Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

DM_CON.ZIP 1994-03-18 00:00 352KDisk Manager (old) for Conner disks
DM602CON.ZIP 1994-03-18 00:00 356KDisk Manager v6.03 for Conner harddisk drives. Large disk (over 500m) support for computers with old bioses.
CONRHELP.ZIP 1996-10-28 00:00 23KUser's Manual for Conner (OEM) version of EZ-Drive (v 5.00c)
CONNERHD.ZIP 1993-01-21 00:00 209KConner IDE ja SCSI kiintolevyjen manuaalit valmistajan tukipurkista imuroituna 21.1.1993
CONNER1.ZIP 1992-04-27 00:00 211KConner-kiintolevyjen speksit ja jumpperi- ohjeet.
CONNER.ZIP 1994-08-03 00:00 14KConnerin kiintolevyjen speksit ja jumpperi- ohjeet Conner-BBS:st„. 08-1994
CONNER-T.ZIP 1995-02-22 00:00 18KConner tape device driver V1.129 95/02/22 for Backmaster V1.x (OS/2 V2.x & Warp)