Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

4DRIVES.ZIP 1989-06-30 00:00 8.8KInstall 4 floppy drives to your PC/AT/386/486
6XOPT077.ZIP 1997-03-18 00:00 60KTämä ohjelma optimoi Cyrix/IBM/ST 6x86 (M1) prosessorit
62B510.ZIP 1997-04-02 00:00 162KWedge showbook 6cd - Plug'n Play Flash BIOS VERSION 5-10
336W95.ZIP 1996-12-26 00:00 305KModem: Compro COM-IV34a data/fax/voice modem drivers for WIN 95
720MODEM.ZIP 1996-10-10 00:00 138KModem: Toshiba internal laptop modem drivers for Tecra 500, 710, 720, 730, and Portege 650ct.
1621A.ZIP 1997-09-19 00:00 644KAcer Peripherals 300f, 310s and 610plus scanner software V2.1 for Win3.1
1621B.ZIP 1997-07-02 00:00 953KAcer Peripherals 300f, 310s and 610plus scanner software V2.1 for Win3.1
AFUV125.EXE 1998-10-25 00:00 363KAdaptec 2940U/UW and 3940U/UW/UWD FLASH upgrade v1.25.
ATT-202.ZIP 1995-12-18 00:00 6.2KPCMCIA drivers v2.02 for generic AT&T Modems
CGPUP.EXE 1998-05-19 00:00 406K.. Creative GamePad-I Patch Disk CGP1-95FIX-2-US
CTMAP095.ZIP 1990-02-03 00:00 46KMuistin hallinta C&T chip-set piireille piirit 300 sarja.
CTPPRO.ZIP 1997-01-22 00:00 17KPrograms the PPro internal Memory Type Range Register (MTRR) to increase especially video performance, can enable the 'fast strings' of the PPro, which are disabled usually, due to a flaw of PPros with stepping 1, enables the write buffers of the Intel Orion and Natoma chipsets. This program is of course another c't Magazine program and also of course from Andreas Stiller. If you've got a PPro you impossibly can do without it.
DD0506.EXE 1998-07-19 00:00 1.5MKodak DVC300 Digital Video Camera [1.5M] W9x drivers
DRV-BBS.ZIP 1992-06-04 00:00 1.0KLista drivereita välittävistä purkeista. Suurin osa jenkkilästä. Näistä purkeista saa uusimmat driverit näytönohjaimellesi ja printterillesi esim. Windows 3.1 käyttöön.
EMM286.ZIP 1994-01-29 00:00 8.3KEmm/ajuri 286/koneille
FASTVID.ZIP 1996-07-18 00:00 237KProgramms the PPro mtrrs for frame buffer and VGA memory area to 'write combined' and enables write buffers of the Orion chipset.
FINDPORT.ZIP 1994-10-11 00:00 9.2KReplacement file for the original FINDPORT.EXE utility that shipped with DeskScan II 2.1.
FIXCLOCK.ZIP 1995-04-23 00:00 34KFIXCLOCK.EXE permits you to adjust the clock rate of the computer system real-time clock
HYUNDAI5.ZIP 1993-04-10 00:00 18KHyundai XT 16T mikron ajanasetus ja n„pp„imist”ohjain DOS 5.0 p„ivityst„ varten. Ohjelmat (datetime ja keyb5) sek„ l„hdekoodi (vaaditaan MSC7, MASM6).
IBMJOY.ZIP 1993-02-11 00:00 14KJoystick driver for Windows 3.1 from Microsoft !
INFMODEM.ZIP 1996-10-10 00:00 200KToshiba internal modem drivers for Infinia desktops 7130, 7160, 7200
INT-EISA.LZH 1995-10-09 00:00 539KMicronics 486-EISA -masiinan ECU:t & muuta
ISA2SLOT.ZIP 1995-10-04 00:00 823Kisa2slot.EXE ISA/MCA 2 slot PCMCIA adapter drivers. IBM Thinkpad
ISUP.ZIP 1996-01-23 00:00 41Kpatches for IBM WR to avoid fallbacks due to isup signals not being supported end-to-end.
KYMOUS20.ZIP 1991-08-01 00:00 21KNäppäimistöhiiri Windowsiin. Sopinee hyvin muistikirjamikroihin.
M520ISA.EXE 1998-07-15 00:00 1.1MLucent LT Win 56k modem drivers disk. DS560-446 to -452 (choice-2): ISA 56K Modem v.90 self-exec file for Win-95/98/NT (1.10MB, Rev. 5.20isa) Suitable for Win-95/98/NT w/ Pentium 150+ MHz Systems. It will extract and install the driver automatically. The driver will be saved in your c:\modem directory. It will also overwrite the old Modem drivers in Windows.
MDMTELIN.ZIP 1995-09-12 00:00 22KTelindus Aster 4 PSTN TT/Partita PC/PO 14.4 SFP - Win95 driver
MIRA22.ZIP 1998-01-19 00:00 1.3MAcer Peripherals 300f,310s/P, 610plus and 610s/P scanner software V2.2 for Win95/winnt.
MTZDXALL.ZIP 1996-07-25 00:00 329KASCII format manuals for all Multitech ZDX,ZDXI,ZDKX modems
NETSTAR.ZIP 1996-02-12 00:00 361KModem: Netstar 288hsp data/fax/voice modem drivers
OFFDISK.ZIP 1992-04-05 00:00 5.6KTSR that allows PC/XT's to use 1.44MB drives.
