StorageWorks 4.3 GB 3.5-inch Disk for Sun, HP, IBM, and PC Networks


o  Doubles capacity and increases performance for multivendor PC network and 
   UNIX systems

o  StorageWorks Pedestal and Shelves offer high availability with dual    
   speed blowers, redundancy, hot swap, and split-bus features

o  Average access time 12.2 ms (seek 8 ms, rotational latency 4.2 ms)


To meet the growing demand for disk storage capacity, Digital includes in 
its StorageWorks product line a new 4.3 GB 3.5-inch 7,200 RPM disk drive. 
The 4.3 GB disk drive is compatible with SCSI-2 single-ended 8-bit interface 
standards. This drive is Novell NetWare and Microsoft Windows NT certified 
and works on any Intel based system running NetWare V3.1x or V4.0x and 
Windows NT V3.1 or V3.5. It has been fully tested and qualified to run on 
the UNIX systems IBM RS6000, HP9000-700 and 800, and Sun SPARC systems. The 
drive also includes pre-labeling information to provide plug-and-play 
operation with the Sun operating system. (The Sun pre-labeling does not 
affect the other platforms.)


Users requiring higher capacity and greater subsystem performance will 
realize maximum benefits with the StorageWorks 4.3 GB drive. The quick 
access of time of 12.2 ms will benefit users in high I/O transaction 

Users with applications requiring high data transfer rates will benefit from 
the drive's impressive 7,200 RPM speed and higher bit density resulting in 
higher spiral transfer rates. With 4.3 GB of formatted capacity per disk 
drive, users may now double the disk drive capacity at their deskside of 
more than 30 GB in a StorageWorks Deskside Pedestal. Whatever the 
environment, the StorageWorks 4.3 GB SCSI Drive and Pedestal provides a 
complete and uniquely affordable solution.

StorageWorks solutions can be easily customized to meet specific needs. 
Users determine the capacity entry point required and add capacity as needed 
just by adding disk drives.


The StorageWorks 4.3 GB 3.5-inch disk is available now exclusively through 
Digital's value-added resellers, distributors, master resellers, and 

Due to the high performance of the 7,200 RPM, higher speed blowers are 
required to provide sufficient cooling. Digital offers a new StorageWorks 
Pedestal (SWXSE-06) that includes the dual speed blowers. If users already 
have an existing pedestal (SWXSE-02) and want to add the 4.3 GB drive, a 
dual speed blower upgrade kit is also available. At this time, the 4.3 GB 
drive is qualified for use in the new deskside pedestal (SWXSE-06) only.  
The 4.3 GB 7,200 RPM drive is not supported at this time in the Desktop 
Enclosure (SWXSE-03) or the Departmental and Data Center Cabinets. 

Order No.        Description                                               

SWXD3-SE	 StorageWorks 4.3 GB Fast SCSI Disk Drive		   
		 mounted in a 3.5-inch StorageWorks Building 		   

SWXSE-06	 StorageWorks Expansion Pedestal, includes		   
		 dual speed blowers for supporting the 			   
		 7,200 RPM drives and AC power supply			   

SWXBF-AA	 StorageWorks Dual Speed Blower Upgrade			   
		 Kit, contains two dual speed fans, foam 		   
		 block kit, and instructions, for upgrading 		   
		 existing SWXSE-02 Expansion Pedestal with 		   
		 dual speed blowers required to support			   
		 SWXD3-SE disk drives 					   


The StorageWorks 4.3 GB disk drives features an average seek time of 8.0 ms 
and an average latency of 4.2 ms, providing an average data access time of 
12.2 ms. The drive contains 1,024 KB of segmented cache buffer that 
maximizes cache hit rates and increases overall subsystem performance. The 
SWXD3-SE drive offers high data integrity, featuring a 96 bit ECC, and a 
dedicated server for quick access to data. Users who require high capacity 
or high performance will benefit from the new StorageWorks 4.3 GB disk 

Disk Highlights:

o  4.3 GB formatted capacity
o  Average access time 12.2 ms (seek 8 ms, rotational latency 4.2 ms)
o  Fast SCSI-2 single-ended interface 
o  Seek ordering
o  Automatic sector re-allocation
o  Tagged command queueing
o  Over 1 MB of cache
o  Self diagnostics
o  800,000 MTBF
o  UL, CSA, and VDE standard
o  Supported on PC LANS 
   - HP9000 700 running HP-UX V9.05
   - HP9000 800 running HP-UX V9.04
   - IBM RS6000 running IBM AIX V3.2.5
   - Sun Solaris V2.2 or V2.3
   - Sun Solaris V1.1.x (SunOS V4.1.3 or later)

Novell NetWare is a registered trademark of Novell, Inc.
UNIX is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries licensed 
 exclusively through X/Open Company Ltd.
Sun is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
SPARC is a registered trademark of Sparc International, Inc.
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