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3X/ 1998-03-06 00:00 - Novell Netware
4X/ 1998-03-02 00:00 - Novell Netware
GW_UW/ 1995-08-04 00:00 - Novell Netware
SDLPDRVR.ZIP 1996-10-10 00:00 734 NetWare 386 driver for wd7000fasst.
FAKESTUP.ZIP 1994-01-06 00:00 1.7KFake startup drive, aids formatting from Windows (bootless). Netware
GETBMODE.ZIP 1997-06-24 00:00 2.6KReturn current broadcast mode in ERRORLEVEL. Netware
RPLFIX.ZIP 1991-02-26 00:00 2.7KNovell: Remote Program Load, fix for DOS 5.0.
NWSEND.ZIP 1993-06-09 00:00 3.4KSEND for 4dos clients. Batch files use John Baird's utils.
NVSYNC.ZIP 1993-01-25 00:00 3.6KSynkronoi kellon netware serverin kanssa
CPU-UT.ZIP 1991-10-25 00:00 3.7KNovell: NLM what displays CPU-utilization.
NLICLEAR.ZIP 1992-10-01 00:00 3.7KClear Not-logged-in connections from Novell Netware. This NLM is provided by Novell.
WINSEND.ZIP 1993-12-02 00:00 3.9KWindows 3.1 shell for Netware SEND command
UNDOC.ZIP 1994-05-27 00:00 4.1KSeveral undocumented (were) DOS functions. Netware
FINGERD1.ZIP 1992-11-07 00:00 4.1KFINGER feature on Novell Netware 3.11 server.
DSKTESTS.ZIP 1997-06-24 00:00 4.4KInformal throughput tests of vlms vs NETX. Netware
RDATE.ZIP 1993-11-24 00:00 5.1K/ovellin rdate
SST_NW22.ZIP 1991-08-19 00:00 5.5KNetWare 2.2 driver for wd7000fasst.
SST_NW21.ZIP 1991-07-03 00:00 5.5KNetware 2.1x drivers for wd7000fasst.
SYNC.ZIP 1996-09-29 00:00 5.6KSYNC.NLM v1.02 - NetWare 3.x/4.x NLM to synchronize network time. SYNC.NLM will check the specified time source server every 5 minutes (default) and update the time of the local server. This guarantees synchronized time on the multi-server network. Freeware written by Wolfgang Schreiber.
NODEID.ZIP 1993-11-03 00:00 6.1KPut NW node ident and video kind into DOS Environment. Netware
PURGE.ZIP 1996-05-03 00:00 6.2KTime scheduled PURGE of selected file patterns, an NLM. Netware Util
S2S100.ZIP 1993-04-27 00:00 6.4KSynkronoi DOS koneen kellon Netware serverin kanssa.
IDEFIX.ZIP 1991-10-17 00:00 6.5KATID hard disk driver for Netware 2.2.
FINGERD.ZIP 1993-11-19 00:00 6.5KFinger NLM for NW 3.x
CHKGRP10.ZIP 1992-05-11 00:00 6.5KStandalone util to perform IF MEMBER test like NetWare scripts
TFTPD.ZIP 1996-09-29 00:00 6.8KTFTP Server NLM for Novell Netware 3.1x/4.xx
WINPRT.ZIP 1992-01-31 00:00 7.3KWINFIX - Fix for Windows Garbage Printing on NetWare
IPCFG.ZIP 1993-03-15 00:00 7.4KIPCONFIG.NLM v2.02, requires TCPIP.NLM v2.02 and IPTUNNEL.LAN v2.02
UL.ZIP 1995-12-08 00:00 7.6KUserlist /a plus annotation as to location. Netware
USERSCRP.ZIP 1994-05-30 00:00 8.0KUser utilities, for dealing with batches of users on Netware
SYNCTIME.ZIP 1993-11-05 00:00 8.0KSynchronize client time/date from server. Netware
TNET.ZIP 1993-04-29 00:00 8.1KDisplay Bindery contents. Netware
ALLNETS.ZIP 1992-09-24 00:00 8.2Kprint out all the networks using diagnostic services. Novell Netware util with sources
CONMSG.ZIP 1994-01-18 00:00 8.3KSend a message to the console from a batch file. Netware Util
ISVLM.ZIP 1994-06-01 00:00 8.6KTest whether VLM or NETX shell is loaded. Netware
DISKALOC.ZIP 1993-02-08 00:00 8.6KReport disk space usage for entire server, sources. Netware
WHOIS.ZIP 1993-11-08 00:00 8.7KShow user real name from Netware login name
PAUDIT11.ZIP 1992-03-16 00:00 8.7KBasica pgm to do analysis of PAUDIT text output. Netware
WALL.ZIP 1994-11-23 00:00 8.9KLike the Un*x wall command. Simply broadcasts to all. Netware
FRYESS1.ZIP 1994-04-27 00:00 9.2KFrye NetWare Screen Saver 1 (FRYESS1.NLM) for NetWare 3.1+ file servers. Instead of Novell's snake, the FRYESS1 displays amoving graph showing the server a real time display of CPU utilization on the file server.
CHKADDR.ZIP 1993-11-08 00:00 9.3KStandalone util to perform _P_STATION test from bat file. Novell Netware Util
SETSDATE.ZIP 1994-04-06 00:00 9.3KSet the server date from any workstation. Netware
SETSTIME.ZIP 1994-04-06 00:00 9.3KSet the server time from any workstation. Netware
SHOWPBAL.ZIP 1995-01-26 00:00 9.5KReport account balance (suitable for Pcounter too). Netware
SETUNAME.ZIP 1994-11-23 00:00 10KSet a users Real name from the command line/Batch files. Netware
KBFIX.ZIP 1992-02-04 00:00 10KAttempts to solve stuck key problem. Netware
IDE386.ZIP 1992-06-11 00:00 10KIDE.DSK, NW311 driver for IDE hard disks (dated 11.Jun'92)
TOQDIR10.ZIP 1992-10-29 00:00 10KFind directory for given print queue. Netware
AUD10B3.ZIP 1994-10-12 00:00 10KThe program analyses the Novell 3.1x Audit file as produced by the PAUDIT command and returns information on the total length of time a user is attached to a server, and the total number of times they attach.
LASTHOPE.ZIP 1992-12-01 00:00 10KNetware 3, preserve then remove bindery. From Richard Letts.
QLST15.ZIP 1994-04-07 00:00 10KShows items in print queues, etc. Netware Util
WWHO.ZIP 1997-06-24 00:00 11KWindows pgm, shows WHOAMI and CAPTURE /SHOW information. Netware
QUOTA.ZIP 1994-02-01 00:00 11KShow disk space used (and quota) on Netware volume
TALK.ZIP 1993-05-24 00:00 12KTalk pgm using IPX, shareware. Netware
USERDUMP.ZIP 1995-01-25 00:00 12KList all users with realnames, last login time, acct balance. Netware
SHORT_LN.ZIP 1994-09-16 00:00 12KShort_LN 1.00 Short_LN is a little utility for Novell Netware networks which provides a fast and easy way to map HOME directories for users whose login names are greater than 8 characters. **FreeWare from HyeWare Incorporated**
VOLDAI.ZIP 1996-02-19 00:00 12KServer file simulates tapedrive for Netware 4.10 backups (Sbackup)
SHUTDOWN.ZIP 1994-11-23 00:00 13KShut down system at a specific time, or after 'n' seconds. Netware
WW0863.EXE 1996-09-29 00:00 13KUpdated virtual timer for Windows 3.1 (if DOS apps hangs Windows)
NO.ZIP 1995-02-09 00:00 13KRemoves all files of a given type from a disk/volume. Netware
N31X-227.ZIP 1994-05-12 00:00 13KNovell 3.1x Driver Files v2.27 (5-12-94)
WHO386.ZIP 1992-03-15 00:00 14KNLM and client pgm, show who has which files open on server. Netware
EXPIRED.ZIP 1995-01-02 00:00 14KSearch for users on server without logins since N days. Netware
DSKTST.ZIP 1993-08-25 00:00 14KDskTst.EXE - Tool to Benchmark Disk I/O on NetWare Servers. Public domain written by Wolfgang Schreiber.
FILESFOR.ZIP 1995-01-26 00:00 14KProduce list of all files on a volume owned by a given user. Netware
LICENCE.ZIP 1994-09-28 00:00 14KSimple DOS application metering software on Netware networks
EN4416.EXE 1996-09-29 00:00 14KNetWare 3.12/4.0 driver for SMC EtherCard Plus adapter
TELNET.ZIP 1997-01-07 00:00 15KTelnet client nlm, with source. Netware
NOV31X.ZIP 1994-11-14 00:00 15KNovell 3.1x Driver Files (11-14-94)
FRMORG.ZIP 1993-09-23 00:00 15KNew file organization of NETWIRE forum in NS.NOVELL.COM
RECOVERY.ZIP 1991-05-07 00:00 15KRecover files from corrupted NBACKUP archives. Netware
RENUSER.ZIP 1991-10-21 00:00 15KRename Netware users
NOVELL1.ZIP 1994-03-03 00:00 16KNovell v3.11 driver (3-3-94) for Rev.G and older 742a and 542b
N4X-127.ZIP 1994-03-17 00:00 16KNovell 4.X Driver Files v1.27 (5-12-94)
USAGE11B.ZIP 1994-10-03 00:00 16KCompile disk space usage report. Netware
LAST.ZIP 1994-12-12 00:00 16KNetware 2.15 only! Shows time/date of last logins
NETLOG.ZIP 1989-08-16 00:00 18KReport machine usage by hour, monthly summary. Netware
BOOTPD18.ZIP 1993-04-22 00:00 18KBOOTP Server NLM for Novell Netware 3.1x,4.xx
MAILHOG.ZIP 1994-08-12 00:00 18KShows disk usage in NW server Mail directories on vol SYS:
NOV4X.ZIP 1994-10-18 00:00 18KNovell 4.X Driver Files (11-14-94)
QUEMON18.ZIP 1994-03-02 00:00 19KView many print queues in rotation. Netware
NETADR11.ZIP 1992-05-27 00:00 19KFollow-on pgm to John Baird's USERS program. Netware
MOUSE.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 19KThis patch will restore operations to the mouse port after loading a shell on a nondedicated NetWare operating system. The patch is designed for the IBM PS/2 models 50, 60, and 80.
INTFIX.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 19KThe INTFIX.EXE file contains INT15FIX.COM, a fix for running microchannel Arcnet with Lotus 123 revision 3.
