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NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

1DTSE122.ZIP 1993-07-27 00:00 176KDisk Technician v1.22. Factory test for Seagate MFM/RLL/ESDI/SCSI/IDE drives.
1SEAGATE.ZIP 1995-01-24 00:00 459KSeagate hard disk list (ASCII) Jan'95
1SGATHTX.ZIP 1994-01-13 00:00 261KSeagate Desk Reference, January 1994 Vaatii myös paketin HHV20.ZIP!
8SGATHTX.ZIP 1994-05-10 00:00 266KSeagate hard disk list (Hypertext) Jun'94
ASPIID10.ZIP 1994-07-07 00:00 38KASPI-ID v1.0 - A SCSI hard disc drive utility which uses the common ASPI device driver to issue a full and informative SCSI Inquiry and Mode Sense command. This program can tell you more about your SCSI drive and its current operating parameters. (C) Seagate
DESKSUPP.ZIP 1993-01-17 00:00 576KInfoa Seagaten kovalevyistä ja ohjaimista.
DMGR710S.ZIP 1995-11-16 00:00 341KDisk Manager V7.10 for Seagate drives.
DTSEA122.ZIP 1996-09-17 00:00 465KList of all seagate drives and specs
EZ203S.ZIP 1994-09-13 00:00 132KEZ-Drive utilities for Seagate drives.
FINDINIT.ZIP 1991-06-05 00:00 17KInitiates the lo-level format for all SEAGATE Controllers
FINDT130.ZIP 1993-09-10 00:00 52KEtsii Seagaten kiintolevyille parhaan kiinto- levytyypin koneen Setup:iin.
S32B0197.EXE 1997-01-24 00:00 71KSeagate 32-bit Windows disc access driver-- SEG32BIT.386 Rev. C: 1-24-97
SEAGAMH.ZIP 1995-05-16 00:00 163KThe Micro House FastDisk Driver v7.02c-SEAGATE. Support for Hard Drives Over 528mbytes. LBA Mode Support.
SEG32846.ZIP 1995-07-19 00:00 55KSeagate 32-bit Windows disc access driver
SGATFMT3.ZIP 1993-09-28 00:00 66KSeagate IDE Lowlevel formatter v3.0 (OLD MODELS ONLY! NOT FOR NEW ones)
SGTHELP.ZIP 1995-03-24 00:00 25KUser's Manual for Seagate (OEM) EZ-Drive (v 2.03s).
ST-FIX.ZIP 1994-07-21 00:00 13 Fixes idle problems with new Seagate drives.
ST01M.ZIP 1989-03-15 00:00 45KST-01m, scsiutil.exe and docs.
STDR9601.ZIP 1996-01-04 00:00 536KWIN: Seagate Technical Support Desk Reference - January 1996 edition. The Seagate Technical Support Desk Reference system allows instant lookup of Seagate's historical product line of disc drive specs and jumper settings, Seagate controller information, technical terminology, industry phone numbers and much more! The Seagate Technical Support Desk Reference is built as a Windows Help File with the .HLP extension. Windows recognizes