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ACP_112.ZIP 1996-12-16 00:00 25KAnother CD Player Version 1.12 12/16/96 Xmas Edition Freeware CD player from Hungary Requires 286, CD drive, MSCDEX Optional VGA, mouse Both interactive and command line mode Easy handling!
AGS-MP05.ZIP 1997-05-20 00:00 254KAegis MP3 DOS player v0.5 - supports lots of cards (MIDAS) - seeking fonctions - plays MP3,MP2 - cyrix and pentium versions - fast, great, useful new!: vumetre, long filenames, wildcards support coded by ron/aegis
AMOD095.ZIP 1995-12-21 00:00 107KAdrenalin Module Player v0.95 by beta/a-men
AMP201.ZIP 1996-10-29 00:00 57KA M P v2.01 Module player for SB awe32 XM/S3M/MTM/MOD/PTM modules supported. No notes lost due to hardware limits. The perfect, clean sound ! Requirements: 386+/DOS+/EGA+/awe32+
CDM32.ZIP 1995-02-01 00:00 100KDOS based CD-player v3.2
CDPLAY14.ARJ 1997-02-10 00:00 235KVPKSoft CD-Player II v.1.4A (PD) Hyvä CD-levyjen soitteluohjelma DOSiin. Ohjelma on nyt päässyt kakkosversioonsa ja parannuksia on tullut huimasti lisää. Toimintoina kappaleiden ja levyjen nimeäminen, satunnainen soitto, ohjelmoitu soitto, intro-moodi (10 sek/kappale) ja muut kunnon CD-soittimeen kuuluvat toiminnot.
CMOD312.ZIP 1996-04-17 00:00 109KCapaMod 3.12 _THE_ MOD, S3M and XM player for Gravis UltraSound. Includes CapaPlay II library for Assembler, C, Pascal and Basic.
CONV14.ZIP 1994-12-19 00:00 118KConvert v1.4b, (c) 1994 Jesus Villena The latest solution to obtain samples from: -Instruments: PAT,GKH,ED?,EF?,TXW,SDK,KRZ SBK,SYW -Sound Files: SND,RAW,WAV,AIFF,IFF,AU,SMP SDS,SDX,SF -Modules : MOD,MTM,S3M,ULT,FAR,669,DMF UNI,DSM,OKT,STM,MED,PAC,PSM F2R,F3R,XM,DSP UWF,FSM,S3I,SOU,DSF,XI and convert them to: PAT,SND,RAW,WAV,AIFF,IFF,AU,SF,SBK SMP,SDS,SDX,UWF,FSM,S3I,SOU,DSF
COOL152.ZIP 1995-11-17 00:00 818KCool Edit v.1.51 is a waveform editor.
CP2M1.ZIP 1997-01-02 00:00 372KC U B i C PLAYER pre 2.-1 Wired '96 Pre Release
CP20A.ZIP 1996-12-27 00:00 384Kcubic PLAYER 2.0 Party 6 Version ! It's going on get it or wait for the 2.0 rel. with doc & support dirt bag.xpo
CP20APP.ZIP 1997-04-29 00:00 439Kcubic PLAYER 2.0 just a release news: MP3,2,1, ESS get it or wait for the 2.0 rel. with doc & support dirt bag.xpo
CPAWE17C.ZIP 1996-04-16 00:00 7.4KCP AWE wavtbl driver 1.7c player add. driver AWE wavtbl drv v1.7c AWE wavetable driver update -removes strange left/right channels missing/wrong bug.
CPGP17B.ZIP 1996-04-10 00:00 4.2KCP GUS player driver 1.7b player add. driver GUS player drv v1.7b bugfixed version lets you -play .wavs -use the Mixer (echos,mods>1mb) -use the Quality Mixer with a normal Gravis UltraSound
CPLAY.ZIP 1995-02-20 00:00 25KCPlay V1.0. CD-player
DA2WAV16.ZIP 1996-10-13 00:00 99KCDDA Version 1.6. CDDA is a DOS PC based utility that allows the user to extract digitally perfect copies of samples from audio CDs. It also allows the user to extract MPEG streams from CDi Digital Video CDs, XA frames from CD-XA CDs, and CD+G data from audio CDs. It now supports SCSI drives through the ASPI drivers, ATAPI drives through the ASPI drivers in Windows 95, ATAPI drivers through the ATASPI drivers, and most
DOS_AMP.ZIP 1997-02-28 00:00 162KMP3-Playeri DOS:ille
FCD250.ZIP 1996-08-03 00:00 588KSound Design Systems fastcd 2.50 Written by Peter Visontay The BEST CD Player in the world! SHOWS SONG LYRICS WHILE PLAYING(!!!!!), shows inserted CD's title, track names, contains a lot of special modes (shuffle, playlist, loop, scan, play only refrains(!), etc.), a lot of play-controlling functions, select tracks from playlist, show a lot of information about the CD, functions for recording CD to cassette, volume control,
FMS.ZIP 1996-04-11 00:00 61KFM-soundi editori DOSsille
FT206.ZIP 1996-02-16 00:00 336KPRESENTS Fasttracker v2.06
HAP10.ZIP 1996-01-05 00:00 20KHSC AdLib Player v1.0 Plays your HSC-files. (5 example files are included!) FreeWare!
