side-by-side trees or dir listings. Full suite of dir/file services, plus built-in editor, floppy formatter and copier, menued program launcher, notepad for file desriptions, Small, fast, easy-to-use command syntax, mouse and 43/50-line VGA support. Major enhancements to editor module, addition of file comparer and W95 quick-starter
COMEBACK.ZIP 1994-01-06 00:00 251KCOMEBACK v3.0 - The best undelete.
COMT010.ZIP 1992-06-18 00:00 34KCOMT muuttaa COM-tiedoston teksti-muotoon, mutta pitää sen silti edelleen ajokelpoisena.
CONVR701.ZIP 1997-01-27 00:00 94KCONVERT.EXE (7.01): Converts between data formats: FROM dbase, ASCII-delimited (typically commas between fields and quotes around strings), and fixed field TO Lotus WKS, ASCII-delimited, dbase, and fixed field. Also provides ability to add and drop fields, giving you the ability to crunch tables. Freeware. Bruce Guthrie / U.S. Dept of Commerce
COPS612.ZIP 1996-12-22 00:00 79KCOPSINCE.EXE (6.12): Copies all files modified since a given date. Primarily used for making sure you have a back-up of files and also to copy updated programs to another place. Lets you define your own groupings of files if desired. Freeware. Bruce Guthrie / Wayne Software
COPYQ321.ZIP 1995-05-26 00:00 177KCOPYQM Version 3.21. May, 1995 copyqm is a diskette duplicating program.
CNTRY111.ZIP 1997-02-28 00:00 50KCOUNTRY (C) 1996-1997 by Matthias Paul Flexible FreeWare utility to get/set DOS country settings at runtime, not only at boottime as with CONFIG.SYS directive COUNTRY=. Unique features to give country codes by name, list all supported countries, special support for batchjobs, multitaskers, and more... Includes comprehensive reference material for country codes and COUNTRY.SYS file formats.
CRYPTD.ZIP 1996-03-02 00:00 8.9KCRYPTD - File Encryption Utility - V1.1 This command line utility will let you secure any file which is not read-only on a network or your own computer with a Cypher File. The only way to get the files contents back is to use the original cypher file on it. In other words, This program will protect your personal information much better then any password based program! As brute-force does not work on this! (C) 1996 Dustin Cook
CUTPAK11.ZIP 1996-03-22 00:00 273KClay's Utilities for DOS Batch Proces- ses include numerous DOS command line utilities for file interpretation and modification (ASCII, binary, and INI formats), DLL internal info reporting, user input prompting, software memory requirements testing, environment variable interpretation, manipulation of the boot environment from a child process, copying of hidden and system files with true overwrite and sharing, file splitting, file inventory, system data collection, integer addition, file age determination (useful for event scheduling) and more (over 40 programs included). FREEWARE - See the included README.TXT file for license agreement.
CLEAN10.ZIP 1993-05-27 00:00 26KClean 1.0 Freestyle Software; $20 will search an entire hard disk for files matching a specified file mask, such as.BAK, and delete
UUCLN17.ZIP 1995-10-25 00:00 8.8KClean crap out of uuencoded files.
WDCLEAR.ZIP 1995-11-09 00:00 50KClears or verifies your HDD
CC108DOS.ZIP 1997-07-28 00:00 126KControlled Copy v1.08 for DOS and Windows 95. The most versatile file copier/mover available! Fast, easy to use, compatible and powerful. Free space checking, fastest file copying speeds, unlimited source masks, progress indicators, maximum file security, full 4dos compatibility, online help, an easy, fast user interface and much, much more. New features include multiple destinations and permanently valid
BAT2EXE.ZIP 1990-07-30 00:00 37KConverts Bat files to EXE files
DTOOL302.ZIP 1996-04-03 00:00 95KD-Tools - Dietmar's Tools Version 3.02 Copyright (c) 1991,96 Dietmar Meschede Miscellaneous utilities for MS-DOS. Verschiedene Utilities f r MS-DOS.
DAC125.ZIP 1996-03-05 00:00 150KDAC Version 1.25 DAC is an archive converter. Dac supports following formats : ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, SFX, ZOO, ARC, SQZ, PAK, HAP, BSN SQWEZ, ARC+, MD, LIM, ACB, HPK, PUT, MAR, JRC, HA, BS2, CRUSH, SOF, UC2, HYPER,YAC,QUARK, DWC, SAR, AMGC, NULIB, PLL, X1, ARX, CHZ, TGZ, ZAR, PSA, CPZ, JAR, DPA,
DBLCONV.ZIP 1994-05-31 00:00 23KDBLCONV-ohjelma MS-DOS 6.0/6.2:n DblSpace-volumen konver- toimiseksi MS-DOS 6.22:n DrvSpace-formaattiin
DC.ZIP 1989-09-02 00:00 5.8KDC.COM Shell DOS:iin, myos ISOJEN tiedostojen katseluun.
DCFR004.ZIP 1995-01-02 00:00 18KDCFR v0.0.4 - Manipulate DCF disk-image files
DDIR130.ZIP 1996-09-14 00:00 58KDDIR 13.0 Directory lister, flags system, hidden and read-only files; highlights new files; shows DOS file size, true file size and file dead space. Full sort/resort. Delete/copy files, interface to text and graphics file viewers and 8 user defined functions. Print list. Pack/unpack files. Fully customizable. NOT crippled.
DFJB195.ZIP 1996-12-22 00:00 107KDF (Directory Finder) v 1.95a is an expanded file finder utility for DOS that more than replaces the DIR command. It will list files by size and with embedded strings and within an alphabet- ical range; it'll show you which files you changed or created today or within the last x number of days; it will list subdirectories with their space usage! It will show you disk space and usage for up to 5 drives at a time; it eliminates all but one
DIRCO612.ZIP 1996-12-22 00:00 134KDIRCOMP.EXE (6.12): Updates files in one subdirectory based on files in another subdirectory. Similar in some ways to DOS's REPLACE command but adds ability to delete extra files in the destination subdirectory, copy hidden and system files, and prepare a report showing inconsistencies. Is frequently used by network administrators to update workstation files. Freeware. Bruce Guthrie / Wayne Software
DMAV12.ZIP 1994-07-28 00:00 26KDIRECTORY MAVEN v1.2 - Change Dir Program. Combines the best features of Ledbetter's LCD and Norton's NCD programs. Quickly change to any directory on any drive from the DOS command line or view the directory trees of all your drives. DOS Utility finalist in PC Mag's 1994 Shareware Awards. Ver 1.2 fixes bug in 43/50 line mode. $0 Shareware (Freeware) from the author of File Maven.
