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2SHOW204.ZIP 1995-06-02 00:00 235KRelease 2.04a of CompuShow 2000! The full-featured graphics display (and convert!) system for GIF, RLE, MacPaint, PC Paint, PC Paintbrush, colorix, EGA Paint, IMG, Dr. Halo, Targa, IFF/LBM/HAM, BMP, Tiff, JPEG, RIP Icon, PBMPLUS, and PNG graphics on IBM compatibles with Hercules, CGA, EGA, MCGA, VGA, 8514/a, XGA, VESA and Super-VGA adapters including hi-color svgas.
3DSPOV17.ZIP 1993-05-05 00:00 130KFilter 3ds2 -> povray 1.0/2.0,dkb,vivid 5 files - New:05-06-1993 Old:04-29-1993
A3DCAD#1.ZIP 1995-02-26 00:00 593KAniPaint 3d CAD 1.0 FIle #1 of 3
A3DCAD#2.ZIP 1995-01-12 00:00 395KAniPaint 3d CAD 1.0 FIle #2 of 3
A3DCAD#3.ZIP 1995-01-12 00:00 514KAniPaint 3d CAD 1.0 FIle #3 of 3
ADRAW120.ZIP 1995-08-01 00:00 73Kaciddraw v1.20 aciddraw v1.20 is the latest drawing utility which allows creation and manipulation of ANSI/ASCII images.
AKM-MD36.ZIP 1995-06-27 00:00 150KPRESENT Master Draw 3.6 386-VGA-SVGA
ALCH110.ZIP 1997-05-23 00:00 816KImage Alchemy v1.10 for MS-DOS
ALCH191.ZIP 1996-05-31 00:00 954KImage Alchemy 1.9.1 by Handmade Software.
ALCHO191.ZIP 1996-05-31 00:00 914KImage Alchemy, graphics conversion tool
AMPEG43.ZIP 1994-11-11 00:00 215KAMPEG 4.3 - Layers 1-3 MPEG decoder/encoder.
ANIPNT60.ZIP 1994-05-22 00:00 845KAniPaint 5.1 Paint and Animate 256 colors. Ic 135+tools. Requires minimum 286 with VGA or S from 320x200 to 1200x1024. Make animated movi Complete Documentation and Demos. Bitmap & Ve and objects. Font editor, cut & paste palette Gradient Curves, Magnetic Lines, Easy to inst editing with greyscale. Import/Export PCX , m
ANSIREZ.ZIP 1993-01-09 00:00 100Kansirez 1.0 - Converts GIFS to ANSI code.
ASCGIF.ZIP 1994-01-31 00:00 21KConverts gif picture to ascii-art.
BINED.ZIP 1990-11-05 00:00 57KBINary EDitor is a graphics tool that allows a person to paint&plan frames like cartoons
BMORPH30.ZIP 1994-05-29 00:00 432KBMORPH v3.0 - morphing utility.
BOA058.ZIP 1998-02-05 00:00 74Kdisplay v.1.90 b. Graphics display PRG for DOS. 386 & up/ Gif, Jpg, PNg etc...
BUBBLES.ZIP 1994-01-09 00:00 847KBubble.AXP from Digimation [1/1] A new particle-system IPAS for 3D Studio to create bubbles in your scenes. Example meshes, images, and FLIs are included. Enjoy! Released by Jettero Heller/Lazarus Long.
CHGREL.ZIP 1994-01-20 00:00 164KAutoCADin DWG-formaatin muunnosohjelma, jolla voi muuntaa alasp„in yhteensopiviksi jopa 2.5 versioon asti. (P.K.:n pyynn”st„) (Haettu ACAD.BBS:st„.)
CINEMA3.ZIP 1994-01-03 00:00 468KCINEMA, the graphic and sound player
CMORPH12.ZIP 1993-10-12 00:00 372KThe Complete Morph v1.20 -Complete morphing facility with good support for everything needed :-) -Req: 386DX+, /4MB+, x87 recommended.
