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1523_2.ZIP 1996-09-25 00:00 354K2 Node 15.22 15.23 pcboard Patch This is the pcboard 15.23 FREE Upgrade Patch! This archive contains patch files for PCBOARD.EXE PCBOARDM.EXE and pcboard2.EXE 2 NODE BBS Software. PCBOARD (R) BBS SOFTWARE: (C) 1996 CLARK DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, INC.
1523_5.ZIP 1996-09-25 00:00 353K5 Node 15.22 15.23 pcboard Patch This is the pcboard 15.23 FREE Upgrade Patch! This archive contains patch files for PCBOARD.EXE PCBOARDM.EXE and pcboard2.EXE 5 NODE BBS Software. PCBOARD (R) BBS SOFTWARE: (C) 1996 CLARK DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, INC.
1523_10.ZIP 1996-09-25 00:00 355K10 Node 15.22 15.23 pcboard Patch This is the pcboard 15.23 FREE Upgrade Patch! This archive contains patch files for PCBOARD.EXE PCBOARDM.EXE and pcboard2.EXE 10 NODE BBS Software. PCBOARD (R) BBS SOFTWARE: (C) 1996 CLARK DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, INC.
1523_25.ZIP 1996-09-25 00:00 354K25 Node 15.22 15.23 pcboard Patch This is the pcboard 15.23 FREE Upgrade Patch! This archive contains patch files for PCBOARD.EXE PCBOARDM.EXE and pcboard2.EXE 25 NODE BBS Software. PCBOARD (R) BBS SOFTWARE: (C) 1996 CLARK DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, INC.
1523_50.ZIP 1996-09-25 00:00 354K50 Node 15.22 15.23 pcboard Patch This is the pcboard 15.23 FREE Upgrade Patch! This archive contains patch files for PCBOARD.EXE PCBOARDM.EXE and pcboard2.EXE 50 NODE BBS Software. PCBOARD (R) BBS SOFTWARE: (C) 1996 CLARK DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, INC.
1523_100.ZIP 1996-09-25 00:00 408K100 Node 15.22 15.23 pcboard Patch This is the pcboard 15.23 FREE Upgrade Patch! This archive contains patch files for PCBOARD.EXE PCBOARDM.EXE and pcboard2.EXE 100 NODE BBS Software. PCBOARD (R) BBS SOFTWARE: (C) 1996 CLARK DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, INC.
1523_250.ZIP 1996-09-25 00:00 408K250 Node 15.22 15.23 pcboard Patch This is the pcboard 15.23 FREE Upgrade Patch! This archive contains patch files for PCBOARD.EXE PCBOARDM.EXE and pcboard2.EXE 250 NODE BBS Software. PCBOARD (R) BBS SOFTWARE: (C) 1996 CLARK DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, INC.
ACNFN26.ZIP 1995-05-21 00:00 79KAutomated Network/Conference Listing v2.6. From Sunrise Door/Utility Software Create a conference listing automatically based on the CNAMES file, by Network. Make a conference change or add a whole network and this utility will generate the listing. Colors and verbage are configurable; 99,999 conferences. For pcboard 14.5/15.x only. WILL NOW DISPLAY LONG CONFERENCE NAME!!!!!
ADD163.ZIP 1995-09-30 00:00 46Kadditall 1.63 ! The Best AllFiles Maker in History ! All/New/Missing/Area/MostDown Lists Make 5 Lists At the Same time, all with their own settings Draw Your Own Headers EXE-Converter FILES.BBS/FileBase RA 2.0x FLSEARCH.CTL/RA 1.1x/RA 2.0x CD-ROM support Easy To Use In BatchFiles Many Bugs Fixed
ADL32B1.ZIP 1996-11-06 00:00 136KAdLogo v3.2beta1 (11/05/96) For pcboard v15.x Move files from CD-ROM and/or NetWork Server to local node before user downloads. Add Zip Comments and/or BBSINFO.TXT type files to ZIP, .ARJ, and .GIF files. Supports DOS-Type Multi-Taskers, LAN Networks, and now enhanced for Windows95. Many new enhancements since version v2.25! Faster, better screen displays and more configurable. By jemsoft & Dev.
ADRS101.ZIP 1996-05-01 00:00 3.2Kemail Address PPE v. 1.01 Internet E-Mail Name Replacement PPE MoonScape Software Release v. 1.01 MoonScape Software 516-431-3271 Allows you to show users their INTERNET EMAIL address with DOTS and centers it on a nice display. Configurable
AGSCALL.ZIP 1997-02-23 00:00 14K- [ PPE Section ] CALLNUM is a PPE to put in your login process, so users will see their calling number... Font is customizable Lr.
AGSJN10.ZIP 1994-11-15 00:00 3.5KJ Replacement for PCBoard Provide a fullscreen conference selection - totally customizable
AGSLOG23.ZIP 1997-02-23 00:00 34KAegis Corp. PPE: Aegis Login v2.30. IEMSI support included! Kewl graphics!
AGSPP221.ZIP 1996-01-22 00:00 414KLone Runner's powerppl 2.22 pcboard Programming Language IDE COMPILE & RUN a PPE WITHOUT LEAVING editor, full HLP for ANY ppl3 word by CTRL-F1,color in syntax! Special Offer for PPE Groups!
AGSPPX20.ZIP 1996-05-25 00:00 79KLone Runner's PPLX 2.OO ! PPE DECOMPILER For PPE 1.O to 3.3o Rebuilds For/Next, While/Endwhile, If/Then! This version KICKS CDC'S ASS
AGSRD11.ZIP 1995-08-03 00:00 20K- [ PPE Section ] [AGSREAD.PPE] Version 1.1 A Great PPE to Replace the Read PCB Command. Lightbar Menu Driven and Much much more... Try it Now! For pcboard 15.1 by Number 6 / aegis
AMBO-ENT.ZIP 1997-04-21 00:00 4.2KPress (enter) to continue? - PPE replacement This prompt has it all. Kewl looking animations, self installing and FREEWARE!
ANTI143.ZIP 1996-08-26 00:00 79KAntiAd v1.43 - The ultimate BBS ad detection and removal utility. Uses 3 methods to detect BBS ads: a conventional database algorithm for static BBS ads, a keyword algorithm for ads that are changed frequently and filename detection for tiny BBS ads that are not mathematically unique. AntiAd's keyword algorithm can detect extensively modified BBS ad files that fools other detection schemes! Includes a native 32-bit OS/2 version!
ARCH11.ZIP 1993-08-31 00:00 2.2KAutomatic Read Command Help v 1.1 pcboard 15.0 PPE to automatically help novice users read messages. Author: Gerry Schechter This version fixes a typo in v 1.0.
ARCID122.ZIP 1996-07-16 00:00 41KArchive Identifier 1.22 - A utility for identifying ARC ARJ HYP LZH PAK RAR SQZ ZIP ZOO GIF JPG and BMP files by SIGNATURE, not extension, including self-extracting archives! Tiny and very fast. Other files can be filtered based on file extensions. For use in customized BBS upload batch files and similar archive testing applications. Excellent for PCBTEST.BAT or SLOWDRV.BAT use. Includes both DOS and 32-bit OS/2 versions!
ASMHPWA.ZIP 1994-05-17 00:00 12KEDITOR.PPE v1.0 [ By Nemesis ] PCBOARD 15.1 PPE That provides the users a different color than the default for FULL SCREEN MESSAGE Editor header. PIRATES WITH ATTITUDE - PWA [T.h. V. .l.v. .t U.n.d. .r.g.r. . .n.d] POINTBREAK+32 11 436925
AUTSGPWA.ZIP 1995-12-19 00:00 6.0KAutoSig V1.1 [ By Dark Creation ] PCBOARD 15.1 PPE That provides the users to maintain a SIGNATURE and have it put at end of message automatically.
AW_DM_18.ZIP 1995-01-21 00:00 24KDoorMenu 1.8 PCB v15.2 PPE (v3.0) to replace the DOOR command menu. Add ppes seamlessly to your door menu! Now with *instant* Online Credit Card Registrations!!
AW_FM_18.ZIP 1995-03-18 00:00 9.4KFileMenu v1.8 The best F Cmd Replacement PPE for PCB v15.2! Automatic! Never draw another file menu again! Also lets users search file directory descriptions! For those with mult- iple CD-Rom's this lets you have sub-menus for each CD or file group!! Now with instant Online credit card registrations!
AW_MM_38.ZIP 1994-09-14 00:00 24KMainMenu v3.8 A pcboard 15.2 PPE v3.0. Great PPE replacement for pcboard BRDM main menus. Shows available/unavailable commands as well as all on the fly, never draw another BRDM again!! Nice little PPE! Visa/MC for instant registrations!! Support is available via the Intelec Network in PPL or CW_Support forums!
AW_PV_41.ZIP 1995-01-21 00:00 53KPro-Vote v4.1! The best pcboard Vote Utility now supports As Many As 999 Different Polls! A results bulletin, a new maintenance module w/ Login Poll Availability, Displays Percent of votes as BarGraph. Let's users Add Polls, and much More!! NON-Crippled Shareware!! Now compiled under PPLC 3.0 for PCB 15.2! Credit card orders for instant online reg numbers!!
AXREAD12.ZIP 1996-08-03 00:00 66KREAD.PPE version 1.20, 08/03/96 \ ` pcboard message base replacement! THE only way to configure the message base! BLOWS away the origanal looks! Includes address book, FIDONET support, MULTI- LANG config, external message editor support and best of all, COMPLETELY configurable message header! Now using PPLC 3.20 for use with pcboard 15.22+ THE BEST MESSAGE PPE!, By Mav/[anti-X] FREE!, The way PPE's should be! , \ [The No-Name BBS
BAQWK10.ZIP 1993-07-09 00:00 3.5KA Mooncrow' Aeyrie Presentation MA-QWK 1.0 [PPE] for PCBOARD 15.0 Add a little pizzaz to your QWK command!
BAREQ.ZIP 1997-07-24 00:00 4.5Kbareq.ppe V0.06 BeTa. Code:No mercy! FREEWARE!!! This one really sucks but so what This is only beta!! Passed Thru: Dead End
BBS2DIR.ZIP 1995-01-14 00:00 5.7KConvert FILES.BBS to PCB Dir format. ------------------------------------ Version 1.00a. Very simple to use.
BBS2HTML.ZIP 1995-08-27 00:00 46Kbbs2html v1.0p Conversion Utility Converts FILES.BBS listings to HTML Put you file collection on the WEB! Easy, automated, UNCRIPPLED FREEWARE Works with pcboard, Wildcat, TBBS or any system that supports FILES.BBS file formats. Don't get left behind!
