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4DIZZY95.ZIP 1996-10-27 00:00 55K4dizzy 0.95 4dizzy is the widely-acclaimed archive processor for both OS/2 and DOS. It's used to import file_id.diz information into 4dos/4os2 descriptions. 4dizzy should be enough for anyone! -Bill Gates
ACB17A.ZIP 1996-02-15 00:00 46Kacb17a Archiver v1.7a. Slow, but most dense packing archiver. Requires a fast machine and at least 8 MB RAM.
ACB_129B.ZIP 1996-11-30 00:00 42KAcb v1.29b compression program. Needs 486sx and 16mb of RAM.
ACE11A.EXE 1997-12-20 00:00 371KMS-DOS archiver ACE v1.1a
AIN22.ZIP 1994-07-01 00:00 100KAIN archiver v2.2. File and EXE compressor.
AM107.ZIP 1994-11-26 00:00 226KArcMaster v10.7 - Powerful archive system control program/shell.
AMGC22.ZIP 1993-11-01 00:00 29KAMGC v2.2, LHA like full featured archiver.SW
APACK066.ZIP 1998-02-11 00:00 49K< apack v0.66 Executable-packer > > the smaller the better < > The best exe/com-packer for < < smaller files! >
ARCHCK16.ZIP 1996-03-06 00:00 132Karchive checker and Repacker for ARJ LZH and ZIP archives - v1.6
ARCID122.ZIP 1996-07-16 00:00 40KArchive Identifier 1.22 - A utility for identifying ARC ARJ HYP LZH PAK RAR SQZ ZIP ZOO GIF JPG and BMP files by SIGNATURE, not extension, including self-extracting archives! Tiny and very fast. Other files can be filtered based on file extensions. For use in customized BBS upload batch files and similar archive testing applications. Excellent for PCBTEST.BAT or SLOWDRV.BAT use. Includes both DOS and 32-bit OS/2 versions!
ARCV71.ZIP 1995-06-21 00:00 87KARCVIEW v7.1 Fast shell for all common archive formats
ARI113V.ZIP 1996-08-19 00:00 94KARI Archiver for DOS v1.3v
ARI114C.ZIP 1996-09-25 00:00 115KARI 1.14c. High perfomance archiver by RAO.
ARJ250A.EXE 1996-08-11 00:00 270KARJ v2.50a - Official release of the file archiver ARJ, which has hundreds of options. 2.50a fixes wrong password handling.
ARJ260X.EXE 1997-12-20 00:00 344KARJ 2.60
ARJX17.ZIP 1995-04-16 00:00 25KARJX - to extract 'archives' created with the program ARJ v2.xx.
ARPA_12.ZIP 1996-03-30 00:00 26K/ / ARPA 1.2 \ \ Great Arj tool. Needs 4dos 5.x Supports ansi.sys and 2m. Must for all ARJ users, who has free HDD space. VERY FAST! Made by: Zack
ARX100.ZIP 1995-02-13 00:00 21KARX version 1.0 - Compression prog.
AU116-12.ZIP 1995-04-08 00:00 122KUniversal Archive Utilities v1.16.12 Standardized syntax for most common archivers.
AU202.ZIP 1997-01-04 00:00 48KARCHIVE UTILITY 2.02 Freeware, configurable. supports most major archivers available! ARJ, ARC, LHA, HAP, SQZ, DWC, PAK, ZIP 1.1 and 2.0, ICE, LHARC, LARC, UC2, HYPER, SDN, QWK,and ZOO. Uses MULTIPLE config files, so you can completely change AU's operation from a batch file. Preserves embedded directories, Can be run as an event to update all .ZIP files, or be used as an UPLOAD PROCESSOR. add comments or strip them from the files. SCAN
AUTO_10.ZIP 1994-06-16 00:00 192KAUTOZIP 1.0 is a menu driven shell for maintaining and creating ZIPs
AV412.ZIP 1994-12-14 00:00 64KAV.EXE: Archive viewer. Full-screen display of archive (ZIP, ARC, etc)
AVPCK122.ZIP 1993-04-26 00:00 24KAVPACK version 1.22 Executable File Compressor from Russia!
