Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

V34PLUS.ZIP 1995-07-05 00:00 241K7/5/95 Flash ROM code for US Robotics Courier V.34+ This is the official release of V.34+
USR_GERM.ZIP 1995-07-20 00:00 2.2KSpecial commands for usrobotics V.Everything GERMAN model
USR_DL.ZIP 1995-12-20 00:00 13KSmall utility for reading out the USR Sportster PROM via the serial line, have the modem connected to com1 and run USR_DL the file will be stored in current directory.
USR_0507.ZIP 1995-07-12 00:00 253KUSR v.34+ ROM-code release version for USA & Canada models / 05-jul-95
USR-INFO.ZIP 1995-06-27 00:00 5.8KHow USR V.everything FLASH programming works
SDL515B.ZIP 1995-05-15 00:00 239KNew USR Courier Flash Rom 1/1 5/15 Beta Firmware Code New v.34+ Protocol for 33.6k!
SDL313US.ZIP 1998-04-18 00:00 855K03/13/98 SDL HST,V32bis,Terbo,VFC,V34+,x2,V90 for 20 MHz US/Canada USR Courier modems only!
SDL0920.ZIP 1996-10-21 00:00 711K9/20/96 Flash ROM code for usrobotics Courier V.Everything. This is current production code. Includes DOS based flash program and Xmodem image file. For domestic US/Canada modems only.
SDL0609.ZIP 1995-06-09 00:00 238KUSR Flash Rom pre-release 06/09/95
SD960123.ZIP 1996-02-15 00:00 294KUSR Courier V.Everything FLASH 96/01/23
MDMUSRSP.INF 1996-01-01 00:00 46KModeemin tunnistus .inf tiedosto U.S.Robotics Sportstereille Windows 95:seen. Kopioi tiedosto Windows\inf\-hakemistoon. Tiedosto USRobotics BBS:stä.
FIX_USR.ZIP 1994-09-07 00:00 7.0KRecovery package for USR Courier V.FC/V.34 with corrupted FlasROM code.
AFL-USR2.ZIP 1995-12-02 00:00 244KNew Flash for USR courier, country protection remowed.
ABN-SDLF.ZIP 1995-05-15 00:00 240KUS Robotics V34+ Update for *ANY* DS Model!
781TO782.ZIP 1994-05-25 00:00 423KFixes HST bug on old Courier DS V.Everything
336BETA.ZIP 1995-05-15 00:00 239KNew USR Courier Flash Rom 1/1 New v.34+ does 33.6k Connects!