BBS224.ZIP 1996-01-01 00:00 172KBBS Access from MicroFox Company is a very easy-to-use data communications program for calling BBSs
BBSCOMPK.ZIP 1995-01-09 00:00 651KBBS Compression pack. just about every file compression in use on bbs's today.
BBSLIST1.ZIP 1993-09-23 00:00 3.2K[PPE] BBS LIST v1.0 (Pza)
BB_MSG_3.ZIP 1995-02-04 00:00 13K[PPE] Version 3.01 of Message Read PPE. It has sped up over 150_ This is an excellent light-bar PPE to to replace that lame prompt that comes up when you press R. It is 100_ configurable with no registration hassle and no crappy delay's. This is the best PPE of it's kind. Try it today. Including hot ANSI by Plasma Another fine PPE by DANTE
BC!TP10B.ZIP 1995-06-27 00:00 13KBC! PPE Division Proudly Presents Transfer Performance 1.0 TP shows the transfer performance percent after file transfer..
BCFAL12.ZIP 1995-06-06 00:00 58KPCB 15.1+ File Area Lister PPE v1.2 Lightbar driven File area lister that supports multiple pages,lightbar area selection etc..
BCFV10.ZIP 1994-07-20 00:00 22Kforce of qualitiy PCB 15.1+ File Viewer PPE v1.0 Fully lightbar driven fileviewer. Allows most of the features of pcbfv and more. BlackCat
BCLB110.ZIP 1994-05-16 00:00 65K[FREEWARE] PCB 15.1+ Lightbar Kit PPE v1.10 Features: multiple windows, help options, pulldown menus and much more. The best yet. ADDED: Hotkey support, makes using the lightbar much faster. BLACKCAT
BCLC110.ZIP 1994-06-01 00:00 17KPCB 15.1+ LastCallers PPE v1.10 Configurable, multiple color setups. Added: Daily, Y'days and Top calls/upload/ download/pages/time registration BLACKCAT
BCNSA11.ZIP 1994-07-28 00:00 8.6KPCB 15.1+ NewScan PPE v1.1 Multiple conference new files scan. Ideal for use by your traders. This version adds a yes/no lighbar among other things.. BlackCat
BCNUK076.ZIP 1994-10-23 00:00 143KPCB 15.2+ Nuker PPE v0.76 Yes, it's me again with another lightbar driven full featured fast nuker/awarder/ commenter etc. If you're tired of waiting minutes when nuking/awarding files grab this! Added a FAST turbo nuking option. BlackCat L CH D from The Wild Thing BBs
BCPR100.ZIP 1995-05-18 00:00 37KPCB 15.1+ Message/Comment/reply PPE v1.00 Replacement for your 'e' and 'c' commands which replaces a number of message entry prompts to turn your message entry command into a configurable ansi menu. BlackCat
BC_AT100.ZIP 1994-12-29 00:00 4.1KAllTime Top Uploaders & Downloaders v1.0b Author : Mc Freddy Z / Rel : Dec.28.1994 Simple & Small PPE. Easy Install. It Will ALWAYS Be Up To Date. Read Docs For Info
BGPCBV26.ZIP 1995-02-25 00:00 134KLazy PCBOARDS Sysops - Good News! Here's version 2.6 of a BLT, DOOR and DIR menu generation program! Easy to use, creates single/double /column or line mode menu files. Free and speech friendly for blind sysops. - Enjoy!!!
BKFRE11A.ZIP 1996-10-05 00:00 152Kbnkfre11 - BANK.PPE version 1.10a-(PPLC 3.1) Why Pay for a BANK PPE when this is FREE!!. Bank Time, Bytes, Exchange, & Gambling. Totally configurable by the SysOp. Gambling Modules included to add at your discretion or write your own with the Generic Gambling Module. Includes a BankEditor, BankPacker (to remove old users), Out of BBS Time, & LogOff support Modules to make this Bank a total package for your BBS. Full Source Included!
BNB.ZIP 1994-05-18 00:00 18K<<>> This is a Pcbtext of Beavis and Butthead. Brought to you by Brad Rosenberg. The SysOp of Mastermind's BBS 354-2018.
BPC-ENT3.ZIP 1995-04-13 00:00 25KRandom 'Press ENTER' [ PPE ] So this's 'Press ENTER' replacement which got 'bout 20 animated ~presses~ which will be shown randomly. [04/13/95] B R U T A L P P E C O D E R S =WHEN U THINK ABOUT PPE - THINK ABOUT US!=
BPC-LAF2.ZIP 1995-04-06 00:00 7.8KÉ þ Locate A Filename v.2.0 [ PPE ] þ » º It will locate a file in conference º º using light-bars. Very nice! º È þ Coded by .\ad Ãöatter. 1995 þ ±Ý
BPC-LOT2.ZIP 1995-04-13 00:00 12KÉÍÄùþ On-line Time Lottery þ [ PPE ]úùÄÄÍ» º Yah, try new _animated_ on-line time º º lottery, which'll blow ur head up! º ÈÍÍÍÄÄùùúú [04/13/95] ùļ
BPC-NFS2.ZIP 1995-04-06 00:00 9.0KÉ þ New Files Scan v.2.0 [ PPE ] þ » º It will search new files in conference º º using light-bars. Very nice! º È þ Coded by .\ad Ãöatter. 1995 þ ±Ý
BPC-UI2.ZIP 1995-04-15 00:00 15KÉÍÄùþ USER iNFORMATiON þ [ PPE ]úúùùÄÄÍÍ» º So, guys, this PPE will show user's º º information. it's nicely light-bared, º º so try it. º ÈÍÍÍÄÄùùúú [04/15/95] ùļ
BPC-ZTS2.ZIP 1995-04-06 00:00 8.3KÉ þ Zippy Text Scan v.2.0 [ PPE ] þ » º This is another Z command replacementº º using light-bars. Very nice! º È þ Coded by .\ad Ãöatter. 1995 þ ±Ý
BR11.ZIP 1993-06-14 00:00 3.6K- BROADCAST v1.1 - A Broadcaster PPE for PCB that actually works right. w/ PPS Source
BS!EWH10.ZIP 1996-09-17 00:00 43K[EWHO] v1.0 (c) 1996 Doc Ansi for pcboard Enhanced Who PPE is coded in PPL 3.01 for pcboard v15.2+ Supports: hs-link, Zmodem, Smodem, Smodem group chat + any external protocol that uses pcbdsz.log. Also supports all internal protocols. + FULL BATCH STATUS with a skip option. Supports nuke duke, file viewers, almost all of the lines are
BS!EWH61.ZIP 1995-05-23 00:00 31Kbomb squad ) is back / in business! <=stz!/6c=;______/====\____/===============> [EWHO] v0.61 (c) 1995 Doc Ansi for pcboard Enhanced Who PPE is coded in PPL 3.0 for pcboard v15.2+ 'Broadcasting message' error fixed, Supports: hs-link, Zmodem, Smodem, Smodem group chat + any external protocol that uses pcbdsz.log. Also supports all internal protocols. + FULL BATCH STATUS with a skip option. Supports nuke duke, file
BS!FFL10.ZIP 1996-10-10 00:00 4.8Kbomb squad ) is back / in business! <=stz!/6c=;______/====\____/===============> [FFLAG] Fast Flag v1.0 By Doc Ansi (c) 1996 for Pcboard 15.3?. Compiled with PPLC 3.30. This is a Utility that allows users to flag automatically 0-x day warez! Easy to use and install. Should be a lot of fun! And remember, there is more to come! Just FLAG!
BS!FREE1.ZIP 1996-09-11 00:00 13Kbomb squad ) is back / in business! <=stz!/6c=;______/====\____/===============> [FREE] v1.0 (c) 1995 Doc Ansi for pcboard FreeSpace PPE is coded in PPL 3.0 and Turbo Pascal 7.0 SUPPORTS BIG HD'S. C:[ 2146 mb free D:[ 408 mb free E:[ 1079 mb free F:[ ] 622 mb free
BS!INFO1.ZIP 1996-09-17 00:00 7.6Kbomb squad ) is back / in business! <=stz!/6c=;______/====\____/===============> [INFOS FOR DOS] v1.0 (c) 1996 Doc Ansi for DOS. INFOS is a program that generates random adds from your info file. Enjoy.
BS!LIST1.ZIP 1996-09-17 00:00 4.9Kbomb squad ) is back / in business! <=stz!/6c=;______/====\____/===============> [CD-VIEWER] v1.0 (c) 1996 Doc Ansi for PcBoard. Coded in PPLC 3.0. This is a utility to see which cd:s are in the drives (eg. online) and which cd:s are offline. This program supports up to 50 cd drives and endless amount of cd:s. Try to figure out how it works. Should be fast?
BS!WFDOS.ZIP 1996-09-17 00:00 7.4Kbomb squad ) is back / in business! [EWHO FOR DOS] v0.5 (c) 1996 Doc Ansi for DOS. Enhanced Who EXE is coded in Pascal 7.0. This WHO shows you from dos, who on your board. Supports only PcBoard systems. It's useful, if you don't want to jump from one window to another. Grab This.
BSA-ST2D.ZIP 1995-09-28 00:00 20KSauce/Txt2desc for PCBoard
CALLER14.ZIP 1995-06-29 00:00 28KPCBoard caller log analyser
CAP2DIZ.ZIP 1995-02-15 00:00 82Kcap2diz Convertor v1.46 Extracts 'FILE_ID.DIZ' files from connection logs or ALLFILES.LST files (pcboard format). Automatically adds each DIZ file to the correspondent archive. Supports ZIP, ARJ, RAR, LZH and ARC archive formats. LPS Computing, Inc. April/95 L00k for the correct numba! Century $ +55-11-573-6805
CBOX32.ZIP 1995-09-08 00:00 157KChatBox 3.2, The original PCB SPLIT SCREEN chat. Sysop may start chat - caller may page. Use with the O command to page the Sysop. Sysop may initiate a ChatBox chat using F10. Horizontal / vertical split screen. SEAMLESS. Config page times, sounds and screen colors. Asks reason for page. Logs chat to disk file. Supports multiple Sysop names. Imports text. Highly configurable with many Sysop options. A YCS pcboard Accessory
CCID132.ZIP 1996-08-01 00:00 12KCourier Caller ID PPE V1.32 for pcboard/CID/USR Courier V.Everything. Bug fix update - 8/1/96
CFLIST20.ZIP 1994-04-06 00:00 246KCustom File List Builder PPE v2.0 (CL) for PCBoard v15.1 is an add on command to allow your callers to construct custom Allfiles listings and download them. Options include: - Selected file directories - New files (since last scan date) - Keyword search (like Zippy scan) - Cross conference scanning - Any combination of these This is a MAJOR upgrade release.