ELS2DT.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 19KThis file contains LCONFIG.DAT, which allows Dayna Communication's Daynatalk PC, and Daynatalk MC Local Talk network adapter drivers to be selected for LAN B.
22DOS5.EXE 1995-10-12 00:00 19KThe patch ROMINT15.COM corrects two problems with NetWare 2.2 and DOS 5.0. First, the patch corrects a problem when booting the v2.2 server to DOS 5.0 and then running VREPAIR, (dedicated, non-dedica
NCPEC.EXE 1997-10-10 00:00 19KThis file corrects a server hang condition when using NCPEXTFX.NLM for managewise and TSA311 for backup/restore.
NDSTAC.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 20KThis patch is a TSR intended for NetWare v2.15C and v2.2. A non-dedicated 286 server will occasionally hang when hardware interrupts occur. This patch implements stack swapping for hardware interrupt
CPUCHK.EXE 1993-09-16 00:00 20KThe CPUCHK.EXE file contains a utility that checks the 386 microprocessor to ensure the 32 bit multiplication is done correctly for NetWare 386. The utility does not verify that the microprocessor is
LOCKOUT.ZIP 1994-03-02 00:00 20KDisable logins for all but named people (Beta). Netware
DISKHOG.ZIP 1994-09-12 00:00 20KDiskhog is a utility which will show what space is taken on a specified Netware volume by each user.
TIM386.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 20KContained in this file is the program SYNCTIME. SYNCTIME is a NetWare Loadable Module (NLM), which forces the server's date and time to be synchronized to the hardware's clock at specified intervals.
UPS22.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 20KThis NetWare 2.2 patch fixes a problem with IBM PS/2 Models with TYPE II keyboard controllers when used with the NetWare UPS monitoring feature through the mouse port. The problem only occurs on the
FLGDIR.ZIP 1992-06-17 00:00 21KFLAGDIR.EXE v1.21
EN3500.EXE 1996-09-29 00:00 21KNW 3.11 server driver v5.00 for SMC Elite 16 (8000 series) adapter
NBORA.EXE 1997-01-10 00:00 21KDocumented Netbasic Oracle Database API's
NWC386.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 21KThis file contains patches for the NetWare 386 C Library, as well as some new header files. NOTE: These patches are not for NetWare 386, they are for NetWare 386 C Libraries.
ETHSH.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 21KThis file contains the 3COM 3C501 shell driver for NetWare v2.12 workstations running at 20 MHz or faster.
NWFILE.ZIP 1994-05-24 00:00 21KNetware file utils
ESDIFX.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 22KThis file allows NetWare v2.1 and above to use the IBM PS/2 model 70 as a file server. This file also corrects a configuration option with PC Network II baseband.
NEWS.ZIP 1994-11-09 00:00 22KNice'n'easy news system for Netware
ASPICD.EXE 1993-06-08 00:00 22KASPICD.DSK (mounts CD-ROM to NetWare equipped with ASPI cntrllr)
ATDISK.EXE 1993-09-16 00:00 22KThis file contains the disk driver for IBM AT or compatible machines that was shipped with NetWare versions prior to v2.15c. The driver solves a problem of severe disk performance degradation, if the
55SX60.EXE 1995-10-31 00:00 23KThe PS2ESDI.DSK v3.11 file is an ESDI disk driver that supports the Seagate 60 MB drive (ST177i EC 835304) shipped with the PS/2 55SX. This patched version of PS2ESDI.DSK should only be used if probl
PS2ESD.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 23KThis file contains an updated disk driver for PS/2 ESDI. This driver fixes volume dismounts, write errors, and server abends, which were caused by the original driver.
WHO.ZIP 1992-09-08 00:00 23KShow who is logged on, with real name. Netware
WINONSRV.ZIP 1997-06-24 00:00 23KHow to install many applications on a Netware server, esp Windows
PROPTH.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 23KThis file contains a patch that will eliminate the proprietary check in NetWare. The patch specifically eliminates the Operating System / Server Mismatch error.
FMTPS2.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 23KThis format utility will restore the primary defect list on ESDI drives used by the IBM PS/2 models 60 and 80. The primary defect list is erased by COMPSURF's format when not using the ESDIFX.EXE dis
PS2M57.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 23KThis file contains the SCSI driver for the IBM PS/2 Model 57. The driver, PS2SCSI.OBJ, has been tested and certified only with the internal host adapter and internal drivers on IBM's PS/2 Model 57.
NDSCSI.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 24KThis patch addresses a problem found when a NetWare and a non-NetWare device are on the same SCSI bus. The TSR is intended for use with the non-dedicated mode of NetWare v2.15c and v2.2, all user ver
GETDRIVE.ZIP 1995-12-12 00:00 24KMap drive letter for NW 3.x, with optional prompts
NW4DFS.EXE 1997-01-07 00:00 24KReleased patch of the NetWare Direct File System.
PS2FX.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 24KThis file solves the 165 Error problem, which occurs after a NetWare installation on an IBM PS/2 Model 50 or 60 when using MFM controllers.
ISAREM.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 24KThis file contains an update to the ISADISK NetWare disk driver. Included with this driver are two .DSK files that are included for NetWare v2.15c and v2.2. Instructions for the use of the .DSK file
SETFX.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 24KThe SETFX.EXE file is a utility that corrects problems when time, date, and configuration settings are lost on IBM PS/2 Models 50, 60, or 80. The file works on all versions of NetWare.
IDE286.EXE 1996-09-29 00:00 24KNew IDE disk driver for Novell NetWare 2.x
PS22IS.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 24KThis driver is only for the internal IBM SCSI controller and does not support the external BUS type cache or non-cache controllers. Also it cannot be loaded (at this time) with any other PS2SCSI driv
DOWNSV.EXE 1993-09-16 00:00 24KThis file contains a NetWare Loadable Module that may be used to schedule the shutdown of a NetWare 386 file server at a later time. This comes from the September 1991 Application Notes.
IBMMEM.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 24KThe LOADER.DAT file is intended for dedicated NetWare v2.1x, v2.2 servers. The file fixes a conflict found between the NetWare operating system and the IBM PS/2 Enhanced 80386 Memory Expansion Option
LOGIN7.ZIP 1992-09-23 00:00 24Kttlogin v7. Forces users to login correctly to bindery based Netware servers. Handles incorrectly typed password situations etc.
NOVADF.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 24KThe NOVADF.EXE file includes several ADF files for Novell cards to be installed in IBM PS/2 machines.
PS2286.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 25KThis file contains the drivers for IBM PS/2 models 65-121, 80-121, 80-A21, 80-A31, and models 90 and 95 with the SCSI bus master controller interface.
TRXNET.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 25KThis version of TRXNET.LAN v2.0 fixes a bottleneck problem on a LAN with multiple file servers. If a server goes down on the LAN, workstations trying to communicate with the server through a bridge w
4DAY01.EXE 1994-07-28 00:00 26KNetWare 4 Days Questions and Answers
PSERVER.ZIP 1996-08-12 00:00 26KNetware PSERVER FIX
TLIEX2.EXE 1994-11-16 00:00 26KThis sample code demonstrates how to write TLI code for IPX and SPX for the OS/2 platform. While this is OS/2 code, it can be easily modified for DOS and Windows.
RFINGD10.ZIP 1995-08-03 00:00 26KFinger daemon NLM for Netware 3/4 servers, by Mike Ripley
LEAP.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 26KThis file contains a patch for the day-of-the-week problem in SFT NetWare v2.1, revision 0.
IDE31X.EXE 1996-09-29 00:00 26KUpdated IDE driver for NetWare 3.11/3.12.
GPIERR.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 26KThis file contains a patch for GPI errors with Novell Advanced NetWare v2.0a File and Record Locks.
COPYNLM3.EXE 1997-10-31 00:00 26KCOPY.NLM is a server utility to copy files between servers
(without involving any clients).