IT212.ZIP 1997-04-22 00:00 320K. Impulse Tracker v2.12 . i .s$s.` $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Ss. t p sss.` a e ds.`$ ds.`$ r $s.s$$$$' Y$$$$'.$$$$' `$$$$$s.s$ ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sb sb2 sbpro sb16 awe32 gus pas pas16 interwave dac on lpt pc speaker $SssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssS$ s' st3 style interface `s: $ m o d m t m s 3 m x m i t $ $ up to 64 channels, 256 tracks $ $ ' full panning surround sound ` $ $ vol pan
IT213.ZIP 1997-05-25 00:00 88KImpulse Tracker v2.13b .EXE needs also IT212.ZIP
L3V261D1.ZIP 1996-10-29 00:00 312KMpeg audio layer 3 encoder/decoder (1/2) DOS
L3V261D2.ZIP 1995-09-19 00:00 1.3MMpeg audio layer 3 encoder/decoder (2/2) DOS
L3V270D1.ZIP 1997-06-18 00:00 318KISO-MPEG Audio Layer 3 software only Encoder and Decoder for PCs (MS DOS) Version 2.70.
LBIT153.ZIP 1996-08-18 00:00 128KLow Bitrate Packer & Player Shareware product various formats supported (raw/WAV/AU , XM/MOD/S3M/STM ) SB/sbpro/StereoCovox/Int.Speaker playing Realtime unpacking/playing (C) by HeXoft 1996
LPLAY120.ZIP 1996-07-21 00:00 93KLousyPlayer1.20 by TheEdge of Cascada - 100_ FT2 features covered - VERY fast compared to other players - Complete sources enclosed - Watcom C and Real Flat Mode setup included - Supports GUS (GF1) and Interwave (gfa1)
MLD216.ZIP 1997-01-11 00:00 42KThe Unchained Melody 2.16 ProTracker (.MOD) and Scream Tracker 3 (.S3M) music module player for Gravis soundcards with file selector and everything.. [ requires only 286/VGA ]
MP062.ZIP 1996-12-19 00:00 1.2Msoundworx midi player with stunning S/VGA- graphix reads MID-, KAR- and MUS-files supports SB AWE (sbks and SF2s), Roland mpu401 and the SB MIDI-interface is FREEWARE added karaoke and bugfix unpack with subdirectories ! (-d)
MPP132.ZIP 1998-01-11 00:00 205KModPlug Player 1.32
MPP137.ZIP 1998-07-25 00:00 244KA 32-bit moduleplayer for Windows 95/98/NT called Modplug. Works great, lots of formats supported!
MPT100A5.ZIP 1998-01-13 00:00 281KMODPLUG TRACKER Alpha 5
MXMP11.ZIP 1995-12-01 00:00 68KCubic Tiny gus xm player v1.1
MYCD219.ZIP 1997-01-08 00:00 384Kmycdplayer - Audio CD Player, Library, Apptmnt book/diary. Exclude, Program, Shuffle, Sample, Volume, stayontop. Saves exclusions, program. Programmed with the KISS principle in Mind. Supports multiple CD drives. Import Win95 Player library. Does not alter files on your system.
OMEGA07.ZIP 1995-09-04 00:00 101KThis is a new version of the omega modplayer
OPENCP25.ZIP 1998-06-13 00:00 954Kopencp 2.5.0 cubic player - the next generation formats: mod, s3m, xm, it, mtm, 669, wow, ult, dmf, ams, mxm, ptm, mdl, okt, wav, mp1, mp2, mp3 and of course sid playlists: pls, m3u, plt (mikit) cards: gus, iw, sb, awe, ews, ess, wss, pas, wav-writer, mpx-writer additional features: more stable more modes more everything docs included source code available what do you want more.
RA30_32.ZIP 1997-01-18 00:00 741KReal Audio 3.0 32bit version
RAENC30.ZIP 1997-01-18 00:00 742KReal Audio 3.0 Encoder!
SVGA111.ZIP 1992-07-19 00:00 50Kgiffien n„ytt„j„ hyv„
U-BATU14.ZIP 1997-02-25 00:00 72K30 batch tunes for PC speaker v1.4 Clone of 4dos' BEEP command for DOS, tips for creating & integrating tunes into batches. Now 30 tunes available. Compact program including tools for visualizing tunes: fonts, color palet- tes, boxed messengers and more. New: PRAY command with 12 sounds FREE WARE
VINEDEMF.ZIP 1994-06-13 00:00 420KVineyard-esittelyohjelma 1.03, 14.6.1994 ---------------------------------------- Vineyard-ty”ryhm„ohjelmisto on oliopoh- jainen tiedonhallintaj„rjestelm„ Windows- ymp„rist””n. J„rjestelm„n avulla voidaan hallita ja jakaa mill„ tahansa Windows- ohjelmilla tuotettuja asiakirjoja, yll„- pit„„ asiakasrekistereit„, kytke„ olioita yhteen visuaalisilla linkeill„ ja luoki- tella tietoa vapaasti m„„ritett„vill„ hierarkioilla ja hakusanoilla. Pohjautuu asiakas/palvelin-arkkitehtuuriin. Copyright (c) 1994 Data Fellows Oy.
VMP104SW.ZIP 1996-01-14 00:00 118KVirtual MODULEPLAYER v1.04. ShareWare
VMP110SW.ZIP 1996-05-10 00:00 122KVANADIUM MODULE PLAYER V1.10 Soundcards : SB, SB2, sbpro, SB16 Module types : MOD, S3M Playback : 44khz, 16bits Spectrum analyzer NO MORE 9 MIN LIMIT
XM2MID.ZIP 1997-01-12 00:00 118Kxm2mid PACKAGE Converts Fasttracker II's extended modules to standard midi files. Effects: Set Volume, Jump loop Position jump, Set Speed/BPM Pattern break Shareware version, converts only the first 4 xm instruments.