CFOS097H.ZIP 1994-03-06 00:00 85KCAPI FOSSIL Driver and INT 14 emulator for highest cps-rates. Allows applica- tions to communicate via ISDN using any CAPI, supports multiple COM ports simul- taneously, controlled by a powerful AT command set. Supports BTX and has a fast channel bundling. Many options!
CHK4D1B7.ZIP 1994-12-05 00:00 25Kchk4des v1.00 7 - insures file descriptions! Checks your pcboard or other BBS file lists for descriptions. Removes all Description not found or blank description file names from file lists created by DIZ extractors. Optionally executes a batch file with each file name that has a description, such as moving the parent file to another directory. A file list management utility designed for busy sysops! From HAL SoftWare (12-05-94).
CIMRG100.ZIP 1995-12-19 00:00 38KCIMERGE v1.00 pcboard utility to merge a list of alias names for selected conference numbers, allowing a single conference to be known by multiple names. Copyright (C) 1994 Clark Development Company, Inc.
CL-YELL4.ZIP 1997-04-01 00:00 23K============================================ Codeline-YELL version 4.0 ============================================ ÿ- Emergency Password ÿ ÿ- Fakechat support ÿ ÿ- 110_ Configurable (true) ÿ ÿ- Coolfade texteditor ÿ ÿ- Coolfade: now you can specify ÿ ÿ conference for message ÿ ÿ- Comment PPE support (like coolfade) ÿ
CL15S1G.ZIP 1994-06-12 00:00 102KCALLS Ver 15s1g Statistic Bulletin generator Supports pcboard 15.1 changes and features.. Changed to allow for spaces in conference names. Recognition of some of the common PPE entries in the CALLERS file. New report for PPE's. Reduced memory overhead on filename collection. Added 28800 to Baud Rate report. Added EDSBACK PPE report, changed batch file reporting. No source files included. (Changes made by Gary Meeker) (06-12-94)
CLCB_151.ZIP 1994-11-10 00:00 24K[MS] CLCB v1.51: Custom Last Caller Bulletin ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Þ³ [CLCB.PPE] Custom Last Caller Bulletin ³Ý Þ³ Generator PPE for PCBoard v15.2+ BBSs! ³Ý Þ³ -------------------------------------- ³Ý Þ³ Colour and *DISPLAY* configurable last ³Ý Þ³ caller bulletin .PPE (Uses replacement ³Ý Þ³ codes). Supports configurable running ³Ý Þ³ totals of board activity & MORE! [MS] ³Ý ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ
CLPCBTX2.ZIP 1996-02-01 00:00 25KCLPCBTXT v2.00 - Companion to MKPCBTXT.EXE Allows changing color value in PCBTEXT files New version allows editing Text with support for multiple languages and automatic access to editors for PPE, MNU and External text files. Needs to find MKPCBTXT.EXE but does offer all the features of the original and so much more. FREEWARE from Gary Meeker
CMFL_200.ZIP 1994-12-20 00:00 22KCMFL v2.00: Custom Master File List PPE
CNAV_300.ZIP 1994-04-04 00:00 22K[MS] CNAV v3.00: Custom Node Activity Viewer ÄÂÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÂÄ Þ³ [CNAV.PPE]: A Node Activity Viewer PPE ³Ý Þ³ written in PPL for PCBoard v15.1+ BBSs ³Ý ÞÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´Ý Þ³ FREEWARE Color/Option Configurable WHO ³Ý Þ³ replacement. Tiny, Brief, Verbose and ³Ý Þ³ RealTime Active Modes. Shows activity, ³Ý Þ³ XFerring Files, User Stats & MORE [MS] ³Ý ÄÁÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÁÄ
CNFS_110.ZIP 1994-03-25 00:00 7.4K[MS] CNFS v1.10: Custom New File Scanner PPE ÄÂÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÂÄ Þ³ [CNFS.PPE]: --- A New File Scanner PPE ³Ý Þ³ written in PPL for PCBoard v15.1+ BBSs ³Ý ÞÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´Ý Þ³ FREEWARE! Color & Option Configurable ³Ý Þ³ 'N'ew Scan replacement. Allows input ³Ý Þ³ of a # of days to scan, flag files, or ³Ý Þ³ screen capturing scans and MORE! [MS] ³Ý ÄÁÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÁÄ
COBS_110.ZIP 1995-01-10 00:00 32K[MS] COBS v1.10:Custom Online Banking System ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Þ³ [COBS.PPE]: A Time and/or K-Byte Bank ³Ý Þ³ written in PPL for PCBoard v15.2+ BBSs ³Ý Þ³ -------------------------------------- ³Ý Þ³ A powerful & easy to use Time and / or ³Ý Þ³ KByte bank. VERY *configurable* setup ³Ý Þ³ & display interface. Deposit, Withdraw ³Ý Þ³ and Gamble options & MUCH MORE! - [MS] ³Ý ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ
CON-005C.ZIP 1997-04-25 00:00 449KCONCORD BBS SOFTWARE vo.O1 Gamma-5 General & Install
CONCORD.ZIP 1997-04-25 00:00 187KConcord v.0.01 Gamma 5 BBS operating system by Pasi Talliniemi [1/5]
CONO005C.ZIP 1997-04-25 00:00 1.1MCONCORD BBS SOFTWARE vo.O1 Gamma-5
CONP005C.ZIP 1997-04-25 00:00 792KCONCORD BBS SOFTWARE vo.O1 Gamma-5 Protected mode
CONR005C.ZIP 1997-04-25 00:00 692KCONCORD BBS SOFTWARE vo.O1 Gamma-5 Real mode
COPYDSC2.ZIP 1992-11-15 00:00 19KCOPYDESC v1.02: copy pcboard description files, converting short lines to long lines. Intended for offline processing. Adjustable positioning. Free, w/TC src, by Jim Robeson. Longer descriptions allowed, & minor tweaks.
CPYPCB10.ZIP 1996-01-13 00:00 36Kcopypcb v1.00 - use in nightly event to automatically back up your user file, user.inf, user.ibk, Cnames, cnames.idx cnames.add, cnames.@@@, dlpath.lst, main.pth and dir.lst. FREE from DMSOFT
CPYUSR11.ZIP 1995-01-12 00:00 34KCopy User v1.1 - Copy your user files in a nightly event with the name of the file todays date. Or choose to archive the user files (using ZIP, ARJ or PAK) with the name of the archive file being todays date. Allows you to choose method of archive and back up drive and directory. By DMSOFT
CSSC_301.ZIP 1994-11-10 00:00 22K[MS] CSSC v3.01 Custom Split Screen Chat PPE ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Þ³ [CSSC.PPE]: -- A Split Screen Chat PPE ³Ý Þ³ written in PPL for PCBoard v15.2+ BBSs ³Ý Þ³ -------------------------------------- ³Ý Þ³ A feature packed, colour configurable ³Ý Þ³ SysOp/User split-screen chat interface ³Ý Þ³ to replace the F10 PCB Chat. Supports ³Ý Þ³ a User Editor PPE (CUFE) & MORE! [MS] ³Ý ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ
CTUB_150.ZIP 1994-11-15 00:00 21K[MS] CTUB v1.50 : Custom Top Users Bulletin! ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Þ³ [CTUB.PPE]: A Top Users BLTN Generator ³Ý Þ³ written in PPL for PCBoard v15.2+ BBSs ³Ý Þ³ -------------------------------------- ³Ý Þ³ A Top [1-25] Users Bulletin Generator. ³Ý Þ³ Top Callers, ULers (KB and/or Files), ³Ý Þ³ and DLers (KB and/or Files). Up to *9* ³Ý Þ³ *Display Configurable* Bulletins! [MS] ³Ý ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ
CUFE_120.ZIP 1994-05-20 00:00 16K[MS] CUFE v1.20: - A Custom User File Editor ÄÂÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÂÄ Þ³ [CUFE.PPE]: A Full Screen User Editor ³Ý Þ³ written in PPL for PCBoard v15.1+ BBSs ³Ý ÞÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´Ý Þ³ FREEWARE Color Config! An easy to use ³Ý Þ³ online Full Screen User File Editor. ³Ý Þ³ PSA Support. Conference Flag Updates. ³Ý Þ³ Powerful, versatile and MORE! --- [MS] ³Ý ÄÁÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÁÄ
CWTU_100.ZIP 1994-11-15 00:00 29K[MS] CWTU v1.00: Custom Weekly Top Users PPE ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Þ³ [CWTU.PPE]: Weekly Top Users BLT Maker ³Ý Þ³ written in PPL for PCBoard v15.2+ BBSs ³Ý Þ³ -------------------------------------- ³Ý Þ³ Color Configurable Top 1-25 Users BLTN ³Ý Þ³ Generator. Weekly Top Uploaders and/or ³Ý Þ³ Downloaders(calculated in bytes).Fast, ³Ý Þ³ running totals, Day7 Post & MORE! [MS] ³Ý ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ
CW_PV_41.ZIP 1995-01-21 00:00 48KPro-Vote v4.1! The best PCBoard Vote Utility now supports As Many As 999 Different Polls! A results bulletin, a new maintenance module w/ Login Poll Availability, Displays Percent of votes as BarGraph. Let's users Add Polls, and much More!! NON-Crippled Shareware!! Now compiled under PPLC 3.0 for PCB 15.2! Credit card orders for instant online reg numbers!!
C_A2PC12.ZIP 1994-03-29 00:00 14K- = ð ANS2PCB ð = - Present : ANS2PCB V1.0 on 25/3/94 A simple
D2A140.ZIP 1995-03-04 00:00 39KDir.Lst Ascii v1.40 This program will allow a sysop to take a DIR.LST and convert it to straight Ascii. The program will then convert it back to the DIR.LST format. Freeware!
DEC-10S.ZIP 1997-12-28 00:00 4.0K[ Dutch/DeC ] Present's Goodbye in 10 secs. PPE Easy to install, and nice looking... Download NOW!