NOTE: The functionality of this utility has been rolled into ToolBox.nlm. Therefore, no more enhancements or fixes will be made to this utility.

NOTE: This utility helps system administrators. It is provided
free of charge as a courtesy, and therefore, is not a Novell
supported product. Problems or questions regarding this product
can be reported via e-mail to NTSUTIL@NOVELL.COM.

WHO19.ZIP 1993-07-09 00:00 26KShow user real name and station from login info. Netware
NI5010.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 27KThis file contains the operating system and shell drivers for the MICOM Interlan NI5010 Ethernet board. The drivers are for NetWare v2.0a.
IDE386.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 27KThis file contains an IDE disk driver that was written to work with ATA/IDE disk drives. The driver is self configuring, and does not rely on the BIOS for disk drive support. The driver is for NetWa
FOLIOW.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 27KThis file contains WIN2WIN.EXE, which converts Folio VIEWS v1.3 WIN to NFOLIO v1.2 WIN and vice versa.
WATCH.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 27KThis utility will monitor the watch dog packets on Advanced NetWare v2.0x.
WKSTRK.EXE 1997-07-17 00:00 27KNTSTRK is TRACK ON for the client instead of at the fileserver. It prints the same sap information from the lan/wan.


NVER30.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 27KThis file contains NVER.EXE v3.00. The file fixes the problem of lack of information that occurs when running NVER in a DOS workstation mode on a nondedicated file server. Additionally, the file cor
PS2CMB.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 28KThis file contains the Novell ESDI/SCSI combination driver set for NetWare 2.2 and v2.15c. NOTE: The driver set does not support systems with embedded ESDI controllers such as the IBM PS/2 Model 70 o
ETHRLK.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 28KThis file contains the new 3COM Etherlink operating system and workstation drivers.
NLOGIN11.ZIP 1992-01-06 00:00 28KAutomated login program. Netware
AN304X.ZIP 1993-03-03 00:00 28KUsefull utilities to list user accounts, login scripts etc.
KOD560.EXE 1996-05-21 00:00 28KThis driver was specifically written for Novell's High Capacity Storage System with Kodak model 560E AutoChangers. It is unknown how this driver will perform with other applications.
NW3DFS.EXE 1997-01-07 00:00 28KReleased patch of the NetWare Direct File System.
386DCB.EXE 1993-09-16 00:00 28KThis file contains the DCB.DSK file. This file has a DOC file that gives information concerning the use of the new DCB.DSK disk driver with drives set up as Generic SCSI. This is a completely rewrit
50Z70.EXE 1994-07-05 00:00 28KThis file enables IBM Models 50z and 70 to work as file servers with NetWare v2.0a. This is for NetWare v2.0a only, and includes ELS I.
NETUTILS.ZIP 1994-06-11 00:00 29KNetware client utilities SU2, MAILDIR, NETDRIVE
M30PAT.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 29KThis file contains patches for IBM PS/2 model 30 working with ELS I v2.12, ELS II v2.15, Advanced, and SFT NetWare v2.15. These patches fix the problem of running NetWare on a model 30 with a Seagate
CHK375.EXE 1993-08-20 00:00 29KCHKDIR.EXE v3.75
SECDOC.EXE 1994-05-24 00:00 29KThis file contains SECURITY.DOC which explains the seven security files: SECUT1.EXE, SECUT2.EXE, SECPRN.EXE, SECDOS.EXE, SECUT3.EXE, SECSYS.EXE, & SECOS/2.EXE. These files supercede SECUREFX.NLM
IPX1IG.EXE 1995-11-30 00:00 29KThis file is a digest of the IPX Upgrade for NetWare Servers 1.0 Installation & Configuration Guide. The digest provides the information you need to install and configure NetWare Link Services
PATMAN.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 30KThis file contains PATCHMAN.NLM and the DOC files for all released versions of PATCHMAN. Patches released after February 1, 1991, require PATCHMAN v1.20b to load. Patches written before February 1,
FTPD110.ZIP 1994-02-18 00:00 30KFTP Server NLM for Novell Netware 3.1x, 4.xx
NP600A.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 30KThe NP600A.EXE file contains the NP600 drivers that run with NetWare v2.0a. The drivers will allow the card to boot at fast speeds.
PCNSCS.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 30KThis file contains the Santa Clara Orchid AST PC Network v2.0a operating system and workstation shell drivers.
UNPS2.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 30KThis file contains two PS/2 utilities for NetWare v.2.15. The UNPS2FIX file is a utility that reverses the changes made to the partition table of an IBM PS/2 model 50 or 60 using an MFM drive. The P
PRTIME.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 30KThis file contains a patch for NetWare v2.1 and above. The patch allows you to speed up the printer response time to new print queue jobs for printers attached to the server.
SU-31.ZIP 1994-11-29 00:00 31KSuperuser-like program (assume rights of another user). Netware
TSPARSE.ZIP 1994-05-25 00:00 31KNetware sparse file handler (remover etc)
NETX.ZIP 1996-08-12 00:00 31KNovells NETX
SELECT16.ZIP 1995-02-17 00:00 31KSelect print queue program. Netware
FINGER.ZIP 1994-02-15 00:00 31KFinger DOS client for Netware 2/3, with source code.
DSFLT1.EXE 1996-11-05 00:00 32KThis file contains two NLMs that are designed to allow network administrators the flexibility to configure how often NDS communicates between servers. This allows DS communication to be configured for
215SEC.EXE 1993-09-16 00:00 32KThis file is an update to the SECURITY.EXE file, which ships with NetWare v2.15. The previous SECURITY utility used one of the grace logins available for each user on the network. The new SECURITY
GENBIO.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 32KThis file contains a generic NetBIOS driver. The patch corrects problems found in the GENBIOS drivers supplied with NetWare v2.0a. Technical Bulletin 1-148 refers to this problem.
22ND2F.EXE 1995-10-31 00:00 32KThe NetWare 2.2 patch, NDINT2F, fixes a problem with the INT 2F handler on the nondedicated DOS process of a file server. For certain values of AH, INT 2F will cause the server to ABEND with the mess
NETTT.ZIP 1992-08-29 00:00 32KNet tic-tac-toe, Netware programming example. Game
3CBOOT.EXE 1993-09-16 00:00 32KThis file contains an NLM that allows you to do a remote boot from a 3COM workstation using NetWare v3.1x. The file 3C1100.COM is a certified DOSODI driver for 3COM 3STATIONS. For information about
DIAGRE.EXE 1993-09-16 00:00 33KThis file contains DIAGREVE.EXE, which has excellent diskco diagnostics. The program tests DCBs, Adaptecs, cables, and drives.
DSVIEW.EXE 1994-01-26 00:00 33KDSView.NLM is a server-centric view of Directory Services. In other words, it displays only the information that is available in the Directory database on the server on which the NLM is run.
MIRREM.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 33KThis file contains a fix that allows a removable read/write drive to be added to a system with existing mirrored or duplexed drives.
TIM286.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 33KThis NetWare 286 VAP fixes the problem of the file server losing time. The VAPTIME.VAP file periodically reads the calendar clock (RTC) and resets the file server time.
P2SCSI.EXE 1995-05-11 00:00 33KThis driver corrects a problem found in the PS2SCSI.DSK that was included on
the 4.10 CD-ROM where SBACKUP could see an attached tape drive but not the tape itself.
UCPY.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 33KThis file contains UCOPY, a utility for NetWare, similar to DOS 3.2's XCOPY.
VAPVOL.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 33KThis patch corrects a problem appearing in servers when VAPs are loaded. Some symptoms of the problem have been General Protection Interrupts, or Stack Overflow errors while a VAP is loading, or corr
UP215C.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 34KThe files, HDE525.ARC, HDE35.ARC, HDS35.ARC, HDS525.ARC, found in this EXE file, allow the UPDATE utility to run from a hard drive. Also included are ULE35.ARC, ULE525.ARC, ULS35.ARC, ULS525.ARC, whi
PS110.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 34KThe PS110.EXE file contains the MCAINT15.COM program. The MCAINT15.COM program corrects a problem with Novell's PS110 Arcnet driver by resetting the Adapter Enable/Setup Register on microchannel mach
MIRROR.ZIP 1994-11-10 00:00 34KMirror Netware file servers (DOS program)
FILEHD.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 35KThis NetWare v2.15c patch corrects a problem with the OS/2 requestor. If the workstation has multiple tasks open, the file server may ABEND with the message NRemoveStationFile invalid file handle.
INTRUD.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 35KThis patch addresses the issue of INTRUDER DETECTION/LOCKOUT abending a v2.2 NetWare file server. If DETECT INTRUDERS is set to YES and a user logging in to the file server hits the INCORRECT LOGIN A
PRO101.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 35KThe PRO101.EXE file contains NetWare v2.1 drivers for the ProNet 10 board as well as for the microchannel board.
PCN22X.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 35KThis file contains the PCN2L operating system drivers for NetWare v2.x. The PCN2L drivers resolve a Remote Program Load problem where booting the workstation receives no response from the server, and
PAUDFX.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 35KThis NetWare v2.15 patch fixes the operating system OBJ files. With this patch the OBJ files will record correct disk storage numbers in the NET$ACCT.DAT file. The problem can be seen when the user
NETIME.ZIP 1993-12-12 00:00 35KSynkronoi DOS koneen kellon Netware serverin kanssa.
RADATR.EXE 1998-02-06 00:00 35KRADATR.EXE contains the most recent additions to the RADIUS Services for NDS attribute file. Please see the radatr.txt file for specific attributes that have been added.
STUDENT.ZIP 1992-05-26 00:00 35KSetup Netware account via simple Q&A, user run admin.
PS2OPT.EXE 1993-12-13 00:00 35KThis driver has been modified to include a wider range of support for tape drives as well as other issues. It is needed to support the IBM model 9595-opt Pentium /60mhz hardware.
IPXSPX.EXE 1995-11-30 00:00 36KThis file contians a list of the IPX/SPX Sockets (HEX).
NWCPPP.EXE 1997-07-11 00:00 37KNWCPPP.exe contains a new version of PPPRNS.LAN (V2.01o) which fixes a security issue with disabled NetWare user accounts. NWCPPP.exe also contains all fixes from previous versions of PPPRNS, includi
MOUNTR.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 37KThis NetWare v2.15c patch corrects problems mounting large removable drives.
VGETSC.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 37KThe patches, VGETSCRE.FIX and VGETS_RT.FIX are intended for the NetWare 2.2 (5,10,50,100 -- user versions) dedicated and non-dedicated operating system, and the VAP router. These patches correct a pro
FNWCX25.EXE 1997-06-18 00:00 37KThis Field Test File prevents intermittent file server abends when pressing the F1 key while configuring X.25 parameters via NWCCON.NLM (Configure AIOPAD parameters). This Field Test File is recommenThis is a Field Test File and has not been thoroughly tested by Novell.
SROUT4.EXE 1996-11-08 00:00 38KThe files contained are for implementing the ability for Novell servers, routers, and DOS, Windows, OS2, TCPIP clients to SOURCE ROUTE their frames on FDDI, Token-Ring, and PCNET networks. These file
INT215.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 39KThe INT215.EXE file contains patches for NetWare v2.15 nondedicated servers running on Intel PC Platforms. The patch corrects a problem with slow keyboard performance.
41DSVU2.EXE 1997-07-28 00:00 39KDSView.NLM is a server-centric view of Directory Services that displays only the information that is available in the Directory database on the server on which the NLM is run. This version works on D
SEC286.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 40KThe SEC286.EXE file addresses a potential security anomaly on NetWare v2.15 file servers.
JCMD_135.ZIP 1996-12-02 00:00 40KProgram JCMD emulates COMMANND.COM's prompt on FileServer NetWare 386. You can work with files on server DOS partition (until REMOVE DOS or SECURE CONSOLE) and with files on NetWare volumes. You can not run programs.
V286OL.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 40KThis file contains a November 1986 version of VREPAIR for NetWare 286. This file may help if you have trouble with your current VREPAIR for NetWare 286; however, it isn't for SFT.
NDSPX.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 41KThis program will configure the OBJ files for advanced NetWare v2.15c and v2.2. The program allows the DOS process on nondedicated file servers, v2.15c and v2.2, to support more than 15 SPX CONNECTIO
NIPW2X.EXE 1996-05-29 00:00 41KNIPW2X.EXE is a patch for NetWare IP Workstation. You will only want to download NIPW2X.EXE if :
- You use NetWare Connect with NetWare IP.
- Your NetWare IP Workstation is version 2.2
- You have NOT downloaded NIW22B.EXE.
BINDEDIT.ZIP 1993-10-28 00:00 42Kbindedit, a program for reading data from and writing data to Novell NetWare binderies.
C32FAQ.EXE 1996-05-30 00:00 42KFrequently Asked Support Questions, (FAQs) for NetWare Client 32 for Windows 95