CROPGIF.ZIP 1990-04-15 00:00 32KGIF FILE CROPPER 1.1 This program will crp fragments from existing GIF files
CSHOW903.ZIP 1995-08-19 00:00 259KCompuShow version 9.03a The full-featured graphics display (and convert!) system
DBWRENDR.ZIP 1989-11-08 00:00 239KRay tracer
DCVIEW21.ZIP 1993-01-07 00:00 249KColorView v. 2.1 for DOS 2.x, 3.x, 5.x High Speed JPEG/JFIF, GIF, BMP Viewer, Converter, and Image Editor. Graphical User Interface with VESA compliant display. Batch file conversions in Text mode. JPEG Is A Highly Compressed 24 Bit True Color Picture File Format Which Has More Colors And A Smaller File Size Than GIF Files. HSV and Gamma correction. [Association of Shareware Professionals] 9 files - New:07-20-1993 Old:01-07-1993
DD-072.ZIP 1994-04-22 00:00 14K-/- Dark Draw v.72 Alpha Release -\- The new ANSi Drawing program, supports over 3000 lines, and is coded in pure ASM for maximum speed and minimum size
DISP.EXE 1998-04-13 00:00 807KDisplay v.190. Graphics file viewer /converter / 386 /DOS. Supports Jpg, Gif , PNG & many other popular formats.
DISP187A.ZIP 1994-12-21 00:00 578KDisplay v1.87 reads/writes/displays many graphics formats.
DISP187B.ZIP 1994-02-23 00:00 237KDisplay v1.87 sources and fonts
DKB212DC.ZIP 1992-09-13 00:00 78KDKBTrace 2.12 - Docs
DKB212DT.ZIP 1992-09-13 00:00 121KDKBTrace 2.12 - Data files
DKB212IB.ZIP 1992-09-13 00:00 154KDKBTrace 2.12 - IBM Executables
DLMAKE30.ZIP 1994-04-01 00:00 102K°±²Û DL-MAKER 3.0 by DL-Soft Û²±° ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ³ The famous program to produce ³ ³ your own DL animation files. ³ ³ Works with TGA or GIF images, ³ ³ sound VOC files, let you create ³ ³ wonderfull demos, slides, or ³ ³ true digitized films with text ³ ³ titles and special effects ! ³ ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ
DMAKE200.ZIP 1995-09-17 00:00 325KThe DemoMaker v2.00 Create slide show demos & presentations with screen effects.
DMORF112.ZIP 1993-08-09 00:00 270KSmall morphing program for DOS
DPXT.ZIP 1995-01-14 00:00 3.8KE C L I P S E presents Emulator for Deluxe P for 320x240,320x400 & 320x480
DS3D401A.ZIP 1994-03-28 00:00 336KDeep Space 3-D v4.01 (1/2) Astronomy Plotting Program
DS3D401B.ZIP 1994-03-28 00:00 571KDeep Space 3-D v4.01 (2/2) Astronomy Plotting Program
DTA.ZIP 1995-01-16 00:00 162KDave's targa animator is a program, that can animate PCX GIF and TGA- files in varying colors and resolutions. Outputs FLIC files.
DTAMEM.ZIP 1992-11-25 00:00 91KThe files needed to run MORPH and DTA in protected mode.
DTPV20B.ZIP 1992-08-18 00:00 283KDesktop Paint v.2.0b (packed: 2.04c)
DUMP14.ZIP 1993-05-07 00:00 37KOhjelma Autocad DWG tiedoston tutkimiseksi
DVPEG30I.ZIP 1994-01-13 00:00 156KEric Praetzel's excellent JPEG/GIF/TGA/PPM viewer. Catching up in speed to QPEG! Still Freeware. Supports most popular hardware configurations.
DVPEG30L.ZIP 1994-02-13 00:00 163KDvpeg 3.0l - a DOS based (286 or up) JPEG/ GIF/Targa/PPM viewer (limited BMP support), that will run under DOS, Windows, OS\2.
EXPLOSV3.ZIP 1993-05-27 00:00 200KExplosiv 3.0 is the one screen saver that addresses all your DOS(R) and Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) computing needs. Explosiv 3.0 is both entertaining and practical as sixteen beautiful displays prevent harmful burn-in. Take care of your monitor without interfering with the work you need to do. Now includes Explosiv Logo, which turns your GIF images into screen saver displays. Compatible with networks. Shareware ($20) from H&G Software.
FAST.ZIP 1995-03-07 00:00 328KE C L I P S E presents FAST II A very fast player for Autodesk 3d Studio FLI files
FAUVE12.ZIP 1995-01-30 00:00 1.1MFauve Matisse 1.2. paint/imaging program
FDESIGN.ZIP 1990-01-02 00:00 71KFractal Designer. Create your own fascinating fractals with this!
FLXPLAY.ZIP 1993-03-28 00:00 21KPlayeri FLC ja FLI tiedostoille.
FRACLAND.ZIP 1992-09-13 00:00 61KFractal Landscapes, supp. x87 math processor.
