StorageWorks Wide SCSI Storage for Sun, IBM, and PC Networks 


o  High performance Wide SCSI 1 GB and 2 GB disks for multivendor PC 
   networks and UNIX systems with increased performance for high bandwidth 

o  StorageWorks Wide Pedestal and Shelves with redundancy, hot swap, and 
   split-bus features

o  High bandwidth SCSI support of 20 MB per second


Digital's StorageWorks product line for UNIX and PC Networks now includes 
Fast Wide SCSI (16 bit) technology for storage expansion, increasing the 
SCSI bandwidth to 20 MB per second.

The StorageWorks family is introducing two new disk drives in a family of 
wide device offerings. The new StorageWorks Fast Wide disk drives are 
available in 1 GB and 2 GB capacities, and are fully compatible with SCSI-2 
single-ended interface standards. These drives are Novell NetWare and 
Windows NT certified. They work on any Intel based system running NetWare 
V3.1x and V4.0x and Windows NT V3.1 and V3.5. They have been fully tested 
and qualified to run on the IBM RS6000 and Sun SPARC systems platforms. The 
drives also include the pre-labeling information that provides plug-and-play 
operation with the Sun operating system. (The Sun pre-labeling does not 
affect the other platforms.)

The StorageWorks Wide Expansion Storage Pedestal and Shelf offer a low-cost 
mass storage solution with configuration flexibility, allowing users to 
design their own storage array. The wide enclosure product line consists of 
a vertical free-standing pedestal and a rackmount shelf with an integral 
SCSI backplane that can be configured for either one or two SCSI buses. 
Redundant power supplies and a battery backup unit are available as options.

To connect these wide solutions to Sun and IBM systems, Digital provides 
industry-leading StorageWorks Wide adapters that have been tested and 
qualified to offer users a complete StorageWorks solution. The first in a 
family of StorageWorks Wide SCSI adapters is now available for Sun and IBM 
users. These adapters come with a right-angle Fast Wide Single-Ended 2 meter 
cable already included for connecting the host to the wide pedestal.


Users with applications that utilize high sequential data transfer rates, 
such as seismic recording and analysis, image processing, and multimedia, 
are just a few of the many bandwidth applications that will benefit from 
these products. For many high bandwidth applications like these, the 
StorageWorks Wide SCSI family subsystem provides a complete, hardware-based, 
uniquely affordable solution. Whatever the disk storage requirements may be, 
users can be sure that with the StorageWorks Wide disk drives, they have the 
highest performance and maximum data integrity of storage subsystem 
solutions in the industry. 

Users can customize the solution easily to meet specific needs. Users can 
determine the required capacity entry point and add capacity as needed just 
by adding disk drives.


StorageWorks Wide SCSI disk drives are available now through Digital's 
value-added resellers, distributors, master resellers, and integrators.

Order No.        Description						   

                 StorageWorks WIDE DISK DRIVES:				   
SWXD3-WC	 StorageWorks 1.05 GB Fast Wide SCSI Disk		   
		 Drive mounted in 3.5-inch StorageWorks 		   
		 Building Block						   

SWXD3-WB	 StorageWorks 2.1 GB Fast Wide SCSI Disk		   
		 Drive mounted in 3.5-inch StorageWorks 		   
		 Building Block						   

		 StorageWorks WIDE ENCLOSURES:				   
SWXSE-22	 StorageWorks 16-bit Deskside Expansion			   
		 Enclosure, accepts up to seven 3.5-inch 		   
		 devices, includes 150W AC power supply,		   
		 documentation, and power cord				   

SWXSS-22	 StorageWorks 16 bit Rackmount Shelf,			   
		 accepts up to seven 3.5-inch devices, includes 	   
		 150W AC power supply, documentation, and 		   
		 power cord						   

		 StorageWorks WIDE ADAPTERS:				   
SWSAP-BB	 StorageWorks SBUS Sun Adapter, Fast Wide		   
		 Single-Ended, includes media, cable,			   
		 and documentation					   

SWBAP-BB	 StorageWorks IBM Microchannel IBM Adapter,		   
		 Fast Wide Single-Ended, includes media, 		   
		 cable, and documentation				   

SWXBP-SD	 StorageWorks 150W AC power supply in 3.5-inch		   
		 StorageWork Building Block				   

SWXBP-SC	 StorageWorks 200W Peak Battery Back-up			   
		 Unit in 3.5-inch StorageWork Building Block 		   


The disk drives feature an average seek time of 9.5 ms and an average 
latency of 5.6 ms, providing an average data access time of 15.1 ms. Each 
drive contains 1,024 KB of segmented cache buffer that maximizes cache hit 
rates and increases overall subsystem performance. The SWXD3-Wx drives offer 
unsurpassed data integrity, featuring a 264 bit error correction code (ECC) 
that corrects up to 11 non-contiguous bytes per block. The drives provide 
multiple copies of the header for each sector, along with embedded servo for 
fine tuning head position during addressing. In addition, the drive 
electronics add end-to-end checksum error detection code (EDC) to ensure 
integrity of the data returning to the system bus. 

Disk Highlights

o  Data transfer rate: 20 MB per second
o  Average access time: 15.1 ms (seek: 9.5 ms, rotational latency: 5.6 ms)
o  Fast Wide SCSI-2 Single-Ended interface 
o  Seek ordering
o  Automatic  sector re-allocation
o  Tagged command queueing
o  Over 1 MB of cache
o  Self diagnostics
o  500,000 MTBF
o  UL, CSA, and VDE standard
o  Supported on PC networks 
   - IBM RS6000 running AIX V3.2.5
   - Sun Solaris V2.2 or V2.3
   - Sun Solaris V1.1.x (SunOS V4.1.3) or later

Pedestal/Shelf Features

o  Low-cost small computer systems interface using wide technology
o  User-installable snap-in StorageWorks Building Blocks 
o  Redundant power options
o  Redundant cooling
o  Ability to hot swap StorageWorks Building Blocks without powering down 
   the pedestal
o  Configurable as one or two independent SCSI buses
o  Two-bus configuration, permitting operation of SCSI buses for two 
   controllers or even two host systems
o  Active SCSI bus termination provided
o  Personality module facilitates SCSI bus connection and termination, and 
   monitors temperature and blower status

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