RV700 Family of Write-Once Optical Storage Jukeboxes


o  Scaleable 12 inch write-once platform for archiving and imaging 

o  Utilizes Optical Storage Management Software for ease of integration

o  Complements RW500 5.25 inch jukebox family

o  Based on ablative write-once technology


The RV700 family is a scaleable, reliable family of 12 inch write-once 
optical storage (WORM) products that meets user requirements for cost 
effective, large-scale automated data and image storage. The family includes 
the RVZ72 tabletop drive, with 6.55 Gbyte capacity, the RV720, a deskside, 
78 Gbyte entry level jukebox, and the RV730 data center jukebox. These 
products are qualified for use with DEC Optical Storage Desktop Software 
(OSDS, SPD 47.45.XX) and DEC Optical Storage Management Software (OSMS, SPD 

The RV700 family of products uses ablative optical technology, which 
physically and permanently alters the recording medium. It also meets 
requirements for optical storage mandated by some governmental bodies for 
the storage of some records (e.g., records of drug tests and some legal and 
financial records).


o  The large surface area of 12 inch platters can provide a performance 
   advantage in applications with a high "locality of reference" (where data 
   is physically adjacent on platter for read and write operations).

o  High media capacities allow large data stores to be built using 
   relatively few robots, lowering the cost per megabyte of a multiterabyte 
   storage subsystem when compared to other alternatives.

o  The RV700 autochangers offer best in class robotics reliability when 
   compared to other 12 inch write-once solutions, ensuring reliable 
   operation and high application availability.

o  Future RV700 family members will be compatible with the current 
   generation, protecting investments in archived information.


The RV700 family is available now.

Consult the Optical Storage Management Software and Optical Storage Desktop 
Software SPDs for media and documentation kit information. Country-specific 
power cords should be ordered for the RVZ72 and RV720. The RV730 is supplied 
with power cables.

The RV700 family requires software to allow them to be operated through the 
operating system. They will use the Optical Storage Desktop Software for the 
RVZ72 and Optical Storage Management Software for jukeboxes.

Order No.        Description

RVZ72-DA	 RVZ72 12" WORM 6.55 GB Disk Drive, Standalone		   
QL-0UAA9-AA	 OSDS V3.2 for RVZ72, OpenVMS VAX			   
RV720-ZA	 RV720 12" WORM Small Jukebox, one 6.55 GB drive, 78 GB	   
QL-0UFA9-AA	 OSMS V3.2 for RV720, OpenVMS VAX			   
RV730-ZB	 RV730 12" WORM Large Jukebox, two 6.55 GB drives, 438 GB  
RV730-ZD	 RV730 12" WORM Large Jukebox, four 6.55 GB drives, 308 GB  
QL-0UHA9-AA	 OSMS V3.2 for RV730, OpenVMS VAX			   

RV6XP-AA	 RV6XP 12" WORM Media, CLV, 6.55 GB
RV6XP-HA	 RV6XP 12" WORM Media Cleaning Kit

                 Recommended SCSI cables:
BC06P-xx	 For all models except VAXstation 3100
BC56H-xx	 For VAXstation 3100


Prices exclude installation, but include one year onsite warranty. Users 
will be able to purchase post warranty contracts. Installation, training, 
professional storage consultancy, support, and integration services are 


Specifications                      RVZ72        RV720        RV730

Capacity (GB)			    6.55	 78	      439/307
Changer capacity (disks)	    1		 12	      67/47
No. of drives per unit		    1		 1	      2/4
Average access time (ms)	    600		 600/8.5      600/5
Transfer rates:
 Read (KB/sec)			    900		 900	      900
 Write with verify (KB/sec)	    400		 400	      400
Current consumption @ 100-120 V	    1.2 A	 4.5 A	      10 A
Current consumption @ 220-240 V	    0.6 A	 3.0 A	      6.5 A
Mean swaps between failure	    360,000	 440,000      640,000
Height (mm)			    180		 700	      1,925
Width (mm)			    480		 559	      700
Depth (mm)			    540		 915	      1,100
Weight (kg)			    21		 105	      290
Power requirements (AC): 
 100-120 V, 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz	    Yes		 Yes	      Yes