Grand Prix XP32151/XP34301S - 68pin Wide

   Jumper     Setting Description                      

     TE         OFF   Termination disabled             
                ON    Termination enabled              

     EP         OFF   Parity checking disabled         
                ON    Parity checking enabled          

     WS         OFF   Wait/spin disabled               
                ON    Wait/spin enabled                

     A0,A1,     -     These jumpers are used in        
     A2,A3            combination to determine the     
                      drive's SCSI ID [See table 2]    

     DS         OFF   Delay Spin disable               
                ON    Delay Spin enable                

     J2         ON    SCSI termination power from      
                OFF   drive.                           
                      SCSI termination power from      

Table 1

Termination Enable (TE) Jumper

One of the requirements of the SCSI bus is that it be properly terminated. If more than one SCSI device is connected to the host, only the last device must be terminated. The Terminator Enable (TE) jumper, when installed, enables an active termination circuit, thereby terminating the SCSI bus. With the TE jumper removed, bus termination is disabled.

At the factory, Quantum configures the Grand Prix XP32151/34301 hard disk drive with termination enabled; that is, with a jumper installed across the pins labeled TE. To disable termination, remove the jumper from the TE pins.

Enable Parity (EP) Jumper

The Enable Parity (EP) jumper controls parity checking of data across the SCSI bus. With parity checking enabled, the drive performs parity checking. With parity checking disabled, the drive continues to generate parity information, but does not perform parity checking.

At the factory, Quantum configures the Grand Prix XP32151/34301 hard disk drive with parity checking enabled; that is, with a jumper installed across the pins labeled EP. To disable parity, remove the jumper from the EP pins.

Delay Spin Jumper

With the DS jumper disabled, the drive will start power up sequence immediately when power is applied. With the DS jumper enabled, the drive will pause 8 seconds times the device I.D.

Example: SCSI ID 2 x 8 seconds; drive power up sequence start after 16 seconds.

Wait /Spin (WS) Jumper

With the Wait/Spin (WS) jumper disabled, at power on or reset, the drive motor starts to spin automatically, and the drive prepares itself to perform read or write operations without the need for a start command. At a power on or reset, with the Wait/Spin jumper enabled, the host must send a START/STOP UNIT command to activate the drive motor for read or write operations. In addition, with the W/S jumper enabled, the drive performs power sequencing to prevent an overload of the host's power supply due to simultaneous, peak start-up current demands from multiple devices.

At the factory, Quantum configures the Grand Prix XP32151/34301 hard disk drive with the Wait/Spin jumper disabled; that is, without a jumper installed across the pins labeled WS. To enable Wait/Spin, install a jumper across the pins labeled WS.

SCSI-Bus Device Identification (A0 - A3) Jumpers

Used in combination, the jumper settings across pins A3, A2, A1 and A0 determine the Grand Prix XP32151/34301 hard disk drive's SCSI-bus device I.D. By default, Quantum configures the drive with a SCSI ID of 6; that is, with jumpers installed across the pins labeled A2 and A1, and no jumpers installed across pins labeled A0.

To assign a different SCSI ID, change the jumper settings as shown in Table 2.

   A3        A2        A1        A0      SCSI ID  

   OFF       OFF       OFF       OFF        0     
   OFF       OFF       OFF       ON         1     
   OFF       OFF       ON        OFF        2     
   OFF       OFF       ON        ON         3     
   OFF       ON        OFF       OFF        4     
   OFF       ON        OFF       ON         5     
   OFF       ON        ON        OFF        6     
   OFF       ON        ON        ON         7     
   ON        OFF       OFF       OFF        8     
   ON        OFF       OFF       ON         9     
   ON        OFF       ON        OFF       10     
   ON        OFF       ON        ON        11     
   ON        ON        OFF       OFF       12     
   ON        ON        OFF       ON        13     
   ON        ON        ON        OFF       14     
   ON        ON        ON        ON        15     

Table 2

RAID Jumper


Auxiliary Connector

The drive's Auxiliary Connector is mounted on the rear of the drive as part of the SCSI header. (Refer to the attached drawing)

Spindle Sync

The Auxiliary Connector contains the Spindle Sync. jumper. Please refer to the table 3 definition.

      Pin          Signal Name    

       1                A0        
       2                NC        
       3                A1        
       4                NC        
       5                A2        
       6             SPINSYNC     
       7                A3        
       8              LEDOUT      
       9                NC        
       10             Ground      
       11              +5V        
       12               NC        

Table 3

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