FRACTSET.LZH 1992-02-29 00:00 299KFractal Set
FRAIN196.ZIP 1997-05-04 00:00 656KFRACTINT 19.6, DOS-based fractal generator. Generate Mandelbrot, Julia, IFS, and many more fractals in 2d and 3d, including those you design yourself. Version 19 now supports arbitrary precision which allows zooming to a depth of 10^1600, as well as generation of random dot stereograms. Copyrighted freeware.
FRASR196.ZIP 1997-04-19 00:00 1.0MFractint 19.6 complete C and ASM source for the DOS-based fractal generator. Requires Microsoft C/C++ 7.0 or later or Borland C/C++ 3.1 or later. Object code of ASM modules supplied so an assembler is not required. Copyrighted freeware.
FRCAL032.ZIP 1992-10-20 00:00 304KCAL, Confusion and Light v3.02 SVGA Fractal Drawing Program. Full SVGA support, Lorenz attractor, Bifurcation diagram, Composite images, Julia set, Ushiki's phoenix and associated Julia-type sets, Lyapunov space image, Gumowski and Mira attractor, Symmetrical attractors. User defined formula. Now with improved palette editin! Public Domain software. 32 files - New:11/07/1992 Old:10/20/1992
FUNCDRAW.ZIP 1996-03-28 00:00 98KSEMS electronics Function Draw ver 1.0 - draws parabels, lines and ellipses - calculates the roots of parabels - 32-bit Windows x86
GDESK44.ZIP 1993-11-20 00:00 45KGifdesk v4.4
GDS31F.ZIP 1995-01-10 00:00 371KGDS:Graphic Display System 3.1f
GDS109.ZIP 1992-09-13 00:00 134KViews GIFs with unlimited zooming
GDV092MD.ZIP 1998-03-01 00:00 1.0MGD View V0.92 for MS DOS: *the* viewer and player for 400+ formats >Texts: ANSI, DOS, Unicode, Mac, EBCDIC, and 200+ MORE w/ HEX/DEC/BIN/OCT modes! >Documents: Word, WinWord, WordPerfect, WordStar, Write, Ami Pro, RTF, etc. >Graphics: TIFF, GIF, JPEG, FLIC, PCD, PCX, IFF, TGA, DIB, RIX, MSP, MAC, ART, PNM, RAS, XBM, PIC, FNT, PAL, CUT, RAW, SGI, IMG, DCX etc. (over 60 formats) >Sounds: WAV, VOC, 8svx, SND, AU, AVR ST, Psion WVE,
GFX2B090.ZIP 1996-11-17 00:00 323KSunset Design presents The ultimate multi-resolution bitmap paint program for PC Contains: - all the useful tools and much more - 35 resolutions (MCGA, X-modes, VESA) (including Amiga resolutions!) - GIF,LBM,BMP,PCX,PAL,IMG,PKM support Try it! You'll love it!
GFX2B96.ZIP 1997-09-22 00:00 400KSunset-Design presents 96_ GrafX 2.00 beta 96_ The ultimate multi-resolution bitmap paint program for PC features: - all the useful tools and much more - 60 resolutions! (MCGA, Mode-X, VESA) (including Amiga resolutions!) - GIF,LBM,BMP,PCX,PKM,... file support Try it! You'll love it!
GFX2B961.ZIP 1998-02-27 00:00 453KSunset-Design presents 96.1_ GrafX 2.00 beta 96.1_ The ultimate multi-resolution bitmap paint program for PC features: - all the useful tools and much more - 60 resolutions! (MCGA, Mode-X, VESA) (including Amiga resolutions!) - GIF,LBM,BMP,PCX,PKM,... file support Try it! You'll love it!
GIF2BMP.LZH 1991-07-06 00:00 22KGif -> BMP
GIF2JPG5.EXE 1993-12-29 00:00 99KGIF -> JPG 5.0
GIFDSK45.ZIP 1993-01-01 00:00 49KGifDesk v4.5, superioor program to view many gifs on one SVGA screen. Supports HiColor.
GIFEXE30.ZIP 1991-10-02 00:00 35KA Self-Displayer and Slideshow Program for Your GIF(tm) Pictures
GIFLT200.ZIP 1993-01-05 00:00 65KGIFLITE 2.00, GIF-to-GIF Compressor GIFLITE is a GIF file compressor which compresses GIF files by an average of 30_ and yet still preserve the same quality and resolution. The resulting GIF files are almost identical to the original file. Human eyes can hardly tell them apart. By the author of Telemate and GIFLink
GIFSAM23.ZIP 1994-02-23 00:00 52KProduces sample collections of GIF files. It may be used to produce preview images for downloading, or just to showcase a large collection. Sample collections are GIF files that contain a number of other images on a single screen. Each sampled image is shrunk to a consistent size, converted to a common color format, labeled, and stored with the others.