BINHEX13.ZIP 1993-03-16 00:00 45KPC BinHex 1.3 University of Minnesota 1992-1993 This Utility encodes binary files into a plain text format and decodes the resulting files into their original state.
BOA058.ZIP 1998-02-05 00:00 74KBOA V.0.58 packer for DOS.
BSA200.ZIP 1995-05-12 00:00 61KBSA 2.00 - Packing program
CHA1-2.ZIP 1995-01-27 00:00 25KChArc v1.2 - Compression prog.
CMPRESS.ZIP 1990-08-12 00:00 18KCOMPRESS ohjelman joka toimii MS-DOSsissa. Compress ohjelmalla voi purkka unixin .Z päätteiset tiedostot.
COMP430D.ZIP 1990-03-04 00:00 20KCompress / Decompress for DOS
CPK45.ZIP 1991-11-16 00:00 48KCompack 4.5 exe packer. Better than Diet and Pklite.
CRUNCH10.ZIP 1989-08-09 00:00 6.7KCruncher Version 1.0 - COM/EXE compressor
CRUSH13.EXE 1997-07-03 00:00 72KCrush v1.3 .cru files packer/unpacker
CRYSAF.UC2 1994-01-04 00:00 51KUltraCrypt & UltraSafe (DOS, OS/2).
CUP12.ZIP 1994-04-29 00:00 11KThe ultimate executables unpacker CUP v1.2
DFILES30.ZIP 1995-05-28 00:00 20KDoFiles: Uses PKZIP.EXE(C) to archive file extensions of same name using original file names. Erases files after archiving.
DIET145F.ZIP 1993-02-27 00:00 44KCompressor for text files, executables and overlays. TSR ability, enormous space saver
DRX110.ZIP 1993-06-29 00:00 34KCompressed files format checker.
ECA_U2PA.ZIP 1994-03-06 00:00 238KUltraCrypt and UltraSafe (AIP-NL)
ELITE.ZIP 1997-12-08 00:00 23KExeLITE /dos exe files compressor /ULTRAFAST
EXTRAC21.ZIP 1996-08-19 00:00 34KEXTRACT 2.10: Extract files from disk image using PKUNZIP UNARJ like syntax. You can extract files from floppy image created by WinImage (same author), DCF, DF, Sabdu, and many disk copy tools which create a disk image. Versions for DOS and for NT. You can create image and inject file on it. NOW FREEWARE - from France!
EZCOMP20.ZIP 1992-07-13 00:00 92KEZComp Version 2.0 Unix compatible compress/uncompress for DOS.
FREEZ231.ZIP 1992-01-13 00:00 31KFREEZE v2.31 UNIX style Freeze compression
FZC103.ZIP 1995-06-25 00:00 41KFast ZIP Cracker 1.03 FAST brute force and wordlist based password cracking. 386+
GIFLT210.ZIP 1995-01-06 00:00 65KGIFLITE 2.10, GIF-to-GIF Compressor GIFLITE
GIFPRS10.ZIP 1995-02-27 00:00 67KGIFPRESS v1.0 - effective GIF compressor and decompressor (approx. 15 percent.)
GTAR-EXE.ZIP 1994-06-21 00:00 109KGNU TAR for DOS.
GUS_195.ZIP 1995-03-15 00:00 42KGeneral Unpack Shell (GUS) v 1.95
GZIP-124.EXE 1994-01-12 00:00 116KGNU gzip v1.24 for MS-DOS. Purkaa Z/GZ paketit, joita saa FTP:llä usein
HA0999.ZIP 1995-01-12 00:00 89KHA v0.999, powerful but quite slow packer made in Finland. Sources included.
HAP40TD2.ZIP 1996-06-30 00:00 56KHamarsoft (R)'s HAP Version 4.0xtd HAP is a data compression program that generally outperforms many other datacompression programs.
HAP305BP.COM 1997-07-03 00:00 27KHap v3.05 .hap files packer/unpacker
IBACK113.ZIP 1998-02-10 00:00 2.8MInterBack v1.13 eliminates data loss. InterBack(TM) automatically transfers your files off-site to an internet host of your choosing. InterBack is the solution that automates the entire backup process for you. Your files are compressed using Zip format, encrypted (scrambled and password protected), cataloged, and transferred off-site without human involvement. When you need them, backup files will be available.
