Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

BAN-SHIM.ZIP 1995-02-01 00:00 7.9KIBANPKT.COM provides a class 1 (Ethernet) packetdriver interface over Banyan's VINES
DIS-SHIM.ZIP 1995-02-01 00:00 23KPacket Driver v1.11 interface over NDIS
DLX0_8A.EXE 1995-04-24 00:00 271KDosLynx 0.8 alpha
DMLOGN74.ZIP 1995-05-07 00:00 170KDMlogin -Powerful/Easy Login Utility. A great network login utility for all types of networks. Works especially well with NetWare.
EASYNET.ZIP 1991-09-12 00:00 111KPikkuverkko nollamodeemikaapelille
ETHERPPP.ZIP 1994-05-10 00:00 53KInternet PPP (Point-to-Point) protocol (DOS)
ETHLOAD2.ZIP 1997-03-29 00:00 193KETHLOAD 1.99 is a MS-DOS program that analyzes and displays several informations about an Ethernet LAN.
IPXCPY24.ZIP 1996-09-19 00:00 76Kipxcopy.exe: copy files from one pc to another via LAN (ipx interface). features: subdirectories, crc-32/16, high speed, overwrite check. V2.4
IPXFER21.ZIP 1995-05-20 00:00 79KIPXfer v2.1. Siirtaa tiedostoja IPX rajapinnan kautta ilman kummempia verkkosoftia.
KA9Q.ZIP 1992-01-06 00:00 513KKA9Q - provides internet (TCP/IP), NET/ROM and AX.25 facilities for MS-DOS.
KALI12Q.ZIP 1996-04-14 00:00 127KKali 1.2f Kali is a network driver which allows virtually any application software designed for use with the IPX protocol to be used over a TCP/IP network. Designed primarily for use with network games, Kali has been successfully tested with Descent, Command & Conquer, DOOM, DOOM II, Heretic, Rise of the Triad, VR Pool, Terminal Velocity and SuperKarts. Other software should also work as long as it uses IPX. Download Kali and start putting your Internet connection to good use!
KNOTS13E.ZIP 1996-09-21 00:00 104KGraphic HTLM browser for DOS in EGA mode v1.3. Supports most HTLM features.
MAGELINK.ZIP 1995-02-23 00:00 22KIPX File transfer
MINUARC.EXE 1995-05-12 00:00 428KMinuet: Integrated net utils for dos
MINUET16.ZIP 1994-06-01 00:00 587KMinuet 1.0 Beta_16 Minnesota InterNet User's Essential Tools Minuet is an integrated package of TCP/IP network tools.
MT.ZIP 1993-07-02 00:00 50KMiniTelnet - A Telnet client for WATTCP
MXMNU250.ZIP 1995-06-21 00:00 437KMenu system for power users, Novell & network compatible, highly customizable.
NEOS-151.ZIP 1995-02-19 00:00 205KNeOS: Network Enhanced Operating System v1.51
NEOS-XT.ZIP 1995-02-19 00:00 206KNeOS: Network Enhanced Operating System v1.51 This version is for 8088/8086 CPU's.
NET$25.ZIP 1993-11-09 00:00 28KNet via COM ports with simple null modem cable. WORKS!
NSLWP01.ZIP 1994-03-20 00:00 46KLanWorkplace for DOS nslookup.
NTIME.ZIP 1996-02-02 00:00 33KGets time from internet time server
ODI-SHIM.ZIP 1995-02-01 00:00 10KPacket Driver interface over ODI (v3.0)
SDK.ZIP 1995-10-29 00:00 416KNovell Client32 SDK beta/NOT required
SHARELIB.ZIP 1987-07-04 00:00 9.5Kbl
SLIPPR13.ZIP 1993-02-27 00:00 14KPacket driver using the SLIP protocol.
STATI10.ZIP 1994-09-10 00:00 22KPKT-STAT 1.0 is a DOS program. It is a tool to monitor the traffic between stations on Ethernet or FDDI LANs. FreeWare, but not in the public domain. You are allowed to use it, but not to sell it.
TCPCALC.ZIP 1998-05-20 00:00 28KTämä softa laskee network numeron, käytettävät ip:t sekä broadcastin kun kerrot sille ip:n ja käytetyn netmaskin. Mukana quickbasic sorsat. Helppo käyttääkkin jopa.
TEL2308B.ZIP 1994-11-05 00:00 777KNCSA Telnet 2.3.08 binaries. Includes basic TCP/IP apps (ftp, telnet, ...)
TEL2308S.ZIP 1994-11-05 00:00 680KNCSA Telnet 2.3.08 sources. Includes basic TCP/IP apps (ftp, telnet, ...)
TKN-SHIM.ZIP 1993-02-25 00:00 24KPacket Driver interface over ODI Token-Ring
XFS189.ZIP 1994-12-11 00:00 169KXFS v1.89 - Network File System (NFS) Client for PC's. Shareware by Robert Juhasz.