GRAFX340.ZIP 1994-06-02 00:00 32KGRAFFIX 3.4, a screen-capture system that includes programs for both Microsoft Windows and DOS.
GRAPH3D.ZIP 1993-04-14 00:00 47KGraph-3D v1.03: Graph-3D allows three dimensional display of parametric equations in the form x., y., z.
GRAPRO10.ZIP 1995-09-12 00:00 867KGRAPHIC PRO is a FAST IMAGE PROCESSOR that allows you to work with computer graphic files. This image processor supports the most popular image file formats (over 25 file formats including JPG). You can VIEW, SCALE,CONVERT, CLIP, CHANGE BRIGHTNESS, CHANGE CONTRAST, DITHER, COMPRESS and PRINT images to a LASER printer. Supports SVGA DareWare Inc.
GT.ZIP 1995-03-12 00:00 1.2MThis is a map of finland where you can move with your mouse and you can see how many kilometres is between the cities. Freeware
GWS70F.ZIP 1995-08-18 00:00 571KGraphic Workshop for DOS 7.0f The best Workshop yet! Converts, edits, prints and views pictures
IMPROC40.ZIP 1992-06-16 00:00 303KImage Processor. Works with many SVGA cards. Many formats (GIF/PCX/TGA etc.)
JPEG6A32.ZIP 1996-02-18 00:00 285KJPEG v6a - cjpeg to compress an image file into JPEG format and djpeg to decompress a JPEG file back into a conventional image format. DOS. Freeware.
JPEG6386.ZIP 1995-08-09 00:00 309KThe Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software version 6
JPG5A386.ZIP 1994-12-17 00:00 221KThe Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software 5a
LBMC_115.ZIP 1993-07-19 00:00 35KÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ LBMCONV 1.15 ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Convert LBM to þ RAW picture þ ASM picture þ RAW palette þ ASM palette ... and many other variations 3 files - New:07-19-1993 Old:07-19-1993
LGOMKR31.ZIP 1993-04-16 00:00 325KLogomaker 3.1
LPARSER2.ZIP 1993-10-08 00:00 368KL-Parser/Viewer Package for RAY-Tracers By RenderStar Technology
MANDEL.ZIP 1994-05-28 00:00 392KMandelbrot's World V 1.0 With this program you can move in Mandelbrot's fractal world!!
MFRA210.ZIP 1992-08-13 00:00 7.9KMiniFrac; mandelbrot with zooming. VGA/386+
MMM24.ZIP 1994-03-13 00:00 112KMulti Media Machine v2.4 Supporting: .DL, .FLI, .MOD, .MDI, .VOC, .CMF, .BMP, .GIF, .TGA, .WPG, .RIX, .SCR, .MAC, .ICO, .LBM, .IFF
MOE.ZIP 1993-07-31 00:00 78KMandelbrot Orbital Exploration
MORAY20.ZIP 1996-01-11 00:00 1.0MLatest version of greatest GUI for POV (Per- sistance Of Vision). Lot's of new stuff like great texture editor, UDO (User Defined Object) etc.
MPEGDOS.ZIP 1993-04-08 00:00 23KFullscreen mpeg player from XING-technologies.
NAOTK.ZIP 1994-07-21 00:00 99KFalcon Gold Art of the Kill Videoplayer bug fix.
NEOPT32A.ZIP 1996-01-02 00:00 648KNeoPaint 3.2 - A complete image editing/paint program for DOS! Includes powerful features and naturalistic tools (such as oil and water colors) usually found only in more costly apps. Resolutions up to 24-bit. Supports PCX, TIFF, BMP, GIF formats. SIA Awards runner-up, Ziff-Davis/PC Mag. s/w awards finalist 1994. Drivers for 300+ printers. Easy to use. Reqs: DOS 3.1+; 640k+; Hard disk; mouse; Herc.mono, EGA/VGA/SVGA graphics card & monitor.
NEOSHOW.ZIP 1994-02-17 00:00 524KNeoShow PRO lets you combine PCX and GIF format images into effective presentations. Uses include visual aids, showroom exhibits, sales tracts, etc. Variety of screen wipes, fades and dissolves. Sound recorder. Runtime license lets you produce/distribute EXE stand alone shows. Supports 2,16,256 color files to 1024x768, and SoundBlaster/comp. cards. Req.: DOS 3.1+; EGA/VGA/SVGA graphics; MS/Logitech compatible mouse; hard disk; and 640K+ RAM.