IBMNULIB.ZIP 1993-01-25 00:00 66KNuLib v3.2 NuFile exchange (nufx) Archive Utility
ICEB3R1.ZIP 1995-07-12 00:00 86KICE:LHA beta 3 release 1 LHA compression library for Windows. Create and manipulate
INF-UX55.ZIP 1995-01-15 00:00 19KUX v0.55 by Misha Released: EXE file unpacker
JAM125SW.ZIP 1995-03-10 00:00 205KThe JAM (tm) Real-Time Data Compression Utilities Version 1.25 shareware
JAR101CX.EXE 1996-12-29 00:00 487KJAR v1.01 - public BETA_2 TEST release of the new file archiver JAR from the makers of ARJ. JAR beats the leading archivers in both compression and features. JAR comes in DOS and Win95/WinNT versions and provides powerful features like multiple volumes, data recovery, file version management, and support for handling over 50,000 filenames.
JRC110.ZIP 1995-05-01 00:00 84KJRCHIVE 1.10 - JRchive is aprogram for compressing and storing files in an archive.
JUP_170E.ZIP 1995-12-26 00:00 148KJens's UnPacker 1.70 The JUP 1.70 program allows you to identify different types of archived files and to extract them without knowing the exact options. * CARDWARE *
KKC092.ZIP 1997-12-31 00:00 389K- Ketchup Killers Commander V0.92 - K E T C H U P K I L L E R S A freeware NC(c) Clone with many other functionalities - Use protected mode (pmode/w) - Support RAR, ZIP, ARJ, LHA. - Support more than 180 formats - An I.A.R. very useful (see hlp) - Quick Dir and fast trash. - Setup and other utilities - A HTML viewer - and more See USE.QWK for a quick use of KKC v0.92 The New Year 1998 Release by RedBug / Ketchup Killers
LDCD30A.ZIP 1995-04-12 00:00 35KLDcd v3.0a. Decodes UUEncoded files.
LHA.EXE 1996-08-11 00:00 35KLharc 2.55b
LIMIT12.ZIP 1994-05-02 00:00 29KLimit 1.2 - Data Compression Archive utility
LSIZE252.ZIP 1994-02-07 00:00 59KArchive re-sizer with LZH/ARJ/ZIP/RAR support
LZOP094W.ZIP 1997-10-28 00:00 53KLZOP compressor for DOS. V.094.
LZX100.LHA 1995-05-22 00:00 128KNEWEST file cruncher! Compresses files 50_ smaller than .lha!!! Get This!
MAR10.ZIP 1995-01-22 00:00 32KMAR Version 1.0 Micrognosis Compression Archiver
PAC135.ZIP 1994-10-20 00:00 121KCrossePAC - is a data compression utility which can produce archives in binary, 7-bit ASCII, or text format for maximum portability
PK361.EXE 1997-07-03 00:00 117KPKpak v3.61 .arc files packer/unpacker
PKLTE150.EXE 1995-04-10 00:00 38KPKLITE exepacker version 1.50
PKLTS201.EXE 1996-03-15 00:00 77KPKLite v2.01. PKWare's easy-to-use file compression programs used to compress DOS and Windows executable files.
PKPAS1.ZIP 1997-02-28 00:00 37Kkwareu - is a pkware ZIP viewer unit. It allows acess to key fields inside pkware's ziped type files. Pascal source included.
PKPRES21.ZIP 1993-08-12 00:00 47KPKpress 2 1 This utility scans directories CONVERTS 1 1 zip files to 2 04g! Fast, easy,
PKUNPAK.EXE 1993-06-04 00:00 15KARC loppuisille purkuohjelma
PKZ204G.EXE 1993-02-01 00:00 198KPKZIP V2.04g from PKWare BBS !
PREXCM55.ZIP 1995-03-22 00:00 42KProtect! EXE/COM v5.5 - Encrypts & compresses your EXE and COM files, protecting them from modification & reverse engineering.
