RZ26L 3.5-inch 1.05 GB Drive on VAXstation 4000 Models 60 and 90


o  RZ26L disk drive now available on VAXstation 4000 Models 60 and 90

o  Replaces RZ26B disk drive immediately, offering improved performance at a 
   lower cost for VAXstation users 

o  Features five year warranty, which includes one year onsite and four 
   years extended return to Digital 


The RZ26B disk drive has been shipping on VAXstation 4000 Models 60 and 90 
but is now retired and no longer orderable. The RZ26L 1.05 Gbyte formatted 
disk drive is the replacement product and is now supported on VAXstation 
4000 Models 60 and 90.

The RZ26L one inch high SCSI disk is priced 15 percent lower than the RZ26B 
and provides improved performance. This disk can be combined with an RZ26B 
disk for internal storage requirements. Note that the RZ26L is not a direct 
substitute for the RZ26B in all applications. The RZ26L cannot be placed 
into an existing RZ26B stripe or shadow set. However, a new stripe or shadow 
set can be created when all members are RZ26L disk drives.

For more information, please refer to the RZ26L drive article in the 
December 20, 1993, issue of Customer Update.


The RZ26L disk drive is available now.

Order No.        Description

                 VAXstation 4000 Models 60 and 90:
RZ26L-EL	 RZ26L 1.05 GBF SCSI Disk,
		 Field Installed w/Mounting Hardware
RZ26L-EM	 RZ26L 1.05 GBF SCSI Disk, Factory
		 Installed w/Mounting Hardware


Digital Services supports the RZ26L disk drive with its complete range of 
service products, and will continue to support the RZ26B on existing VAX 
4000 workstations for a minimum of five years after the last order date 
(July 1994). The availability of spare parts and trained engineers for the 
RZ26B is ensured as a part of the standard end-of-life plan.


Software Support

o  OpenVMS VAX V6.0 (Full support)

o  OpenVMS VAX V5.5-2 (Supported but error reporting and no device name 
   recognition -- it is recognized as a generic SCSI device)