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$BASE-21.ZIP 1995-09-11 00:00 71KModem Init Strings - Database v2.1 Search quickly your Modem Init String The database contains a lot off Init Strings Requires a VGA graphics card with 640x480 This program replace the following programs INIT-200.* INIT-FIN.* and INIT-ALL.*
0204T2B1.ZIP 1996-02-14 00:00 586KTERMINATOR 2, ver. 2.04b, file 1 of 4 *FREE* DOS comms. program with multiple task- windows (great w. Warp/Windows) Internet/ISDN speeds up to 115,200 bps while using integral QWK'em mail reader, File or ftp Navigators or its TETRIS game or a CD-ROM. ripscrip & Fido! Powerful REXX-like Script Language. SmartPad, MouseMenu(TM). Comprehensive Fax Manager and cost management incl. Long Distance Carriers, Zmodem, Compuserve B+, Kermit and Voicecalls!
0204T2B2.ZIP 1996-02-14 00:00 601KTERMINATOR 2, v2.04b, file 2 of 4 NEW: leech the Internet w. our ftp Navigator! Communications Server handles Ansaphone, Fax, Fido Mailer OR Data calls to IEMSI /ANSI Host on single line with RingWatcher(tm) if you've an adaptive answer modem! Xlation, Keyboard & Faxfont editor(inc. cyrillic,arabic) Use SVGA modes. ISDN, Fossil, Network, Zmodem, Prestel ZIP viewing. 8086 vers.(80286+code: 0204t2a6) BOTH files 1 & 2 are needed for installation!
0204T2B3.ZIP 1996-02-14 00:00 234KTERMINATOR 2, ver. 2.04b, file 3 of 4 ripscrip(TM)1.54 graphics in the Terminal AND the QWK'em Offline MailReader AND Prestel AND ZIP.EXE means this is the most complete comms program available. If you've never tried full colour online graphics, point&click interface and autolearn scripting - then download this! Automatic option with more than 500 modems to pick from makes installation simple. This 3rd file of 4 is optional for a full installation
0204T2B4.ZIP 1996-02-14 00:00 682KTERMINATOR 2, v2.04b, file 4 of 4 Better Help file & lots of complementary 3rd party programs make T2 the most comprehensive communication suite available. SAM'ed, a Fido (tm) and SQUISH (tm) compatible Tosser/Editor /Scanner/Reader included for free use by kind consent of QWK'em's author. Sponsors' files will unpack to give a new phonebook and extra files in ..\SPONSOR\ directory. Last optional archive completes TERMINATOR 2 installation.
315MOUSE.ZIP 1991-04-03 00:00 2.7KLogitech mouse menu for Telix v3.15
336NOW1.ZIP 1996-06-26 00:00 656KUpgrades old 28.8k supra faxmodems to 33.6k. Only for units with flash
500TER.ZIP 1997-08-16 00:00 1.4MTERMINATE 5 The Final Datacomms Terminal!..... Extremely Powerful Terminal Program w. many Features: BBS system with Fidonet- Mailer/Events/IEMSI, Fax System, VT100, VT220, ANSI, Avatar, Cost Calculation, File Manager, Full Fidonet Mailsystem for Points/Nodes, Scripts, CAPI 1.1, ISDN B-Channel Bundling, Doorway NOW! X2 and 56k Flex supported, Internal ISDN CAPI
ACOM302.ZIP 1997-01-30 00:00 55KACOM V3.02 Copyright (C) 1990-1997 by Matthias Paul FreeWare all-in-one serial port main- tenance utility (German) to assist you solving your serial port hardware, BIOS, or DOS problems. Allows to search for, install, test, analyze, and setup your COM-ports to any setting supported by your hardware. Also supports special ports at unusual IO-addresses, more than 2/4 ports at a time,
ADF_142.ZIP 1996-11-03 00:00 32KADF v1.42 serial port FOSSIL driver ADF is a serial port FOSSIL driver for high speed modem users. Supports FIFO uarts 16550, 16650 and 16750, 115200 bps, any port, any IRQ, any FIFO trigger level, FOSSIL rev level 5 and multitasking environments (such as Windows 3, Windows 95 and OS/2).
