Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

3C5X9N.EXE 1996-07-31 00:00 736K3Com 509 EL3 drivers
3C5X9X.EXE 1997-09-25 00:00 757KUusin 3C5x9 (Etherlink III) ajuridisketti
3C59X.ZIP 1995-02-10 00:00 727K3com pci-kortin driverit
3C59XN.ZIP 1998-09-01 00:00 740K3C590 EtherLink III PCI Network Interface Card Ver 5.2.2 Etherdisk.
3C90X.ZIP 1998-09-01 00:00 1.9MVer. 3.1 EtherDisk for 3C900/3C900B and 3C905/3C905B XL NICs (Disk 1 and 2)
3C90XX1.EXE 1998-03-26 00:00 837K3c905 kortin ajuri v3.01 eka diski
3C90XX2.EXE 1998-03-26 00:00 1.2M3c905 kortin ajuri v3.01 toka diski
3C501.ZIP 1992-05-29 00:00 62KEtherlink I
3C503.ZIP 1993-06-25 00:00 257KEtherlink II
3C503D.ZIP 1996-08-12 00:00 206K3C503 Drivers
3C505.ZIP 1993-06-25 00:00 387KEtherlink +
3C505X.EXE 1992-01-02 00:00 393K3Com 505 EL+ drivers
3C507.ZIP 1993-06-25 00:00 703KEtherlink 16
3C509.ZIP 1998-09-01 00:00 1.8MV6.0 Etherdisk and User Guide for the 3C509 and 3C509B Etherlink III NIC
3C523ADF.ZIP 1988-12-21 00:00 39K3Com EtherLink/MCA (3c523) ADF-file ja testisofta
3C562.ZIP 1998-09-01 00:00 862KV5.7 EtherDisk for the 3C562x US LAN+Modem PC Card. This EtherDisk ships with the latest shipping 3C562 series adapters. It includes drivers for Windows 95, Windows 95 OSR 2.x, Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4.0, DOS, and OS/2. These drivers are compatible with the 3C562, 3C562B, 3C562C, and 3C562D adapters.
3C563X.ZIP 1998-09-01 00:00 966KV5.72i International EtherDisk for 3C563B, 3C563C and 3C563D Lan+Modem PC Card
3C589N.ZIP 1998-09-01 00:00 658K3C589D EtherLink III LAN PC Card Network Interface Card installation diskette. Patched Installation Diskette for the 3Com Megahertz 10 Mbps LAN PC Card VER 5.4.1 This Patched Installation Diskette contains latest drivers for the 589 series adapters. It includes updated INSTALL.EXE, ELPC3.DOS, and 3C589.COM files. For a complete list of changes refer to the PATCH.TXT located on the diskette. These files are NOT required if your adapter is currently functioning. This diskette also includes other files included in 3C589X.EXE and are compatible with the 3C589, 3C589B, 3C589C, 3C589D, and 3CXE589D series adapters.
3C900.ZIP 1996-05-13 00:00 679K3com XL ajurit
3COM_595.ZIP 1997-11-10 00:00 809KDrivers for 3com 3c595-TX fast etherlink PCI LAN adapter.
3SHAR220.ZIP 1996-08-12 00:00 17K3Com 3+Share drivers
5X9PKT.EXE 1996-07-31 00:00 9.5K3Com 509 EL3 Packet drivers
509CFG.EXE 1996-07-31 00:00 8.4K3Com 509 EL3 EISA configuration files
509XNS.EXE 1996-07-31 00:00 67K3Com 509 EL3 drivers
562AFIRM.ZIP 1998-09-01 00:00 333KModem Firmware and Utilities for the 3C562D LAN & Modem PC-Card
AE01G.EXE 1997-11-19 00:00 475KUse Firmware Revision AE01G for the CCEM3336/XJEM3336 PC Card Ethernet/Modem to improve connections to Shiva Landrover Access Switches.
CRDFND.EXE 1996-02-22 00:00 65K3COM card find programs that finds out 3COM c
DIAGNOSE.EXE 1998-09-02 00:00 144K3Com Megahertz Diagnostics Utility Version 1.3.
ELINK3NT.ZIP 1993-06-10 00:00 26KNT driver for 3com Etherlink III (3c509) adapter
ELNK3.ZIP 1994-09-08 00:00 716K3com EtherDisk v.4.1, whole driver-disk.
ENABLE2.EXE 1997-09-29 00:00 46K3Com Megahertz Super Enabler v2.05. Includes executable File and INI with notes. Updated to recognize the controller on the HP4000 Omnibook.
LCLNT32.EXE 1997-03-20 00:00 104K32 bit ODI Drivers for 3Com Megahertz PC Card Ethernet Adapters
MHZWIN95.EXE 1996-05-22 00:00 116K3Com Megahertz PC Card Drivers for Windows 95. Supports the following 3Com Megahertz PC Cards: CCEM3288, XJEM3288, LAN-T/2, CC10BT/2, XJ10BT/2, XJEM1144/EM1144, and XJ3144/CC6144.
MINIPORT.EXE 1997-05-27 00:00 76KThis install fixes problems seen on the following machines in Windows 95B only: Toshiba Tecra 520/530 Toshiba Tecra 750 Toshiba Libretto 50, 60 & 70. DO NOT USE THIS FILE UNLESS YOU HAVE ONE OF THESE MODELS. The basic problem is that the XJ/CCEM3336 combo card will install with no indication of errors but you can never gain access to the modem or log onto the network. Check the readme.txt for installation information.
WINNTDRV.EXE 1996-10-21 00:00 79KEthernet adapter and Ethernet Modem adapter drivers for Windows NT 4.0 and 3.51 only. Does not include drivers for Lan-T/2 cards. The NT_RAS.EXE file is for NT 3.51 only.
XJ10BT.EXE 1997-11-12 00:00 947KInstall Disk for 3Com Megahertz Ethernet Adapter PC Cards. Includes OS/2, Windows NT v3.51, Windows 95, and DOS/Windows 3.1x drivers.
XJEM3336.EXE 1996-10-21 00:00 674KInstallation Diskette for3Com Megahertz XJEM3336 and CCEM3336 Ethernet Modem PC Cards. Includes updated scripts for CCMail and Lotus Notes.