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VER35C.ZIP 1997-10-16 00:00 323KValitek Tape Backup Software - Version 3.5c - Latest software for all Valitek pst2 (pst2-dat2, pst2-dat2+, pst2-dat4+, pst2-dat12+, pst2-TR4, pst2-M1200, pst2-M2000, pst2-500, pst2-1000, pst2-2400, pst2-5000) tape drives. Supports Windows95, DOS, Novell 3.x.
VER19P.ZIP 1996-12-04 00:00 178KValitek Tape Backup Software - Version 1.9p - Latest software for Valitek PST-250, PST-160, pst60 tape backup drives.
TD2040.ZIP 1987-08-21 00:00 223KSoftware for Tallgrass TD 2040 tapedrives (40mb)
QICTEST.ZIP 1994-05-27 00:00 32KAll Controller Test - is a QIC drive controller card test. It features auto search only; no parameters to enter. It searches for, locates, initializes and tests operation of all controller cards present in system. The following cards are supported: Archive, Colorado, Conner, Iomega, Maynard, Mountain and Summit.
LITE95.ZIP 1998-01-18 00:00 1.3MImation Tape-It Lite *FREE* tape-backup software for Windows95.
LITE31.ZIP 1998-01-18 00:00 468KImation Tape-It Lite *FREE* tape-backup software for Windows 3.11.
IOMET250.ZIP 1995-09-23 00:00 1.6MIOmega Tape250 Win95 ja mahdollisesti Win3.11 ajurit sekä backup ohjelmisto. Pura -D parametrilla.
IBM4MM.ZIP 1994-01-16 00:00 56Kwinnt drivers for IBM 2gig 4mm tape drive
EX2501.ZIP 1994-04-28 00:00 24Kwinnt driver for exabyte 2501 tape drive
DLT.ZIP 1996-08-02 00:00 7.2KDLT tape drive FAQ
CONNER.ZIP 1995-10-23 00:00 112Kwinnt drivers for Conner's floppy controllbased tape drives (QIC-40/8
CNR35FLC.ZIP 1995-02-01 00:00 58KConner 3200 & 4000 SCSI Tape drive drivers
BETA905A.ZIP 1997-08-26 00:00 273KValitek Tape Backup Software - Version 9.05a BETA - Valitek IMAGE BACKUP software (BETA Version). Software provides complete disaster recovery for Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, Novell, OS/2, Unix, and DOS. The software can be used on all Valitek pst2 tape drives.
ASPITAR.ZIP 1992-01-21 00:00 382KASPI-TAR for DOS + Sources
ASPI505A.ZIP 1997-05-27 00:00 307KValitek Tape Backup Software - Version 5.05a - Latest version of ASPI SCSI software for all Valitek pst2 and Valitek internal tape drives.
4MMS2.ZIP 1994-04-26 00:00 27Kwinnt driver for 4mm dds2 DAT drives
4MMDRV.ZIP 1992-10-16 00:00 31KSYTOS OS/2 driver for 4mm DAT tape