DIRSZ101.ZIP 1997-06-18 00:00 6.5KDIRSIZE 1.01 This program prints the total size of the files in the directory and the subdirectories of the current or the specified directory. COPYRIGHT Ari Järmälä
DIRTO612.ZIP 1996-12-22 00:00 141KDIRTOTAL.EXE (6.12): Prepares report showing files in subdirectory or drive. Allows restricting search based on date, size, attributes, etc. Works on networked and CD-ROM drives. Produces more formalized report than some utilities do. Also allows you to look for duplicate file names. Freeware. Bruce Guthrie / Wayne Software
DE-V081.ZIP 1996-09-14 00:00 41KDISK-EASE v0.8.1 Floppy disk indexer Allows you to keep better track of your disks. Add, search, sort, update, and print out the index easily. View and search list of archives stored within PKZIP compressed files. Quickly find a disk with enough space to store new files. Many other options as well. No more inserting multiple floppies trying to find the one you want! (Shareware $20)
DCF53.ZIP 1996-06-07 00:00 109KDISK COPY FAST v5.3 : Powerful 1-pass diskette duplication utility. VERY fast. Support DMF, XDF, selected FDFORMAT, 800kb, MAC HD and standard formats. Support PS/2. Command line or menu driven; Hot keys for backup or multiple target; Mouse support; Format diskcopy diskcomp all in 1 pass; Use extended memory; Image file; On-line help;
DSKDUPV5.ZIP 1995-06-02 00:00 304KDISKDUPE TRIAL V5.0 R13 - A disk duplication program used by professionals worldwide.
DISKED29.ZIP 1995-04-27 00:00 150KDISKED v2.9 - The DISK EDitor. Sector level disk editor. Recover lost data; edit files
DOSED520.ZIP 1994-09-07 00:00 17KDOSED - Command line editor with history and filename completion, etc. <3500 bytes TSR.
DTCKP150.ZIP 1996-03-19 00:00 62KDate Check Pro version 1.50 March 19, 1996 Daily, Monthly, Weekly, Monthly, or Annual maintenance utility. May also be used to generate semaphore files for general purpose or BBS maintenance. FREEWARE from Wasted Lights Software
DUPE12.ZIP 1991-08-11 00:00 65KDeduplicate - search and destroy duplicates
DGREP.ZIP 1990-01-14 00:00 56KDgrep v.1.71 - fast unix egrep clone
RENDIR.ZIP 1989-02-02 00:00 2.2KDirectorien siirto
DELDIR.ZIP 1987-10-19 00:00 11KDirectorien täystuho
DC11.ZIP 1991-10-15 00:00 6.9KDirectory Control v1.1
NO_IDLE.ZIP 1995-05-08 00:00 7.1KDisable ATID hard-disk idle features.
CDSKB842.ZIP 1995-06-14 00:00 200KDisk Catalog System/CATDISK V8.42 (2/3)
CDSKC842.ZIP 1995-06-14 00:00 387KDisk Catalog System/CATDISK V8.42 (3/3)
CDSKA842.ZIP 1995-06-14 00:00 409KDisk Catalog System/CATDISK v8.42 (1/3)
DD330PRO.ZIP 1991-11-09 00:00 75KDiskDpe 3.30 pro. Nopea levykkeiden kopioija
ANAD207.ZIP 1992-09-03 00:00 119KDiskette utility. Rebuilds diskette sector by sector.
DBP033.ZIP 1995-11-24 00:00 81KDocs Boot v0.33 Bootmanager replacement
DN149G60.ZIP 1997-01-04 00:00 618KDos Navigator (R) 1.49 Gamma
DN1422_2.ZIP 1996-09-22 00:00 177KDos Navigator 1.42 STUFF Shareware version with 21 day evaluation period.Fully customizable user interface with extensive point-and-shoot, drag-and drop features. Comfortable programmers' Calculator and CD Player. Smart uuencode and uudecode, descriptions maintenance. Extendend SVGA modes support, OS/2 apps launching. Smartpad(tm) saves a couple of paper and makes your life much easier
DOSV200.ZIP 1995-01-01 00:00 97KDosVar 2.00: String-handling for batch files.
DRVSLACK.ZIP 1995-01-08 00:00 8.4KDriveSlack Version 1.00 - How much disk space is wasted because of large clusters?
HPFSA102.ZIP 1995-11-11 00:00 176KDriver to acces HPFS partitions for DOS!
EM80.ZIP 1996-12-07 00:00 168KEASY MENU 8.0 Hard Disk Menu. Simplest and most flexible hard disk menu available. Up to 200 items on any menu with alphabetic search. Any number of sub-menus. Each item can be annotated open access, password or administrator only and the system can be locked to the open access items. In the locked state end users cannot exit to DOS. New in V8 - Disk browser and Run command. Keywords: MENU SHELL - Registration $25
ETSI.ZIP 1993-10-05 00:00 4.2KETSI.EXE etsii tiedostonimiä tekemästään tiedostoluettelosta. Etuna huomattavasti DIR /S:sää ja FileFindia suurempi nopeus. Haittana taas luettelon päivittäminen.
EXE33.ZIP 1997-01-10 00:00 13KEXE.EXE - Version 3.3 - Disk browser, file recognition, smart scrolling.
EBAK34.ZIP 1995-01-28 00:00 206KEasy Backup Compressed Backup System
EI30.ZIP 1995-01-29 00:00 239KEasy Install creates with only a few key strokes, compressed self installing disks.
E_OS208.ZIP 1996-05-24 00:00 717KEclipse Operating System v2.08 Eclipse Operating System Ver 2.08 - easy and handy pmode system. - include a powerful debugger (turbo-debug clone in pmode) - whole sound system for both GUS and SB. - kewly linker, and compressor completly transparent to the user. - a large number of well commented examples. Use PkUnzip -d to extract files.
DE111E.ZIP 1994-12-10 00:00 154KEmporium present DISK-EMU v1.11 - English Floppy drive emulator.
FAKECD.ZIP 1995-09-03 00:00 8.2KEmuloi CD asemaa kovalevyllä.
FACT130.ZIP 1996-10-21 00:00 56KFACT 1.30 - Freeware Archive Conversion Tool. Small and easy to use, yet is still powerful, thorough & user-expandable. With .PAS source. Copyright (c) 1996 [21 Oct], DDA/ Reign Ware.
FC30.ZIP 1994-07-24 00:00 50KFC v.3.0 by Mike Albert FC compares two text files and lists the differences between them
FDATE.ZIP 1987-04-13 00:00 1.4KFDATE.COM utility for DOS. Allows one or more files to have their date and time changed.