ANS37D.ZIP 1994-04-13 00:00 269KANSWER v3.7d used with a supported voice mail card or modem with voice support is a voice mail and telephone answering system.
ANTI130.ZIP 1995-01-29 00:00 72KAntiAd v1.30 - The ultimate BBS ad detection and removal utility. For DOS and OS/2
AP102.ZIP 1991-04-15 00:00 74KAdds minor enhancements to Telix
AT-4-DOS.ZIP 1992-12-12 00:00 35KAT-komentoja suoraan DOS:sta (com1..4, my”s
AUTOPASS.ZIP 1989-08-02 00:00 1.9KTelix addon for password from phone directory
AUTO_GEN.ZIP 1988-07-11 00:00 3.9KGenerate scripts for Telix 3.0 automaticly
AUTO_RUN.ZIP 1990-04-10 00:00 6.2KExecute Telix script at specified time of day
BCOM.ZIP 1995-04-18 00:00 100KBananaCom is a VERY simple com program.
BDOS_260.ZIP 1996-04-07 00:00 202KBinkleyTerm 2.6
BGFAX170.ZIP 1997-03-01 00:00 400KBGFAX 1.70 [01-Mar-97] - DOS, OS/2, Win32 Send faxes from the command line and get results via errorlevel. Detailed logging! Receive faxes with your BBS software or FidoNet mailer! Works with most modems!
BIMPRO36.ZIP 1994-05-09 00:00 125KBImodem PRO (PAMPA) v3.6: A new full protocol. Supports 4dos comments. etc etc etc!
BITLXMNP.ZIP 1989-10-23 00:00 9.3KAdd BiModem to Telix used with MNP modems
BNU202.ZIP 1990-01-23 00:00 73KBnu Fossil Driver 2.02
BOYAN5A.ZIP 1991-05-28 00:00 169KBOYAN 5.0 terminal program for DOS. Works quite well under OS/2 DOS too...
CALLIN10.ZIP 1994-10-10 00:00 19KCallInfo v1.0: See who is calling before you answer the telephone. CID required.
CEXYZ100.ZIP 1993-08-16 00:00 56KA FreeWare X, Y, and Zmodem protocol driver
CFOS202.ZIP 1997-03-18 00:00 539Kcfos/DOS 2.02 - COM Port Emulator for ISDN CAPI ISDN CAPI FOSSIL Driver and INT 14 emulator for highest cps-rates. Allows applications to communicate via ISDN using any CAPI. Supports multiple COM ports simultaneously, controlled by a powerful AT command set. Supports CAPI 1.1 and 2.0, fast dynamic channel bundling, X.31, V.120, V.42bis data compression, BTX, analogue modem and time synchronisation.
COMMO75.ZIP 1997-11-07 00:00 203KäCOMMO} 7.5 - High-performance DOS-based terminal program. Gives better results in Win95 and OS/2 than native apps. Famous for speed, reliability and versatility. The easy and comprehensive macro programming language addresses almost any communications need. äCOMMO} is very friendly to the visually impaired. This release lets you access the entire documentation in Online Help! Shareware.
CONEX71.ZIP 1995-10-10 00:00 76KCONEX 7.1 - terminal program Supports com1 - com4 (50-115200 baud), Interrupt 14, etc
CPD110.ZIP 1991-02-23 00:00 6.2KAutoload of CPD protocol for Telix
CTSSPU.ZIP 1995-02-20 00:00 150KCTS SERIAL PORT UTILS v2.3: Fix comm problems
CYBR150.ZIP 1995-12-02 00:00 830KCyberCom v1.50. DOS Communication package. Background dialing and file transferring with standard protocols, filemanager, tagger etc.
