Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

MSMOUSE.ZIP 1993-08-16 00:00 652KMicrosoft MS-Mouse driver disk v2.0
MSMO901B.ZIP 1994-06-24 00:00 653KMS Mouse drivers v9.01 for DOS and Windows. This set works with Win32s v1.1.5a.
MSIPNT20.ZIP 1996-10-03 00:00 1.2MMicrosoft IntelliPoint v2.0 for Microsoft Mouse, Home Mouse and IntelliMouse. Supports Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT. 10/3/97
MSIP10-1.ZIP 1995-07-25 00:00 1.2MMicrosoft Intellipoint v1.0 Mouse Driver 1/2