FDATE92A.ZIP 1996-01-30 00:00 76KFDATE v9.2a batch-file date manipulation utility to do everything you need to do
FF299B.ZIP 1995-03-09 00:00 77KFFORMAT V2.99B. Floppy formatter plus an utility for easy changing floppy drive parameters.
FMAV35.ZIP 1997-10-26 00:00 161KFILE MAVEN 3.5 File Manager/Transfer Utility for DOS. Dual dir/pull down menus with 50 line support. LapLink-style file transfers via serial or parallel cable. ZIP/LHA/ARJ compressed file support. ASCII/hex file viewer and text editor. File search, split & join, date stamping. Blowfish encryption and secure file wipe. Context sensitive help system. Directory Maven compatible quick dir change. Freeware from Briggs Softworks.
FILL712.ZIP 1997-11-30 00:00 102KFILL.EXE (7.12): Program designed to move files off to floppy diskettes, taking the biggest files first and skipping those that won't fit. Also works fine for transfers to/from DOS-compatible networks, removable drives, etc. Also supports splitting large files, creating a status report, and other features. Freeware. Bruce Guthrie / Wayne Software
FILUP612.ZIP 1996-12-22 00:00 72KFILUPDAT.EXE (6.12): Program which compares a selected list of files in a source path against those in another path and copies those that have been updated. Similar to DOS' REPLACE command but works from a stored list of files (controlled updates) and can handle any number of directories. Freeware. Bruce Guthrie / U.S. Dept of Commerce
FIPS12.ZIP 1994-10-20 00:00 104KFIPS: Non-destructive partition split utility
FIXFLOP.ZIP 1996-12-11 00:00 5.3KFIXFLOP.EXE is a small memory resident program that will fix the problem some computers have reading disks with unusual formats. For instance,it will allow computers to read Microsoft's 1.6Mb DMF format or 5.25 disks that are formatted to 720k capacity.
FLEXIBAK.ZIP 1993-07-22 00:00 220KFLEXIBAK Plus v 3.00. Hard Disk Backup. Features compression, selective backups and a unique backup method
RWFMAN12.ZIP 1996-09-09 00:00 124KFMAN v1.2 - A compact PC/AT DOS File Manager that lets you maintain Descriptive Directory Listings to help overcome the DOS 8-plus-3 naming convention. Features include Copy, Move, Delete, File Search, Directory Sort. Run executable programs with command line parameters, and View text files. User selectable screen colors. Documentation Update.
FMAN13.ZIP 1997-01-01 00:00 118KFMAN v1.3 - A compact MS-DOS File Manager that lets you maintain Annotated Directory Listings to help overcome the DOS 8-plus-3 naming convention. Features include Copy, Move, Delete, File Search, Directory Sort. Run executable programs with command line parameters, and View text files. Selectable screen colors. Fully Functional Shareware. Registration fee: $20 US
FGREP183.ZIP 1995-05-04 00:00 28KFast GREP is a small utility that can be used to find strings of characters in ASCII text files
FCB44.ZIP 1997-01-11 00:00 22KFile Comparer & Browser v4.4
FFF52.ZIP 1996-03-14 00:00 239KFileFinder v5.2 - Finds Files, & DIRS on normal, networked,& CDROM drives & inside compressed files, also locates DUP files.. Extremely fast and versatile. NEW - Ability to modify file attributes and stop search after user specifed number of matches. Bug fix, Additional features.
FILEQ222.ZIP 1996-10-31 00:00 108KFileQuery v2.22 11/96 FREEWARE by FO'X incl. 3 special versions for DOS,OS/2,Win32 Enhanced DIR,ATTRIB,text/file SEARCH command with nice, configurable, COLORED output! Features: -scroll back and forth in filelist -GREP like fulltext-search -REAL size of files on disk -Show size and change attributes of entire trees + percentage ev. -/s search feature combineable with changing of attributes -change directory attributes
FINX_13B.ZIP 1995-04-04 00:00 13KFinXlate v.1.3b. Skandi konvertteri fileille.
SEMSFF10.ZIP 1995-02-14 00:00 49KFindFile 1.0. Graphical interface + Mouse.
FIXCR12.ZIP 1994-01-27 00:00 5.5KFixCR v1.2 converts #10 ascii to #13+#10.
FLASH110.ZIP 1991-12-10 00:00 5.9KFlash keyboard led while hard disk active.
FD_SPD21.ZIP 1995-12-17 00:00 9.4KFloppy Drive Speed accelerator v2.1 from A. Vodyanik. Resident program for DOS v.3 and up
35SEC100.ZIP 1995-05-16 00:00 12KFloppy cache, reads and writes in the background. Requires two highloadable drivers.
FLOCAT10.ZIP 1995-03-14 00:00 75KFloppy cataloger v1.0 - freeware
FREFIL10.ZIP 1996-04-28 00:00 20KFree-File - is a quick and easy file manager for DOS. Description Copyright 1996 PsL
XCAT.ZIP 1993-02-26 00:00 119KFreeWare Disk/File catalogger with Pull down menus, mouse support - fast and easy to use!
DOSMAX21.ZIP 1993-06-06 00:00 83KFrees conventional memory by loading FILES, BUFFERS, etc. into upper memory.
GDISK10F.ZIP 1998-05-19 00:00 94KGDISK v1.0f. Ghost batch FDISK + FORMAT utility.
GDV091MD.ZIP 1998-02-02 00:00 1.0MGD View V0.91 for MS DOS: *the* viewer and player for 400+ formats >Texts: ANSI, DOS, Unicode, Mac, EBCDIC, and 200+ MORE w/ HEX/DEC/BIN/OCT modes! >Documents: Word, WinWord, WordPerfect, WordStar, Write, Ami Pro, RTF, etc. >Graphics: TIFF, GIF, JPEG, FLIC, PCD, PCX, IFF, TGA, DIB, RIX, MSP, MAC, ART, PNM, RAS, XBM, PIC, FNT, PAL, CUT, RAW, SGI, IMG, DCX etc. (over 60 formats) >Sounds: WAV, VOC, 8svx, SND, AU, AVR ST, Psion WVE,
PHDISK.ZIP 1996-08-06 00:00 20KGeneric utility for creating hdd suspend partition on notebooks with phoenix bios
GHOST.ZIP 1996-12-20 00:00 106KGhost. Transfers Win95/NT/OS2 from image to HDD etc.
GEXP11.ZIP 1998-05-20 00:00 791KGhost Explorer v1.1. Extract files from Ghost images.
GE50EB1.ZIP 1998-05-29 00:00 550KGhost v5.0e BETA. Time limited demo of Ghost harddisk image copy program.