DEPTY309.ZIP 1994-01-07 00:00 382KÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ³ > DEPUTY Comms Software Latest V.3.09 < ³ ³ POWERFUL! Supports: VT102/VT220/320/Wyse³ ³ ANSI/Prestel/Minitel. Fully configurable³ ³ Zmodem etc. with history logs. MNP5. ³ ³ Scripts with auto-learn. Multi-lingual! ³ ³ Scrollback, Background transfers, Mouse.³ ³ Also supports NACS, MSK, INT14, 16550's.³ ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ
DSZ0607.ZIP 1995-06-07 00:00 90KGSZ 7.6.95 COM version
DSZ0607X.ZIP 1995-06-07 00:00 39KGSZ 7.6.95 EXE version
EXCALIBR.ZIP 1993-11-03 00:00 130KExcalibur-bokseihin vaadittava termis, toimii Windowsin alta, versio 0.45
EXTPRO.WAS 1993-01-14 00:00 7.0KHow to install external (DOS) protocols for ProComm Plus for Windows.
EZYD2.ZIP 1995-01-01 00:00 36KNice Cmnd-Line Phone/Dig. Little dialer for use on the command-line and in batch files
FAX170H.ZIP 1997-07-18 00:00 283KBG-Fax v1.70 Beta H. Needs BGFAX170.ZIP. Fax/Data program for sysops.
FAX170M.ZIP 1997-08-01 00:00 289KBGFax 1.70, beta M You must have dloaded BGFAX170.ZIP
FAX170P.ZIP 1997-08-13 00:00 290KBGFax 1.70, beta P You must have dloaded BGFAX170.ZIP
FIXCFG5.ZIP 1997-08-03 00:00 5.6KA UTILITY FROM TERMINATE Upgrades Configuration from version . 4.00 to version 5.00 fast and easy! . Unpack in \ter500 and Run: fixcfg5 . FREEWARE
FREECDOC.ZIP 1995-03-14 00:00 152KDocuments for Delrina Freecomm
FREECOMM.EXE 1995-03-08 00:00 868KFreecomm for dos from delrina
FSTML226.ZIP 1991-05-29 00:00 206KFASTMAIL is a menu driven mailing list program. Program is easy to use.
FUUD.ZIP 1994-03-12 00:00 4.6KMulti-part FTPMail uudecoder.
FX550106.ZIP 1994-02-25 00:00 8.0KFIX16550 device driver v01.06.01. Fixes a problem with AMI BIOSes and 16550 UARTS (used in hi-speed modems and serial boards). Also adds COM3: and COM4: to systems that don't see them. Updated with 8514/A option. Operates as a NON- RESIDENT device driver added to the beginning of CONFIG.SYS, and the fix is automatic.
GIFLK112.ARJ 1995-02-15 00:00 195KGIFLink v1.12 - View transmitting GIF images in stunning SuperVGA graphics
GLBSEC34.ZIP 1995-07-04 00:00 136KGLOBAL SECURITY - VERSION 3.40 A Data Security Program! Uses the One Time Pad System. Encipher, transmit, then decipher your data at the other end. Safe from the super computers of the National Security Agency (NSA). Compress multiple files into one for enciphering. Wipe original files. Uses High Radix 64 File Format for use on all E-Mail Services. Perform Phi and Chi Tests on enciphered files. A MUST HAVE PROGRAM.
GRTMSG2.ZIP 1994-07-05 00:00 694KGreeting Messages for ZFAX.
GRTMSG4.ZIP 1994-06-30 00:00 1.4MGreeting Messages for ZFAX.
GSZ0920.ZIP 1994-04-05 00:00 110KX/Y/Zmodem protocol driver. Graphics version.
