RZ28D High-Performance StorageWorks Disk Drive


o  7200 RPM 2.1-GB, 3.5-inch SCSI disk for the HSX controller family

o  Offered in both narrow and wide variants

o  StorageWorks enclosures available from deskside to datacenter


The RZ28D 2.1-GB, 3.5-inch SCSI disk drive is the latest entry into the 
7200 RPM high-performance family. It takes its place with the 4.3 GB 
RZ29B. Available in both 8-bit narrow (RZ28D-VA) and 16-bit wide 
(RZ28D-VW) variants, the RZ28D is particularly well-suited for 
high-bandwidth applications where performance and data integrity are of 
paramount importance.


o  A 40 percent faster transfer rate than 5400 RPM offerings

o  25 percent reduced rotational latency and track-to-track seek times

o  Significantly reduced command overhead time because of faster spindle 
   speed and more efficient firmaware

o  Easy to install, configure, maintain, and hot swap

o  Backed by a 5-year warranty; first year onsite

o  Protected investment and configuration flexibility with StorageWorks 


The RZ28D disk drives are available from Digital and its authorized 

Order No.    Description

RZ28D-VA     2.1 GB 7200 RPM StorageWorks Building Block, 8-bit
RZ28D-VW     2.1 GB 7200 RPM StorageWorks Building Block, 16-bit


The RZ28D-VA is not supported in the BA353 cabinet at present. For 
additional technical information, please see the "High Performance 
StorageWorks Disk Drives" article in the November 1995 issue of Customer 

The RZ28D 2 GB 7200 RPM can be combined with the RZ28M 2 GB 5400 RPM disk 
in stripe/shadow sets. The following table compares selected 
specifications for the two disk drive types:

Specification Highlights         RZ28D                RZ28M

Capacity (MBF)                   2,104                2,104

RPM                              7200                 5400

Media transfer rate (MB per      3.56 to 7.65         2.7 to 5.5

Average rotational latency       4.17                 5.54

Average seek time - Read         8.0                  9.0

Average access time - Read       9.0                  10.4

Track-to-track seek time         1.6                  2.1

MTBF                             800,000              800,000

All 7200 RPM drives require additional cooling. Users should order the 
cabinet with the cooling already installed (part numbers SW800-FA/FB, 
SW500-FA/FD, SW300-AA), or, if installing 7200 RPM drives in an existing 
cabinet, order and fit the additional fan tray (part numbers SW8XF-AA/AB 
and SW5XF-AC/AD). No changes are required to the SW300 cabinet, which 
already has the additional cooling provided. Minimum operating system 

o  OpenVMS VAX V5.5-2
o  OpenVMS Alpha V6.1
o  OSF V3.2
o  Windows NT V3.5

The RZ28D models are for use on Digital hardware platforms only.