GX_ST101.ZIP 1995-01-01 00:00 42KG is a quick alternative to DOS's CD command.
HDCP20.ZIP 1996-06-07 00:00 47KHARD DISK COPY v2.0 : Hard disk sector copy/ backup utility. Ideal for Win95 backup or duplicating same configuration on multiple systems. Very fast. Has fast mode that copy only the portion of HD with active data. Backup to and restore from image files. Command line or menu driven. Mouse support.
HCF13.ZIP 1995-01-20 00:00 28KHCFORMAT v1.3. Formats floppy disks with capacities ranging from 20_ to 128_ higher than the standard DOS FORMAT.
HDCP20AE.ZIP 1995-01-13 00:00 81KHD-COPY 2.0a. Copy utility.
HDM4460.ZIP 1993-08-05 00:00 363KHDM IV 4.60 (Hard Disk Menu). Menu and Security system for DOS and Networks.
HPFSA01B.ZIP 1995-05-18 00:00 164KHPFS-Access HPFS-Access is a TSR for mounting HPFS drives from DOS Read and write! Needs only 8kb DOS memory! Built-in cache!
HTASC15.ZIP 1995-06-15 00:00 41KHTASC An .HTM to .ASC File Converter Takes a WWW-compatible hypertext doc- ument (HTML - HyperText Markup Language) and converts it to a raw ascii file.
HTM2UM10.ZIP 1995-08-06 00:00 62KHTM umlaut converter for ääö ÄÅö Cmd line driven program for conver- ting umlaut strings in WWW's .HTM files to umlaut chars. Version 1.0 FREE WARE
HIEW_566.ZIP 1997-02-10 00:00 336KHackers view (Hiew) v5.66. Includes DOS, WIN and OS/2 executables.
HI2LO100.ZIP 1992-12-25 00:00 9.4KHi2Lo Version 1.00. A utility used to convert HIGH ASCII characters in a text file to eqivalent standard ASCII characters that represent, as closely as possible, the original HIGH ASCII characters.
HOGDISK.ZIP 1994-06-08 00:00 9.0KHogDisk - will reduce your available disk space to the specified amount.
HDIR73.ZIP 1994-02-09 00:00 71KHotDIR Plus v7.3. Nice dir program. New version of original DOS dir replacement program.
HTMLC101.ZIP 1996-06-30 00:00 12KHtmlconvert v1.01, muuttaa tiedoston IBM ja ISO-Latin1 -skandit html-muotoon. Freeware.
HRG60.ZIP 1997-11-01 00:00 100KHyperRead hypertext Generator version 6.0. Allows you to convert ordinary ASCII text files to hypertext files. Useful for electronic publishers and shareware authors to distribute their publications and instruction manuals.
INKUT151.ZIP 1996-08-17 00:00 195KINKUTILS 1.51 11 DOS/Win95 DOS Utilities now with Win95 long filename support. Including DEDIT - 4dos/NDOS/TCMD Description Editor with unique auto config, importing and Win95 long filename grabbing functions. DD - The best directory deletion utility. EE - a command line/desktop/TSR (1k) calculator. CE - Replaces the dull Abort, Retry or Fail message with an informative window that pops up. *PLUS* 7 other utils and a menu style user guide. Shareware by Mark Incley. e-mail:
ICACH120.ZIP 1995-09-01 00:00 56KI_Cache v.1.20 disk cache program. Caches also CD-ROMs.
JD230.ZIP 1992-02-13 00:00 14KJUMP to DIRECROTY v2.3. NCD:n tapanen.
SPLIT.ZIP 1987-12-16 00:00 3.7KJakaa isot (teksti) tiedostot kahteen.
KDR500.ZIP 1995-07-10 00:00 29KKillDir 5.00 07/10/95 KILLDIR is a utility that will make eliminating a directory and all of it's contents a lot easier.
AKR.EXE 1994-06-18 00:00 8.7KKorvaa hakusanan annetulla korvauksella. Esim. M-d -> ä. Nopea.
IDLEOFF.ZIP 1994-06-27 00:00 770 Kovalevyn autosammutukset pois päältä.
MOVE50.ZIP 1994-02-08 00:00 5.9KKunnon MOVE komento niille, jotka ei käytä MS-DOS double.bug versiota.
LKAMU11.ZIP 1996-04-28 00:00 65KLEVYKAMU 1.1: Ehdottomasti parhaan tiedosto-ohjelman uusi paranneltu versio. Kopioi, siirtää, poistaa alihakemistoi- neen. Win95-pitkät nimet, tiedostonkat- selu, tulostus, formatointi, tiedoston/ hakemiston nimen ja attribuuttien vaihto, kustomoitava ohjelmien käynnistys, hiiri- ohjaus jne. suomenkielistä FREEWAREA.
LIST92A.ZIP 1997-01-21 00:00 111KLIST Plus is a general purpose file browsing and viewing utility. Features include file selection/utility menu, selective printing, telephone dialer, scrollable windows, and viewing files within archive files. Version 9.2a adds long file name display for Win95.
FLOC124A.ZIP 1998-02-11 00:00 66KLOCATE v1.24a - Freeware file finder. Find directories, files, or both; 0-byte files; executables only; mask by date, time, and/or attributes. Will search into hidden sub- directories. Extended wildcards. Options to change directory, delete files, display Win95 long filenames. Macro output for real flexibility. Can be used as a batch tool as well as a command-line utility. A86 source and exhaustive documentation. Charles Dye
LGROOM30.ZIP 1996-03-12 00:00 46KLegRoom 3.0 is a memory resident utility which allows you to 'hot key' to ANY Program or DOS from ANY application (text or graphic) and reclaim almost all of your conventional memory. Works with programs that lack a DOS shell feature. Turns any program or batch file into a TSR, with NO programming. Version 3.0 lets you create popup command menus. Supports multiple users on a LAN. Swaps to EMS / XMS / disk.
LEMON10.ZIP 1996-11-23 00:00 27KLemon v1.0 (C) Mikko Lempiäinen 1996 Lemon is a TSR-program that allows you to click a filename on DOS-prompt instead of typing it. Includes also many other qualities. Dokumentit myös suomeksi. -
LEVYT.ZIP 1993-07-20 00:00 61KLevyarkisto
WIZ37.ZIP 1996-07-31 00:00 121KLightning fast, multi-disk file finder. Full wildcards--better that DOS's. Scans multiple disks, and within archives. Can quality files by size, date, class executable, archive. Find duplicate files-works good on gigabyte+ disks. Approx 5 times FASTER than any other whereis program. Works with DUBLSPACE, CD-roms and on networks, incl. Novell & Lantastic.