NETFIX10.ZIP 1997-01-08 00:00 9.5KGraphics
NPFNTS01.ZIP 1996-07-29 00:00 87K14 new fonts [.GFT] for NEOPAINT
NPT3_2.ZIP 1995-11-01 00:00 598KNeoPaint 3.2 - A complete image editing/paint program for DOS! Includes powerful features.
NVIEW150.ZIP 1995-05-03 00:00 455KThe NOMSSI Viewer, Release 1.5 Graphics file Viewer for supervga Detects about 180 VGA chipsets.
PAINTPRO.ZIP 1997-06-13 00:00 109K- PaintPro _ A very powerful paint in ANSI COLOR mode!! / ) Copyright Cryogen 1997 drawing functions:line,point,rectangle, / / Coders: N.S. delete,text,fill. ( A.T.G. full color drawing & open(wow!) others:Puzzle,Calendar,Calculator / / optional number of image lines: 16 - 200 \ / drawing examples \ And lots others! / \ This program is very useful for making comments,file_id.diz,for BBS YOU CAN MAKE
PCDEMO.ZIP 1998-02-09 00:00 1.4MImage Alchemy 1.10.1. Konvertoi kuvat muodosta toiseen. DOS pohjainen ohjelma mutta tukee Win95 pitkiä tiedostonnimiä.
PCXDMP93.ZIP 1995-07-01 00:00 145KPCXDUMP v9.30 - THE screen capture pro- gram.
PERSPECT.ZIP 1993-01-08 00:00 47K3D-kuvien teko-ohjelma.
PICLB193.ZIP 1995-04-12 00:00 176KPICLAB 1.93, DOS-based image processing program. Reads and writes GIF and TGA files,
PIXV22.ZIP 1996-03-29 00:00 110KPIXVIEW 2.2 FREEWARE VERSION =-= bmp/gif/jpeg image viewer (VBE req.) =-= A nice, fast, bmp/gif/jpeg viewer for DOS. Allows slide show, image panning & zooming, many options. Ideal from browsing large image sets. Works just well also with Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 (tm) (C) Copyright 1993-96, All Rights Reserved by Davide Rossi Vicolo Zanella 55b 31100 Treviso, Italy E-mail:
PLY38614.ZIP 1992-04-11 00:00 166KPolyray - Ray Tracing Program for 386 without co-processor
POLYV218.ZIP 1995-10-21 00:00 385KPoly View V.2.18 Jpeg, etc...
POVCAD1B.ZIP 1993-03-27 00:00 44KGUI for Pov (Needs VBRUN200.DLL)
POVCAD2C.ZIP 1993-10-24 00:00 79KPovCad v2c - For Pov
POVCOIL2.ZIP 1992-07-25 00:00 66KA Utility for POV ray-trace to create coils using spheres.. comes with sample GIF.. very nice for certain instances. Includes C source
POVDOC2.ZIP 1993-09-30 00:00 196KThis archive contains the documentation for the Persistence of Vision Raytracer, POV-Ray V2.0, formatted in plain ASCII text for the IBM-PC and other systems. Also contains standard include files and some demo scenes. Create your own \POVRAY2 directory and un-zip this file using the -d option to insure that the proper sub-directories
POVFAST.ZIP 1994-03-17 00:00 293KThis is VERY FAST version of povray.exe with dos4gw.exe.
POVIBM.ZIP 1994-03-19 00:00 256KPOV-Ray version 2.2. Useful raytracer.
POVMSDOS.EXE 1997-11-23 00:00 2.9MThis is the Persistence of Vision(tm) Ray Tracer POV-Ray 3.02 for MS-Dos. It is a self-extracting archive. Create a temp directory and run from that dir. Run INSTALL.EXE from temp directory.
POVSCAPE.ZIP 1992-04-22 00:00 24KCreate Fractal Landscapes using POV ray-trace
POVSCN2.ZIP 1993-09-28 00:00 488KThis archive contains the example scene files for the Persistence of Vision Raytracer, POV-Ray version 2.0. Note include files are now in POVDOC archive. Create your own \POVRAY2 directory and un-zip this file using the -d option to insure that the proper sub-directories are created. Other files are needed. See POVINF.DOC from this library for more
POV_DRIP.ZIP 1994-04-29 00:00 52KLyhyt esimerkki PovRay-tiedostosta ja renderoitu kuva giffiksi muutettuna. Alkuun p„„sseille hy”dyllinen n„yte, mihin PovRay 2.0 pystyy n„inkin lyhyell„ datatiedostolla.