PCM105.ZIP 1991-06-19 00:00 30KPostCode Master: Power On Self Test codes
POSTCODE.ZIP 1992-06-06 00:00 17KBIOS POST Diagnostic Codes for: - AMIBIOS Plus and HiFlex - Award Modular BIOS - Phoenix BIOS - IBM-AT BIOS - Mylex Corporation 386 BIOS - Microid Research MR-BIOS - Quadtel AT BIOS
PPROUPD.ZIP 1997-11-11 00:00 131KIntel Pentium PRO CPU microcode update v2.0 and v3.2.
RITM258.ZIP 1993-08-16 00:00 273KRighTime v2.58: Precision Learning CMOS/DOS Clock Corrector. Fixes sometimes bad cmos clocks without hardware modifications.
RT95V12.ZIP 1996-07-10 00:00 449KRadioTrack v1.2 drivers for Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and DOS. (AimsLab radiokortin ajurit)
RTNTV12.ZIP 1996-07-15 00:00 303KRadioTrack v1.2 drivers for Windows 3.x, Windows NT and DOS. (AimsLab radiokortin ajurit)
S200R13.ZIP 1997-06-23 00:00 1.0MAcer Peripherals S-200 scanner software V1.3 for Win95.
SCANM211.EXE 1993-03-03 00:00 252KScanman Windows drv 2.11, Twain.
SR724SP.ZIP 1997-01-05 00:00 201KAMI Super Voyager II PCI Motherboard manual in Adobe Acrobat format
TFFS95.EXE 1997-09-18 00:00 1.0MTrueFFS-95 melko geneerinen pcmcia-flassikortin ajuri ysiviitoselle + formatointisofta.
TMB250SW.ZIP 1994-09-09 00:00 1.2MDataBook tmb240/250 drivers and utilities V3.1
TRIODOS.ZIP 1996-01-12 00:00 1.5KSkandikaannostaulukot Trio DataComm/DOS Lite tietoliikenneohjelmalle, joka tulee mukana Terton 288et V.34 faksimodeemin paketissa.
UPROG276.ZIP 1996-10-30 00:00 339KEPROM writing program for Advantec PC-UPPROG EPROM programmer.
VCOM.ZIP 1996-07-12 00:00 610KVCom beta VCom is high-performance 32-bit Windows 95 program that emulates a Hayes compatible modem with 16550 FIFO buffered UART over an inbound or outbound telnet connection. The program allows any program that has modem/serial support to take advantage of the vast resources of the internet. VCom includes a telnet client/server that allows BBS sysops to create multiple inbound telnet nodes for their system and gamers to play any game that supports a modem to be played over the internet without the aid of any other server/service.
W95IR.ZIP 1996-01-29 00:00 280KInfrared Driver for W95
W95TERT1.ZIP 1996-03-25 00:00 3.1KTerton 288et V.34 modeemin kuvaustiedosto Windows 95:ta varten.
WDLATT03.ZIP 1996-09-14 00:00 19KModem: AT&T 3825 Plus WIN 95 driver
WDLCARDV.ZIP 1996-09-14 00:00 22KModem: Cardinal Technologies, MVP 288 XV
WDLQDS.ZIP 1995-09-25 00:00 19KQDS Active 144ub/144uf/288ub modem driver Win95
WDLROCK.EXE 1995-08-24 00:00 18KRockwell RCV144ACF modem driver.
WDLROCK.ZIP 1996-09-14 00:00 19KModem: Rockwell rcv144acf modem driver WIN 95 drivers.
WDLSMPL1.ZIP 1996-09-14 00:00 19KModem: Simple Technology 28.8 Communicator WIN 95 driver
WDLUSR1.ZIP 1996-09-14 00:00 19KUS Robotics Sportster 14400 External Fax Modem Sportster 1400 Internal Fax Modem WIN 95 DRIVERS
WINRPI_B.ZIP 1995-01-18 00:00 574KSpecial Windows V.42bis driver for Rockwell RPI modem owners.
WNSCSI.ZIP 1995-01-20 00:00 24KReplacement file HPWNSCSI.DLL for Bus Logic PCI FAST SCSI Host Adapter card BT-946-C. This file corrects a situation when HP DeskScan version 2.1 or 2.1a, or HP Picture Place version 1.00 launches and hangs the computer.
WRCAPI20.ZIP 1996-01-18 00:00 85KIBM Waverunner Digital Modem, Capi 2.0 Beta driver.
WRFAXFIX.ZIP 1996-05-01 00:00 21KIBM Waverunner PCMCIA, fix for FAX services.
WRP_22_1.ZIP 1995-08-03 00:00 1.1MIBM Waverunner Digital Modem PCMCIA s/w v.2.2, disk 1.
WRP_22_2.ZIP 1995-09-28 00:00 765KIBM Waverunner Digital Modem PCMCIA s/w v.2.2, disk 2.
WR_22_D1.ZIP 1995-08-03 00:00 1.0MIBM Waverunner Digital Modem ISA s/w v.2.2, disk 1.
WR_22_D2.ZIP 1995-09-28 00:00 813KIBM Waverunner Digital Modem ISA s/w v.2.2, disk 2.
WR_NOFB.ZIP 1996-01-29 00:00 41KIBM Waverunner, drivers to disable 56kbps fallback.