Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

606DRUMS.ZIP 1994-01-23 00:00 141KGUS Drum Patches [1/1]
808909PT.ZIP 1993-08-07 00:00 830KNew patches for Gravis Ultrasound
FILE$$.BAT 1990-01-01 00:00 232 Samp
PATCHES1.ZIP 1993-06-24 00:00 236KSample (RAVE) patches created by Francois Dio
PMAK110.ZIP 1993-12-23 00:00 398KPatch Maker Lite V1.10 for GUS Patch Maker Lite allows you to create your own custom MIDI patches or modify existing ones. (Note: If you are going to modify your existing patches make sure you BACK THEM UP. Otherwise you may wonder why your Grand Piano in a game sounds so terrible ). --- bwcc.dll and gv.exe were deleted
PPLT_150.A01 1996-07-15 00:00 1.3MPro Patches Lite v1.50 #2
PPLT_150.A02 1996-07-15 00:00 1.3MPro Patches Lite v1.50 #3
PPLT_150.A03 1996-07-15 00:00 934KPro Patches Lite v1.50 #4
PPLT_150.ARJ 1996-07-15 00:00 1.3MPro Patches Lite v1.50. The Ultimate patch #1 set upgrade for 1M GUS/MAX/ACE.