LOGCUT.ZIP 1995-03-16 00:00 5.9KLogfile cutter 1.0. Keeps your logfiles in length of n lines.
M402A.ZIP 1996-01-07 00:00 201KMACRO v4.02 - Batch file enhancer & cmdline expander. More the 80 marcos.
MAXI18.ZIP 1993-12-01 00:00 56KMAXIForm- The Original Floppy Disk Expander
MCOPY13.ZIP 1995-02-04 00:00 14KMCOPY an XCOPY/COPY command replacement which uses available XMS memory for copying. fast.
MTA_VF57.ZIP 1994-03-07 00:00 621KMTA Make Them Anything V 15.57 Fix release DISP software: MTA Make Them Anything Version/Date : V 15.57 / March 7th, 1994 MTA is a conversion utility to convert al- most any archive and/or GIF to another for- mat. It contains special support for BBS's, exits, doors and such. Also you can check for virus inside the archives while you convert. Add-on utilities included Also included is support for FileDoor (LITE and This version should
MTAPVF57.ZIP 1994-03-07 00:00 245KMTA V 15.57 PROTECTED MODE VERSION DISP software: MTA Make Them Anything Version/Date : V 15.57 / March 7th, 1994 MTA is a conversion utility to convert almost any archive and/or GIF to another format. It contains special support for BBS's, exits, doors and such. Also you can check for virus inside the archives while you convert. Add-on utilities included Also included is support for FileDoor (LITE and Need MTA_VF57.* for
MT200.ZIP 1996-11-01 00:00 33KMT v2.00 - Move To drive/directory. Complete CD replacement. Features slash as well as backslash; partial directory names (NO pop-up window); two previous directories; multiple dots (greater lineage); v2.00 allows for multiple data files (for removable media) and the ability to create and remove directory trees. Freeware. Jason Hood, 1996.
MUP119.ZIP 1996-05-04 00:00 31KMUP 1.19 Multiple Unpacker Supports ARC, ARJ, DWC, HAP, HPK, UC2, HYP, LZH, MD, PAK, SQZ, ZIP, LIM, GFB, AIN, ZOO, RAR and PUT.
ATFMT100.ZIP 1994-01-02 00:00 41KMUST HAVE THIS Maximum formats 360k diskette = 820k 720k diskette = 1066k (NEW!) 1.2m diskette = 1476k 1.44m diskette = 1722k
MCP160.ZIP 1995-05-27 00:00 81KMaster Copy 1.60 Better than XCOPY! Allows moving as well as copying; can overwrite destination files never, always, only if older, or only if different; can override source and destination attributes; handles full floppies better than XCOPY. Shareware registration: $25.00.
MAXFND33.ZIP 1995-06-15 00:00 33KMaxFind v.3.3. Multi-word/line/block text search. Search entire disk, and/or/not logic,
U-MCE14.ZIP 1996-08-13 00:00 63KMultiple Command Executor by Josef Braun v1.4 Menu & cmdline driven program for simple automation of command sequences. Related internal commands & help features. Commands can be optionally saved to batch file to be rerun and/or edited. New: Multiple execution from command line.
MFUUD.ZIP 1994-08-02 00:00 25KMultiple File UUDecoder ver 3.6.0 for DOS
CRYPT1.ZIP 1996-09-06 00:00 443KNCrypt v1.02sw. File encryption, compressing and archibing with password protected encrypted pseudo harddrive support.
NETRUN31.ZIP 1995-06-30 00:00 7.7KNETRUN V3.10 encodes EXE or COM programs for email similar to uuencoding, however the ASCII code is executable. NETRUN files do no need decoding and execute the same as the original file. Everything including DOC file in < 10k. Here is a simple way to convert programs for e-mail.
NNANCUST.ZIP 1992-02-11 00:00 57KNNansi for Desqview
NOCRLF10.ZIP 1995-11-19 00:00 9.9KNOCRLF v1.00 This little utility will fix binary files which have been corrupted by being accidentally transfered in ASCII mode. ASM src is included.
OH13A.ZIP 1997-01-01 00:00 39KOrchard House V1.3a is a very quick and handy DOS shell that does everything you always wished a shell would do without getting in your way. It allows you to assign up to 10 file/program names to hot keys 0-9 and provides automatic passing of parameters. Previous commands are always on display and accessible in various formats with just a few keystrokes, and they can be edited with full keyboard cursor control giving you truly
PCF70A.ZIP 1993-06-23 00:00 301KPC-File 7.0 Easy to use database, 1993 1/4
PCF70B.ZIP 1993-06-23 00:00 332KPC-File 7.0 Easy to use database, 1993 2/4
PCF70C.ZIP 1993-06-23 00:00 283KPC-File 7.0 Easy to use database, 1993 3/4
PCF70D.ZIP 1993-06-14 00:00 234KPC-File 7.0 Easy to use database, 1993 4/4
PC-PRO18.ZIP 1993-02-19 00:00 333KPC-Proof is the grammar checker you've been waiting for. It can detect complex errors like dropped words, extra words, etc.
PCOPY93.ZIP 1993-07-29 00:00 110KPCOPY version 9.3 from Norm Patriquin PCOPY is a super advanced alternative to the DOS COPY command.
PDQ230.ZIP 1997-01-01 00:00 99KPDQ Utils 2.30 File and directory utilities. A set of matched utilities which can make life easier for any hard disk user. Includes a directory changer, directory lister, file locator and text file viewer.
POCK46.ZIP 1995-07-16 00:00 174KPOCKETD PLUS v4.6 - 33k DOS Army Knife
XEQ160.ZIP 1993-12-16 00:00 15KPacks small com files into one to save space.
ACD210.ZIP 1992-08-01 00:00 51KParas mahdollinen NCD:n korvaava CD komento.
PGPEUDRA.ZIP 1996-09-08 00:00 98KPgpEudra is a PGP-shell that runs as an extension to Eudora. PGP is a DOS-program for very good public key encryption of textfiles. PgpEudra is just an interface between these programs. It does not replace either of them.
FSPLIT10.ZIP 1995-01-17 00:00 16KProgram splits whole path to it's components: drive, path, name and extension.
FATEDIT.ZIP 1991-01-14 00:00 34KProgram to edit File Allocation Table, DANGER you can mix up your FAT with this program
PREXCM60.ZIP 1996-08-01 00:00 44KProtect! EXE/COM v6.0 - Encrypt, compress, serialize, and optionally password protect your programs. Modified Protected files show a customizable warning message. Anti-debug code and a custom mutation engine hinder attempts to expand or reverse-engineer files. Whether to prevent hard-code hacking or just to make strings in your end files unreadable, Protect will secure your DOS programs.
