RWZ52 1.2 Gbyte Multifunction Optical Drive


o  Removability, ease of use, and low cost per Mbyte of second generation 
   multifunction (rewritable and write-once) drive make it ideal candidate 
   for archiving, secure applications, or high capacity online storage

o  Tabletop and StorageWorks packaging options allow removable storage to be 
   placed where needed


The RWZ52 is a 5.25 inch, full height multifunction optical disk drive 
supporting both write-once and rewritable operations. It provides removable, 
random access storage through low-cost-per-megabyte optical cartridges. 
Digital optical storage desktop software provides the necessary drivers for 
the host operating system and should be purchased at the same time the drive 
is purchased. The RWZ52 drive is a compatible, lower cost replacement for 
the RWZ01 first generation optical drive. As a multidensity drive (capable 
of reading and writing 600 Mbyte and 1.2 Gbyte media), the RWZ52 protects 
your investments. 

Drive integration is a key feature of the RWZ52 drive, which has unique 
microcode that facilitates integration on Digital processors. By ensuring 
tight integration with the host system and operating system software, total 
subsystem availability is substantially enhanced and data integrity 
maximized. When used with the optical storage desktop software, the RWZ52 
supports Digital's standard file system formats -- again ensuring long term 
investment protection. 

For further product information please consult the "Second Generation 
Storageworks Optical Libraries" article in the September 27, 1993, issue of 
Digital's Customer Update and SPD 47.45.XX-A, DEC OSDS -- Optical Storage 
Desktop Software.


o  The RWZ52 drive meets your requirements for either high capacity, 
   removable storage devices for secure applications, or long term storage 
   of infrequently retrieved data. 

o  It improves user productivity and lowers the cost of ownership by 
   combining multifunctionality (both write-once and rewritable storage), 
   removable media, random access, and a low cost per megabyte.

o  When used in write-once mode, the RWZ52 is an effective archival tool. 
   Write-once optical media are often the preferred media for long term 
   archiving, because of their long life and the ability to prevent the 
   accidental and/or deliberate overwriting of data.

o  The RWZ52 uses random access, removable media for fast application access 
   to data.

o  Since an unlimited number of media cartridges can be used in an RWZ52 
   drive, the average cost per megabyte of an RWZ52 decreases rapidly as its 
   usage increases. 

o  The RWZ52 drive's removable media are easy to handle and store in a 
   secure environment.

o  Since the RWZ52 drive is multifunction, you can standardize on one drive 
   for both archival and "working storage" applications, lowering total 
   system costs. 


The RWZ52 drive is orderable now, with 30 day availability worldwide.

Order No.	 Description						    

		 RWZ52 Drive, Media, and Software: 
RWZ52-FA	 Tabletop 5.25" multifunction optical drive		    
RWZ52-VA	 5.25" multifunction optical drive for StorageWorks	    
RWX5K-01	 Rewritable media for RWZ52				    
RWX5K-02	 Write-Once media for RWZ52				    
QL-0U9*A-AA	 Optical storage desktop software for OpenVMS VAX	    


The list price includes a one year onsite hardware warranty with a priority 
response, typically next business day. The onsite hardware support is 
available Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, excluding Digital holidays. You 
can purchase upgrades and extensions of the warranty to suit your needs.


You need to ensure that you have the appropriate integration software 
options for your systems before installing the RWZ52. If you are using the 
RWZ52 on OpenVMS VAX V5.5-2 through V6.1 you should purchase the optical 
storage desktop software for device integration. MicroVAX 3100 and VAX 4000 
processors are currently supported. On the VAX 4000 processor, a KZQSA 
adapter is required. Support for other operating systems and platforms is 

Drive Specifications    High Capacity Mode          Low Capacity Mode

Capacity		1.2 GB (600 MB/side)	    594 MB (297 MB/side) 
 Rewritable standards	ECMA 184		    ISO/IEC 10089A 
  (CCS format)		ISO/IEC DIS 13549 (draft)   ANSI X3.212-1992 
 Write-once standards	ECMA 184		    ISO/IEC 11560 
 (CCW format)		ISO/IEC DIS 13549 (draft)   ANSI X3.220-1992
 Average access time	36.0 ms			    31.8 ms
 Read transfer rates, 
  sustained   		1.6  MB/s		    1.0 MB/s
 Write transfer rate, 
  sustained (with 
  verification)		0.53 MB/s		    0.33 MB/s