GT1800A.ZIP 1993-07-22 00:00 119KGT Power v18.00 [08-01-93] - The Rolls Royce of Communications ilke„v„t jotkut sanoa. No, joka tapauksess„ kyseess„ on j„lleen ns. t„y- dellinen tietoliikenneohjelma. Mukana t„ydel- liset(?) is„nt„kone- ja p„„teominaisuudet ja tuki my”s telekopioliikenteelle. Lis„sokerina mm soittajan tunnus, QWK-pakettien k„sittely ja DIZ-propagandan hoito, OS/2-, Win ja DESQ- view-seurustelu. Edelleen sujuvat pakattujen tiedostojen nuuskinta, skriptien k„ytt” ym ym joillekin tarpeelinen toiminta. On sharewarea Actively produced/supported by P&M Software V„hemm„n aktiivisesti jaossa ?BBS Helsingiss„
GT1800B.ZIP 1993-07-22 00:00 216KGT Power v18.00 [08-01-93]
GT1800C.ZIP 1993-07-24 00:00 131KGT Power v18.00 [08-01-93]
GT1800D.ZIP 1993-07-10 00:00 95KGT Power v18.00 [08-01-93]
HC108PCE.ZIP 1996-12-01 00:00 279KHydraCom 1.08, a bi-directional protocol like BiModem and HS/Link.
HS121C5.ZIP 1995-03-24 00:00 133KHS/Link External Protocol BETA TEST 24.3.95
HSD114B7.ZIP 1993-07-18 00:00 50KWindows DLP HS/Link Protocol BETA As of 3:08 pm, Friday, September 24, 1993 This is a special version of HS/Link designed for use with ProComm Plus for Windows in the Windows environment.
HSTAG12C.ZIP 1994-02-24 00:00 5.0KHS-TAG v1.2c, Great HS-LINK upload TAGGER, HS-TAG v1.2c Great HS-LINK upload TAGGER, 101_ configurable, can use with any external protocol. Finnish .DOC's ;( Make English vers. for me :)
HS_INST3.ZIP 1993-08-25 00:00 94KHS-INST2.ZIP Contains instructions and setup files to help install the HS/Link protocol in most COMM and BBS programs.
ICOM201A.ZIP 1994-06-06 00:00 332KIntellicomm communications, v2.01 [1 of 3].
ICOM201B.ZIP 1994-06-06 00:00 358KIntellicomm communications, v2.01 [2 of 3].
ICOM201C.ZIP 1994-06-06 00:00 321KIntellicomm communications, v2.01 [3 of 3].
ILNK099C.ZIP 1996-07-03 00:00 238Kilink/2 v0.99b - a PM drop-in replacement for IBM's 'Dial Other Internet Provider'. Includes redial, reconnect, multiple numbers, CPS/Bytes meters and more.
INIT-200.ZIP 1993-03-25 00:00 43KModem Init Strings v2.00. Database contains more than 400 strings for modems.
ISO.ZIP 1995-02-17 00:00 784 ISO-Latin-1 merkistö muunnos (Trans-Send Win)
IZM110.ZIP 1995-05-15 00:00 131KIceZmodem (IZM) v1.1 protocol-chat, dos, Editor,MORE!
JVFAX60.ZIP 1993-10-01 00:00 223KA fax-program
KAUKO13.ZIP 1995-07-05 00:00 27K(C) MAXPROSE ASSOCIATION / BORA HORZA KAUKO-puhelinlaskujen laskija 1.3
KERM312.ZIP 1992-09-30 00:00 222KKermit v3.12 PC-koneille.
KERSAMP.EXE 1994-02-14 00:00 155KTeleSammon oma - Suora yhteys ohjelma V.1.3
KMW077.ZIP 1994-01-27 00:00 91KKermit for Windows version 0.77.
LOGGER30.ZIP 1993-01-03 00:00 66KLogger 3.0 - Keeps a log of program usage times
LYNC30.ZIP 1993-10-13 00:00 36KLync 3.0 - Terminal Program. All in one terminal! This is better than Terminate, Telemate, Telix or Boyan. And all in 40KB!
LZMODEM.ZIP 1994-10-26 00:00 171KLIGHTNING Z-MODEM 1.01
MMT100E.ZIP 1995-02-25 00:00 451KThe MultiMedia Terminal v1.00. Ansi & Zmodem
MODEM416.ZIP 1995-07-28 00:00 34KFaxModem Wizard,, Ver 4.16
MODEMD60.ZIP 1995-01-01 00:00 152KModem Doctor 6.0S,modem/uart diagnostics The premier modem/uart system utility. Ver 6 tests ports, IRQ's, & modem self- connect tests, handshake tests & more than 60 others. Support for IRQ 2-15, Digiboards, Burst tests measure thruput and handshaking, ID's all active IRQ's motherboard type and much more!