DEC-ST.ZIP 1997-08-18 00:00 5.7KView Stat's v0.9 Lightbared replacement to PCB's V command By Dutch/DeC
DETECT13.ZIP 1996-10-12 00:00 4.8KAnsi Detect PPE v1.3 Coded By Marcus Holmes A MPP Production 1996 This PPE will automatically Answer the graphics question when someone logs on. Totally recoded for pcboard v15.3 but will work with all 15.x versions!
DEVELOP9.ZIP 1996-07-05 00:00 68Kpcboard Developer Information: Contains file structures and usage guidelines for files used in the pcboard environment.
DIZ2P124.ZIP 1994-07-18 00:00 40KDIZ/2-PCB v1.24 of 07.18.94 - pcboard utility to extract FILE_ID.DIZ in ZIP/ARJ/LZH/PAK files, adds the # of files, newest/oldest file dates and the uncompressed size. Local Uploading. Removes unwanted bbsads, archive comment generator. Search and Destroy unwanted text from entering your upload dir. Adds the widthxheightxcolor of GIF files. The fastest and most powerful processor out! Shareware by Shawn Reimerdes.
DIZED49L.ZIP 1994-05-23 00:00 88KDIZEDIT v4.9l FAST and EASY DIZ File editor for archives. Allows editing of description files found in archives. Supports ZIP, ARJ and LZH formats. Ability to CONVERT archive to a particular default format, COPY file and ADD ARCHIVE COMMENT for ZIP and ARJ files. DIZEDIT easily allows you to create/edit the FILE_ID.DIZ (or SDI, DES), and automatically repacks the archive on exit. NEW Virus SCAN, repack with NEWEST date, and ARJ, PKZIP switches. Recognizes MOST SFX files for ARJ,ZIP and LZH. If you run a BBS, you NEED this !! (c) 1994 GDSOFT
DIZIT33.ZIP 1994-02-28 00:00 92K°±² DizIt v3.3 -FILE_ID.DIZ Importer ²±° Sysops - Stop spending time uploading files into PCBoard with the local upload option, do it via batch processing! Use DizIt to automate the process. DizIt aids the PCBoard sysop by allowing files which contain FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI files to be imported into PCBoard into any directory file you specify. No need to check if FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI exists, DizIt will snoop it out for
DIZPRO16.ZIP 1995-05-18 00:00 107KDizIt PRO v1.6 - Description Importer Sysops-Stop spending time uploading files with local uploads, use DizIt Pro to automate the process! Snoops through files quickly for FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI and imports them. This is the most full featured program of it's type. Includes file age limits, random file import selection, duplicate file in directory or PCB index files, virus scan, use as upload verification and much more.
DIZZY002.ZIP 1997-05-24 00:00 41KFILE_ID.DIZ management: creates DIZZY.TXT for all .ZIP files in a directory. Shows file name, date, size, and contents of FILE_ID.DIZ. /S will search subdirectories, rather than /TL creates a .TL file for mass editing /HTML will produce the listing in HTML format /NOWARN removes warnings See docs for Maximus BBS bonus! FreeWare from Danen Information Services.
DLPATH12.ZIP 1994-06-13 00:00 36KDLPATH 1.2 - When you get a new CD-ROM or get a new hard drive to put more files on-line, do you get tired of having to type 30 or more directory paths so PcBoard knows where all your files are? Well DLPATH will take care of all that for you. Create a new download path listing for all of your new CD's or new directories automatically! ÄÍþPOINTBREAK+32ú11ú436925þÍÄ
DMS35A.ZIP 1992-05-26 00:00 61KWGM-DMS v.3.5a - pcboard 14.x Utility This utility does the following: - Create directory headers. - Create conference directory files. - Create up to 99 bulletin files. - Create up to 99 master file listings. Written by Wayne G. Maas This is a bug fix release
DM_58.ZIP 1992-08-02 00:00 101KDoor Master 5.8
DORMAN26.ZIP 1992-07-05 00:00 44KThe Doorman Doormanager Ver 2.0 Ultimate door management utility. Limit the # of times per day a caller can access any door(s), limit time entering any door, sub. locked DTE rate for callers rate, Deny alternate nodes from accessing doors by Lock/Unlocking the door. Registration provides Twit file to deny any caller from any door(s), set the operating hours of door(s), mark any door as DOWN, and more. Users with PcBoard.sys/Door.sys can
DOS2PCB.ZIP 1992-07-07 00:00 34KDOS to PCBoard PCBFiler Converter. DIR->PCB
DOWNLOA1.ZIP 1996-10-26 00:00 4.2KDOWNLOAD.PPE This PPE for pcboard v. 15.21+ is used to make a user download a specific file. The file must be named MEMBER.TXT and you place the PPE wherever you want a user to d/l a file. This can be used to make NON-MEMBERS d/l your MEMBER forms. Copyright (c)1996, Paul Szymczuk
DP-NWS13.ZIP 1996-11-14 00:00 15K[PPE] DeltaProductions News version 1.3a This is the best News file viewer for pcboard 15.2+. Fully lightbar driven, very easy-to-use user interface with ma- ny special features including adding and deleting news bulletins. Configurable screens and security levels. Version 1.3 contains almost fully configurable text prompts. 100_ Freeware, no registration! Now fixed 'news deletion' -bug!!
DP-PGRF1.ZIP 1996-09-13 00:00 18K[PPE] DeltaProductions SysOp pager 1.0f1 This is a best SysOp pager PPE ever made for pcboard. Everything is fully confi- gurable! Uses F4 key status and configu- rable page times settings. Leave a com- ments to SysOps via other ppes, use your own chatter ppes, emergency page using a secret password, and many other features Final 1.0 release. 100_ FREEWARE
DP-TOP2B.ZIP 1996-10-06 00:00 23K[PPE] DeltaProductions Top 10 users 2.0b This is the best Top 10-users viewer for pcboard. VERY fast, displays top 10 up- and downloaders (sorted by bytes and fi- les), top message writers and callers, and even counts special ActivityPoints to users. 100_ Freeware, no registration
DRWY231.ZIP 1996-02-02 00:00 230KDOORWAY revision 2.31 REMOTE ACCESS PROGRAM. This program allows both BBS's to add normal programs to BBS's as DOORS, and provides an inexpensive alternative to expensive commercial programs like pcanywhere and Carbon Copy for remote accessing of a home or office computer. This version contains both a HOST and COM program for full functionality without any 3rd party software, yet is still compatible with most other com programs. Has
DSPLT101.ZIP 1995-06-01 00:00 80KDSplit 1.01 DSplit is a unique pcboard utility which allows users to split and download files. Users with limited access time or download bytes may have troubles downloading the newest games and large programs. DSplit allows users to split ANY file and download parts at their leisure. Uses exes for maximum efficiency, with a PPE interface
E-BLT12.ZIP 1995-11-26 00:00 7.9KE-BLT.PPE Ver 1.2 E-BLT.PPE Will Show your users their FidoNet NetMail Address in 2 forms 1. Their Fido Node Address 2. Their Internet Address Thru Fido Shows a Bulletin with their address and a example on how to use it 11-26-95 Micro-Comp Software FREEWARE / SOURCE INCLUDED
ECRPPLD3.ZIP 1994-11-01 00:00 23KPPLDecompiler 3.0á - DONE BY CHiCKEN NOW OUTSTRIPS PPLC 3.0! CODING Division -= ELECTRONIC RATS =-
ENAME101.ZIP 1995-01-11 00:00 5.9KeName v1.01 is a PCBoard PPE (includes the PPS source) which converts a user's name to a legitimate email address. Great for welcoming a user to an Internet email conference. Conforms to RFC1137 spec for converting names into email names. ENAME.INI allows for customizing colors, domain, and more! FREEWARE, by Duke Engineering. Call Online Resource 619.793.8360 for latest.
EQ_XMAS2.ZIP 1996-11-06 00:00 12KChristmas Countdown v2.00 This program will let your callers know how many days are left until Christmas. FREEWARE PPE Program For pcboard v15.21+ Happy Holidays from Equinox Software
EZQWK1.ZIP 1995-04-19 00:00 3.4KPCBoards QWK Command replacement
FBBSPC11.ZIP 1995-01-02 00:00 15KFILES.BBS to PCBoard DIR v1.1 Converts CD-ROM files.bbs to a text file that can be read by PCBoard 14.x/15.x.
FD212.ZIP 1994-03-02 00:00 618KFrontDoor 2.12/Shareware release archive. FidoNet compatible E-Mail software. Includes Mailer, Editor, Terminal, Nodelist Compiler, and Full-Screen configuration utility.
FDC-500.ZIP 1995-06-13 00:00 85KFile Download Counter 5.00- FDC will count the number of times a file has been downloaded from your system and update your directory listings with that number. This makes it easy for users and sysops to see which files and file areas are the most popular on their system. Easy to install, works great in a nightly event. Now updates are available on the WWW at: or contact
FINLANG.ZIP 1997-02-28 00:00 13KSuomen kieli pcboardiin
FLAG32.ZIP 1994-01-17 00:00 22KFLAG.PPE, v3.2, a replacement for pcboard's internal more? prompt, gives pcboard v15.1 the easiest-to-use system for flagging and viewing files of any BBS around. It gives callers the ability to point and shoot when flagging or viewing files. Includes source code and may be customized to suit your BBS's needs. Version 3.0 adds ripscrip support and changes flagging to go from top to bottom. Version 3.2 contains a fixed PREFILER file.
FLAGP200.ZIP 1995-12-11 00:00 17KFLAG+ v2.00 for pcboard from R.E.C. PPE Replacement for pcboard's internal file directory listing prompt. Quickly browse file listings, while un/flagging files to download, test, or view by using arrow keys or a mouse. MAJOR improvements from v1.2 . NO COMPETITION, THE BEST FLAGGER YET!
FP14S.ZIP 1993-08-13 00:00 216KFidoPCB ** Version 1.4 ** Date: 08-18-93 Fido interface for PCBoard. Allows multiple Nodes, AKA's, AreaFix, Net Mail. Can be run as a Door. Fast, easy setup. Direct tossing into PCBoard message format. Supports IM, FrontDoor, BinkleyTerm , D'Bridge. Supports PCB 15.0 MSGS.IDX. Shareware by Matjaz Koce.