Note: For additional details on many of the FAQs and other issues, refer to the README.TXT and SETUP.HLP included with the Client 32 product.

VRPA286.EXE 1997-07-31 00:00 42KThis file contains the VREPAIR utility for Advanced NetWare 286 v1.x and v2.0x.
UPSNLM.EXE 1997-07-22 00:00 43KThis file contains a UPS.NLM that ONLY works with an American Power Supply UPS. It supports serial port connections to the UPS with the correct cable from American Power Supply.


FNASI21B.EXE 1997-06-18 00:00 43KFNASI21B.exe is a Field Test File which contains the latest version of NASI.EXE (V2.10B). This version of NASI fixes a connection problem when more than 256 users try to load nasi at the same time.
IMC_NIC.ZIP 1991-01-17 00:00 43KIMC's ethernet_card./ NetWare & Packet Driver.
WNETMENU.ZIP 1994-05-06 00:00 44KWindows 3.1 menuing application-launcher. Netware
BURST.ZIP 1993-02-17 00:00 44KNovell: BNETX.EXE, NetWare Burst-mode shell.
UPSM70.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 44KThis file contains a patch allowing use of a UPS on an IBM PS/2 Model 70 with dedicated versions of NetWare v2.15c. The fix modifies the NetWare operating system to allow the model 70, with a Type II
NETWTOK.ZIP 1996-08-12 00:00 45KNetware tokenring drivers
EVENT.ZIP 1994-03-04 00:00 45KSimple but effective means of counting events such as logins. netware
PCN2PA.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 46KThis file contains the PCNET II primary and alternate drivers for NetWare v2.0a.
ELSUPD.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 46KThe ELSUPD.EXE file contains the ELS I update files including ELSFIX.EXE. These files are referred to in Technical Bulletin 1-206 for use with BASIC Programs. The FIXELS.ARC file allows use of Compa
PEGMON.ZIP 1994-07-11 00:00 46KPegasus mail sent if server experiences trouble, shareware. Netware
312PT2.EXE 1996-09-29 00:00 46KNetWare 3.12 patch collection #2.
LICMGT11.ZIP 1994-04-22 00:00 48KSoftware license mgmt, .bat file method
MAP312.EXE 1995-03-12 00:00 48KMapping a search drive in 1st private DOS box in Windows creates a invalid search drive in 2nd private DOS box. This update also corrects a problem with remapping over a NetWare drive with MAP.EXE.
IPT112.ZIP 1992-01-30 00:00 48KPatches IPTUNNEL v1.00 to v1.02
215MIR.EXE 1993-09-16 00:00 48KThis patch repairs a mirroring problem with SFT NetWare v2.15c. The patch allows remirroring of large drives (600MB).
IWSBP1.EXE 1997-04-09 00:00 48KIn IntranetWare for Small Business (IWSB), a customer will be unable to BIND IPX to multiple LAN cards. It will prevent binding IPX to both a physical LAN card and NetWare Connect's PPPRNS service.
XLD386.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 49KThe XLOAD.EXE file is a utility that replaces a section of the NetWare 386 SERVER.EXE file known as the loader. The loader is a section of the operating system that contains hardware dependent code.
VREPFA.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 49KThis file contains VREPAIR for Advanced NetWare 286 SFT Level I. Use this version for ELS I.
ESDIDR.EXE 1995-10-31 00:00 49KThe ESDIDisk file prepares ESDI hard disks for NetWare 286 file servers. Running ESDIDisk, and the manufacturer's format utility for ESDI hard disks, replaces COMPSURF. The utility will run track ze
VOLINF.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 51KThis is an updated VOLINFO.EXE file, v2.30. The file encrypts passwords over-the-wire, like other NetWare utilities.
ACTKEY.EXE 1996-12-17 00:00 52KAll NetWare/IntranetWare upgrade products require that the installer/user obtain an activation key to unlock the license diskette before performing an upgrade of the product.
SRVMN1.EXE 1996-08-23 00:00 54KUpdated SERVMAN.NLM resolves hangs, reboots, and Page Faults.
Corrects a problem with only saving one SET parameter even though many SET parameters may have been changed...
STRTLI.EXE 1996-09-29 00:00 54KNW for SAA v1.3 and NACS v3 SPX patches.
SETUPC.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 56KThis file contains the CMOS RAM setup program for the 286A and 286B machines.
223200.EXE 1993-09-16 00:00 56KThis file contains the NE3200 operating system drivers for NetWare 2.2. The following files are included for this revision: ANE320A1.LAN ANE320A2.LAN ANE320A1.OBJ BNE320A1.OBJ CNE320A1.OBJ DNE320A1.O
BNDFX4.EXE 1997-07-16 00:00 56KBINDFIX.EXE V3.76 PTF(5/26/94) corrects memory overwrite problems and carefully checks for problems with objects and properties. Also fixes a problem found when defining a user as a group member. The
BSDUP1.EXE 1996-09-29 00:00 57KNew LSL.COM, IPXODI.COM and VIPX.386: corrects Windows blank screen
DMENU168.ZIP 1992-08-18 00:00 58KDougmenu, menuing for NetWare clients
3STAT.EXE 1993-09-16 00:00 58KThis file contains the VREPAIR utility for Advanced NetWare 286 v1.x and v2.0x.
NDR345.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 58KThis file contains NDIR.EXE v3.45. This file addresses problems with: - /rights option - Running NDIR on a 64k block volume - Viewing directory owner with a name more than 12 characters - When '#
IBMRT.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 59KThis patch should only be applied when IBM models 35 and 40 are used as non-dedicated routers. The patch solves the problem of slow keyboard response with NetWare 2.2 and v3.11.
286DWN.EXE 1993-09-16 00:00 60KThis patch is intended for all versions of NetWare 2.2 or v2.15 for dedicated and non-dedicated servers. The patch fixes the ABEND message Stack overflow, which occurs if any DOS process has more t
SYSCHK.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 60KThis file contains the NetWare v2.0a SYSCHECK file. This file is not included with ELS I, but can be used with it.
DISTST.EXE 1993-09-16 00:00 61KThis file contains a copy of DiskSET. The copy is the standard NetWare 286 v2.15 copy. This DiskSET copy is for NetWare 386 users who are having problems initializing a new DCB. After using this co
JUMPER.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 61KThis is a utility written by 76220,1516 Leon Lessing to enable users to, set up the IPX.COM file for older 2.1x file servers. This software is a uploaded shareware. Copyrighted by Computer Development
PBURST.EXE 1994-06-14 00:00 62KPBURST.EXE has packet burst files that implement a new packet burst algorithm for WAN links to fix problems where 1) burst retries could saturate WAN links due to low retry timeout values 2) workstati
MAPNEXT.ZIP 1994-06-08 00:00 62KMaps first free drive letter to network. Netware
LPDNLM2.ZIP 1994-12-02 00:00 63KUnix LPD daemon for Netware servers
FNWCSS.EXE 1997-06-18 00:00 63KFNWCSS.EXE fixes a problem wherein if 3rd party security is being used and a user hangs up after the 3rd party security validation and before completing the connection, another user could get in throu
NDB32I.EXE 1997-04-11 00:00 64KCurrent release of Netdb.nlm version 3.25i.
MONSFT.EXE 1995-05-17 00:00 64KPrevious versions of MONITOR.NLM could cause a General Protection Processor Exception (GPPE) running process Monitor Background process error on the server.
NWTLG.EXE 1993-11-14 00:00 65KThese files contain the French, Italian, and Spanish versions of NWTOOLS.DLL, a PMADMIN file. The original NWTOOLS.DLL for the internationalized version of NetWare 4.x for each of these languages was
STY401.EXE 1996-09-29 00:00 65KUpdated Electrotext manual browser for NW v4.0 (NOT FOR 4.01+ !)
IPC212.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 68KThis file contains the IBM PCNET drivers for NetWare v2.12. The drivers will also work with NetWare v2.1x. The drivers are designed for both 5.25 inch (127-011034-001) and 3.5 inch (127-011039-001)
SDLP111.ZIP 1995-06-22 00:00 70KSDLP LPR/LPD print software for NetWare v1.11 SDLP is a NetWare Loadable Module (NLM) that provides the ability to transfer print jobs between NetWare print queues and UNIX print queues. SDLP acts as a print server/client that implements the LPR/LPD protocol as described in RFC 1179.
PRFRM3.ZIP 1991-01-29 00:00 72KPerform3, Novell disk/net performance measurement, archive
PRO10.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 73KThis file contains operating system and shell drivers for Proteon's ProNet 10 to be run with Novell Advanced NetWare v2.0a.
SFTPT2.EXE 1997-07-21 00:00 73KThis file contains the latest operating system test patches for NetWare SFT. Included with this prerelease are all patches for all user-versions of NetWare SFT. The patches included have been system MIRRFIX.NLM