PURS963.ARJ 1996-06-27 00:00 33KPURSIKKA V96.3 - Handy utility to extract fil ÿ-ÿNEW FEATURE: CFG FILE!ÿÿÿ No more troubles extracting files. Just type PUR [Packet_Name] and that's it! Recognizes files from their extensions. Now CFG file! -> All extensions supported (like ARJ, ZIP etc.)! Req: DOS 2.XX progs (like PKUNZIP). Works under Win95. Mus for modem owners! Not too big either! *FREEWA By Oskari Ojala (Solid Blue).
PUT334.ZIP 1994-10-10 00:00 211KPUT, GET and INSTALL Packers.
QUANT097.ZIP 1996-10-04 00:00 170KQuantum 0.97 beta. Archiver Quantum is a state-of-the-art data compressor which is designed to optimize for space over time. Three programs are included: PAQ, UNPAQ and QWIN.
RAR200.EXE 1996-09-17 00:00 261KThe RAR archiver v2.00 (release) for DOS Integrated archive manager ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - full screen interface / command-line driven - NEW compression algorithm, new modes: 'multimedia' and 'large dictionary' - recovery record option, FILE SORTING LIST - alternate Installation SFX, OS/2 SFX - management of non-RAR archives - RCVT aRchive ConVersion Tool
RAR202.EXE 1997-11-15 00:00 268KRar 2.02
RAR204.EXE 1998-09-25 00:00 266KHigh compression archive v2.04 for DOS (english)
RAR204D.EXE 1998-09-25 00:00 269KHigh compression archive v2.04 for DOS (deutch)
RERAR1B2.ZIP 1995-05-15 00:00 52KArchive to RAR format converter, incl. SFX archives, beta version.
RKIVE14.ZIP 1996-10-30 00:00 74KRKIVE file archiver v.1.14. Good compression, Win95 long names.
RV251.ZIP 1994-03-13 00:00 24KArchive lister for most formats with unusual = useful options.
RVS113.ZIP 1995-01-27 00:00 47KRVS-RView Shell, v1.13 Shell for viewing and extracting contents of several archive types.
SAR100.ZIP 1993-03-06 00:00 26KSAR Version 1.0 - Streamline Arching Utility
SHEZ109.ZIP 1995-11-09 00:00 384KSHEZ v10.9--Premier Compression Shell. ZIP,LHA,ZOO,ARC,ARJ,SQZ,PAK,UC2,HAP,RAR,
SKY115.ZIP 1997-07-09 00:00 56KSky Compressor v1.15 Coding : TuO Date : 09/07/97 Desc : This is a new powerful file compressor. Same comp ratio than arj or pkzip. Please try it and tell me what you think About it SMALLER, FASTER & BETTER THAN NEVER!!! NOW SUPPORT SELF EXTRACTING ARCHIVES LOTS OF BUG FIX IN FILE SELECTING! [FreeWare Prog] TuO / StG [ SkyTech Group ]
SQUISH10.ZIP 1992-09-25 00:00 15KSQUISH version 1.0 - Simple archiving util
SQZ1083E.ZIP 1993-01-27 00:00 117KSQZ is a file-compresser/archiver.
SYSPACK.ZIP 1993-08-26 00:00 14KCompression utility for device driver files
SZIP_104.ZIP 1997-08-10 00:00 100KSZIP Compressor for DOS.
TAR.ZIP 1991-06-26 00:00 27KUNIXin TAR -ohjelma MSDOSsille.
TAR320C-.ZIP 1995-04-02 00:00 172KPortable Tar v3.20 is a tool to save files to archive media and restore them back again.
TC_FS10.ZIP 1995-08-19 00:00 20KTOMER SASSON - The Chronic Presents Funky Split 1.0 A Util For ZIP Filez A Must !
