Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

6X-DBCH6.ZIP 1997-03-14 00:00 346K6x86 Instruction Set Summary (PDF)
6XOPT072.ZIP 1996-12-03 00:00 12KCyrix 6x86 processor optimizer v0.72 Turns on some bits to speed up things.
6XOPT074.ZIP 1997-01-15 00:00 20K6x86 optimizer written by Mikael Johansson. Configures 6x86 cpu registers to increase performance. Additionally it enables Windows95 to 'see' the 6x86 CPU in the device manager.
6XOPT077.ZIP 1997-03-18 00:00 60KCyrix 6x86 processor optimizer v0.77 Turns on some bits to speed up things.
486SLOW.EXE 1991-10-05 00:00 15KCreative Labsin BBS:stä ohjelma, jonka pitäis kytkeä 486-prosessorin sisäinen CACHE pois.
686FAST2.ZIP 1997-01-24 00:00 13K686fast V2 speeds up your Cyrix 6x86, 5x86 and DX/4 CPU by about 5-10_ Shareware, fullversion US$ 25 686fast V2 beschleunigt Cyrix 6x86, 5x86 und 486dx/4 cpus um ca 5-10_ Shareware, Vollversion DM 39,-
ALLC&T.ZIP 1992-05-11 00:00 387KAll C&T chipset manuals from AMI BBS.
B4PCMCIA.ZIP 1994-05-19 00:00 587KWedge showbiz 486 - PCMCIA Cardwiz drivers
B5PCMCIA.ZIP 1996-01-24 00:00 1.0MWedge showbiz 5000p PCMCIA Cardwiz drivers
BIOS.ZIP 1994-06-29 00:00 5.6KProgram that tell you the BIOS password. Very useful I you put a password into your bios and dont remember what it was
CAF286.ZIP 1991-03-23 00:00 39KCAF 80286 PC configuration and SCATEMM.SYS
CSPCMCIA.ZIP 1994-04-26 00:00 126KCardSoft PCMCIA drivers
CXM1.ZIP 1997-03-08 00:00 82KThis program allows the user to view and edit 6x86 bit settings
DIRECTNT.ZIP 1996-12-05 00:00 96KEnables Cyrix/IBM 6x86 Internal cache in Windows NT 4
DMICFG.EXE 1998-02-19 00:00 102KDmi config utility
DMIWIZ.ZIP 1998-01-21 00:00 309K2the MAX pp66sp Pentium Pro Single Processor DMI utility driver.
ECU.ZIP 1994-09-23 00:00 279KEISA Configuration Utility for ASUS EISA motherboard
EISA.ZIP 1991-02-28 00:00 20KEISA Configurion files
EISACFG1.ZIP 1996-05-16 00:00 75KCollection of EISA CFG files
ERRCODE.ZIP 1992-10-23 00:00 11KLista IBM:n error koodeista
GSETUP.ZIP 1990-10-06 00:00 29KGeneric setup
HC-MMX4.ZIP 1997-03-14 00:00 42KHot Chips presentation: Multimedia Instruction Set Extensions for sixth generation x86 Processor (PDF)
IBMM1.ZIP 1997-03-08 00:00 86KThis program allows the user to view and edit 6x86 bit settings
IBMM9.ZIP 1997-03-08 00:00 85KThis program allows the user to view and edit 6x86 bit settings
ICU_DOS.ZIP 1995-03-21 00:00 631KASUS ICU (ISA Configuration Utility) DOS version 1.24. - For Plug and Play BIOS only
JDRPOFF.ZIP 1998-01-21 00:00 44K2the MAX keyboard poweroff feature program
M1OPT.ZIP 1997-03-08 00:00 11KThis program configures the 6x86 for high performance
PASSWORD.ZIP 1996-05-07 00:00 3.0KProgram to crack SETUP passwords
PUZZLECX.ZIP 1997-03-08 00:00 8.2KFor Optimizing 6x86-Based Systems
S5CDPCMC.ZIP 1996-01-31 00:00 966KWedge showbook 5cd - PCMCIA Cardwiz drivers
SETUP386.ZIP 1989-05-10 00:00 30K386 setup C&T chip-set piireille
SP4702.ZIP 1998-05-21 00:00 2.1MCompaq F10 Setup and Personal Computer Diagnostics v1.23a. Deskpro 2000, Deskpro, Prolinea and Prolinea/E.
SYSSOF31.ZIP 1994-05-05 00:00 922KSystemSoft's cardsoft v3.1 AM4398 (PCMCIA Drivers for DOS / Win / Whatever)
TWEAK150.EXE 1997-07-08 00:00 76KTweakBIOS v1.50. Muuta emolevyn chipset asetuksia nopeammaksi vaikkei biossissa olisikaan valintoja.
VADWIN95.ZIP 1995-10-23 00:00 10KWedge showbook 5cd - 32-BIT PCMCIA DRIVER FOR VADEM CHIPSET UNDER WINDOWS 95
VIAUSB.ZIP 1998-01-21 00:00 51K2the MAX 586vpx/98 & 586ktx/98 VIA Apollo VPX/97 pciset USB port and ISA bridge Driver (date 08/15/97)
VP3BM.ZIP 1998-01-21 00:00 619K2the MAX 586vp3/98 & vp3a/98 VIA Apollo VP3 agpset New updated version of VIA Bus Mastering Driver (date 11/07/97)
WBCP33.ZIP 1994-11-24 00:00 464KAMI Winbios configuration guide. WordPerfect format.
WFALL123.ZIP 1998-05-05 00:00 117KWaterfall 1.23 uses advanced instructions found in Intel, Cyrix, AMD and IDT CPUs to make them run much cooler. Decrease your CPU temperature up to 30C!