PS2ISA.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 74KThis patch is intended for non-dedicated servers with NetWare 2.2 when used with IBM's Model 35 or Model 40. There is a problem in the code that detects what type of hardware the system is running on
NCONFG.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 75KThis version of NCONFIG.EXE addresses a problem using the -M option with the NetWare 2.2 INSTALL.EXE program. The traditional naming convention for LAN drivers is to use A, B, C, or D as the first let
EDBIN.ZIP 1995-02-07 00:00 76KNetWare server Bindery editor, menu driven
PSM411.EXE 1996-08-22 00:00 76KThis file contains the PSM's for SMP v4.11
E32147.EXE 1996-09-29 00:00 78KSMC Elite 32 driver v1.47 for NW311 server.
SYSLOD.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 79KThis is the patch described in Technical Bulletin #1-200. The patch will prevent the inconsistent redirection error and any data corruption when using ELS NetWare Level I SYSLOAD.
EN2604.EXE 1996-09-29 00:00 83KNW 2.15/2.2 server & wrkstn driver v6.04
CHTREE1.EXE 1997-06-16 00:00 84KCHTree changes the current tree and displays all authenticated trees.

NOTE: This utility was created to help system administrators and is provided free of charge as a courtesy. It is not a Novell supported product. Problems or questions regarding this product can be r

PS4X03.EXE 1996-01-22 00:00 84KThis file contains an updated Netware print server (NLM 4.11).
IPXWAT10.ZIP 1993-01-07 00:00 84KIPXWATCH: monitor IPX packets with Packet Driver, sources.
VRP215.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 84KThis file is a patched VREPAIR.OBJ file for NetWare v2.1x. The file corrects problems with corruption on a volume beginning after 256 MB on a large drive. The file allows configuration of multiple p
MENU34.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 85KThis file contains MENU.EXE and MENUPARZ.EXE v2.31. MENU v2.31 fixes two problems found with MENU v2.30. First, MENU v2.30 took 93 KB of RAM. MENU v2.31 takes 34 KB of RAM. Second, MENU v2.30 did n
LDAP103A.EXE 1997-09-05 00:00 86KThis is a patch file must be applied on top of Novell's LDAP services for NDS 1.01. Do not install this patch until LDAP 1.01 has been installed.
TSA410.EXE 1996-08-21 00:00 87KTSA410.NLM, Which resolves an ABEND:MSENGINE PRODUCED DIFFRENT OUTPUTS
NNST40.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 87KThis version of NINSTALL corrects a problem defining more than 31,000 directory entries on a large volume, which results in corrupt or invalid Volume Information Table errors. The file is intended for
NNSTLL.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 87KThis file contains NINSTALL.EXE, a utility that is called from NETGEN.EXE. The file also contains Technical Bulletin 253. This NINSTALL.EXE file is an update to the NINSTALL.EXE file that is shipped
MENUS.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 89KThis file contains several sets of Novell MENU files; MENU v1.02a, MENU v1.23, and MENUPARZ v1.22. The combination of MENU sets provides all the functions supported by Novell MENU.
286SRV.ZIP 1996-08-12 00:00 97KNetware 286 fixes
FLX135.ZIP 1993-03-19 00:00 97KFlex/IP upgrade for 3.11: XCONSOLE, PLPD, LPR_GWY, LPR_PSRV
NTT.ZIP 1994-08-09 00:00 99KShareware, client to server file writing/throughput test. Netware
FNGRD201.ZIP 1995-02-22 00:00 100KFinger daemon NLM for Netware servers, shareware
UDF355.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 101KUSERDEF.EXE v3.55 corrects a problem of the Template border becoming corrupted and getting the error run-time R6001 -null pointer assignment when exiting.
VRPPS2.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 102KThis file contains VREPAIR.ESD for IBM PS/2 ESDI drives and VREPAIR.MFM for IBM PS/2 MFM drives. These files compensate for a problem when running VREPAIR from ELS NetWare Level I v2.12 on PS/2 ESDI
LOAD.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 103KThis version of LOADER.DAT corrects a problem appearing on hard disks larger than 1024 cylinders, which resulted in a Hole in file failure. The file also allows nondedicated NetWare to function pro
FPS32D.ZIP 1993-06-10 00:00 105KFPServer v3.2 THE Fast Novell NetWare Print Server
MASTG340.ZIP 1997-06-24 00:00 108KUUCP mail delivery agent for Pegasus Mail. Netware
311PTB.ZIP 1992-03-23 00:00 109KNetWare 3.11 patchejä erilaisiin oireisiin.
PANDORA.ZIP 1997-06-29 00:00 110KUtil with sources that tries to find Netware NDS supervisor password from .DS files.
TCP162.EXE 1996-09-29 00:00 111KTCPIP.NLM v2.02j and other needed files for NW311 TCPIP services
ATK306.EXE 1993-03-16 00:00 111KAPPLETLK.NLM v3.06a
NSYNC1.EXE 1997-07-30 00:00 114KNETSYNC4.NLM version 1.11, NETSYNC3.NLM version 1.11, and REMAPID.NLM version 1.01 are updated NLM's associated with NETSYNC. The main problem resolved by this update is in relation to password synch
CDUP2.ZIP 1995-07-26 00:00 114KIDE CDROM driver for Netware 3.12 & 4.1.
311PTD.ZIP 1993-02-02 00:00 115KNovell NW 3.11 patch kit D
TCP32A.EXE 1996-10-21 00:00 115KResolves problems in the Client32 TCPIP.NLM that arise when getting client IP address from and NT Server using DHCP.
22BKUP.EXE 1995-10-31 00:00 117KThis file contains the NetWare Backup VAP Manual used in backup and restoration of data on a file server. The manual also explains how to install the NetWare Backup VAP.
MPRX25.EXE 1995-10-10 00:00 120KThis patch contains an updated X25TSM.NLM. It addresses X.25 problems with FTP intermittently hanging the server and Permanent Virtual Connection (PVC) table initializing improperly. It is recommend
MLOG.ZIP 1994-06-16 00:00 125KMercury (Pegasus Mail) log file utility: log file to ASCII. Netware
AV150.ZIP 1995-01-24 00:00 128Kvt83c461 VLB IDE Device Drivers for Windows, or NetWare 3.11 4.0x, SCO UNIX, Windows NT
SECLOG.EXE 1996-09-29 00:00 129KLOGIN.EXE v4.02
STRTL3.EXE 1996-09-29 00:00 129KNetWare 3.11/3.12/4.01/SFT3-311: updated STREAMS, TLI, SPXS and IPXS NLM's.
CNEDEMO.ZIP 1994-07-24 00:00 130KProgram to study for NOVELL NETWARE certification tests, also helps you to understand more about computers.
21FIX.EXE 1993-09-16 00:00 133KThis file contains the following: \DELACC Deletes the Accounting features \HLP21 Help program fix for FILER, FCONSOLE, SYSCON \IPX New IPX for use with gateway products from CXI and NAS. Prevents gate
DSTIPS.EXE 1995-02-02 00:00 134KThis file contains files TIPS.WP6 (WordPerfect v6.0) TIPS.WP5 (WordPerfect v5.x), and TIPS.TXT (ascii text). These files contain Quick tips as provided by the Novell Directory Services Engineering an
PSERV2.ZIP 1992-07-30 00:00 134KNovell: Uusi korjaus PServeriin.
BRGCOM.EXE 1993-09-16 00:00 137KThis file contains drivers that were shipped with NetWare v2.1x but not with NetWare v3.0. There is a README file that explains how to use this bridge product with NetWare v3.0.
NFS026-N.ZIP 1994-12-05 00:00 137KTsoft NFSDRVR v0.26 for Netware.
SCANDS.EXE 1996-01-10 00:00 146KNovell Research is performing a study of NDS implementations and we invite you to participate. SCANDS.EXE is a self-extracting file that contains the study materials: SCANTREE.EXE, LETTER.TXT, README.
FPS.ZIP 1997-06-24 00:00 146KNetware Print server, 20 min demo
311LIB.EXE 1993-06-16 00:00 156KLatest CLIB.NLM rev. D, MATHLIB.NLM and MATHLIBC.NLM.
PS3X02.EXE 1995-06-29 00:00 159KThis file contains updated NetWare Print Server NLM (3.76, PTF 950523), EXE (3.77), and VAP (1.26) files, as well as an updated RPRINTER (3.75) file. The NLM is new for PS3X02.EXE.
NTNPRINT.EXE 1998-02-20 00:00 159KNPrinterNT is an NPrinter solution for Windows NT workstations with NetWare Clients.
NPrinterNT supports multiple printers, and can simultaneously service print queues from multiple trees.
NPrinterNT is fully language enabled - the initial release supports English and German.
NPrinterNT is easily installed, and allows for installation in unattended mode.
NPrinterNT v1.0 is available now.
STRTL6.EXE 1997-11-14 00:00 165KSTRTL6.EXE contains STREAMS, TLI, SPXS, and IPXS NLM update files. This readme was changed , no other changes have been made to this patch other than the README. Spxs03a.exe was obsoleted .
TBACK2.EXE 1997-11-03 00:00 165KTBackup backs up and restores trustees and Inherited Rights
Filters (IRF) for files and directories.