PV3DV200.ZIP 1993-12-29 00:00 363KÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ Û PV3D modeler Version V2.00 Û Û For POVRAY 2.0 and VIVID 2.00 Û Û Graphics interface (GUI) with mouse. Û Û Many function are modified since the Û Û last V1.00 version !!! Û Û Include : 3D animation function Û Û 3D visualisation with camera / look_at Û Û Vectoriel object structure. XMS SupportÛ Û POV primitives support, Blob structure Û Û Height Field Shape, Mapping Texture Û Û Bumpping Function , GIF viewer Û Û VIVID 2.00 primitives support Û Û External Textures Library (POV/VIVID) Û Û Dynamic Rotate Move Scale (R-M-S) NEW! Û
PV102.ZIP 1995-04-22 00:00 317KPowerView 1.02 The *Best* DOS image viewer. Painless support for 160 video cards. Views all kinds of images: .JPG, .TIF, TGA, .GIF, .PCX, .BMP, .MAC, .IFF, RLE, .RAW compressed & Hi/True color. SAVES also
PV170US.ZIP 1998-02-09 00:00 99KUltra-fast viewer and converter of gifs, jpgs, movie pictures, faxes, scanned images and over other 37 graphics formats, including BMP,BW, CDR,CDR,CMX, CPT,CUR,CUT,DCX,DIB,FLC,FLI,GIF,HAM,ICN, ICO,IFF,IMG,JFF,JIF,JMX,JPG,LBM,MAC,MSP, PAT,PBM,PC2,PCT,PCX,PGM,PIC,PNG,PNM,PPM, PSD,QFX,RAS,RGB,RLE,SAM,SCx,SEP,SGI,TGA, TIF,WPG,UDI,ZBR. Czech freeware in English version. version 1.70
PV234P.ZIP 1993-07-30 00:00 134K***** PV2.34 ***** Pictureviewer for EGA,VGA,SVGA's, 8514,Hicolor,CEG,MACH32 a. others - up to 1280x1024 on VESA VGA's - autedects the VGA - over 40 file formats incl Kodak PhotoCD, JPG, TIF,.. - animationplayer FLI,FLC,DL,GL.. - imageprocessing - fileconversion to over 10 fmt. - german or english dialogue/DOC
PVRGMPEG.ZIP 1993-06-14 00:00 344KMake jmpeg's with this.
QPV17E.ZIP 1997-11-11 00:00 515KQPV/386 1.7e, the famous grafx viewer, incredibly fast!, with unique preview feature (nearly realtime), mouse panning etc., it supports VGA and many svgas (including VESA), requires 386 or better. JPG TGA GIF PCX BMP IFF/ILBM PBM/PNM ping Photo-CD
QV103.ZIP 1995-11-30 00:00 56KQuickView V1.03 DOS based Mulimedia Viewer including AVI with sound! Also supports BMP, FLI/FLC, GIF, ICO, PCX, TGA, VOC, WAV etc.
QVIEW09.ZIP 1994-04-17 00:00 8.7KSmall GIF-Viewer.
QVIEW10.ZIP 1995-02-28 00:00 41KDos based Multimedia Viewer (BMP FLI FLC GIF ICO PCX TGA VOC WAV etc
RAYSHD42.ZIP 1992-02-03 00:00 219KRayShade raytracer - requires co-processor
RIPM094B.ZIP 1996-11-13 00:00 35KRip 'Em Yourself version 0.94 For those who don't believe in automatic module and graphics rippers! Includes information on how to rip music modules, etc. A MUST download! A pure MHK product! ripm094b.ZIP Release date:22nd April, 1994
RMORFV04.ZIP 1994-06-06 00:00 228KVery FAST morphing program.
S3VBE311.ZIP 1996-11-12 00:00 21KS3 VBE/Core 2.0 Version 3.11 Installs a VESA VBE/Core 2.0 for S3 graphics cards with a VESA VBE 1.2. Copyright (c) 1994,96 Dietmar Meschede. All rights reserved.
