Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

6XOPT078.ZIP 1997-10-07 00:00 102KOptimoi Cyrix 6x86 (M1/M2) prosessorit
CFGCYRIX.ZIP 1992-09-18 00:00 6.6KCyrix cache enabling program
CX686.ZIP 1996-09-15 00:00 170KShows version of Cyrix/IBM 6x86 CPU.
CYRIXID.ZIP 1997-01-12 00:00 35Kcyrixid source codes and executable Detects every Cyrix processor, also mediagx and M2.
MPF-9610.ZIP 1997-03-14 00:00 335KOverview of the Cyrix M2 (PDF)
SETCACH2.ZIP 1993-06-04 00:00 7.7KSETCACHE - Internal Cache Control program for Cyrix/Tex. Instr. 486SLC/DLC CPUs. This program can monitor and setup the internal 1K cache in the Cyrix/TI CPUs. The program may be placed in AUTOEXEC.BAT or used at the command line. Enabling the internal Cache can achieve significant speed increases. Version 1.2, 12/14/93.
SOFT_ID.ZIP 1997-03-14 00:00 18KCyrix M2 software identification (PDF)