NOTE: This utility was created to help system administrators and
is provided free of charge as a courtesy. It is not a Novell
supported product. Problems or questions regarding this product
can be reported via e-mail to NTSUTIL@NOVELL.COM.

TCP16.EXE 1996-04-01 00:00 166K[UPDATED: 1996/03/25] TCP16.EXE is the latest maintenance patch for the client TCP/IP protocol stack. It contains the latest fixes for Novell's 16-bit Client TCP/IP protocol stack. Files which are n
OS2PT1.EXE 1997-08-14 00:00 168KThis file contains the latest patches for the v2.12 NetWare OS/2 Requester.
FIL376.ZIP 1993-10-18 00:00 169KFILER.EXE v3.76 for Novell NetWare.
TCOPY1.EXE 1997-10-31 00:00 172KTCopy copies trustee assignments from one directory structure
to another.

NOTE: This utility was created to help system administrators and
is provided free of charge as a courtesy. It is not a Novell
supported product. Problems or questions regarding this product
can be reported via e-mail to NTSUTIL@NOVELL.COM.

FAXDOC.ZIP 1993-02-23 00:00 NW Lite fax documents.
GKACHECK.ZIP 1994-12-04 00:00 180KCheck client memory and some files against master at login. Netware
SYS233.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 182KThis file contains SYSCON v2.33, which replaces v2.21b. The file is shipping with NetWare 286. The file should only be used with NetWare 286.
312DU1.EXE 1996-04-29 00:00 184KThis SESSION.EXE v3.76 and FCONSOLE.EXE v3.76 for NetWare v3.12 addresses the problem of listing an incomplete connection list whenever the connections are not in consecutive order.
PORCO.ZIP 1994-08-12 00:00 188KCollection of Netware utilities from David Porco
MACTSA.BIN 1996-05-29 00:00 189KThis file contains the necessary files and procedures for installing and loading the Macintosh Target Service Agent (MacTSA), which, when used in conjunction with a backup engine (like SBACKUP), makes
CLTY2KP1.EXE 1998-03-02 00:00 191KIf you are running the IntranetWare Client v2.20 for DOS/WIN or Windows 95, IntranetWare Client 4.11 for Windows NT, or the NetWare Client for 0S/2 2.12 then you are year 2000 ready. The only exceptioAdditional information is available on our Web site at
DSRIGHT2.EXE 1997-05-02 00:00 197KDSRights is a utility that displays the Directory Services rights one object has to another and how the rights were derived from the tree.

NOTE: This utility was created to help system administrators troubleshoot Directory Services rights problems and is provided free of charge as a courtesy. It is not a Novell supported product. Probl

NE286.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 206KNetWare v2.x OS drivers for the following cards: NE3200 NE2000 NE1500 NE/2 NE1000 8022
OTHDRV.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 211KThe OTHDRV.EXE file contains the old NetWare Supplemental Driver Kit. The kit includes drivers for cards from companies other than Novell, Excelan, or IBM. The drivers included are: 3COM 3C501,3C503
NTC6.EXE 1996-05-10 00:00 212KNTC6.EXE Replaces NTC5.EXE.
NTCx.EXE Will be the new file format for NT Client Patches.
This file contains the latest field test patches for the v3.5b
NetWare Client for Windows NT Redirector.
This patch file will allow the NetWare v3.5b Client
to work with Microsoft NT Beta v4.x.
IQ.ZIP 1992-06-06 00:00 214KRprinter replacement, 30 day demo. Netware
NET33X.EXE 1994-12-18 00:00 226KWindows will hang when a detach from the server is made from Windows using the File Manager, exiting Windows, then starting it, doing a second detach from a server. This file contains NETX, EMSNETX,
MACTSA.EXE 1996-05-29 00:00 227KThis file contains the necessary files and procedures for installing and loading the Macintosh Target Service Agent (MacTSA), which, when used in conjunction with a backup engine (like SBACKUP), makes
DSPAT.EXE 1996-09-29 00:00 228KUpdates SERVER.EXE:DS.NLM from v4.01 (6/23/93) to v4.01 (8/11/93)
SCHCMP2.EXE 1997-12-05 00:00 239KSchema Compare (SchCmp) compares the schema of two servers.

NOTE: This utility helps system administrators. It is provided free of charge as a courtesy, and therefore, is not a Novell supported product. Problems or questions regarding this product can be rep 12/5/97 - The file date changed due to the readme text edit.

