RZ25M 535MB SCSI Disk Drive


o  High performance 535 MB SCSI 3.5-inch x 1-inch drive.

o  Replacement drive for RZ25L 535 MB SCSI drive

o  Thirty percent price improvement and 50 percent less power consumption 
   than the RZ25L drive

o  Fifty percent greater MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) than the RZ25L 


The RZ25M disk drive is a 535 MB 3.5-inch x 1-inch SCSI-2 hard disk drive 
that replaces the RZ25L disk drive. (See the Retirements section in this 
issue.) The RZ25M drive is priced at 30 percent less than the RZ25L drive 
and consumes half the power. It also has 50 percent greater reliability than 
the RZ25L drive, while maintaining the same high performance characteristics 
as the RZ25L drive.

The RZ25M disk drive is compatible with SCSI-2 single-ended 8 bit interface 


Users requiring lower cost per MB, low power consumption, highly reliable, 
high performance disk drives will find these attributes in the RZ25M drive.

The RZ25M disk drive is the replacement drive of choice for the RZ25L drive 
and has been qualified across a broad range of Digital VAXstation and 
AlphaStation systems.


The RZ25M SCSI-2 hard disk drive is available now through Digital, its 
authorized distributors, and the DECdirect ordering and Electronic Store 
services. These models are for use on Digital hardware platforms only.

Order No.        Description                                    

RZ25M-xx	 RZ25M 535 MB SCSI-2 Disk Drive,		
		 Factory and Field-installed with
		 Mounting Hardware



The standard list price for the RZ25M drive includes the new five-year 
warranty, which provides a one-year onsite warranty and four years of 
extended return-to-Digital warranty.


System Support

The RZ25M disk drive is immediately supported on the following hardware 

System                                   Factory       Field

MicroVAX 3100/VAX 4100			 RZ25M-EN      RZ25M-EK
DEC 3000 Models 400/500/600/700/800/900	 RZ25M-EJ      RZ25M-EJ
DEC 3000 Models 300/300L/300X/300LX	 RZ25M-EP      RZ25M-EP
VAXstation 60/90/90A/96			 RZ25M-EM      RZ25M-EL
AlphaStation platforms			 PBXRZ-CA      PBXRZ-CA

(There is no -VA variant for this product.)

OS Support

The RZ25M disk drive is supported by OpenVMS V6.1-1H2, DEC OSF/1 V3.0B/3.2, 
and Windows NT V3.5 operating systems.

Technical Summary

The RZ25M disk drive is a four-head, two-platter drive compared to the 
seven-head, four-platter RZ25L disk drive. Incorporating a slightly larger 
buffer size and highly efficient firmware, the RZ25M drive maintains the 
same high performance characteristics as the RZ25L drive, while spinning at 
a slower, energy saving, rotational speed.

 			     RZ25M                     RZ25L

Form factor		     3.5 inches x 1 inch       3.5 inches x 1 inch
Capacity		     535 MB		       535 MB
RPM			     4,500		       5,400
Average seek time (ms)	     12.0		       10.5
Media transfer rates	     3.4 - 7.2		       5.3
 (MB per second)
MTBF (Mean Time Between	     300,000 hours	       200,000 hours

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Windows NT is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.