StorageWorks 4.3GB 7200 RPM Disk Drive for HSx Cluster Controllers 


o  Doubles capacity and maximizes performance for the HSx Cluster Controller 

o  Rated 30 percent higher QIOs than any other 4 GB disk available for most 
   transaction processing workloads

o  Supported in StorageWorks systems, deskside to datacenter

o  Capacity allows 4:1 and 2:1 spindle replacement with equal or greater 
   performance improvement


To meet the growing demand for disk storage capacity and performance, 
Digital now offers the 4.3 GB 3.5-inch 7200 RPM high capacity, high 
performance StorageWorks Building Block. The RZ29B-VA is compatible with 
Fast SCSI-2 single-ended 8 bit interface standards.  

The RZ29B, with newly released high performance microcode, is the fastest 
performing 4.3 GB disk drive on the market today. Digital has rated the 
drive 30 percent faster than other 4 GB disks for most transaction 
processing workloads.   

The RZ29B is a logical replacement for upgrading existing SDI and DSSI disks 
drives. A single RZ29B drive allows the replacement of two RA73 disks with 
greater I/O performance and lower cost of ownership.

The SW800 and SW500 cabinets, SW300-AA, and BA350 StorageWorks enclosures 
and pedestals support the new 7200 RPM RZ29B-VA disk drives. Digital is 
providing investment protection and configuration flexibility for users 
moving to the technologically advanced 7200 RPM drives within these 
enclosures. Due to the additional heat generated by the use of the high 
performance 7200 RPM disk drives, low-cost field upgrade kits may be 
required. For full details, see the "StorageWorks Enclosures and Kits 
Support 4 GB 7200 RPM Drive" article in this issue.


Users requiring lower cost per MB, higher capacity, and greater subsystem 
performance will realize maximum benefits with the StorageWorks 4.3 GB 
Building Block. The quick access time of 12.2 ms will benefit those users in 
high I/O transaction environments. Users with applications requiring high 
data transfer rates will benefit from the drive's impressive 7200 RPM speed 
and higher bit density resulting in higher spiral transfer rates.


The RZ29B-VA disk drive is available now from Digital, its authorized 
distributors, and the DECdirect and Electronic Store services. These models 
are for use on Digital hardware platforms only. Other variants are available 
for Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, IBM, and other hardware platforms 
through specialized vertical reseller channels. Custom OEM versions are also 

The RZ29B-VA is immediately supported behind the following controllers and 
firmware levels:

o  HSJ30 -- HSOF V2.0
o  HSJ4x -- HSOF V2.0
o  HSZ40 -- HSOF V2.0
o  HSD30 -- HSOF V2.0
o  HS1xx -- HSOF V2.0
o  HSD05 -- All released versions
o  HSC/K.SCSI --							V8.4

Order No.        Description                                               

RZ29B-VA	 StorageWorks Building Block that provides		   
		 4.3 GB of data storage, 7200 RPM


The RZ29B-VA comes with a five-year warranty. The first year of the warranty 
is onsite; additional years are return-to-Digital. The product warranty 
service levels may be upgraded with one of Digital's comprehensive 
supplemental service offerings. 


Technical Summary

The StorageWorks 4.3 GB disk drives feature an average seek time of 8.0 ms 
and an average latency of 4.2 ms, providing an average data access time of 
12.2 ms. The drive contains 1,024 KB of segmented cache buffer that 
maximizes cache hit rates and increases overall subsystem performance. The 
RZ29B-VA StorageWorks Building Block offers high data integrity, featuring a 
96 bit ECC, and a dedicated server for quick access to data.

                                  RZ28             RZ29B

Capacity (MBF)			  2,100		   4,290
RPM				  5400		   7200
Average seek time (ms)		  9.5		   8.0
Average access time (ms)	  15.1		   12.2
Media transfer rates		  2.4-4.9	   5.9-9
 (MB per second)
I/Os (50 ms response time)	  86		   117
MTBF				  500,000	   800,000

Disk Highlights

o  Fast SCSI-2 single-ended interface 
o  Seek ordering
o  Automatic sector re-allocation
o  Tagged command queuing
o  Over 1 MB of cache
o  Self diagnostics

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