AUDIT410.EXE 1997-09-15 00:00 243KThis version of AUDITCON.EXE, corrects the problem of Auditcon reports not showing the date of each event.
ALOGIN21.ZIP 1995-03-08 00:00 249KAwesomeLogin 2.1. AwesomeLogin is a front end for Novell's LOGIN.EXE. It allows you to brighten up your login screen by displaying a BMP file during the login prompt.
DRV2X.EXE 1993-12-08 00:00 254KThis file contains NetWare 2.x file server LAN drivers for NE*.* adapters, for some IBM Token-Ring adapters, and for IBM PCN II & Baseband adapters.
SBACK1.EXE 1996-09-29 00:00 259KSBACKUP v3.11b
NWCLI2.ZIP 1994-11-08 00:00 260KNovell client 1.2 2of2 for Shiva
NFOLI.EXE 1995-10-31 00:00 277KThis file contains NFOLIO v2.1. NFOLIO is the infobase management software used for NetWare online HELP. (NFOLIO is a customized version of Folio PreVIEWS, a product of Folio Corporation.) Users of
LANLK133.ZIP 1995-01-02 00:00 292KLanLock 1.33 is a software security system designed to assist in enforcing licensing agreements for local and wide area Novell networks. With LanLock you may limit the number of copies of your software that may run at the same time. LanLock can keep a log file for statistical or billing purposes and can also assist in preventing software pirating.
SBACK.ZIP 1992-03-26 00:00 296KNovell: Updated SBACKUP.NLM V3.11b etc.
NETUSR.EXE 1996-03-11 00:00 299KThis version of NETUSER.EXE resolves the following issue:
A user hold was default on all print jobs sent to a queue captured through NETUSER.
MASSUSR2.ZIP 1992-11-16 00:00 300KCreate/delete/etc users en masse. Netware
MIGMAN.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 308KThis file contains the manual for the NetWare Migration Utility v1.0. The manual is in PostScript format.
NETNUM.ZIP 1994-06-20 00:00 316KIP (dotted decimal) to IPX (hex) network number converter. Netware
BMP.ZIP 1993-07-01 00:00 318KNetWare BMP files for Windows 3.x wallpaper usage.
QVIEW224.ZIP 1996-01-03 00:00 330KView many Print Queues at once, shareware. Netware
LANDR9.EXE 1996-10-21 00:00 333KLANDR9 contains Novell LAN Drivers and Support Modules written to the v3.30 ODI Assembly Specification. It also contains a set of Novell LAN Drivers and Support Modules written to the v3.20 ODI Assem
WINDR3.EXE 1995-11-16 00:00 339KThis file contains updated Windows Driver files for workstations using either VLMs or NETX. This file includes NETWARE.DRV v3.03 Rev A released for workstations using the VLMS with Windows 3.1x or Wi
DRVKIT.EXE 1993-09-16 00:00 358KThe DRVKIT.EXE file has LAN and disk drivers for; Sanyo/Icon SMILE Target Card; Accton Ethercoax -16N; Acer 5220 8-bit Ethernet and 5220A 16-bit Ethernet; 3COM 3C501, 3C503, 3C505 (2012) and 3C523; Ra
SETDOC.EXE 1996-05-25 00:00 358KNovell Netware
41FILR.EXE 1996-04-29 00:00 362KFiler.exe v4.21 (950331) PTF fixed an issue where negative numbers are displayed for Space used by compressed files and Space used if files were not compressed on large volumes.
TCP32D.EXE 1997-03-20 00:00 369KCurrent release of TCPIP.NLM for Client32 (Dos/Win31). Resolves many issues and adds more robust DHCP functionality. Also included are the current Winsock.dll and Wlibsock.dll.
TLIWS3.EXE 1996-01-04 00:00 374KTLIWS3.EXE contains the latest TLI files and fixes in addition to all fixes found in TLIWS2.EXE.
MSRD95.EXE 1996-09-05 00:00 378KThis is MicroSoft's patch to their Netware requestor for Windows 95. It fixes problems where GroupWise databases would get damaged, resulting in C022 errors.
DOSUP8.ZIP 1993-11-04 00:00 385KDOS driver kit nr 8 for Novell NetWare.
ESCSI.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 386KThis file is a version of NetWare ELS Level II v2.15c that supports IBM PS/2 SCSI disk controllers.
ATMDRV01.EXE 1997-11-12 00:00 386KATMDRV01.EXE contains an updated (11/97) version of the Novell ATM drivers for IntranetWare.
Included are the latest Novell LAN Emulation Client files and drivers from Madge and Efficient Networks.
If using a Madge card on an SMP system, use the driver located in the MADGE\SMP subdirectory.
UPD311.EXE 1996-09-29 00:00 388KLatest general NW311 upgrade kit.
DOSUP7.ZIP 1993-02-17 00:00 391KLatest Novell NetWare Workstation Shells. Including NETX V3.32, that supports MS-DOS 6. This set released 8.4.1993.
ODIWAN1.EXE 1997-07-30 00:00 400KODIWAN1 contains the updated WAN TSM modules to support the ODI 3.31 spec.
You must install this update on your server if you have applied the
ODI 3.31/1.11 update kit and your server is running NIAS 4.0 or MPR 3.1.

Note: This update requires ODI33E.EXE or later to be installed.

NWC 2.0 and MPR 3.0 are not supported with this update.