SCK-FLCP.ZIP 1995-04-30 00:00 14KFLI/FLC Player 1.o - Coded by CyberDancer/Sck The FASTEST and SMALLEST player around! 100 _ Assembly Source Included [kp]====United
SDD53.EXE 1996-08-29 00:00 1.3MUniversal VBE (Univbe) 5.3
SDD53A.EXE 1997-06-01 00:00 1.4MScitech Display Doctor v5.3a
SEA12C.ZIP 1996-03-23 00:00 614KSEA 1.2c FASTEST VESA compatible mouse controlled viewer/converter around. Views PNG, GIF, JPEG, TARGA, BMP & RLE, TIFF, PCX, LBM (IFF) PNM (PPM, PGM, PBM) WPG, ICO and Dp2e-LBM, BBM & PCC pictures. Plays FLI and FLC animations. Offers conversion between all listed graphical formats. All combined in a Graphical User interface.
SETMODE.ZIP 1994-10-07 00:00 47KÀÄÄ Ä Post Mortem Ä ÄÄÄ¿ ¿ presents Setmode 1.0 ³ ³ ÄÄÄÍÄ ÄÍÄ ÄÄÄÍÍÄÍÍÄÄ ³ ³ a utility to use ³ ³ 320x200x256c progs ³ ³ with nonstandard ³ ³ resolutions! ³ ³ ÄÄÍÍÄÍÄ Ä ÄÄÍÄÄÄÍÍÍÄ ³ ³ (-: Freeware :-) ³ ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ
SHOW55A.ZIP 1995-02-01 00:00 443KDATASHOW v5.5A, Multimedia/Slides prg for DOS
SJPEG22.ZIP 1998-01-28 00:00 763Ksuperjpg v2.2. Image file browser, viewer and cataloging utility. Features ultra fast thumbnail and image loading, drag and drop sorting, directory management features, copy, move, rename and resize image files, convert formats, drag & drop thumbnails into other applications, and view multiple images at a time. Manage your collection with commands to create, delete, or drag & drop entire directories, or sets of image files. Print
SLPCXRAW.ZIP 1995-05-03 00:00 43KThe fastest, coolest and most flexible PCX to RAW converter available today! It's the SL1210 pcx2raw ! Features saving partial PCX saves RAW files saves pelette files full PCX viewer All code by jinx! Cool PCX files included.
SMOOTH21.ZIP 1993-11-01 00:00 79KSMOOTH v2.1 POV Surface Normal Modeling Progr This program calculates surface normals for raw triangle data and creates a variety of output formats. Supports POV v1.0 & v2.0. Also creates include files and ready to rende POV scene files.
SPECGRM1.ZIP 1994-09-02 00:00 152Kspektorammin tekev„ ohjelma
ST158.ZIP 1994-10-25 00:00 135KSCREEN Thief - Screen Capture System
SVGA112.ZIP 1993-05-23 00:00 67KSVGA. Image viewing util v1.12
TWEAK2DP.ZIP 1993-12-23 00:00 4.0K--> 320 x 240,320 x 400,320 x 480 modes to De
TWEAKDP.ZIP 1993-10-23 00:00 10KÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ ÛÛ úDigitalúDimensionú ÛÛ ÛÛ Presents ÛÛ ÛÛ Tweak Deluxe Paint ÛÛ ²ÛßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßÛ² ±² Locks DP to 320X400/256 ²± °± mode. Requires SVGA ±° ° °
TWEAKER!.ZIP 1994-01-07 00:00 4.9KTweaker V1.01 - (C) Sirius Cybernetics 94 - Use 320*400-256 res. in Deluxe Paint, VPIC, Etc.
TXTFLI.ZIP 1996-09-07 00:00 98KTextmode FLI/FLC player + full watcomc32 src by Sol/DEE Includes info about TextMode DemoCompo.
U-HUGE10.ZIP 1994-11-24 00:00 66KUnderwear HUGE letter generator.
U-TSCI12.ZIP 1996-05-15 00:00 184K* Time & Speed Controlled Images v1.2 * 10 self-displaying living images, toolkit for slide shows & slow motion screen savers
UBOX10.ZIP 1994-04-21 00:00 41KColorful UNDERWEAR message BOXES 6 types of message boxes with enabled extended colors for batch files. Tools for creating new boxes, 2 VGA screen fonts and other batch enhancing stuff provided. For Flickerfree Freeloaders
UMFNT14C.ZIP 1994-07-05 00:00 97K30 UMFONTs - Supplement for UMFONT14
UNIVBE43.ZIP 1994-03-20 00:00 58KThe Universal VESA VBE v4.3 The Universal VESA VBE is a small Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) program that extends the video BIOS of SuperVGA video cards to make them compatible with the Video Electonics Standards Association (VESA) recommended Video BIOS Extensions (VBE).
UPAL11.ZIP 1994-08-29 00:00 64KUPAL v1.1. Underwear Palette changer.