FT-REMP2.ZIP 1994-05-21 00:00 49K. ú ú ú ú ú <=se!===========================> Remover++! a great remover that kicks out randomized files! (like AD'S!) and also removes Lines from File_id.diz!!!! a Must for all of ya sysops! For PCB 15.X+ ONLY!!! <===============================>
FTA-ANSI.ZIP 1995-08-17 00:00 11KANSI.SYS Replacement that will read ANSI codes and the PCB AT codes and interpret them correctly. oooo F .oooo. T .oooo. A OOoo.. - S P E E D -
GBYE_V2.ZIP 1996-10-07 00:00 3.2KGoodbye [PPE] v. 1 GoodBye [PPE] is a replacement for your (G)oodbye command in pcboard. Functions included a logoff comment to the SysOp. Rewrote and recompiled for PcBoard 15.3 Release Date 10/07/96
GN200.ZIP 1997-02-06 00:00 12KGNews v2.0.0 final Complete news handling program to BBBS How-C! Uncrippled fully functional program! This version is totally *re-written*. 110_ Sysop configurable Authors: Lvirus jangler
GNX!QWKL.ZIP 1995-06-27 00:00 2.1KQWK Command Lightbar Replacement PPE A Replacement for the QWK command. Neeto extra features. Lightbars and MORE!!!!!! - limpy / \ \ ö _/generation-X `-----\/evl-\/---[o6.27.95]--\/-----[o1/o1]-'
HOSTV12A.ZIP 1996-02-09 00:00 117KKSP-HOST (vers 1.2) An inbound Telnet server for MS/DOS Bulletin Board Systems. Every node can answer both telnet and modem calls! Requires a fossil driver on each node, a 24 hour TCP/IP connection to the Internet, and a local area network that supports NetBios such as Novell or Lantastic. Shareware.
IDTEL17.ZIP 1994-05-06 00:00 115KIndoors/TELNET & FINGER v1.7
IDXUTIL8.ZIP 1995-12-01 00:00 123KIDX-Util v8.0 (12-01-95) PCB 15.22 Utilities List files in IDX File using wildcards. List Duplicate files in an .IDX File. Also can cross-reference two .IDX files and list Dups or create a 3rd Index containing Dups or you can Kill the Dups. Change Drive Letters in IDX files quickly, Edit Paths & FileNames, delete files from IDX. Merge two IDX Files. Detect which CD-Rom is in drive and change DLPATH.LST files to appropriate .IDX files.
IEMSI120.ZIP 1996-10-12 00:00 35KPPE: IEMSI Auto-Logon v1.20 by Paul Miller Allows callers to auto logon via the IEMSI protocol. Transparent to all other callers, not even a detection delay! >>>FREEWARE<<<
INTELLIV.ZIP 1995-02-11 00:00 65KConvert pcboard DIR files to FILES.BBS
ISLPCB17.ZIP 1995-11-19 00:00 31KInternet Site List 1.7 for pcboard PPE App that stores seperate lists of FTP, WWW, IRC, TelNet, UseNet and E-Mail sites. Your users can add new sites online, list the available sites, search for a site, or download the site lists for later use. Great way to add additional Internet features to your board. Full light-bar and hot-key support included. Easy to install! Not Crippled! Shareware.
ISNODEUP.ZIP 1993-04-05 00:00 7.8KThis program is freeware. isnodeup tests for active/inactive pcboard 15.0 nodes from a batch file. It will return with an error level equal to the first active node encountered or zero if all requested nodes are down. isnodeup should function correctly on systems with up to 2,000 nodes.
IZ_QSFIN.ZIP 1995-12-04 00:00 30Kqwkscan v1.30 Swedish/Finnish Language Files Complete Swedish and Finnish Language Files for qwkscan v1.30. Courtesy of the HAM-BOX BBS in Finland. Download IZ_QS_13.ZIP for the complete version of qwkscan v1.3 The complete QWK mail system for pcboard bbss.#1 From The Infinite Zone Software Collection
IZ_QS_13.ZIP 1995-03-11 00:00 50Kqwkscan v1.30: Complete QWK Mail System! qwkscan is a *complete* QWK Mail System that compiles .QWK Packets that include New Files Listings, New/Updated Bulletins, New/Updated BBS News Files, and Welcome/Logoff Screens! Totally SysOp and User configurable! A must have for every pcboard v15.21+ BBS. (PPE) #1 * * Free Registration * * From The Infinite Zone Software Collection
JM_QT_10.ZIP 1995-04-22 00:00 26KQWK Transfer v1.0 A full featured QWK Mail transfer PPE for pcboard. This program allows you to have the same features in others programs. Download, Upload, Select/DeSelect Conferences, Configure, complete help system, commandline stacking and much more.
KSPFTP30.ZIP 1996-09-07 00:00 102KKSP FTP v3.0 - A BBS Door Program. Lets callers download files from remote ftp sites! Internal support for X/Y/Zmodem eliminates need for temporary disk space on BBS; external protocols may be added with limits on their use of BBS disk space for intermediate file storage. BBS must be connected to the Internet. Works with any BBS that supports DOOR.SYS.
KSPMUX14.ZIP 1995-08-20 00:00 20KKSP DVMX v1.4 - A packet multiplexor that allows the KSP network doors to run properly under desqview. Provides greater performance than PKTMUX/PKTDRV. Designed to work with KSP products; may not work as a general-purpose packet multiplexer. FREEWARE.
KSPSLP37.ZIP 1996-10-03 00:00 142KKSP SLIP v3.7 - A BBS Door Program. Offer callers direct TCP/IP access to the Internet via a serial SLIP link! Allows them to run FTP, Telnet, Mosaic, etc! BBS must be connected to Internet; Callers need SLIP software; Replaces ka9qdoor and is simpler to install.
KSPTEL50.ZIP 1996-02-27 00:00 96KKSP Telnet v5.0 - A BBS Door Pgm. Lets callers login through your BBS to remote computers anywhere in the world using the Internet! Compatible with any BBS software that can create a DOOR.SYS file.
LNZ202.ZIP 1995-02-08 00:00 7.1KEver wanted to use the L, N or Z to search across all conferences? Well, here's the perfect PPE to do such a task. Treat your users to something special. Download this new and improved LNZ.PPE for your enjoyment. There are many changes to they way it operates but very little visual display changes. Fixed the problems with multinode and drop carrier problems. Requires v15.21 dated 01/19/95.
MAILL501.ZIP 1996-10-05 00:00 4.3KThe Mailing List Builder v5.01 [PPE] Builds a complete comma delimited file of all your users mailing info from your USERS file. Fast, simple and completely free! (c)1996 Practical Computer Services
MBDAY2OI.ZIP 1995-07-14 00:00 13KMegaKrupp presents: , MEGABIRTHDAY version 2.Oi____ , ) MegaBirthday goes deep into Your ( ( userfiles and seek out Users who ) ) have been born on the very Month ( ( we are currently living in, and ) ) then makes a little nice-looking ( ( list out of them. ) ( Supports Concord and superbbs. )
MKALIAS2.ZIP 1995-05-20 00:00 14KMKALIAS.PPE V1.1 Add a little glitz and ease to the Alias management of pcboard! Add graphics + security + language display files to explain your own Alias rules. All display screens fully customizable. support for GRAPHIC+SEC+LANG formats. Multi-Node compatibile. Sends MSG to notify alias changes to names you list in the CFG file! Miracle! Software (If it works, its a Miracle!) CALLWARE! FREEWARE! CALLWARE!
MKPCBD11.ZIP 1994-11-14 00:00 10KMKPCBDIR.EXE V1.1 will convert a regular DOS directory listing stored in a file by using dir/o > dirname.raw to a pcboard directory list. This was designed to create directory lists for CD-roms which are not BBS ready. Make your directory list and let MKPCBDIR.EXE do the rest. V1.1 fixes bug in V1.0 related to 3 and 10 character file sizes. Brought to you by PROJECT DAMOCLES.
MODST120.ZIP 1997-08-08 00:00 45KMODEM STATS v1.20 - 08/09/97 A BBS Diagnostic tool for use with all modems. Produces a report from the modem's AT commands and shows the report online to the user. Program tested with RemoteAccess FREEWARE!
MONI1.ZIP 1996-11-11 00:00 6.3KMONITOR v1.0 - Requires pcboard v15.3+ Monitor is a pcboard .PPE for SysOps to monitor their nodes while they are on-line. It will display their name, city, and current status of on-line users. Options include: display last caller & beep while user logs in. Can be used as a replacement for pcboard's PCBMONI.EXE program. This is a FULLY functional copy. SHAREWARE!!! njlink Software. Released 11/11/96.
MONI14.ZIP 1996-09-07 00:00 26KUltraMoni - v1.4 - PCBMONI .PPE replacement for the busy pcboard Sysop. User definable update and scroll interval. View online user record. Update node info. Full and compact display mode. Fully functional. Shareware only $10. Free BBS support. NEW for v1.1 - Support for Caller Management System (CMS). New in v1.4 - Support for PCB 15.3. This is a must try!! Released 09/07/96.
MP_2B.ZIP 1996-03-26 00:00 14KMsg-Pack v2. Msg-Pack v2. QWK Interface for pcboard! This PPE allows you to give your users an easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to move around in QWK interface. Features include: Select/Deselect confs, Upload a REP packet, download a QWK packet, & change limits settings. Future releases will include a help system as well. v2. is a minor upgrade release with a few changes. Requires pcboard v15.21+.
MSGTAG12.ZIP 1996-08-02 00:00 58KMessage Tagging Suite PPE's - Version 1.02 Update from version 1.01 by Dan Shore A suite of PPE's that allows TAGGING of message numbers while using PCB's Quick Msg Scan function. You can READ, KILL, or RECOVER *TAGGED* messages. Released as ContinueWare with the hopes of other SysOp's continuing development of this fine suite of products. FREEWARE with source code included. By Dan Shore -
MSX099B1.ARJ 1995-02-03 00:00 105KMSX emulator 0.99b1 for DOS
NEWUSERS.ZIP 1996-10-20 00:00 4.3KNEWUSER.PPE 1996 This PPE is for pcboard v. 15.21+. It is used to have your callers become members. It is used in conjunction with a security specific file. (c)1996, Paul Szymczuk
NO104MES.ZIP 1996-04-10 00:00 8.0KThe incredible BOFH production House presents The ultimate NO 1.04 NODE messenger for PCB 15.22 and later. No bullshit!
NS!-B103.ZIP 1997-08-25 00:00 67KS T O R M - is proud to present B 0 A R D L i S T E R HEY, DO U NEED A CEWL bbslister with cursor-movement? YES? THEN install this one! THE BEST BBS-lister U HAVE EVER SEEN! > FULL configurable < FREEWARE! [ released : 28-09-95 ]
NS11.ZIP 1995-10-18 00:00 422KNetXpress Server v1.1 [DEMO] Internet Server for DOS, includes WWW, CGI, Gopher, Finger, Telnet, SMTP servers and SMTP & NNTP clients.