EXTRTR.EXE 1994-01-18 00:00 402KThis file contains ROUTEGEN.EXE v1.0 and associated files that shipped with NetWare v2.2. This file is to satisfy the demands of several customers who wish to have external router capabilities with N
E2ISA.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 411KThis file contains ELS NetWare Level II v2.15c files with ISADisk v2.04 linked in. ISADisk v2.04 includes support for Western Digital 40 MB IDE drives (see Technical Bulletin 1-272).
CLTDR2.EXE 1996-10-23 00:00 412KThese are the latest Novell ODI LAN Drivers and associated files for Client32 for Windows95, Client32 for DOS/WIN, and the VLM client.
MOREBK.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 415KThis file contains a preliminary version of the NBACKUP utility. The utility replaces the following NetWare v2.1x utilities: MACBACK, LARCHIVE, LRESTORE, NARCHIVE, NRESTORE.
MWDT07.EXE 1997-10-02 00:00 432K10/2/97 ReadMe update Only: (Fixed typographical errors in installation instructions.) This patch supercedes all previously released ManageWise Desktop patches by incorporating all files into one patc
MIGRAT.EXE 1996-08-01 00:00 439KThe MIGRAT.EXE file contains tools to simplify the process of upgrading your server from NetWare 2.x to NetWare 3.x or to NetWare 4.0, or to convert a LAN Server, or a LAN Manager network operating sy
BLOGIN2.ZIP 1994-12-01 00:00 445KB-Login v2.0 allows the network administrator to create attention grabbing and informative login screens for the network users. B- Login v2.0 handles login error messages and expired passwords, so it is a tight login shell that will not allow the networ k users go to the command prompt unless the network administrator desires. Also, B-Login v2.0 has the ability to show network users all the file servers they have available to login to.
NUTIL6.ZIP 1997-06-24 00:00 454KCollection of NW client programs, shareware. Includes nutl6b.ZIP update
NLSP.EXE 1995-11-29 00:00 461KNLSP.EXE contains Postcript files to print the Version 1.0 NetWare Link Services Specification document. The document provides the information necessary to develop an IPX router that will inter-opera
ADM32_22.EXE 1997-09-10 00:00 465KThese files are provided as a supplement to the electronic release of the
IntranetWare Clients 2.20 for DOS/Windows 3.x and Windows 95. Included are utilities for the DOS ACU install, a diagnostic utility (NWD2), INF files for the MSBATCH install, the CLIENT32.ADM policy teThese are the same files that are included with IntranetWare Clients CD (August 1997).
PCNT334.ZIP 1996-08-17 00:00 470KPCOUNTER 3.x Printer accounting and control for Novell. Counts pages on Postscript and PCL printers, and contains many features too numerous to mention here. Use PCOUNTER on a dedicated station (EXE) or on the file server
VRPELS.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 475KELS customers who have drives larger than 260 MB may have volumes that begin after the first 256 MB of the hard drive. The files contained in VRPELS.EXE are various ELS disk drivers linked with the l
CHARN40A.ZIP 1992-08-28 00:00 483KCharon v4.0a SMTP/LPR/LPD Gateway for Pegasus Mail by Brad Clements.
312LIB.ZIP 1994-03-04 00:00 489KServer Library NLMs Update for NetWare 3.11, NetWare SFT III 3.11, NetWare 3.12 and 4.01 To patch, or otherwise run with commercially obtained NetWare. March 1994
DOSUP9.ZIP 1993-12-28 00:00 489KNetWare driver set nr 9 for DOS. Includes ODI and VLM drivers for DOS. NETX/EMSNETX/XMSNETX 3.32 (931117) PTF, and VLM DOS Requester v1.10.
DSKDRV.EXE 1997-06-23 00:00 534KThe self-extracting zip file DSKDRV.EXE contains an updated version of the Novell Tested and Approved Disk drivers shipped with IntranetWare.
PU4X03.EXE 1995-05-01 00:00 541KThese files provide fixes for 3 specific problems: 1. The limitation of 60 print job configurations in a container under NetWare 4.01. 2. The issue of not being able to see the captured queu
RAMAC.EXE 1997-02-28 00:00 562KRAMAC.exe is the most current Mac2NCS (V2.0.6) for NetWare Connect 2.0. This new Mac2NCS is recommended for all NetWare Connect sites with Macintosh clients. Among previous fixes carried over from pr
GOV51D.ZIP 1997-06-24 00:00 595KGet Organized (GO) Version 5.1d. Group Scheduler for Netware. 30 user demo
SECNNS.EXE 1993-09-17 00:00 618KSECNNS.EXE contains utilities which provide the NCP Packet security for NNS
OS2C5.EXE 1996-07-10 00:00 652KThis file contains the latest field test patches for the v2.11 NetWare OS/2 Requester as of 7-9-96. These patches have not been submitted to Novell system test. Applying these patches will get you t
PCNT411.ZIP 1996-08-17 00:00 661KPCOUNTER 4.x Printer accounting and control for Novell Netware 4.1 and above. Counts pages on Postscript and PCL printers, and contains many features too numerous to mention here. Use PCOUNTER on a dedicated station (EXE) or on the file server (NLM).
NNS.EXE 1994-01-25 00:00 664KEach of the files contained within this file have been modified specifically to fix problems encountered with NNS v1.0 utilities.
IPXDOC.EXE 1994-10-13 00:00 715KInstallation requires a PostScript Printer. IPXDOC.EXE contains the following two guides: - IPX Upgrade for NetWare Servers 1.0 Installation and Configuration Guide - IPX Upgrade for NetWare Serv
W2N211.EXE 1997-05-26 00:00 728KW2N211.EXE ver. 2.11 is a new version of Win2NCS which contains all of the features of WIN2NCS 2.10, plus enhances NT support and provides better installation options and control.
BUYERS.ZIP 1993-06-09 00:00 776KNetWare Buyers Guide, June 1993
WS310D.EXE 1997-12-05 00:00 781KThis patch is a full release file for the Novell WebServer version 3.1. It contains some replacement modules for the Novell Web Server, not the entire product. The Novell Web Server 3.1 must be inst
BTR61.ZIP 1993-07-19 00:00 817KBtrieve v6.1b (software in BTR61.EXE, inst/oper docs in BTR61M.EXE)
INSTLL.EXE 1995-02-07 00:00 817KThis version of INSTALL.NLM and DSI.NLM addresses the problem of server abends if gateway volumes are mounted when doing a volume upgrade through DS. This version also supports server-to-server instal
NPTR95.EXE 1996-11-25 00:00 850KThis file contains the released IntraNetWare Version of NPRINTER for Windows 95 (NetWare Nprinter Manager) that is compatible with the NetWare Client 32 for Windows 95.
22DEMO.EXE 1993-09-16 00:00 891KThese simulations use the actual installation files. However, they have been modified so that they don't actually write to or look for a hard disk. This allows the program to run on a PC with no har
NETALERT.ZIP 1995-03-21 00:00 1.0MDeliver msgs to users from server on a schedule. Netware
ENDW222.EXE 1998-02-17 00:00 1.0MNovell Netware Client32 v2.2 for DOS and Win
ENDW223.EXE 1998-02-17 00:00 1.0MNovell Netware Client32 v2.2 for DOS and Win
NWCLI1.ZIP 1995-03-06 00:00 1.1MNovell client 1.2 1of2 for Shiva
NIP203.EXE 1997-12-03 00:00 1.1MNetWare IP patch, to be applied to NWIP 2.2x only. Various fixes to
NWIP functions.
NIP202.EXE 1997-05-23 00:00 1.2MNetWare IP patch, to be applied to NWIP 2.2x only. Various fixes to DNS, LPR, and NWIP functions.
ODI33F.EXE 1998-01-12 00:00 1.3MThis file contains the latest LAN ODI 3.31/1.11 support modules (NBI, MSM, TSMs, etc.) for both Novell NetWare file servers and clients. LAN drivers written by Novell are also included. (There are no
WINFCON.ZIP 1995-04-10 00:00 1.3MWConsole, and FCONSOLE for Windows (and Novell 3.11)
RECOST.EXE 1995-04-09 00:00 1.4MThe purpose of this document is to provide last minute details for this release.
CFGRD5.EXE 1997-09-18 00:00 1.4MThe Config Reader - Internet Edition! (version 2.5) is a win 95 client based utility that analyzes
the config.txt file produced by the CONFIG.NLM (available in TABND2A.EXE).
- Enhanced ability to detect & analyze 4.11 Support Packs
- Maintain customized DB that will merge with Novell DB
- Auto read ABEND.LOG file from config.txt
- History list of recently read config files
- Supports config file passed as command-line parameter
ENDW224.EXE 1998-02-17 00:00 1.4MNovell Netware Client32 v2.2 for DOS and Win
JRB400A.ZIP 1997-11-05 00:00 1.5Mjrbutils v4.00-A comprises 39 bindery based utilities which are available on the Internet in jrb400a.ZIP.
ENDW225.EXE 1998-02-17 00:00 1.6MNovell Netware Client32 v2.2 for DOS and Win
WSCHREIB.ZIP 1995-09-07 00:00 1.6MWolfgang Schreiber Utilities, original site is Excellent collection of Netware utils. Including ACCOUNT.EXE, APRITE, CLEANX, DO-FOR, DOWN, DSKTST, EQUIV, GENCON, MAPSAV, MONITO, NWP, over32, PAUDIT, PRTPRB, PWD, QUICK, RC, SAVEUS, SHIPS, SHODOT, SUPER, SWATCH, TRACK, TRUST, UNLOCK, VSPACE, WHOHAS, WINDOT, XFER, XREN and MORE!
DSDOC2.EXE 1996-06-27 00:00 1.6MThis file contains documentation on Directory Services, terms, definitions, and error codes. In ENVOY format. (viewer included)
ENDW221.EXE 1998-02-17 00:00 1.7MNovell Netware Client32 v2.2 for DOS and Win
ENDW226.EXE 1998-02-17 00:00 1.7MNovell Netware Client32 v2.2 for DOS and Win
NGWAUP.EXE 1996-08-13 00:00 1.7MThis file is an update to the GroupWise Integration Module (Snapin) for NWAdmin. It provides support for Windows 95 and corrects a buffer problem with the way schema extensions were handled.
ENDW228.EXE 1998-02-17 00:00 1.7MNovell Netware Client32 v2.2 for DOS and Win
ENDW227.EXE 1998-02-17 00:00 1.8MNovell Netware Client32 v2.2 for DOS and Win
TNDS2.EXE 1995-07-18 00:00 1.9MTNDSx.EXE is a troubleshooting kit for NetWare Directory Services (NDS). If you are experiencing an NDS problem, use TNDSx.EXE to help isolate the problem and gather necessary information before call
SECURITY.ZIP 1996-09-29 00:00 2.1MNCP Packet Signature Option for NW311 (see SECDOC.ZIP for docs)
BMNW95B.EXE 1997-11-17 00:00 2.2MThis is a patch for BorderManager's NWADMIN snapin for WIN95. It has not gone through Novell testing. Please read the entire document before installing.
BMNWNTB.EXE 1997-11-17 00:00 2.3MThis is a patch for BorderManager's NWADMIN snapin for WIN NT. It has not gone through Novell testing. Please read the entire document before installing.
CLT511.BIN 1996-06-23 00:00 2.8MThis file contains the Netware Client for MacOS version 5.11.

Note: This version of the client does not support IPX running on PCI lan cards.

DS411H.EXE 1998-02-12 00:00 3.0MThis update contains the following updated files: DS.NLM v5.95, DSREPAIR.NLM v4.53
This update also contains the following files which have not been
updated since the previous update kit. DSMERGE.NLM v1.63, DSMAINT.NLM v4.96
This update also contains the following NEW files which have not been
previously distributed in this kit. DSVIEW.NLM v1.05, ROLLCALL.NLM v4.10
WARNING: It is required that this update be applied according to
the instructions within the DS411H.TXT file!
2/5/98 - File date changed because of readme edits.
CLIENTKT.ZIP 1993-09-06 00:00 3.0MWorkstation kit for DOS/WIN (VLM drivers and documents)
CLT511.EXE 1996-06-23 00:00 4.1MThis file contains the Netware Client for MacOS version 5.11.

Note: This version of the client does not support IPX running on PCI lan cards.

LANDRV.EXE 1997-06-23 00:00 4.5MThe self-extracting zip file contains an updated version of the Novell
Tested and Approved LAN drivers shipped with IntranetWare.
ADM411NT.EXE 1997-01-10 00:00 5.1MADM411NT.EXE contains an automatic install of NWAdmin for Windows NT. This version is the same as what ships with the IntranetWare Client 4.1 for Windows NT. Note: This version (or above) is require
INWC2ENH.EXE 1997-12-04 00:00 5.3MThis document provides information regarding the modifications and additions to existing IntranetWare Enhanced Security Documentation.
NIP22B.EXE 1996-04-18 00:00 5.9MNIP22B.EXE upgrades the NetWare/IP server to v2.2B to be used with NWIP client NIPW22.EXE. NWIP is a set of NLMs that enables existing NetWare 3 and 4 servers to use transport protocol TCP/IP or Nove
NIPW22.EXE 1996-03-04 00:00 6.1MNIPW22.EXE contains the IP workstation files you must use if you have a NetWare/IP 2.2 server. In addition, it is strongly recommended if you apply NIP318.EXE to your NetWare/IP 1.1 server. This fil
N7016.EXE 1994-11-29 00:00 7.7MThis file includes the OracleWare NetWare Edition 1.0 RDBMS Patch
W9525E.EXE 1998-10-09 00:00 11MNovell Netware Client v2.5 for Windows 95.