UWF-CIRR.ZIP 1995-03-05 00:00 1.0KCirrus bug fix for U-WIDE10.
VECED300.ZIP 1995-04-27 00:00 334KThe Ultimate FREEWARE 3D vector editor Up to 1000 polygons Gouraud/Texture Online help system
VESAV50R.ZIP 1994-01-06 00:00 394KVESAVIEW v5.0 - View/Catalog/Print images.Supports BMP,GIF,JPG,PCX,TGA, TIF & IMG & HPGL plotter files. Create arrays up to 144 images/screen to use as graphic menus.Requires a Graphics card with VESA BIOS or driver & extended mem. Up to 1280x1024x256. 19 files - New:02-18-1994 Old:11-24-1993
VFD!15.ZIP 1996-04-20 00:00 76KVFD v1.5 (Video For DOS) is a DOS P command-line motion video cross- O compiler that creates and converts 3 I among FLI, FLC, AVI (lit & rle) 2 N formats plus MPG input. Reads and C T extracts BMP, RLE, DIB, TGA, PCX & 1 A B GIF. Resize, crop, dither, color 1 L R reduction, backwards, pingpong, L E mirror, chroma-key overlays, slide 4 A shows, id palettes, color channels 3 N K and more! Includes GeeWiz, the 6 O AVI player for DOS. PCX & GIF i/o 9 W B with registration. V1.5 adds 2 B transparency, numpic extensions, 5 S & 16,24-bit TGA extraction.
VGACAP80.ZIP 1991-12-26 00:00 92KCaptures VGA/SVGA pictures. Even: 1024x768x256!
VGASPEED.ZIP 1991-03-06 00:00 27KVGA benchmark.
VISTAPRO.ZIP 1993-06-28 00:00 188KVistaPro PC 3.00 DEMO. VistaPro is a 3-D landscape generator and projector capable of accurately displaying real-world and fractal landscapes. 386 and 4 MB RAM.
VIVID2.ZIP 1992-03-15 00:00 289KVivid 2.0 Raytracer! Compiled to run on any MS-DOS platform with a 286/287 or better. Includes a DOS extender that will use your extended memory. Supports numerous primi- tives, extended light sources, bump mapping, and fabulous textures. New features now include global transformations, clipping planes, include files, macros, spot lights new camera models, and much more!
VM05.ZIP 1993-11-26 00:00 75KÅÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÅ ÃV I R T U A L M O D E L L E R´ ÅÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÅ ³ Version 0.5 (Beta) ³ ³A 3D object modelling program ³ ³that allows you to create 3D ³ ³objects with a mouse and rotate³ ³them using various rendering ³ ³techniques. ³ ³Requires VGA, mouse, 386/486 ³ ³ Written by Chris Egerter ³ ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ
VMPEG17.ZIP 1995-08-05 00:00 540KVMPEG V1.7 Lite; full MPEG-1 video standard: I,P,B frames of arbitrary size; decodes layer II MPEG-1 audio in high quality stereo; plays MPEG video / WAVE audio file pairs
VPIC61E.ZIP 1994-02-02 00:00 245KVPIC v6.1e picture file viewer.
WBROT100.ZIP 1995-04-07 00:00 11KMagniBrot v1.0. Mandelbrot fractal examining program. ASM sources included. 386+VGA min.
WGT_SPR3.ZIP 1992-09-22 00:00 114KÖÄÄÄÄÄWordUp Sprite Creator Version 3.0ÄÄÄÄÄ· ºExcellent sprite designer for graphics º ºprogrammers. Many easy tools, variable zoomº ºand much more. Much better than any other º ºsprite editors out there. Supports many º ºfile formats: PCX, BLK, PAK, CEL. º ºSaves up to 200 sprites in one file. º ºGet the whole WGT system as well. º º(, º ÓÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄGET IT!ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄĽ
WJT-C03.ZIP 1995-12-12 00:00 100KWILDHARE JPEG Tester v0.3 This is the DOS command line version of the WILDHARE tester.
XFPAR.ZIP 1992-11-02 00:00 103KSome FractInt DataFiles
XOX310.ZIP 1994-01-26 00:00 266KGraphics file viewer/manipulation program in 32bit code. Supports 4 SVGA modes with video mode selection. Requires VESA.
ZRFW62.ZIP 1995-01-05 00:00 359KZRFileWks 6.2 Turbo - New 1995 shareware. ZIP, JPEG, UUE, GIF, ARJ, ARC, BMP, DIB, LZH, PCX, TIF, TGA, ZOO decoder, viewer, etc.