NX-PCB.ZIP 1995-08-15 00:00 1.0MNetExpress SMTP/NNTP gateway for PCBoard. Supports UUCP and TCP/IP.
OFILE22.ZIP 1997-02-10 00:00 95KOnline Filemanager PPE for PCB 15.22 THIS IS THE FIRST TRUE ONLINE FILEMANAGER (c) Slob-Trot Software 1997 Now you don't have to let your Cosys out to your dos anymore. All filehandling can be done on-line with this amazing PPE. - NEW: Securitylevel for Nuking access - NEW: Securitylevel for access to pridirs - NEW: RELEASES TIMESLICES WHEN IDLE! - Edit file descriptions - Move/Copy/Delete files & descriptions - Zippy scan for easy
ONEFOS08.ZIP 1996-01-11 00:00 40Konefossil, Revision 8, versatile single port high speed FOSSIL 5 compatible communications driver for MS-DOS based software under desqview or Windows multitasking systems. onefossil can support multiple ports and shared irqs. Shareware: $10. Written by Carl Morris, published by Morris Softronics.
ORGINT91.ZIP 1995-03-02 00:00 5.0KORGINT Tunnels interrupts and rehooks them at their roots. Useful for bypassing viruses in memory.
P.ZIP 1996-03-29 00:00 5.0KReplacement PPE for pcboard's Page Length (P) command This will print out numbers in descending order, what is at the top is the page length, this ensures the user enters the right page length FREEWARE INCLUDES PPS SOURCE CODE!!
P2HTM100.ZIP 1995-11-01 00:00 19Kpcb2html v1.00 - pcboard dirx to HTML This utility converts pcboard dirx file descriptions to HTML file descriptions. Also creates Conference and Dir Menu. Turn your pcboard Directories available on the Internet. DOWNLOAD NOW MSmac Software 351-61-314336 [28.8]
PCB-ATC5.ZIP 1995-12-22 00:00 29KPCB-Attach v1.50 - IMPORT attached files from QMAIL or Cam-Mail .QWK packets and EXPORT attached files to QMAIL .REP packets. Runs from batch file during message IMPORT and EXPORT under Cam-Mail and maybe others. It now cleans up after it imports files so as not to leave extra files in the mail WORK directory and incorprates features from previous utilities CLEARTAG & MAKE-NET. W/Source code. FREEWARE by Gary Meeker.
PCB2HTMS.ZIP 1996-04-11 00:00 60Kpcb2htms is a Pcboard Directory file too Html converter. The output file contains the following features Support for background GIF /JPG Support for tables (and width) Back to pages plus lots more Key words : pcboard / Convert HTML / WWW / Internet
PCB15DMO.ZIP 1993-08-20 00:00 1.3MPCBoard v15.0 DEMO -- Fully functional demonstration copy of PCBoard Bulletin Board software. While there are some built in limits, such as in the number of users, messages, conferences and directories, the DEMO is largely functional giving you a pretty good feel for PCBoard v15.0 and how it operates. Full documentation included.
PCB15TXT.ZIP 1993-05-04 00:00 40KWhat's new in PCBoard v15.0
PCB25UTG.ZIP 1993-05-26 00:00 157KÕÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ͸ ³ PcbStat v2.5 Statistics for PCB/ProDoor ³ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ ³ One of the most powerful statistic tools ³ ³ available! Creates all kinds of top up-/ ³ ³ downloader, lastcaller, last uploads ³ ³ statistics. Also creates weekly and ³ ³ monthly top stats and history statistics ³ ³ (day/week/month). Allows to hide any user³ ³ from the stats. Additionaly you may post ³
PCBBE200.ZIP 1996-09-30 00:00 22KThe PCB Bulletin Executive v2.00 [PPE] *UNIVERSAL KEY SUPPORT!* Automatically Creates/Updates Bulletin menu each time it is run. Displays last date bulletin was changed. If you don't like drawing screens each time you change a BLT, this is the program for you. User is prompted after each screen rather than at the end of display. (c)1996 Practical Computer Services
PCBCA10.ZIP 1994-03-06 00:00 118KPCBCallerAnalyzer Utility v1.0 03/06/94 PCBCallerAnalyzer is a PCBoard 15.x Utility that will scan the CALLER(x) log and make a BLT of stats. Scan the whole log or select number of days to scan. Easy to set up and use. Requires PCBUtility v1.0 to be set up. A part of the PCBUtility v1.0 Package from Casto Software.
PCBCK325.ZIP 1996-12-22 00:00 125Kpcbcheck 3.25 Upload processor for pcboard - easiest to use and set up. Fastest upload processing available! This version greatly enhances description file processing, scanner customization abilities, smarter FILE_ID.DIZ processing (removal of ANSI, @-codes) and still includes convert archives, add/remove files, modify comments, etc.. Now completely FREE!
PCBDE403.ZIP 1996-10-03 00:00 102KThe PCB Door Executive v4.03 [PPE] *UNIVERSAL KEY SUPPORT!* Creates *1* Menu for all your Doors & PPE programs. Run PPE & Doors from 1 menu! Totally Sysop Configurable. Optionally categorizes your doors for easier access. Display by category or all at once! Quick Setup, Zero Maintenance! (c)1996 Practical Computer Services
PCBDIR13.ZIP 1995-11-07 00:00 15Kpcbdir v1.3 This is a DOS-based utility that will take all the files in a directory and generate a pcboard compatible list for use on you BBS. This will extract FILE_ID.DIZ files from ARJ, LZH and ZIP archives for use as a description. This update allows for putting GIF and PCX size and color depth info in the description field.
PCBDOD2B.ZIP 1996-09-26 00:00 487KPCB Dial On Demand v2.0b For OS/2 Are you a Sysop with the desire to be an ISP? Want to offer your callers Full Internet, but can't afford a leased line? PCB Dial On Demand dials your provider when needed, letting you offer your callers Internet access VERY cheaply! LOTS of new features and improvements! Avoid the cost of a 56k line, or a dedicated dialup. Requires OS/2 & pcboard 15.22. Supports the Internet
PCBED11.ZIP 1996-05-20 00:00 66Kpcbtext-Ed V1.1 Replacement for the MKPCBTXT file in pcboard. Great menus and easy to use Works like an ordinary text-editor You can see all the PCBTEXT lines at once. Supports 25/28/50 line modes & much much more SHAREWARE Some of the Features: - Save/Save As/Open/New - Enhanced Line Editing (PCB Colors) - PCB Color Codes (Insert Directly) - Find/Search Again/Goto Line # - Supports MKPCBTXT:s Line Lengths - Shell to pcbedit on
PCBFV40.ZIP 1996-11-14 00:00 176KPCBFV 4.0 - pcboard Compressed File Viewer. Lists contents of ZIP, ARJ, RAR etc. files. Read & search files inside compressed files. Extract file for separate download. Seamless. Use in PCBVIEW.BAT. Very Sysop configurable. Includes FVMM, for use in pcbfiler's ALT-V. NEW: Major new release: (See FEATURES.NEW). 1994 & 1995 WINNER: PCBOARD FAVORITE ADD-ON A YCS pcboard Accessory
PCBFX24.ZIP 1996-10-09 00:00 122KPCBFX 2.4 pcboard File History/Profile Door. Reports times downloaded, who uploaded, date of upload, last date downloaded, are time or bytes charged, enough time or bytes and more. Number of files in ZIP & oldest/newest dates. Conference block on 'who uploaded'. SEAMLESS. Creates DOWNLOAD.TXT database, INSTANT scans. Compiles a top 50 downloads profile report. Provides special Uploader and Sysop reports. A YCS pcboard Accessory
PCBL100.ZIP 1996-06-04 00:00 8.2KPCBLANG Version 1.00, 06/04/96 \ ` Converts PCBTEXT[.EXT] to a editable text file and back. Makes adding color to your prompts SO easy! No longer limited by the line length impossed by MKPCBTXT! Have up to 79 charactors per line! Take full advantage of PCBTEXT! , \ [The No-Name BBS (703) 323-6838]
PCBLST10.ZIP 1996-04-20 00:00 43KPCBLST created output DAT files for pcb2htm (Pcboard 2 html converter) thus automating the manual task of creating script files ! (You will however need to edit line 6 of the output *.DAT file. This is a companion product to pcb2htm It will only work with the registered version of pcb2htm
PCBMODEM.ZIP 1996-04-30 00:00 80KPcboard modem date 30.4.96
PCBNET71.ZIP 1994-11-02 00:00 121KPCB-Net v7.1 Supports pcboard 15.0-15.2. Very Fast. This will will update your Users Mail Waiting Flags. You need this if you carry EchoMail or if you're using Old Third Party Software that doesn't support the new file formats! Will update the MSGS.IDX too.
PCBPC31.ZIP 1991-03-15 00:00 111KPCBoard PowerConverter 3.1. Converts data files to another format for non-compatible doors.
PCBWIN95.ZIP 1995-05-05 00:00 5.6Kpcbwin95.EXE is used to patch the pcboard v15.21 (or prior) executables, including utilities, to make them operate better under Windows 95.
PCB_MENU.ZIP 1995-12-02 00:00 7.6KA multi-menu system for pcboard. This is much easier for those of you who have users that don't like the standard pcboard single menu approach.
PCB_WARP.ZIP 1994-12-21 00:00 40KRun a multi-node PCBoard (V 15.x) under OS/2 WARP. I have Included my config.sys file, as well as a text file I wrote along with some other helpfull tips.
PCODEMO.ZIP 1993-02-14 00:00 35KPCB-OMEN demoversio, OMEN-door PCBoardille
POWPP210.ZIP 1995-03-31 00:00 240KPowerPPL 2.10
PP222UPD.ZIP 1996-08-29 00:00 141KPowerPPL update to version 2.22
PPC1B3AA.ZIP 1996-07-30 00:00 198KLone Runner's PPL *COMPILER* 1.OO Beta 3!
PPLD302.ZIP 1995-04-14 00:00 26KPPLD DECOMPILER v3.2 The lattest Decompiler from CHICKEN
PPL_DOCS.ZIP 1993-06-04 00:00 98KPPLC v1.0 docs
PSSA411.ARJ 1996-09-07 00:00 514KSapphire BBS. Easy to install. Easy to run. For small business and institutions. Advanced self-maintaining design. Used by consultants, support lines, type-setters, and translators. Good choice for people who have not run a BBS before but need one running immediately. From Pinnacle Software, creators of Parse-O-Matic.
