Fast Wide 16 Bit 1 GB and 2 GB SCSI Disks


o  High performance wide SCSI 1 GB and 2 GB disks increase performance for 
   high bandwidth applications

o  High bandwidth SCSI support of 20 MB per second

o  Housed in StorageWorks carriers for new BA356-KC pedestal


The new RZ26L-VW 1 GB and RZ28-VW 2 GB fast wide disk drives are fully 
compatible with SCSI-2 single-ended interface standards. The drives are 
supported in the new BA356 storage enclosure. The BA356-KC StorageWorks 
deskside expansion pedestal support 16 bit devices when connected to a 
qualified 16 bit host adapter. The BA356-KC also supports the DWZZB-VW 
differential converter for use with the host adapters, such as the KZPSA or 
for where system layouts of more than 3 meters of SCSI bus length are 


Wide drives are ideally suited for network file servers, midrange  
multi-user systems, workstations and high-end PCs. Users with applications 
that utilize high sequential data transfer rates, such as seismic recording 
and analysis, CAD/CAM, and image processing are just a few of the many 
bandwidth applications that will benefit from these products. For many high 
bandwidth applications like these, the wide SCSI family subsystem provides a 
complete, hardware-based, uniquely affordable solution. Whatever the disk 
storage requirements may be, users can be sure that with the new wide disk 
drives, they have the highest performance and maximum data integrity of 
storage subsystem solutions in the industry. 


The RZ26L and RZ28 fast wide disk drives are available now.

Order No.        Description                                               

RZ26L-VW	 RZ26L-VW Disk Drive StorageWorks Building Block, 	   
		 1.05 GB data storage, 16 bit 				   

RZ28-VW		 RZ28-VW Disk Drive StorageWorks Building Block,	   
		 2.1 GB data storage, 16 bit 


The disk drives feature an average seek time of 9.5 ms and an average 
latency of 5.6 ms, providing an average data access time of 15.1 ms. Each 
drive contains 1,024 KB of segmented cache buffer that maximizes cache hit 
rates and increases overall subsystem performance. The RZ26L-VW and RZ28-VW 
drives offer unsurpassed data integrity, featuring a 264 bit ECC that 
corrects up to 11 non-contiguous bytes per block. The drives provide 
multiple copies of the header for each sector, along with embedded servo for 
fine tuning head position during addressing. In addition, the drive 
electronics add end-to-end checksum error detection code (EDC) to ensure 
integrity of the data returning to the system bus. 

Specification Highlights

o  Data transfer rate -- 20 MB per second
o  Average access time -- 15.1 ms (seek: 9.5 ms, rotational latency 5.6 ms)
o  Fast wide SCSI-2 single-ended interface 
o  Seek ordering
o  Automatic  sector re-allocation
o  Tagged command queueing
o  Over 1 MB of cache
o  Self-diagnostics
o  500,000 MTBF
o  UL, CSA, and VDE Standard