POP&PUSH.ZIP 1995-01-16 00:00 8.2KPush and pop directories
QVIEW231.ZIP 1997-03-19 00:00 65KQuickView ver 2.31.01 presents Txt/Hex/Asm Alt/Win/KOI MS-DOS 'MZ' header Win 95/NT 'PE' header i486/87 i486/87 Highlight Asm Code/Dump/Asm LineFeed modes ~80 Kb setup by Dr.Khumen ~776 Kb assembler source code 19.03.97
RKV190B1.ZIP 1997-09-30 00:00 92KRKIVE file archiver v1.90beta1
SHHRM010.ZIP 1994-05-06 00:00 13KRM - unix-like rm for DOS
RPSRT102.ZIP 1992-12-15 00:00 88KRPSORT v.1.02 with full asm source. RPSORT is a highly functional and extremely fast sort utility.
SRDSK208.ZIP 1996-07-15 00:00 76KReSizeable ramdisk 2.08. Copyright (c) 1996 Marko Kohtala. Released Jul 15th, 1996. SRDISK is fast virtual disk capable of using over 32m of XMS and EMS memory. The disk can be disabled and it's size can be changed without rebooting. Lots of other useful features.
RECV30.ZIP 1997-01-12 00:00 89KReclaim It! helps you recover disk space lost when time goes by and files begin to gather up on your hard drive. It helps you deal with files you forgot about and even files you never new existed. Use this application to win back valuable disk space and search for duplicate files.
RIO221.ZIP 1991-07-16 00:00 117KRock Input/Output v2.21 - TSR that logs all DOS I/O operations etc to a file.
UN_DUP01.ZIP 1995-01-01 00:00 38KRosenthal Un_Dup v1 - Windows & DOS disk space recovered from duplicate files and optimize PATH statement for the most efficient access speed.
ROT13_11.ZIP 1994-04-05 00:00 5.1KRot13 en-/decoder V.1.1 by Joel Korhonen 1994
STF162.ZIP 1996-09-08 00:00 70KSHOW TWO FILES VER 1.62 Show & Compare 2 ASCII files side-by-side. Differences are highlighted by dimming unequal lines. Move around the files independently or together using Home, End, Arrow keys or use the mouse. Searches for and highlights found text. Optional Individual Character hilite. V 1.62 adds Percent to top bar and adds an Append File function. Utilities - Disk/File Compare R.P.MCCORMICK
SNATCH.ZIP 1990-06-02 00:00 24KSNATCH - public domain disk image program. Disk -> Disk Image File -> Disk. Hidas verrattuna DCF:ään, mutta ilmainen.
SORTX20.ZIP 1995-09-27 00:00 30KSORTX v2.0. Fast sort utility for DOS. Breaks 64k limit. Freeware.
SUBDIR.ZIP 1994-11-27 00:00 9.1KSUBDIR - Goes through all subdirectories doing the command of your choice.
STBFP11A.ZIP 1996-12-05 00:00 38KSave the fat, save the boot and save the partition. Save the fat program saves to a file the two copies of the FAT tables and the root directory entries of the selected disk Save the boot program saves the first logical sector of the selected disk to a file. Save the partition program saves the first physical sector of the selected hard drive to a file.
SECDR14A.ZIP 1995-08-06 00:00 128KSecureDrive V1.4a is a 2.7k TSR that encrypts up to 4 hard disk partitions (and/or 2 floppy drives) using the strong IDEA encryption method (as in PGP 2.x), allowing free access to the encrypted information by applications. Freeware; GNU Copyleft. Source in Turbo C++
SGP09.ZIP 1997-08-08 00:00 7.3KSergei's Good Privacy 0.9 nice little PGP like proggie made for the same reason creates _secure_ coded files using a key file by Lss / WE
SHOWSZ14.ZIP 1996-04-02 00:00 61KShowSize V1.4: Directory sizing utility (DOS) Get a big picture of the disk space taken up by various directories on your hard disk. Ever wished for a DOS utility that can quickly find the total occupied size of a directory? ShowSize can help you do that and more. It also lists occupied-sizes of the top-level subdirs of a given dir. A real help when cleaning up to get more disk space! Also supports Win95 long names.
SKANDI13.ZIP 1995-01-19 00:00 10KSkandi 1.3. Muuntaa tiedostosta löytyvät skandit toiseen muotoon.
SNAPS121.ZIP 1994-05-28 00:00 121KSnapShot v1.21: A Software Installation Aid. This program takes a snapshot of all the files and directories on your hard disk(s).
SPKT465S.ZIP 1993-09-02 00:00 390KSpeedKit from HyperWare Version 4.65 Contains the shareware versions of the world famous HyperDisk, HyperKey and HyperScreen Utilities. New version has updates for XtraDrive, DoubleSpace, new features in HyperKey and HyeprScreen. Documentation and orderform included.
FIPS15.ZIP 1995-08-22 00:00 116KSplits existing HD partition without destroying data on it. Tämä on jopa toimiva!
RAIDMK11.ZIP 1992-11-11 00:00 117KStorage subsystem benchmarking software. (MS-DOS and OS/2)
AATDI.EXE 1996-05-08 00:00 341KTHEDISKS proposes good way of management of your floppies, giving each of them following informations: - a number (5 digits); - a files names field (30 characters); - a types of files field (10 characters); - the capacity in bytes (7 digits); - the available space in spaces (7digits); - the contents of the diskette (memofield). All of the se informations are placed in each record, the only obligation left is to write a number on the floppy sticker.
DTA_R201.ZIP 1996-11-13 00:00 108KTIRAMISU is a software for reconstructing data from a crashed hard drive is hit by a virus, formatted, 'fdisk'ed, zapped by a power failure, damaged by applications
TAMAP102.ZIP 1996-04-20 00:00 13KTMAP presents a graphical picture of the degree of fragmentation of the clusters on any disk. The combination of TMAP and any number of utility defragmenter programs will enhance the speed of disk accesses and minimize difficulty recovering lost files or repairing existing files.
SENTRY17.ZIP 1996-09-06 00:00 158KText Encryption Software.
ESP_V192.ZIP 1997-11-12 00:00 69KThe ESP Archiver Copyright (C) 1996-97 GyikSoft & Mikrolab High speed archiver for big file-structures. Very small, 3595 byte self-extract routine! [100_ ASM! Freeware!] NEW: - Better comp. ratio (/MLx and /M0,/M2) - 24bit MultiMedia compress. (try /MM2) - Slovakian documentation added - Lot of new functions & bugfixes - Tetris & NIBBLES game (press F1/F2!)