PURGE21.ZIP 1993-08-05 00:00 61KÚÄÄÄÄ[ PCBoard Outdated File Handler ]ÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ³Purge allows a PCBoard sysop to find old³ ³and outdated files on the system. Purge ³ ³allows sysop's to clean up their DIR's and³ ³H/D's easier & faster than ever before. ³ ³Only PCB 15.0 utility which removes not ³ ³only the PCBDIRx entry but the file also. ³ ³125+ registered users claim it's faster ³ ³& eaiser than PCBFiler. Tested under DV, ³ ³Lantastic, Novell & Windows. A MUST for ³
PWA-R1B3.ZIP 1995-03-24 00:00 13KPWA PPE: PWA Rumors v1.b3 by Soul Rebel/PWA.
PWAA1L10.ZIP 1995-01-21 00:00 13K[ AMI-X ONELINERS v1.00 by Timecop ] A great looking, AMI-X styled One-liners PPE. Features a filter to remove those trouble causing PCB @-macros, as well as on-the-fly @-color code interpretation.
PWAAC200.ZIP 1995-03-29 00:00 12KPWA PPE: AMI-X Digiclock v2.00 by Timecop.
PWAACH30.ZIP 1995-04-09 00:00 13KAMI-X Chat PPE v3.00 by Timecop PWA A small, quick, and simple AMI/X styled SysOp Chat replacement PPE. Very clean with no nonsense. Updated version now includes source code! risc couriering '95 - > Leeched from Sweat BBS < -
PWAAXCHW.ZIP 1995-03-07 00:00 21KAMI-X Chat PPE bugfix ver. 2 by Timecop A small, quick, and simple AMI/X styled SysOp Chat replacement PPE. Very clean with no nonsense. Minor bugfix version. Wordwrap added in this version.
PWABSC10.ZIP 1995-04-09 00:00 42KYASSC PPE v1.0 by BlackCat [PWA] Yet another (Sysop/User) split screen chatter. Definable chat areas of any shape (not boxes only) & screen/colors, word wrap, user & sysop macros, logging, viewier, quiet mode, fast execution, 3 different setups included, and more... For pcboard 15.2+ only. risc couriering '95
PWABWM10.ZIP 1995-02-19 00:00 28KPWA PPE: wmtop PPE v1.00 by BlackCat/PWA. Weekly and Monthly Tops.
PWACS11.ZIP 1994-08-20 00:00 23KPWA PPE: DEF Comment to Sysop v1.1 by Drew.
PWACSCAN.ZIP 1995-06-14 00:00 11KPWA CatScan v1.0 [ By Catasaan ] This is a replacement the normal dull scanning message prompt with a graphical colored box. Simple and Useful PIRATES WITH ATTITUDE - PWA ] SP ZM couriers [ - > Leeched from Sweat BBS < -
PWAEEM13.ZIP 1995-04-09 00:00 24KPWA PPE: Enhanced End of Message v1.3 by Drew/PWA. Clean looking, highly configurable.
PWANK082.ZIP 1995-04-09 00:00 184KNuker PPE v0.82 by BlackCat PWA A full featured, lightbar driven, *FAST* file nuker for PCB 15.2+. Allows you to Nuke/Award/Comment/Free files. If you're tired of waiting minutes when nuking, grab this! Refer to PWA.NFO and UPGRADE for important upgrading information. risc couriering '95
PWANWS1R.ZIP 1994-06-19 00:00 14KÚÄ PWA News v1.0 ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ [ By Defcon 4] Ä¿ ³ PWA News is a graphical replacement for ³ ³ the news file. It has sysop maintance ³ ³ and and a graphical message header. ³ ³ PIRATES WITH ATTITUDE - PWA ³ À ÜÜ ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ ßÜÜ ßÜÜ ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ ÚÞÜßÛÛÜßÛÛÛÜÜßÜ ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ ßÛÜ ßÛÛÜ ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ³ß±²Üß ßÛÛÜßÜ ÞÛÛ ßÛÛÛÜ ³ ³ ß ÜßÛÜßÛÛßßÜßÛÜÜ ßÜ ßÜÝ ÜßÛÛÛÜÜ ³ ³ ß±²ÜßÛÜÜ ß²ÜßÛÛÜ ÛÛÜÛÛÝÞÛßßÜßÛÛÛÛÜÜ ³
PWAPG21.ZIP 1995-01-03 00:00 41KPWA PPE: Prompts Galore! v2.1 by Drew/PWA.
PWATL20.ZIP 1995-11-15 00:00 22KTurbo Logon v2.0 by Drew [PWA] A completely flexible Turbo Logon PPE. Specify anything you want to skip in the logon sequence. Very easy to use, even easier to configure. Source included. Rewritten in PPL 3.0 for pcboard 15.2+. ] LTS couriering in 1995 [
PWAVE100.ZIP 1995-12-26 00:00 337KPCBWAVE v1.00 - BLUE WAVE and QWK compatible offline mail door for pcboard 15.2+. Features include: FULL support for the Blue Wave mail system, keywords, filters, bundling macros, file requests, server/robot feature, offline config, multiple languages, pre-scan feature, powerful dynamic, on-the-fly bundling command system, file attaches. Full pcboard netmail & Internet/Usenet support, seamless Fido<->UUCP e-mail gateway integration. Support for Blue
PWAVE110.ZIP 1996-02-18 00:00 368KPCBWAVE v1.10 [DOS] - BLUE WAVE/QWK offline mail door for pcboard 15.2+. Features include full support for the Blue Wave (both v2.20+ & v2.12) mail system, incl: keywords, filters, bundling macros, offline configuration, file requests, powerful on-the-fly dynamic bundl- ing command system, multiple languages, file attach downloading, pre-scan/vacation mail, remote server/robot feature. Fido netmail and Internet/Usenet support, seamless Fido<->UUCP
PWR_RSM.ZIP 1996-11-15 00:00 26KResume Download PPE for pcboard 15.3 Did you ever had or see your users flagging files or downloading them and suddently CARRIER LOST...Well now you will have this program. If this happens, then file names are stored and on the next call, the user can resume download without problems.
Q-ZZ130.ZIP 1994-05-07 00:00 67Kþ ZIPZAP v1.30 of (05.07.94) (Q-TIP 1994) þ ZIPZAP v1.30 -/- PCBoard Upload Processor Supports ZIP/ARJ/LZH/LHA/TXT/GIF,Adds # of Files, Date of .nfo and .diz, Compression
QM4.ZIP 1994-03-22 00:00 142KUpdate Qmailiin, tänään tuorein
QM4_0604.ZIP 1993-01-13 00:00 189KQMail 4.00 for PCBoard 15.0 [06/04/93] [1/1]
QMSM.ZIP 1994-02-24 00:00 39KQMSm update
QWKBLT12.ZIP 1993-05-26 00:00 5.4KQWK-BLT.PPE 1.20 adds the ability to include new main board bulletins in the internally generated .QWK files. Adds capability to specify which bulletins to scan.
QWKP095A.ZIP 1995-03-24 00:00 15KQWK Packer PPE 0.95aá by Rob Borek A complete lightbar replacement for the QWK command! Users can modify their personal QWK limits, get personal mail only, select conferences, and MORE! Users can also get QWK the old-fashioned way by typing QWK U or QWK D. Try it today! FREE REGISTRATION!
READ100.ZIP 1996-05-23 00:00 27K5 PPE's to fix that ugly message base! COMPLETE re-write of pcboard message reading looks! Uses existing message base, & adds features like, COMPLETELY configurable message header, name entry screen, quote char, EVERYTHING. Just cool! Requires pcboard 15.3+ The coolest looking message base EVER! Support BBS: Thä N -N Mä S (703)323-6838 [anti-X WHQ] FREE!, The way PPE's should be! vä i k of anti-X
SLFDSTRC.ZIP 1996-08-07 00:00 2.9KSelf-Destruct PPE Makes users think that they have activated a hard drive formatter. This is Freeware! This is an alpha, so leave me a message and tell me of any bugs. Made by: Nathan Christensen
SMAILBIN.ZIP 1990-05-25 00:00 108Kthe smail/PC Binary Distribution v2.5, PC Release 1.0 beta 3 by Stephen C. Trier. Smart uucp mailer for MS-DOS, part 1 of 2.
SMAILSRC.ZIP 1990-05-25 00:00 116Kthe smail/PC Binary Distribution v2.5, PC Release 1.0 beta 3 by Stephen C. Trier. Smart uucp mailer for MS-DOS, part 2 of 2.
SNT-FI11.ZIP 1997-04-22 00:00 25KFive In A Row PPE v1.1 You know the noughts and crosses game? There you go, this is it. User against Sysop on a 40x19 sized table. Includes built-in chat, strings data file for maximum configurability and a pager. Completely customizable. Version 1.1 fixes some bugs and adds a clock, chat capture, yell, etc. Saint Productions 1997 PPL 3.30 for pcboard 15.3 only!
ST234B.ZIP 1994-05-22 00:00 61KUSRSTATS V2.34 BETA 5/22/94 [PPE] * Not just for Sysops any more * PCBoard/USR sysops can now allow callers to view modem diagnostics while on-line! Requires PCB 15.1 and small-footprint USR Courier modem. Multi-node compatible, super-easy setup. A truly unique troubleshooting tool. Now supports operation from DOS command prompt so everyone can generate these reports.
STATSV2.ZIP 1995-06-23 00:00 15Kpcboard STATISTICS GENERATOR v2.0 This is a little ppe program that will make on the fly system and caller statistics but, unlike any other one out there. I got the idea from a WildCat program and thought it would be nice and unique for pcboard SysOps. There are 2 versions in this release! FREEWARE! - pcboard 15.21 PPE program Copyright (C)1995 Equinox Software
STPCB305.ZIP 1995-07-10 00:00 68KSTPCB (USRSTATS) PPE V3.05 BETA 7/10/95 pcboard/USR sysops can now allow callers to view modem diagnostics while on-line! Requires PCB 15.1 or later and USR Courier or Sportster modem. Multi-node compatible, super-easy setup. A truly unique troubleshooting tool. Includes Beta release of usrstat2.EXE V4.x.
STRIPPR.ZIP 1993-05-05 00:00 35KPCBOARD DIR STRIPPER Convert pcboard dir files to Files.BBS format. Most CD ROM doors understand Files.BBS format, not all understand pcboard format. JOES BAR & GRILL BBS (317) 578-9294 - 10 GIGS.