TINYP3_9.ZIP 1994-03-11 00:00 83KTinyProg v3.9
TOADUU21.ZIP 1994-01-13 00:00 24KUUENCODE/UUDECODE v2.1 for MS-DOS by David Kirschbaum (
U-ARCK21.ZIP 1997-02-15 00:00 192Karchive checker and Repacker for ARJ LZH RAR ZIP [SFX].EXE v2.1 Compact program employing alone- standing component utils. Virus scanning with AVSCAN, F-PROT, SCAN & TBSCAN or keyword/version/ searches, FileType identification Archive modifying, repacking and shortcuts. Cmdline Archive Lister New: Support for archiver RAR
UC2INS.EXE 1994-01-04 00:00 167KUltraCompressor II (DOS, OS/2)
UC2PRO.ZIP 1995-05-31 00:00 395KAIP-NL UltraCompressor II PRO Datacompressing
UC2R3.EXE 1997-07-03 00:00 240KUltracompressor II .uc2 files packer/unpacker
UC2R3.ZIP 1995-05-29 00:00 239KUltra Compressor II (UC2) revision 3 This is a subset of UC2 professional.
UC237B.EXE 1996-06-27 00:00 400KUltracompressor II v2.27 Beta. Very dense compression, fast, bunch of accompanying tools.
UE.EXE 1994-07-18 00:00 98KUltraExpander II (DOS & OS/2)
UHARC02.ZIP 1997-12-21 00:00 101KU H A R C V.0.2. Public beta. (C) Uwe Herkloz 21.12.97 - Min req 386/2 Meg memory DOS. Great COMPRESSION ratio. Good DECOMPRESSION speed. Build in MULTIMEDIA DETECTION /COMPRESS. This version of Uharc may contain bugs: REPORT THEM TO Uwe Herklotz Email.
UINFO.ZIP 1994-01-04 00:00 5.2KDetailed description of UltraCompressor II
UN21.ARJ 1995-07-13 00:00 33KUN-Unpack Util 2.1
UNARJ241.EXE 1993-11-26 00:00 54KThis is the UNARJ 2.41 public release+sources
UNP411.ZIP 1995-05-30 00:00 35KUNP V4.11 Executable file expander
UNZ512X3.EXE 1994-08-28 00:00 231KInfo Zip's ZIP extractor. Fast 386 version
UNZ532X3.ZIP 1997-11-10 00:00 235KINFO-ZIP'S FREE Unzip v.532 x3 FOR DOS. Both 16 & 32 bit exclutables.
UUCODE20.ZIP 1993-01-22 00:00 132KUUCODE version 2.0 UNIX compatible multi-part UU Encoder and Decoder for win3.x
UUDO11.ZIP 1993-01-25 00:00 15KAutomatic Multi-part & multi-file uudecoder.
UUEXE525.ZIP 1993-12-03 00:00 32KUUENCODE/UUDECODE v5.25
UUP14.ZIP 1993-01-21 00:00 14KUUP - Universal EXE-file UnPacker [Version 1.4]
WTAR141U.ZIP 1995-01-20 00:00 144KWinTAR - TAR (Tape ARchive) for Windows 1.4
WWP304.ZIP 1996-01-06 00:00 156KWWPACK is a powerful EXE file compressor. The tightest compression.
WWP305B1.ZIP 1996-07-14 00:00 43KWWPACK is a powerful EXE file compressor. The tightest compression. Squeezes EXE files, compresses relocation tables, optimizes headers, protects EXE files from hacking. Beta version! Program: WWPACK Version: 3.05
WWP305B4.ZIP 1996-12-01 00:00 59KWWPACK is a powerful EXE file compressor. The tightest compression. Squeezes EXE files, compresses relocation tables, optimizes headers, protects EXE files from hacking. Beta version! Program: WWPACK Version: 3.05 SubVersion: beta4 Release: 1 December 1996 Archive: wwp305b4.ZIP Diskset: [1/1] Category: EXE compression advanced package Authors: Piotr Warezak and Rafal Wierzbicki Requirements: none Execution: WWPACK.EXE
X1DOS94C.ZIP 1996-02-03 00:00 242Kx1dos v9.4c beta. Archiver compatible with ARJ LHA ZIP ZOO HA, multilingual interface, high-performance algorithms. Freeware.
X1DOS94H.ZIP 1996-06-16 00:00 X1 archiver v0.94h for DOS. Req:386+ *Beta* JOB(free)WARE 32 bit packer. Compresses several files into a single file. Command-line controlled. Compresses to many compatible archiver formats (X,ZIP,ARJ,LZH,ZOO,..). Help-screen messages in 10 languages. Full manual in 3 languages.
