Metropoli BBS files -


NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

CMD640.ZIP 1994-07-12 00:00 600KCMD CSA-6400 onboard EIDE driver (DOS,WIN,NT etc) (ASUS PCI/I-p5sp4 & p54sp4)
CMD640CD.ZIP 1994-10-07 00:00 35Kcmd640 PCI ATAPI/IDE, CD-ROM device driver for Sony 55e & Philips 207 enchanced ATAPI/IDE-CDROM
CMD_NEC.ZIP 1994-12-02 00:00 16Kcmd640 PCI ATAPI/IDE, CD-ROM device driver for NEC crd260 IDE-CDROM
640XWARP.ZIP 1995-01-10 00:00 36Kcmd640 Enhanced-IDE CDROM driver for OS/2(WARP).
WINATAPI.ZIP 1995-01-16 00:00 8.7Kcmd640 PCI ATAPI/IDE, Windows driver that supports NEC cdr260, Philips CM207, Sony CDU-55e, Misumi fx001de & FX400, and Toshiba 5302b ATAPI CD-ROM
CMDWARP.ZIP 1995-02-08 00:00 38KCMD CSA-6400 onboard EIDE driver (OS/2 WARP) (ASUS PCI/I-p5sp4 & p54sp4)
CMDNT35.ZIP 1995-03-17 00:00 44KCMD pci0640b Device Drivers for Windows NT 3.5.
CMDSCO.ZIP 1995-07-06 00:00 61KCMD pci0640b Device Drivers for SCO UNIX
646NT35X.ZIP 1996-01-15 00:00 21Kcmd646 PCI IDE Windows NT 3.x driver (ASUS P/I-p6rp4 M/B)
646WIN95.ZIP 1996-01-29 00:00 28Kcmd646 PCI IDE Windows 95 driver (ASUS P/I-p6rp4 M/B)
CMD_VLB.ZIP 1996-12-19 00:00 601KDrivers for CMD VLB ide controller