Lightning 365/540/730S

   Jumper    Setting Description                      

     PO        OFF   Parity disabled                  
               ON    Parity enabled                   

    A2, A1,     -    These jumpers are used in        
     A0              combination to determine the     
                     drive's SCSI ID [See table 2]    

Table 1

Termination Resistors

One of the requirements of the SCSI bus is that it be properly terminated. If more than one SCSI device is connected to the host, the last device on each end of the bus must be terminated. The Lightning disk drive utilizes two (2) Terminating Resistor packs, when installed these resistors enable termination on the SCSI bus. With the Terminating Resistor packs removed, bus termination is disabled.

At the factory, Quantum configures the Lightning 365/540/730S hard disk drive with termination enabled; that is, both resistor packs are installed. To disable termination, remove the Terminating Resistor packs.

Product Option (PO) Jumper

The Product Option (PO) jumper is used to set the Parity option on the drive. With parity checking enabled (PO installed), the drive performs parity checking. With parity checking disabled (PO removed), the drive continues to generate parity information, but does not perform parity checking.

At the factory, Quantum configures the Lightning 365/540/730S hard disk drive with the PO jumper in place.

SCSI-Bus Device Identification (A0 - A2) Jumpers

Used in combination, the jumper settings across pins A2, A1 and A0 determine the Lightning 365/540/730S hard disk drive's SCSI-bus device I.D. By default, Quantum configures the drive with a SCSI ID of 6; that is, with jumpers installed across the pins labeled A2 and A1, and no jumpers installed across pins labeled A0.

To assign a different SCSI ID, change the jumper settings as shown in Table 2.

   A2        A1        A0      SCSI ID  

   OFF       OFF       OFF        0     
   OFF       OFF       ON         1     
   OFF       ON        OFF        2     
   OFF       ON        ON         3     
   ON        OFF       OFF        4     
   ON        OFF       ON         5     
   ON        ON        OFF        6     
   ON        ON        ON         7     

Table 2

Front Auxillary Connector Option (J5)

Remote SCSI ID addressing can be enabled through the use of the front auxillary connector, J5. Figure 1 provides the definition of this connector layout.

Mating Connector Type and Part Number

J2 LED Connector: Two-position housing Molex P/N 51021-0200

Loose-piece contacts Molex P/N 50058-8100

J5 Auxillary Connector: Five-position housing Molex P/N 51021-0500

Loose-piece contacts Molex P/N 50058-8100

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