PRESZ112.ZIP 1995-05-22 00:00 62KThe Partition Resizer v. 1.1.2 This is the first full featured partition handling program. Tämä on ihan toimiva ohjelma.
TRAN10.ZIP 1996-04-11 00:00 31KThe Translator V1.0 Translates text files into other types: Removes SNAP comments, creates Hex Dumps Converts binary screen dumps to Ascii/ANSI Converts Postscript to text Removes HP & Epson printer control codes and much more.... Servile Software * Shareware *
TSUTLD23.ZIP 1997-01-25 00:00 91KThe fourth set of utilities from Prof. Timo Salmi, University of Vaasa, Finland. Includes adjcurs.bat bigcurs.exe bigncurs.exe caps.exe file_id.diz files.exe keyrate.exe popscr.exe psk.exe pushscr.exe setprt.exe switchar.exe today.exe tsprog.inf tsutld.inf tsutld.nws vaasa.inf warmboot.exe
DRIVES01.ZIP 1996-12-20 00:00 6.0KThis is drives V.0,01. It is a batch utile which returns exit codes about wherever a drive is the default drive or not. Private use: Free Other use: Mail me
TROUBLES.ZIP 1997-06-01 00:00 30KTroblespace toimii kuin Doublespace. Dos. vaatii Arj pakkausohjelman. ei vie muistia.
TCPY203C.ZIP 1995-08-25 00:00 51KTurboCopy 2.03c is fast file copy program
TWINEXPR.LHA 1996-09-05 00:00 76KTwin Express, tiedoston siirto-ohjelma Amiga-Amiga, PC-PC, Amiga-PC. Nopea ja helppokayttoinen. Sisaltaa SEKA Amiga etta PC-versiot.
ZIPZAP.ZIP 1990-09-01 00:00 47KTyökalu sektoreiden editointiin ja katseluun.
UFO145E.ZIP 1995-08-24 00:00 344KU F O - Universal File Operator v1.45 THE DEFINITIVE N.....-STYLE COMMANDER NEW IN V.1.45: More than 500_ faster Display of Windows 95 long file names REGISTER FOR ONLY $25! Even faster and saveer 3d-Design! Archives like SubDirs file_id.diz is displayed like dirinfo IN archives PowerManagement Creates extension file automatically with TempKiller Copying with time estimation needs only 9 KB RAM Logfile Drag & Drop TSR-detect onlinehelp RAR support NO SHAREWARE LIMITATIONS
UX2DOS11.ZIP 1995-02-10 00:00 44KUNIX2DOS v.1.1--Convert Unix Text to DOS
UUEXE540.ZIP 1995-06-01 00:00 42KUUENCODE/DECODE v5.40 from Richard E. Marks
UU26.ZIP 1994-04-07 00:00 24KUUENCODE / UUDECODE program.
UUEXE532.ZIP 1994-09-19 00:00 40KUUENCODE/UUDECODE utility v5.32.
HTM2UM11.ZIP 1995-09-03 00:00 65KUmlaut converter for HTML+ISO-Latin-1 htm2uml converts HTML umlaut strings & ISO-Latin-1 umlaut chars of German/ Finnish/Swedish texts to ASCII. Its file viewer supports Latin-1 umlauts. Samples provided. v1.1 FREEWARE
UFI109A.ZIP 1995-10-04 00:00 48KUniversal File Information v1.09a. Unix like functions (combined LS + GREP), DOS<->UNIX file conversion and much more.
AAVIRUS.ZIP 1992-03-10 00:00 15KUse this program to back up MBR partition table etc, to disk
VCC26DOS.ZIP 1996-10-01 00:00 110KV C C - Visual Control Center v2.6 DOS shell utility Better than NC! NEW IN v2.6 140_ Faster file display File Filter File Sorting Global File Find ZIP, ARJ,LZH,LHA,AIN,RAR support! Simple Setup Needs ZERO memory to run prgms Several v2.5 bugs fixed Much more! If you use DOS or Windows 3.1, this is a must have utility. GUI design with full mouse and keyboard support. Runs all your software, manages all your files and archives, and
VC49903A.ZIP 1997-10-31 00:00 77KVC version 4.99.03 alpha File shell that is a DOS program, but it supports a lot of features of Windows 95 and OS/2. Supports: - Descriptions - Archives - SVGA video modes - EMS, XMS and disk swapping - Long file names of Windows 95 - OS/2 extended attributes
TDEL261.ZIP 1997-05-03 00:00 80KVERSION 2.61 The perfect replacement for the boring & poor DEL of MS-DOS/4dos! Fast, colorful, reliable, easy to use. Options included: percentage and bar-graph indicator; advanced confirmation; delete empty dirs; delete with sub-dirs; script files; protect files from being deleted by mistake; wipe; quiet mode; pause each full screen; attributes selection... T UTILS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!
OAK&VESA.ZIP 1994-03-03 00:00 55KVESA optimizers for VGA i.e. running under 132-column text mode in different word proc.
VIEWS198.ZIP 1997-12-04 00:00 151KViewS v1.98 - Fileviewer w/ smoothscrolling, extreme fast searching, (word)linewrap, mouse-support, positionsave, printing, extraction, custom ASCII-tables, text- hihglighting, any textmode, own txt2exe- utility, many options... This program is freeware, copyright by Tobias Winkler.
PARTDATA.ZIP 1996-08-12 00:00 1.7KViews partition data on HDD
VIEW134.ZIP 1997-10-25 00:00 98KView v13.4 -- a file viewer for DOS
VC50_23.ZIP 1995-07-28 00:00 116KVolkov Commander v5.01.023 Fast NC clone.
WASTDV17.ZIP 1996-10-31 00:00 18KWASTED v1.7 - Recurses subdirectories and reports the amount of space being wasted due to large cluster sizes. Pascal sourcecode included. v1.61 uses comma-separated numbers v1.7 allows for file specifications, displaying of files and prevention of recursion into subdirectories. (31/10/1996)
WSWIN10.ZIP 1996-02-27 00:00 108KWSEARCH v1.0 - PC Mag File and Text Search First Published in PC Mag/US March 26, 1996.
CNT10.ZIP 1996-12-11 00:00 27KWith CONTROLO you may see a graphic, hear a sound file, or read a text file just by writing it's name,
WCNT100.ZIP 1995-11-06 00:00 19KWord Count 1.00. Tells count of lines, characters, non-whitespace characters, words, distinct words and unique words. Sorted word lists with frequencies. Word length distribution histograms.
