Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

F-GATE.EXE 1993-06-12 00:00 127KFLASH-Gate(TM) is an MHS Gateway that connects LANtastic(R) Mail to MHS. Trial version
LAN7W95P.ZIP 1996-08-26 00:00 312Klantastic 7.0 Win95 update patch
LC95.ZIP 1995-10-19 00:00 528Klantastic 32-bit Client for Windows 95
LITE2LAN.ZIP 1993-07-22 00:00 11KLittle fix that allows Lantastic users to use Novell Netware Lite like command syntaxes.
NETCOM11.ZIP 1994-01-28 00:00 24KNetcom+ v1.1 - netbios LAN FOSSIL redirector. Netcom+ package permits users of Netbios-based lans (such as Artisoft lantastic) to share modem installed on one workstation over the net. RF.EXE - modem redirector, used to run communication package. RFS.EXE - modem server, to be run on PC equipped with modem. READ.ME - simple documentation. FILE_ID.DIZ - this file.