MOTERM24.ZIP 1994-01-29 00:00 210K100_ mouse driven Terminal Package from Canada. Low registration cost. Easy set up full online help and much more. Uses zmodem for speed etc . Config for 4 comm ports modems from 2400 baud to 16,800 baud direct from the author. Begware Software, must be seen to be believed uses GSZ (not included) gsz is the graphical version of Zmodem (dsz) newest Version # 2.4 use the mouse to click on remote menus etc.
MPMOD160.ZIP 1994-01-01 00:00 150KDesqview-aware X/Y/Zmodem transfer program.
MSKERM31.ZIP 1995-06-22 00:00 714KMS-DOS Kermit 3.14a distrib version
MSVIBM.ZIP 1995-01-12 00:00 714KMS-DOS Kermit v3.14
NAUT10.ZIP 1995-08-27 00:00 77KNautilus 1.0, encrypted conversation over a modem line. SoundBlaster and a fast modem required (modem should be 14k4 or better)
ND250S.ZIP 1994-11-26 00:00 621KNetDial 2.5. Internet dialer with many featr.
ODYS200A.ZIP 1994-02-14 00:00 274KODYSSEY v2.0, general purpose, full featured communications program from TRIUS. (1/2)
ODYS200B.ZIP 1994-02-14 00:00 95KODYSSEY v2.0, general purpose, full featured communications program from TRIUS. (2/2)
PDZM124.ZIP 1996-04-08 00:00 88KPDZM V1.24 (04/96 - P. Mandrella) Public Domain Zmodem protocol; English and German user interface and documentation.
PROQWK.ZIP 1993-07-03 00:00 16KQWK packet renaming script for Procomm+ for Windows
QCOM318A.ZIP 1994-11-26 00:00 266KQCOM v3.18. A compact communications pgm.
QMFONMV.ZIP 1993-09-02 00:00 14KQMODEM 5.0 Phone directory record mover C sources included!
QSMODEM.ZIP 1994-07-10 00:00 1.0KSmodem asetukset qmodemille
ROBOC430.ZIP 1995-02-10 00:00 512KROBOCOMM -- Version 4.3 -- File 1 of 1 The latest update of the *ultimate* tool for unattended BBS communications! Works with PCBoard AND Wildcat BBS Systems. Includes a full script language for others. Build comprehensive databases of available files. Upload and download files and mail automatically! OS/2, Windows & DesqView aware. Fully functional Shareware from Parsons Consulting!
ROBOFX_1.ZIP 1993-11-11 00:00 1.3MRoboBOARD/FX is a highly integrated GUI based communications system.
ROBOFX_2.ZIP 1993-08-09 00:00 118KRoboBOARD/FX is a highly integrated GUI based communications system.
RSAREF10.ZIP 1995-03-22 00:00 99KRSAREF 1.0: Cryptographic toolkit for email
SKAN110.ZIP 1996-03-27 00:00 4.1KSkanditulkki telixille! Nyt saat oikeat skandit ruudullesi vanhojen ansisotkujen sijaan esim. ryhm„keskustelussa.
SLIP_IT!.EXE 1995-02-22 00:00 322KSLIP_IT! v1.0b - a set of (dos based) tcp/ip applications for automatic up- and download of mail and news with SLIP, in conjunction with an offlinereader. Freeware.