X1DOS94M.ZIP 1996-08-20 00:00 X1 archiver v0.94m for DOS. Req:386+ *Beta* 32 bit archiver. Distribute freely. No selling for profit.
X1MAN94J.ZIP 1996-08-28 00:00 X1 archiver manual/docs for versions around 0.94j English/UK x1user.doc updated to 0.94j with new options danish/DK x1user.doc updated to 0.94j level French/FR x1user.doc added and corrected (english sentences removed) Changed x1disclaimer.?? for all languages (by S.V.) to more/less extent Czech tools(+source) added. X1
YAC102.EXE 1997-07-03 00:00 75KYAC v1.02 .yc files packer/unpacker
YAC102.ZIP 1995-09-01 00:00 67KFull featured new Lithuanian archiver using EMS for better compression.
Z257UP.ZIP 1995-07-08 00:00 110KZip Studio API/Shell 2.57 upgrade. This file includes some new modules for the Zip Studio toolkits. Zip Studio Shell/API 2.x are reduired.
ZCP301.ZIP 1995-02-07 00:00 175KZip Chunker Pro 3.01 - Fast! ARC, ARJ, LHZ, ZIP Splitter for DOS, OS/2, & Win32. ZCP by Jibben Software splits and sizes all types of files, including archived files. Will split to a size to fit specific floppy format or to user determined size. Files except archives can be rejoined. Supports ARC, ARJ, PKZIP (1.1/2.x), LZH, and HYP. Archives can be split so that they will extract to fit on a specific floppy size.
ZCR22X.ZIP 1997-11-03 00:00 211KINFO-ZIP'S Free zip v.2.2 for DOS. With encryptation.
ZDIFF23.ZIP 1996-04-16 00:00 89KZDiff 2.3 visually compares directories, archives and lists - any combination! it's FAST ! Compares ZIP, ARJ, LHA, LZH, PAK, ARC, ZOO. 32-bit or 16-bit CRC comparison. Diffs color highlighted in two synchronized windows, Turbo Vision user interface. A VERY powerful tool, easy to use, saves time! Upl/Auth:C.Dubourg
ZIEW20.ZIP 1997-05-30 00:00 36KZIEW v2.0 - THE free archive viewer. Shows 2 archive indexes side-by-side, color coded, for comparison or viewing. Shows path, name, size, date, time, and CRC, optionally sorted. Supports ZIP ARJ LZH RAR HA ARC PAK HAP ZOO SQZ ARI LBR DWC and HYP formats, mice, and filename searching. Automatically finds identical files. Can run/view files stored in archive by calling the archiver. Free.
ZIP22X.ZIP 1997-11-03 00:00 187KINFO-ZIP'S Free zip v.2.2 for DOS.
ZIPCOM.ZIP 1994-11-27 00:00 9.1KZIPCOM - ZIP file comment changer. Add or remove comments from all ZIPped files.
ZIPDEL20.ZIP 1994-05-26 00:00 15KZipDel v2.0. deletes old zips.
ZIPGOLD4.ZIP 1997-01-25 00:00 53KZ I P G O L D V0.4
ZIPPIZ11.EXE 1995-05-18 00:00 933KArchiving Utility
ZIPSCP10.ZIP 1993-12-19 00:00 36KZIPSCRUB v1.0. Compares contents of a backup ZIP with files of respective directory and deletes superfluous files from the ZIP.
ZM33.EXE 1994-07-26 00:00 138KZipMaster v3.2 - ZIP archive control system.
ZOO210.EXE 1997-07-03 00:00 54KZOO Archiver for DOS. v2.10
ZPRO224.ZIP 1995-05-24 00:00 450KZIP'R Pro For DOS v2.24 H.D. Tripler!
ZZAP66A.ZIP 1993-01-05 00:00 98KUniversal automated archive conversion. Supports all known archive programs. Convert archive type, test integrity, scan for viruses, validate program CRC's. Properly handles nested archives. NEW, support for self-extracting archives (SFX). Fully configurable. Several user hooks supported.