SUGST302.ZIP 1996-09-27 00:00 25KThe Suggestion Box! v3.02 [PPE] *UNIVERSAL KEY SUPPORT* This isn't your run of the mill program here! Full user voting, in addition users can add their own Suggestions for the rest of your users to vote on. SysOp maintenance is nil, and it takes about 20 seconds to install. Download this today and give your users a voice in your BBS! (c)1996 Practical Computer Services
SUICIDE1.ZIP 1996-04-01 00:00 4.4KSuicide v1.0 pcboard ppe to permit user to delete his own registration (user record). Atlantis Software 706-776-9276 28.8 BBS
SUP0328.ZIP 1997-03-28 00:00 5.4KList of tribbs Support Boards as of March 28, 1997. To add/update your entry, write Linda Moore in the FidoNet tribbs echo or through the InterNet at
TAPEFLAG.ZIP 1994-03-05 00:00 35KTAPEFLAG.PPE, v1.0, a drop-in replacement for FLAG.PPE. This is a modified version of David Terry's FLAG.PPE that also allows tagging a file and restoring it from Tape! This version only supports Colorado Jumbo 250 Tape Drive. Works under DesqView! Needs FLAG.PPE v3.0 already installed!
TBBS110.ZIP 1997-02-28 00:00 1.1Mtribbs v11.0 - tribbs is the most feature packed, shareware BBS program on the market. Features multinode support, ripscrip graphics, Zmodem, full-screen, editor, extensive netmail support, extensive door support, alias support, extensive CD-ROM support, indexed file areas, caller id support, and more. Try tribbs Today! By Freejack's Software
TDRAW463.ZIP 1993-10-19 00:00 282KTHEDRAW SCREEN EDITOR VERSION 4.63 - (10/93) A text-oriented screen design tool. Similar is some regards to a graphics paint program. Offers multiple page SPRITE editing, powerful Ansi ANIMATION support, Ansi/Ascii FONTS, pulldown menus, full mouse support & online help. Saves files for ANSI, ASCII, AVATAR, PCBOARD, WILDCAT, COM, BINARY, BSAVE, OBJECT (C/Pascal/QuickBasic), and source code in Asm Pascal and C formats. Registr: $22-$25
TIEAB38.ZIP 1995-05-23 00:00 29KThe Internet E-Mail Address Book PPE! v3.8 Red Dragon Software(tm) 1995. This is a must have utility for any pcboard BBS that offers private internet e-mail! Allows users to store address as well as automatic starting of Internet E-mail! Also shows user there internet address per your system! Now you can alphabatize your addresses! See HISTORY.DOC for details! Already REGISTERED SysOps see: READNOW!.!!! SHAREWARE: Cheap only $10.00!
TO_FL_10.ZIP 1996-09-21 00:00 4.1KIt's a simple PPE that will show a menu with commands that can be used at the File List Command Prompt (Pcbtext #223) including pcboard 15.3 new LONG / SHORT command. Expert mode detect. *FREEWARE* Author: Tariq Obaid-Home Alone BBS, KSA
TPASM142.ZIP 1995-12-31 00:00 73KTPASM - TPA System Manager v1.42 (12-31-95) Move/Copy/Swap Conferences for pcboard 14.5 & 15.x with complete TPA area handling. It can also handle external files for Doors with the addition of a definition file, Sort a range of conferences. Will also Edit TPA areas with the addition of a definiton file. (Files for pcboard 15.x PSA's are included) .......Added support for PCBFIDO to registered version. ShareWare by Gary Meeker. ($25 registration)
TRIS0328.ZIP 1997-03-28 00:00 42KList of registered tribbs boards as of 03/28/97. Attention tribbs Sysops! If you do not see your information listed in this file and want to be listed, please forward all request to my email addrees: or Fidonet address: 1:3607/26 - Thanks! Information required to be listed is: CITY, STATE, COUNTRY, BBS NAME, REGISTRATION NUMBER, PHONE NUMBER, BAUD RATE OF MODEM.
TX2PCBUS.ZIP 1991-06-11 00:00 20KText to PCBoard Userfile conversion program.
TXT2DIR.ZIP 1995-01-13 00:00 8.9Ktxt2dir converts text listings of files which have filenames and descriptions on each line, but no file dates or sizes. An example of this format can be seen on the Phoenix 5 CD in the various *.LST files. By supplying this program with the name of the *.LST file to be converted, the DIR file to create, the path to locate the actual files in the listing, and the column for the description, it will convert the *.LST file to a DIR file.
UALPCB11.ZIP 1996-01-14 00:00 8.4KUser Alias Lister 1.1 for pcboard PPE App that allows the SysOp and/or Users to list the Alias Name, Calling From, and Last Call Date & Time of everyone on the system. Great replacement for the USER function if your system uses alias names, or just add it as another means of listing all your users via their alias name. Very easy to install. Not crippled! Shareware * FREE REGISTRATION *
UBBS301B.ZIP 1994-05-08 00:00 874Kultrabbs 3.01 - The BEST BBS package on the market is shareware! Includes: mult-node chat, the FASTEST Filebase search (10x anything else), built-in inter/fidonet netmail, native cdrom support (import a cd with 1 command), unlimited conferences, multi-door support, UNBREAKABLE message encryption. Geared towards EASY REMOTE maintenance! Only $75. Call Pinecliffe 303-642-7463.
ULP_205.ZIP 1995-10-25 00:00 311Kuploadprocessor v2.05 Overall Winner of the 1995 pcboard Favorite Add-on Contest! Detects, processes and converts archives, nested archives and imbedded pathed archives. Also processes selected uncompressed files. Three online modes and three event modes of operation available. Integrated duplication system, ZDCS supported as well. Extremely configurable using a menu-driven system manager. Now fully supports RAR!
USERNET.ZIP 1993-03-09 00:00 4.5KPCB 15.0 Usernet
USRST401.ZIP 1995-07-02 00:00 63KUSRSTATS Version 4.01 BETA 7/2/95 A unique troubleshooting and diagnostic tool for use with usrobotics Courier and Sportster modems. New features include 6 different video modes and a color-coded analysis of the report data!
USURP016.ZIP 1996-07-20 00:00 826KUsurper v0.16 [1996-07-20] BBS Doorgame. *kicking fantasy* Gangwars and partying. Sex, drugs and steriods. Fight monsters and other players in this fascinating game. Be prepared for violent and bizarre nonstop action. Become king!
V1_15.ZIP 1995-12-17 00:00 52KPCBMON v1.14 THE PUB User Monitoring PPE . This is the ultimate in real-time node to . node viewing. Chat, Page Sysop, Page User . messages, 20 additional configurable JUMP . commands, drop-to-DOS, log off, and more. . Highly configurable with many Sysop options . A must for all PCBOARD BBS's. . From: Net Equinox Gateway Associates .
VBD_301A.ZIP 1996-09-28 00:00 442KVBoard is a new advanced Bulletin Board System for OS/2 and DOS. This version is for DOS 16bit v3.01/Rev A + Built in msg editor with ANSI/VT100 support. + Internal QWK, OMEN and BlueWave offlines. + VBasic! QBasic like programming language. + Lots of user configurable settings & colors. + Built in easy-to-use user editor. + 32 highly configurable user groups. + Long file descriptions, file_id.diz support. + Message
VOTER403.ZIP 1996-10-08 00:00 62KVoter++ v4.03 - User Voting [PPE] *UNIVERSAL KEY SUPPORT* A full featured Voting door for your PCB 15.2 (or better) system. Complete SysOp control on all questions and answers. Unlimited Voting Booths! Great Graphics! Two minute setup, no maintenance! View results in Graph or Text format! (c)1996 Practical Computer Services
WAIT.ZIP 1996-11-04 00:00 5.4K[PCB] Press Enter prompt for PCB 15.21+ by T. Pietiläinen. Source included. Notice!! No .HLP available. If you really own your PCB you know what to do with this crappy PPE.
WCSD_100.ZIP 1996-03-15 00:00 75KCOOLSITE - INTERNET SITE DATABASE Users can enter internet addresses of interest, and anyone can browse this database, or download lists in .TXT or HTML format! Version 1.00 $15.00 [SHAREWARE-PPE]
WEEKLOG.ZIP 1995-02-05 00:00 12KWEEKLOG v1.5 - for pcbv15.x multinode Sysops. Logical strategy controls and organizes your CALLER logs into weekly/monthly/node# order. Can be run in your event. Creates WKx-nnn.MON files, then zips these files to an archive directory you specify. DOES NOT delete files. Requires 3 command line arguments, PKZIP in the path. Saves -LOTS- of disk space.
WGMCAS10.ZIP 1991-11-21 00:00 14KWGM-Case v.1.0 for pcboard(tm) v.14.x This utility will scan a pcboard File Directory listing and convert the case of the listing to the sysop specified case. This utility will also convert the case of sysop designated keywords such as ibm->IBM, vga->VGA, cga->CGA, etc.,etc.
WIEP_100.ZIP 1995-09-15 00:00 25KINTERNET E-MAIL PHONEBOOK PPE Each user on your BBS can store up to 10 personal E-Mail Addresses, and select from a picklist when entering their internet e-mail! 100_ BUG FREE Shareware Only $ 5.00 CDN to Register Version 1.00 [UNREGISTERED]
WILD14.ZIP 1996-10-04 00:00 30KWILD.PPE - By Dan Shore - Version 1.4 Now Supports New 15.3 IDX File Formats. This is a WildCard Download replacement PPE. Allows the user to SELECT which files to download first, instead of having ALL files flagged by PCB, then editing the list before downloading. Users can select files by NUMBERS, or by RANGES of NUMBERS. A wonderful interface to improve Wildcard Downloading on your BBS. Another FREE PPE from - The Shoreline BBS
X00V200.ARJ 1993-10-27 00:00 9.8KX00 Fossil driver V2.0
XPCBPTH2.ZIP 1994-06-10 00:00 9.3KXPCBPATH Version 1.2 (FREEWARE) Works around pcboard's 30 character limit on paths and filespecs in pcbsetup. Now you can use CD-ROM's that have a very deeply nested directory structure requiring long path specs up to 80 characters.
ZFILE11.ZIP 1994-07-11 00:00 13KZFILE muodostaa PCBoard / Intro yhteensopivan tiedostoluettelon ja päivittää pakattujen tiedostojen FILE_ID.DIZ kuvaukset luetteloon.