CHECK15.ZIP 1995-06-06 00:00 42KWrites all vital system data to files (eg. boot sector, partitions, interrups) to be restored, if a viral infection occurs.
FU_RD19D.ZIP 1996-12-17 00:00 38KXMS/EMS RAM disk installable and resizable from command line. You can also choose the drive letter! Up to 2 Gbytes supported! Compatible with MSDOS 3 to 7 (Win95), DosEmu (Linux), DBLSPACE/DRVSPACE, NWDOS 7. Freeware by Franck Uberto.
FU_RD19C.ZIP 1996-12-09 00:00 38KXMS/EMS RAM disk up to 2 Gbytes (MSDOS 3 to 7, DosEmu, DBLSPACE/DRVSPACE, NWDOS 7)
ZCOPY35.ZIP 1997-05-08 00:00 45KZCOPY V3.5 - XCOPY replacement, copies whole directories and/or files, can skip same files, copies attributes/date and time, copies read/only, hidden and system files, synchronize dirs, conditional date/time copy, and gives more information about the copy process. *FREEWARE* Copyright (C) 1993-97 C. Buijs
ZSPLIT10.ZIP 1994-01-23 00:00 5.5KZSplit V.1.0, splits brutally lines of a file to specified amount of chars/line. MS-DOS, Freeware from ZK
AJZAP266.ZIP 1996-12-02 00:00 34KZap is file and directory removal utility
ZEROIN23.ZIP 1996-12-04 00:00 15KZeroIn v2.3 Simon Carter,Crystal Software ZeroIn is a super replacement for DOS's cd command. It allows you to abbreviate directory names to just the first letter. If there is more than one match you can choose from a list. It's fantastic for Windows 95 long filenames (which it supports fully). You can change drives at the same time, and it doesn't care which kind of slash you use (forward or back). It does NOT use index
PCG305D.ZIP 1997-09-30 00:00 79K[ PC Guard V3.05 PRO ] (c) 1994/97 by Blagoje Ceklic COMSEC - Computer Security Engineering Software Protection & Data Security Professional software protection system without hardware keys. With PC Guard PRO you can easily protect unlimited number of executable files and create protected installation disks for your software with no additional investments. PC Guard PRO is heavily tested, highly compatible, fully
WDIR120A.ZIP 1996-12-12 00:00 34K[Wersting] D[ir] v1.20a Replaces DIR. Many powerful features, e.g. color coding based on the file extensions, archive contents support (ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR), displays info for JPG, GIF, BMP, PCX, TGA, FLI/FLC, WAV. Completely compatible with DIR. Freeware.
U-BCB15.ZIP 1996-09-15 00:00 76Katch om atch 50 self-enhancing batches, compiling & executing COM files. BKIT toolkit with reference charts & related utilities included. * Eleven new routines *
HD.ZIP 1991-03-14 00:00 7.4Kcreates a hexadecimal dump of input files
DECOM114.ZIP 1996-01-02 00:00 36Kdecompiler and generic virus & protection remover for COM files. Decrypts encrypted COM
DVCPY200.ZIP 1992-09-22 00:00 111Kdesqview aware file copy utility. Uses floppies without slowing down.
FILEID4I.ZIP 1995-07-13 00:00 33Kfileid 4.0 beta by Janne Lindberg Utility for listing zip/arj/lzh archives, requested!
GO.ZIP 1996-09-10 00:00 16Kgo quickly to a directory
JDIF10.ZIP 1996-05-18 00:00 36Kjdif Fast File Difference Utility v1.0 - Compares source and text files. Visual output or report. Option to support COBOL (columns 6 to 72) and S/370 Assembler. Good for Year 2000 conversions. MS-DOS.
MSOFT17F.ZIP 1995-05-05 00:00 26Kmsoft17f will format a 3.5 floppy disk to the new format 1.7 mb format scheme by MS
MRIP210.ZIP 1997-05-04 00:00 368Kmulti ripper 2.10 Multi-purpose File Ripper. In few seconds cleans & clips @ the Right size! Rips from any Demo/Game Rips over 100 file formats ! 3ds,669,AIF,AMD,AMF,AMM,AMS,AU ,AVI BMP,CBA,CMF,D00,DLZ,DMF,DSM,EXE,FAR FLI,FMC,FNK,Fxx,GDM,GIF,GPH,IFF,IT JPG,LBM,LIQ,MDL,MED,MID,MOD,MPG,MTM MTR,MUS,OKT,PAT,PCX,PDM,PLM,PNG,PSM PTM,RA ,RAD,RAS,RAW,RMI,RNC,S3M,SAT SBK,SCX,STM,STX,TGA,TIF,TRK,ULT,UNI
SMNU110A.ZIP 1998-01-30 00:00 68Ksabremenu Version 1.10a Light Bar Driven Multi-Use Menu to create a Multi-Choice Menu for your most frequently used programs at your finger tips. Shells out and uses 0k memory. That's right, none, so your programs run exactly like they would if you start them at the command prompt or from a batch file. Can execute BAT,COM and exes and will allow DOS CALL to CALL a batch to run a manual maintenance if you are working on your BBS.
U-STRX12.ZIP 1996-08-25 00:00 69Kstring finder by EXtension v1.2 from UNDERWEAR Menu/cmdline search by file extension on all hard drives for keywords. Stricking fast tool for checking out text files (INI CFG LOG) and binary files, too. Build-in File Finder. New: Text files searches in a specific drive. It must be somewhere STREX tells you where!
XLC_202.ZIP 1997-02-28 00:00 28Kt THE coexistence PRESENTS 1 R XLINK 2.02 by Jinx!/TC a Be COOL,link YOUR EXE & DATA 3 K files to ONE BiG EXE file 6 B XLC RUNS NOW FINE W/ dos4gw, 2 B PMODE/W, Borland 16bit-DPMI 5
DOSMAP21.ZIP 1994-11-15 00:00 7.2Kunix->dos directory/file name transform(PERL) Converts long unix filenames to short 8+3 DOS compatible ones.
BLRMU22.ZIP 1996-06-22 00:00 90Kversion 22 of Rasmussen's Mini Utilities - 41 miscellaneous .com type utilities - each utility is accompanied by its own assembly source and small doc file - < FREEWARE >
BLRUT55.ZIP 1996-11-05 00:00 125Kversion 55 of Rasmussen's Main Utilities - 28 miscellaneous .exe type utilities - each utility has a small help file which briefly describes it - there is also a large doc file called blrut55.doc which describes them all - there is also a menu/shell program called EBU ( Exec BLR Utilities ) which can execute any of the utilities - < FREEWARE >