SMURF11D.ZIP 1992-09-18 00:00 24KSmurf kaukokäyttöohjelma remote shelliksi
SREADER.ZIP 1995-07-14 00:00 10KSMODEM LOG FILE READER With this little tool you can browse your smodem log file
SUP2TM11.ZIP 1994-05-14 00:00 8.1K************( SUPRT2TM v1.1 )*************** Converts Technical Support BBS List (SUPRTxxx.LST) made by Digicom BBS to Telemate Dialing Directory Format. This version works with current versions of SUPRT.LST including SUPRT405.LST. Freeware by ********************************************
SYNZM10.ZIP 1997-01-01 00:00 53K. [ synzm v1.00 ] . [Synopsis/EOH] High Performance ZModem Nice Screen layout A lot of Counters User info on screen Realtime UserDoes.X Updating! 8k Blocks (ZedZap) Timeslice releasing Remote Access 2.xx Supported Fast Fossil and UART Support Ofcourse made by Synopsis Release Date: 01 - 01 - 1996
T-FIN-14.ZIP 1994-02-04 00:00 141KTerminate 1.xx suomenkieliset avusteet Asenna ohjelman asennuksen yhteydess„
T-SIGN.ZIP 1996-10-27 00:00 7.3KA UTILITY FROM TERMINATE TerMail Large signatures in messages. FREEWARE
TC_KR316.ZIP 1995-06-07 00:00 393KTOMER SASSON - The Chronic Presents MS-Kermit, Version 3.16 [o1/o1]
TEBI112.ZIP 1995-08-19 00:00 70KTELEBILL v1.12 freeware puhelinlaskuri Ohjelma joka arvioi modeemilla soitettettujen puheluiden hinnat
TELIX7B.ZIP 1992-12-14 00:00 2.4KTelix V3.20 termikseen 7-bittiset skandi- k„„nn”staulukot nimettyn„ siten, ett„ ohjelma ottaa ne automaattisesti k„ytt””n. Kytkentää. Zmodem ja paljon muuta.
TELIX351.ZIP 1996-05-01 00:00 662Kä Telix Communications v3.51 ) Fast, powerful, and easy to use. 12 file transfer protocols, 200 + modem setups, terminal emulation, dialing directory, 2 powerful script languages, scroll-back and BBS HOST mode, keyboard macros, new development team, many more new features. Semi-major update from version 3.22.
TERMISKA.ZIP 1993-05-26 00:00 1.1KTerminaten skandien muutostaulukko: setri.xlt
TLX322-1.ZIP 1994-01-31 00:00 169K---> Telix Communications v3.22, 1 of 4 <---
TLX322-2.ZIP 1994-01-31 00:00 65K---> Telix Communications v3.22, 2 of 4 <---
TLX322-3.ZIP 1994-01-31 00:00 199K---> Telix Communications v3.22, 3 of 4 <---
TLX322-4.ZIP 1994-01-31 00:00 178K---> Telix Communications v3.22, 4 of 4 <---
TLX322N.ZIP 1994-02-03 00:00 5.0KList of new features/fixes in Telix v3.22
TLXONLI2.ZIP 1995-02-13 00:00 104KTelix Online Calculator for DBASE IV 2.0 Includes EXE and source PRG.
TM-L150.ZIP 1993-09-14 00:00 8.7KTM-Lasku 1.49b. Laskee TM:n puhelu määrät.
TM.KEY 1993-03-15 00:00 512 7-bittisten skandien käännöstaulukko Telemateen
TM421-1.ZIP 1996-02-06 00:00 164KTELEMATE 4.21, Powerful comm program, 1 of 4
TM421-2.ZIP 1996-02-06 00:00 226KTELEMATE 4.21, Powerful comm program, 2 of 4
TM421-3.ZIP 1996-02-06 00:00 165KTELEMATE 4.21, Powerful comm program, 3 of 4
TM421-4.ZIP 1996-02-06 00:00 224KTELEMATE 4.21, Powerful comm program, 4 of 4
TMET031.ZIP 1994-06-07 00:00 42KTelixin scriptejä Metropoli-yhteyden automatisoimiseksi. Toiminee myös muissa PcBoard-purkeissa soveltuvin osin. Lähdekoodi mukana. Versio 0.31
TMFIN10.ZIP 1990-04-03 00:00 15KSkandit Telemateen
TMHST24A.ZIP 1993-05-24 00:00 32KTmhost24A beta host for Telemate. Now uses HsLink. This also has options of open/closed Board, Off hook for local log ons, and a choice of using Files.lst listing so you can display Comments with your file listings. 10 message areas. This has all the files you need to start right up.
TMISO.ZIP 1994-06-22 00:00 834 ISO-skandien käännöstaulukko Telemateen. Näyttää oikein myös 7 bit -skandit.
TMRING.ZIP 1992-01-06 00:00 289KSoundblaster tuki Telematelle.
TMSOLO42.ZIP 1994-04-08 00:00 20KSkriptejä Telematen ja SYP:n Solo-mikropalvelun käyttäjille. Infotel / TeleSampo / PCUF. Maksujen tallennus ennen soittoa.
TOSSU.ZIP 1993-06-22 00:00 74KTOSSU.EXE Versio 1.1 TOSSU on puhelinlaskun laskija TELIX:in k„ytt„jille. Ohjelma laskee TELIX:in .USE - tiedoston perusteella paljonko rahaa ja aikaa on soittamiseen mennyt ja siten auttaa optimoimaan oman modeemilla soittelun. Ominaisuuksia: - t„ysin suomenkielinen, my”s dokumentointi - tariffit: * t„ysin k„ytt„j„n m„„ritelt„vi„ * yli 20 tariffia m„„ritelt„viss„ * tariffit p„iv„- ja aika-riippuvaisia (ilta-alennukset,
TS3M.ZIP 1995-01-04 00:00 357KTeleShare/DOS Ver 3.00 Versatile remote access shareware package. Good basic Remote Support and access to 115200 baud.
TXZM241.ZIP 1994-10-03 00:00 42KTXZM ZMODEM PROTOCOL DRIVER - Fast zmodem etc
TYPS11.ZIP 1995-02-21 00:00 14KTYPE SModem.$$$ v1.1. Views smodem logfile.
TZMOD20.ZIP 1995-05-27 00:00 90KTZmodem v2.0 - X/Y/Zmodem (8k) file transfer protocol driver. Low-cost shareware.
UARTS21.ZIP 1993-02-15 00:00 6.9KUARTS is a resident (TSR) real-time serial port monitor.
UUFILL.ZIP 1996-12-24 00:00 7.0KUufill is a program that restores uuencoded files which were corrupted by mailer/news-servers due to the old mail/uuencode conflict.
VFC2_0A.ZIP 1994-08-20 00:00 60KvFAST protocol v 2.0
VT.ZIP 1991-01-05 00:00 75KPIENI VT 200 EMULAATTORI
WHY073B.ZIP 1994-12-31 00:00 13KDisconnect reason/link stat reporter 4 ZyXEL
WYSE50.ZIP 1994-10-29 00:00 14KWYSE50 Terminal Emulator v5.0. (Serial port)
XFERP100.ZIP 1994-07-13 00:00 130KXFERPRO v1.0, short for Information Transfer Professional, allows users to send text, application data, messages, images, audio, video, executable files and other information via email.
XHOST35S.ZIP 1994-01-04 00:00 303KRun a full featured BBS with this outstanding TELIX script.
XLATE.ZIP 1993-06-22 00:00 7.3Ktranslation tables ISO latin 1 <-> IBM cp 850 Telemate, Telix & ProComm Plus
YRN2_079.ZIP 1995-02-08 00:00 332KPC Yarn v0.79 beta release. Suite of programs used to store and read USENET news and mail offline. Imports articles from SOUP files into a news database.
ZCOMMDOC.ZIP 1994-09-20 00:00 227KZCOMM users manual
ZCOMMEXE.ZIP 1994-09-19 00:00 190KZCOMM.EXE 18.15 for DOS. Zmodem/VT102 etc.
ZCOMMHLP.ZIP 1994-09-20 00:00 87KZCOMM help files
ZFAX312E.ZIP 1994-03-13 00:00 688KZFAX v3.12/English for ZyXEL modems.